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Old 11-18-2016, 08:01 AM
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Default Herimione Granger and The Red Hair Goddess

little commission I did

Hermione Granger

And The Red hair Goddess

Chapter one

The first cuckold

Hermione was walking through the hallway of Hogwarts with her books in tow. She had still been dating Ron at this time as he followed her like a puppy dog. He was nice to have around. After all she likes that she practically worships him and always admire her intelligence. She had to admit she did have an ego. But he was so needy, and annoying at time. Such a dork at times. But at least he knew is position in life that well. He knew he was lucky to have her. She was one of the hottest girls in school, smart, and sophisticated. She was dress in her tight little skirt and had her blond hair medium length with gorgeous locks. Her breast was growing nice and firm and she had on her make up perfectly. She had on red lipstick and blue eye shadow. She had on two peal earrings and a necklace with a magical symbol that increase her power. Her fingers nails had pink nail polish. Her ass was nice and firm. Her stockings were nice and silk. When she bent over people got a nice peak of her panties. She like have a beta male as a boyfriend sometime because he didn’t demand much. This way she could focused don her studies. She could send him out on errands when need be. This way she didn't have to worry about cleaning her room and other things. Also he was a good assistant

“Hey Hermione” He Said following her a couple of feet behind. He seem excited doing that little Jump when he got excited, sweat running down his chubby cheeks “You hear about what happen it class”

“What” He Said rolling her eyes “Sure it’s riving”

“One of my students of the other class did this farting spell on Snape “He was passing gas all over the place. It was hilarious. He was like who this (fart) come of people this is not a funny moment (fart Fart) stopping laughing you student (fart Fart)” He was saying mimicking Snape voice perfectly “This is low (fart fart) class children…your immaturity is stagger”

He was laughing doing a little snort with his laugh. Tears were running down his eyes with laughter. She wonders why boys still found farts so funny

“Why I am not a fan of Snape…that is immature and waste of time”

“Oh come on Hermione…don’t tell you to mature to laugh at a good fart Joke” He Said

“I am not an immature child like you Ron. I am here to learn magic and become the best Wizard out there. The top of my gang. We can run the world. Maybe if you stop putting food in your mouth and practice on your books”

“Maybe you can use the spell to take the stick out of your butt”

She turns and gave him a harsh look. It made him back off.

“What was that Ron?”


“Sorry what”

“Ummmm Madame Granger” He Said timid…face turning white in fear. Let still turn on. Her anger always scared him and turns him “Just joking...why you have issues with Snape”

She knew he was changing the subject but she calm down and brushed herself off

“Snape...was a jealous dick. I prove him wrong on some of his note, and he got mad, thinking I was being a know it all It not my fault they don’t know as much as me. Going to some studies privately in my room. Stay in your room…organizes my files and books while you there. Don’t leave going to deal with you late”

“Yes Madame” He said nervously

“You may want to get out of here now” She Said. She watches him run off.

She walked to the Library. She went to a secret part of the library where she could keep in private. One day while exploring secret area of Hogwarts, she was drawn to a tree. She was compelled by some magic spirit to the tree. She started to dig where she found the book. The book author was simply LE. The book was called the Red Hair Goddess. It was a book filled with sex magic, dark magic, and sex and depravity. It was about a woman who dominated everyone and took what she wants in a world dominated by foolish men. She loved it. The book was in first person written by a woman, who was funny, witty and wise. She loved it. At first she thought it was fiction, but she saw that the history in the book was real, the location was real which made her think the name were change, and the words were code. She was reading one chapter, about a guy name, Tim, he Love Jeremy and her. The name was probably fake but the chapter filled with something that made her eyes widen. The passage went as follows

I watch Tim whimper like a sad kitten as my Lover pumped another round of white cream into my cock. His shaft huge and fat, like a sword it pierce me. Filling me whole making me moaned with pleasure. My pussy squeezes his cock as both me and my Love scream with Joy. A Joy Tim knew he would never have me. My roses blushed like a rose. I pulled his fat cock out of my pussy. I looked at Tim and brought him over to me. I told him to eat the cum out my pussy. To drink ever drop. He knew he had a choice to make. Anything other them outrage refusal would make me lose all respect for him and made him a cuckold. But to do that he knew he might never get close to the pussy he worship. He knew he had no choice, degrading himself by eating out my cunt. Licking the sweet cream of his rival. This is cuckold place. It’s a true show of power. Joy out of humiliation and worship. Combine with chastity it an ultimate rushed. Know he never be release and put in prison of lust, without any satisfaction. This exchange of power can make a female Wizard magic more powerful. You can actually see the cuckold will leave their body and get into you. It’s like a drug. People wills have different taste and color. Tim will taste like Caramel. Its color black

She touches herself thinking about that. She wanted to do this. She wanted the power. She read through the chapter telling them about the humiliation that Ted went through. How he slowly went down into becoming more and more pathetic. How he became her and her loves dog. She describe Time and a black hair little wimp who always stuttered. By doing that her power increase 10 fold

“Well Look like you gave me an idea” She Said

She walked outside to where they took care some of the animals. She stopped by the tree and pulled off her panties. They were soaked. She squeezed them letting the cum dripped out. She walked over to Hagrid. A giant of man, with a big beard

“Hey Hagrid” She Said

“Oh Hell Hagrid...what can I do for you”

“Think me and you can have some fun. Maybe get my pussy nice and filled with that monster cock of yours”

He got nervous watch her approach him

“We really shouldn’t do that again….They made get mad if where caught. Could lose my Jobs. Hate to lose my Job…The animals in this forest need me”

“No one will find out. We did this a couple of time already. Plus you know you can resist my cute little pussy. Shoving that fat giant cock in my tight cunt. Watching me moaned bounching up and down on your shaft” She Said lifting up her skirt showing her dripping wet cunt, with a nice patch of blond hair. Her pussy was nice and pink “Look at you…you can barely rest fucking me right here. Plus we haven’t been caught yet. You filled both my holes with my cunt”

He gulps getting nervous

“I don’t know” He said getting a little nervous but clearly turn on

She took her panties and pushed it against his nose letting him smell her panties

“Plus you dislike this Wizard. You know they just treat your lowly having small cocks don’t you. All that magic shrinks them up. That why you love fucking me when other guys can’t. Don’t you want to stick it to one of them...one of these snotty kids who always expect you to drop everything and help him”

“What you have in mind” He Said

“Well to do so…I need power. Lots of power. To do that. I need to humiliate some of them and bring them down with them” She Said and whispered her idea in his ear

“Wow…that totally deprave, but like it Ms Hermione. Anything you say”

Later she knocked on the door. Ron was on the floor cleaning her room, dusting it out. She smiled as she walked over toward him. She was standing over. He looked up and gasps and saw her pussy. Her pussy lips nice and thick and smirk

“Would you like to come to my Room...and help me fill that pussy up?”

“Really thought you were waiting for a marriage to lose your virginity.”

She almost laughed. She forgot she told him that to get off her back. She smiled and helps him. She gave him a kissed and pushed him against the ground. She grabbed his cock pulling it out. She gripped his cock nice and tight

“Well…what can I say I found the right mind? You did save yourself from me...didnt you Ron. You didn’t get seduce by this entire girl. I know cute guy like you, much have many women tossing themselves”

“No….been…been waiting for you” He Said “You’re the first girl who ever gave me the time of day”

“Well you be surprise how many girls after you when they know you have sex, they can smell it on you. Come follow me”

She smiled. His hand was shaking as he was walking down the long hallway. He dreams for this, hoping to have sex with her since he met. His heart was beating fast. His plam was sweaty. He was nervous. Felt it in the pit of her stomach. He walked outside to a cabin

“Isn’t this where Hagrid stays”

She didn’t say anything. She turns around and took off his tie. She took his shirt and opens his shirt opening it up taking off his buttons. It was making his buttons fly off. She rubbed his hands across his chest. She whispered in his ear

“Take of your pants and shoes. I want to see that cock. Right here. Now” she said

He picked off his shoes and socks. He was trembling. His shaft was small but still as hard as it ever been. She had him pull down his underwear...getting naked in front of him

“Get ready got a nice surprise for you”

She put her hand around his eyes and walked in. He closed the door and locked

“Gant wait to feel so cock inside my tight pussy. Sadly it won’t be yours...it wont ever be yours” She Said

She took her hand off his eyes. There was Hagrid lying in bed with a massive cock. It was a thick 25 inch monster. It was the biggest think he ever seen. He had giant balls. His shaft was huge. She could never get both hands around it

“What…what this” He Said

“It’s a cock Ron. Know it can be confusing because you never seen what a REAL man cock look like” She Said taking off her ties

She opens up her shirt and showing her Juicy tits. It was young and perky. He gasps as he saw her radiant young body, her flat stomach. Her lips had a natural pinkness to them. Her nipples were hard. She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her skirt revealing herself naked. She walked over and grabbed his thick cock. Her tongue slurped up and down it, letting her saliva dripped down his cock. She could feel the thick veins...pumping

“What you doing…that one of my friends…and you is my girlfriend”

“First of…as you can see much closer to Hagrid then you. After all what good are friend for. I needed a rock hard cock, was stress out, with my pussy nice and wet, and didn’t have a real man to fuck me. And as friend...he filled the need that you couldn’t” She Said “BYou wouldn’t want me to be lonely...unsatified”

“Yea Ron is reasonable” Hagrid Said “You know you could never please her like I can. None of you wizard could. Been fucking Wizards girlfriend and wives for years, since I been here. You wizard with your small cocks...leave so many women unsatisified. Couldn’t stand seeing them horny and unsatisfied. Need to help them”


“But what Ron. I am your girlfriend...Please your no more then a pet to me. You little worm a weasel. Who satisfied enough to be near me? Been fucking Hagrid here for years” She Said

She was licking his shaft making hi moaned. The pre cum was dripping down his cock. She slid his tits across his shaft, feeling her stomach against it. Her tight young body was rubbing him up and down. Her body was dripping with sweat. She was sliding down him, massaging his tick cock. She was feeling the thick muscles of his cock tasting the shaft. He moaned as her tongue was sliding up the shaft. The spit was dripping salvia down the shaft. Her hands were sliding down nice and fast. She was pressing her finger into up.

“How can you do it? This is a betrayal” He Said

She got up and walked up to him. She pushed him against the wall and grabbed his shaft. She gave his balls a nice squeeze against him... Her lips were inches away from him. The pre cum was dripping down her lips.

“Then leave Ron. Some you’re a man once and you life and leave. Tell me to sod off, Walk out of this place right now. But if you do…you will never ever get near this pussy. This is as close as you’re going to get. You will never date may be in my presence. Are you going to walk away?”

He looked down

“That what I thought little man” She said as she kissed him. She made him taste the pre cum on her lips “You little wimp. That why I don’t respect. A real man would teach me a lesson. Drag me by my hair and bend me over the bed and fuck me. Teach my prissy stuck up as a lesson. But you won’t do that Ron. Because you’re a wimp. You know I would break you. Don’t you. Don’t you!!??

“Yes” He Said meekly

There was a rope in the room. She tied his hands behind his back and pushed him against the wall. She didn’t want him to touch himself. She sat him in a chair and tied him to his chair. She pushed the chair near the bed. She walked up on the back turning him around showing him the back giving him a hint of her tits. She walked over and straddled Hagrid cock. She moaned biting her lips as her pussy was spread

“Grab my ass” She Said

“Mind if I slipped a finger in your bum” She Said

“You said you would never let a man do ass play” Ron Said “Said it was for ******* girls”

“That something we just turn wimp...that are too afraid to take what they want. Slip a finger in my ass Hagrid”

His thing finger slipped in her ass as she bounces up and down on his cock. She moaned as she felt his cock fill her pussy up. Her pussy tightens again him as she was already dripping pussy juice on his shaft. She was so wet. She bounce hand and fast as his other hand ran across her chest feeling hr tits. She looked back at Ron

“Good the fill, fucked deep. Someone who really knows about making love to a woman. Not some immature child scared of his own shadow” She Said “Your cock feels so good Hagrid. Tell me…do you like Prank...whoopie cushions and sillty things like that

“No way Ms Granger...not when their girl like you infront of me. I don’t go for the silly nonsense the male Wizard goes to. Stuck up dweebs in my humble opinion. But the women the women so wild”

“Hear that Ron” She Said giving Ron the finger “Male wizard is known wimps around the world. Sad really”

She slammed down on his cock. It was filling into his cock, about 13 inches was inside her. She screamed making her moaned with intense pleasure. She cried out with intense. Feeling nice pain and pleasure. She grabbed his hand and sucked on the thick finger. His finger was playing with her asshole as it was going in and out

“You have beautiful breast he said. No wonder Ron follows you around like a puppy” He Said

He grabbed her hands and let him massaging his hands. She was having his massage her tits as she screamed sounds of pleasure that Ron never heard. Sweat was dripping down her back, showing nice curves. Her ass cheeks were slapping together as she did. She screamed out

“Ahhhhhh shit. I am Cumming…fuck. Shit feels it propelling inside” She Said screaming with multiple climax “Ohhhh shit…fuck”

She turns around being in front of him. His pussy was nice and wide. She was stroking the part of his cock nice and wide

“Tackle a good look. This the only way you will ever see a girl’s pussy spread nice and wide. Look at my face while I cum. While I scream with intense pleasure, you’re seeing pleasure that you will never on someone face. That your puny cock never can come”

She screamed in an intense pleasure. She squeezing his cock with both hands as 2 more inches went deep inside her. She had 16 inches going in and out her. She cried with intense pleasure as both of Ron hands were massaging her pussy

“Ahhhhhh he crying….how cute” She Said to Ron

“Oh Come now...Ron show some maniless” Hagrid Said

“You minus well tell him to spend thread into gold” Hermione smirked “Poor little man could never stand up to me. He too much of a little wimp”

She was pushing against his balls. Her hands were using his balls. She massages his gigantic balls, propelling deeper in and out. Her pussy Juice was raining down on his cock. It was running down the veins of his cock as it was pulsating against her. Her breast was being squeezed together. Her blond hair was swinging back and fourth

“Ohhhh shit open your mouth wide, open nice and wide” She Said

She screamed. Her pussy gushed spraying against her face. Her pussy Juice was spraying into his mouth and into his mouth soaking his face. She laughed. She pushed her foot against his nose. Her toe pushed against his nose. The sweat was dripping down his toe. The heel of his feet was against his nose

“Nmmmm damm that was good. Cumming make his savage cock. Holy shit...it hitting my walls Ron…BLOODY hell. Look at it. Had to do magic just to take this much. Look at it. I feel 19 inches in my pussy, slamming against my pussy walls, crushing me feeling me up”

He took a big sniff of her foot. Hagrid was massaging her tits pulling on her nipple. She had sweat dripping down her tits. She pushed her foot into his mouth

“That it my foot nice and sweat. Just how you like it. Smell my tony toes. Lick between them. That’s a good boy. You ever lick toes Hagrid”

“No my cock is satisfying enough for most women”

“Of course it is. Well let me say Ron you going to have to suck a lot of toes, lick a lot of ass, and licked a lot of pussy. You going to smell my ass and worship it. You’re going to massage by back and serve me as much as I want”

She was riding his cock nice and fast. Pussy Juice was splashing against. Her pussy was tight as a fist now squeezing around it with a tight gripped. It was like a vice gripping him. Her pussy was squeezing it like two weights against. It felt amazing. It was too much for him

“Ahhhh shit…shit shiittt” Hagrid Said

He shot a nice hose of Pussy Juice into her pussy. It was filling her up, She rode his cock as the cum was overflowing into her pussy. It was gushing down, dripping in the bed. Ron cry with shame as someone please the girl he loved, but despite himself he was still hard

“Pathetic little man” She Said pulling the cock out and letting his cock spraying against his stomach “Ohhhh fuck...looking this thick meaty cum. Saw your sheets..Little pathetic squirt you have”

She put got on the chair putting her feet on his balls. She had the wet pussy in face dripping against him. She grabbed his hair

“Eat this REAL mans cum out of my pussy licked ever drop

He did as told eating her out. She moaned as he did. She looked down at him as he did, guiding him where to go

“Higher...you WILL learn how to eat my cunt. That the only thing you good for. You’re going to be down here for hours at the time get used to it”

She moaned as his tongue was going back and forth against him. Her legs were close tightly around him. She was fucking his face nice thought. She was moaning as his tongue was driving deep into her pussy. He was sucking on her pussy. She screams in deep pressure. She could see part of his will floating in the air. It looked purple…with a bit of pink in it. It was like smoke. She sucked it in. She could taste it as she moaned with pleasure. It was like a drug, it was going through her body. Time when she sucked in this power was different. Time froze as a climax went through her that last 10 minutes to her. Her body shook with intense pleasure making her cry with a multiple climax. She could see the sweat flying off her body with slow motion. It was the most intense climax of her life. Time went back. Her eyes glowed

“Mmmm you will taste your Candy plums” She Said

The cum was licked out of her cunt clean. He felt nice and weak as she humped his face. She got up. She untied him and waves her hand saying a spell. She brought him to his knees with a waved off her hand. She whispered in his ear

“What you doing” She Said

“Put your hands behind your back now” She Said. His hands were move behind his back “I have part of your will. I will always be able to control. Cast a spell that you can cum without me. You can jerk that pathetic cock as much as you want... It won’t cum unless I release you. I will never let you go. Your blue balls will be torture. Called the Blue chastity spell. Quite powerful. Only can be use if a wizard completely bows to your will. Which you did when you ate man spunk out of my pussy”

She went to suck his cock. She was sliding up down his cock with her tongue. She was deep throating his cock. She wrapped her lips around his cock. She was pushing it down his mouth. She was gagging on his cock, taking it deep down. He mouth was spread nice and wide. Her ass was pushed against his fac. His nose was against his face, pushing his nose. His nose was deep into her ass cheeks

“Give it a nice smell” She Said

She was taking over a foot in his mouth. She was having it in his throat. Her saliva was dripping down his cock making it soaked. Her ass was against Ron face as it dripped with sweat

“Bet you wish you had your cock slipping in it Ron…well that would will NEVER happen you little cuckold wimp. Your mind forever” She Said “No matter who you date you will remember this. Will be in your dreams”

She then let out some gas in his nostrils. The gas filled his nostrils with a thick smell. She laughed

“Turn out farts is funny Ron” She laughed

Hagrid came deep into her mouth as she had 15 inches in her mouth. Filled her throat. She pulled it out and gargle it. She open Ron’s mouth and spit it in.

“Don’t swallow let it stay in your mouth for a minute. That’s a good boy. NOW you can swallow” She Said

Her Hagrid fucked for hours in multiple positions. They finish in a heap of sweat and Ron in tears. She looked over to Ron

“Tell me Ron…you still in love with me” She Said

“Damm you yes...now more then ever”

“That because you’re a born cuckold Ron. Know you were all along” She Said. She turns the chair around and points it to the mirror “Look at that Ron”

He looked at the mirror. The words Cuckold was on his chest. He looked down but couldn’t see it. When he looked back at the mirror he can see it

“Strange side effect. See your mark. No one can see it unless women with similar personality and power of mind. Dominant women. They will all know you’re a cuckold. You will never escape it. The words will bleed through your clothes. It’s no hiding it” She Said

She untied him and pointed to the door. He was about to put on his clothes

“You know better than that. Better run. It night time. Most of the students and teachers asleep. Maybe no one will see you, and you get into your room in time” She Said “Don’t wash your face. Want my scent to seep in”

He ran. She smile and felt the power through her. She made a mini sun in her hand

“Powerful magic you have their Ms Grey Joy…dangerous magic” Hagrid Said

“Yes and that why it so much fun

A Day later Ron was walked down the hallway. He said Hi to Harry and he said his back. He spotted some girls and said hi with a smile. One of them took a look at his chest

“Hey CUCKOLD!!” She said and walked away

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Rep Power: 128
lilguy31 will become famous soon enoughlilguy31 will become famous soon enough
Default Re: Herimione Granger and The Red Hair Goddess

Chapter 2

The Blue Death Orchid

Hermione was lying on a chair with her feet up. She was eating some multiple flavored jelly beans in a bowl popping it in her mouth. Her feet were up on poor Ron’s back. Ron was bent over on his hands and knees. He had an invisible Chastity belt on him that Hermione. Hermione was reading the book she found The Red Hair Goddess by LW, wrapped up her stories. She read a particular chapter.

I watch my cuckold Ted whimpered in the corner. He was covered in my lovers cum, face soaked in it. , I laughed as I grabbed his long black hair with one hand and told him to say goodbye to his cock Stutters. It was my little pet name for him now. I held a potion in my other hand and told him this position would make him impotent. He would be unable to enjoy to cum no matter the means. His cock would get soft when near another woman pussy. He would be an impotent cuckold. I laugh as fear went in his eyes. I poured it down his mouth. His cock shrinks to even below his small size. It took me a while to find the ingredient for this potion. A potion I listen in this big. It requires a potion and spell. I had most of it but the final ingredient was the Blue Death Orchid. It grows on the top the roof of the library area here

“Well Ron looks what I found” She Said

She showed him the passage of the book. An evil smile went by her ruby red lips. Her eyes glisten with power as his hands went through his hair.

“You wouldn’t do that to me...would you Mistress Hermione” He Said

“Yes…I totally would. Rather I am going to do depend on what a good boy my chunky little cuckold. Now I want you to gather these other recipes while I gather this Orchid. Going to gather a lot. Lot of people going to end up with these cocks small” She Said

“Yes Mistress” He whimpered

She smiled and put her outfit a long with her cape. She slipped her magic wand. Ron was naked in her room with his head down. She walked outside of the room and down the hall in a confident stride. It was a long walked to the library so she had some bread in her pocket. She was walking when she heard some rustling down the hallway

“Where you think you’re going Loony Luna” a Male voice said

She looked down the hallway and saw Luna Lovegood getting pushed against the wall by Dragon Malloy. Luna had white hair and had an odd look about her. She was rather cute just shy and different. People thought that was Loony but Hermione thought it was just being unique. She liked people that was different and played by their own drummer. There were 15 other boys from Slither house with he

“Let's see if those tits as crazy and crooked as those eyes “A big boy name Stewart Sad

He grabbed her chest

“Hey stop…I warn you” She Said

“Warn us of what” Draco Said grabbing his wand it’s glowing “No teacher around at this time of night. Hate to turns you into a slug. No one will care what happen to some Loony bird”

“Leave her alone” Hermione said

“Out of my way your bookworm” Draco Said “This none of my business...your nerd”

“Is its now Squirt. Plus you wouldn’t even know what to do with her and you had her. You’re not even a real man” Hermione Said

“What” Draco Said filled with anger? He whispered in Stewart ear

“Really” Stewart said nervous on what he was suggesting “Just do it”

Stewart created some fire with his wand. She dodges it as the fireball went down. She dodges the fireball. It scorches part of her hair. He eyes filled with some anger. She waved her wand and shot out bolt. It hit him turning him into a mouse

“You bitch” Draco Said

Suddenly a bolt of energy went out of Luna hand. She waved her arm and sent a man flying through a paint of a lake. He was splashed into the lake. Luna got behind her as Hermione waved her hand blinding with light

“When you get some powerful” Luna Said

“Tell you later” Hermione Said

She ran with Luna in toe and was firing her wand at them. The bolts was hitting object blowing them up or shrinking the, some of them change into different things. Hermione was trying to win a spell that made men come under her command, with sexual power. It was a protection spell a big aura that could get around multiple women

“Come on what was that spell” She said

“Gong to kill you” Draco Said “No one makes a fool out of me”

She whispered a spell that caused his pants to fall down over his knees. He fails down on the ground hitting the ground hard. Luna laughed

“Get them” Draco Said

Luna sent a magic spell coming toward one of them freezing in place. Hermione was trying to remember the spell and waved the wand over them. There was energy around them as it was making her chest grow. Her breast was getting thicker and so did her ass. Luna breast were growing big waving back and fourth

“Ohhh my” Luna said gasping. She grabbed her tits cupping them “Oooooo these are nice”

“Lease I am getting closer” Hermione Said

Luna was waving her hand sending a gushed of air. It knocked one of them out of the window and into a pond outside. She made him splashed into the pond. They were up against the wall. The buttons were popping of Luna shirt. The boys were facing her with their wands drawn. She waved her hand and a gushed of energy went through him. They stopped for a second.

“Did it work” Luna Said

The men started to lick their lips. Their cocks grew a bit in their pants. Their eyes looked a little glazed over. They took off their pants and whipped out their cocks. They seem to be filled with horny rage. The two girls were getting their clothes ripped off

“What happening” Luna Said

“The spell much of been done wrong. Instead of turn into them to slave, we can control. It turns them in to sex craze maniacs”

Luna moaned as one of them name Jarrod open her shirt revealing her breast and pale skin. Her breast was perky with rock hard nipple. Herminie was surprise how firm they were as hands grabbed her tits, squeezing them together

“Least they are not trying to kill us” Hermione Said

“What shall we do” Luna Said gasping

She moaned as she was draped over a table with a vase on it. The vase knocked off as Luna had her panties ripped down.

“Just go with it” Hermione Said

Hermione refused to be scared of a man’s cock. She refused to be scared of anything. She was pushed against the wall. She knew she couldn’t fight them all off. She felt her wrist gripped by some of the men as Draco sucked her tits.

“Ohhhhh yes…your tongue surprise good” Hermione blushed

“No...Not my ass” Luna Said as her cheeks was being spread

Jarrod spit down her ass, letting the spit dripping from her asshole. Jarrod pushed his cock deep into her ass making her moaned. Jarrod grabbed her ass taking a tight gripped. He started to slap it leaving slap marks across Luna white skin

“Ohhhh fuck…I never had it in my ass before…even when I fucked that ghost once” Luna Said

Hermione eye sparked at the comment. She knew Luna was Lonny but she didn’t know she was kinky Luna. Luna had a white patch of pussy hair. Her ass was being parted as the men were cheered up

“Damm Luna didn’t expect you to be so tight” Jarrod Said

He pushed his cock head against her ass and parted it. She moaned with pain and pleasure as the cock was pushed in her ass. His mange to get it all in her ass. Luna moaned. Her pussy dripping wet as her breast pressed against the table

“Ohhhh shit” Loony Said gritting her teeth as balls hit her ass “Ohhhh fuck…fuck”

Hermione was on her knees with Draco cock in her mouth. Some guy tried to get in his position. Draco used a spell to knock the man against the wall. He pulled on her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. She started sucking on it. She was deep trhoating his shaft, sucking it deep. The spell was making the Wizard cocks 3 times bigger than they normal were, which made them average or slightly below average

“Ohhh yea” He moaned

Another boy pushed his cock in while she was Jerking Draco off. Another man took the place of that man. They were taking turns fucking her mouth. The 3 men around her Draco, a black man name Sebastian another Jock look guy name regional

“Dammm this Luna girl ass is tight” Jarrod Said

Jarrod was running his hand down her back. They moved the table she was getting fucked over. Luna tits were swaying back and forth as she was being fucked. Her asshole was being spread nice and wide as Jarrod was thrusting his entire body. When they moved the table a man name Lenny was able to get in front of her. She was a fat man with a fat thick cock. He put his veiny cock head on her head laying it nice and heavy against him. Luna sucked his balls moaning. She was starting to feel pleasure getting fucked by the man

“Ohhhh yes” She Said licking her pink lips

Lenny shoved his cock into her mouth. His cock was going in and out her as her spit was dripping down the shaft. Jarrod was slapping her ass

“Ohhhhh fuck” Reginald said as he fucked Hermione mouth

Sweat was dripping down his young muscles body. His hands were going through her hair as he was shoving his fat cock in it. She pulled the cock out and started stroking sucking his balls. She grabbed his ass and gave it a nice squeeze. She grabbed Draco cock and started stroking it

“Damm always wanted to fuck you. Those tits look amazing” Draco Said

He grabbed her tits and pushed her on the ground. His cock was sliding between Hermione tits, as she squeezed her breast around it tightly. She watches the cock slide through it as she was licking the head of the cock enjoying the taste of the pre cum. Her tits were big enough to wrap it around them. They weren’t porn start huge so they were nice and perky. Her body was collecting a lot of sweat so the slide was smooth. Draco was moaning with pleasure. His cock pulsating between her tits. She saw Sebastian thick cock swinging in her face. Didn’t compare to Hagar but it would do the Job. He pushed his cock into her mouth as she was lying down. He pressed his hand against the ground fucking her face. Her eyes water as he did so

“Ahhhhhh shiittt” Sebastian Said body shaking with pleasure

Reginald spread her legs and pushed his cock deep into her Pussy. She was moaning with pleasure as he pushed it all the way in. She was getting fucked in two holes now. Her mouth was gagging on the cock that was in her mouth

“Ahhhhhh shit” Sebastian Said pulling his cock out. He slapped his cock against her lips. Her face was blushing “Ohhhh yea almost there”

Reginald was steady pumping using his whole strength to fucked Hermione deep. Hermione screamed with an intense climax going through her body. She didn’t think Wizards could make her cum like that but the spell made them fucked with an intense fury

“Ahhhhhh yess…cumming” Hermione Said, pussy dripping. She actually squirted “Ahhhh fuck…yesss like that...like that”

“Ahhhhhh yea going to cum all over this slut” Jarrod said putting his head back. He came like an explosion “Ahhhhhh shit...take it all takes it all”

He came deep into Luna asshole and pulled out, making the cum dripped from her ass. He fails back stroking his cock. Luna needed it so bad in her pussy. Like someone was reading her mind, another man pushed his cock deep into her ass, as her mouth was getting fucked by Lenny

“Ahhhhhh Yess…deeper…DEEPER” Luna Said “Deeper MOTHER FUCKER!!!”

Hermione was surprise by Luna language. The normal shy girl was screaming bloody murder to have very hole filled up. She was in ecstasy. She watch as Luna...screamed strange thing, wanting people to do vile things to her, and her to do even more vile things back. Things that was out there, some may say even Loony

“Don’t you stop fucking this tight little pink Pussy, your slither prick” Luna Said.

Somehow the words coming out the small little shy mouth was turning the men on more. The man fucking her pussy gave it his all. His was senior student name Oscar. He screamed with pleasure shoving his cock deep in her

“Ahhhhhh fuck cumming” Luna Said

Hermione was worred how far this goes. How will the spell would make the boys, if she would get hurt? What if a teacher walked in? She studies some sex magic in the books and knew it could give your power, bringing men to ejaculation. She rode it, letting them fucked her. Trying to hold on till she could think of something. She screamed with another climax. Sebastian started to cum deep in her mouth. She sucked in every dropped feeling Sebastian power. The cock juice as nice and stick. It was hot steamy and white. Some of it hit her face

“Ahhhhhh fuck” Sebastian said “Who knew that nerdy girl could use her mouth so good” Sebastian said

The men grunted, out of controlled. None of them cared about being caught. They only cared about the two women. Hands were all over them. Reginald was the next to cum filling her pussy to the brim. She had cum dripping from her ass to her pussy.

“Yesss…take my seed woman” Malfoy said and came on her tits

The cum splashed raining on her, seeping into her skin. Cum was dripping from her face. Malfoy cocks were still hard. His secret desire and crush on her made the sex spell more powerful for him... He bent her over and held her hands down. He spread her ass cheeks and pushed it in. He cheeks blushed as she pushed back against him. She let her ass muscles clench on and off. His balls hurting her

“Surprise you’re a cheery, you actually let Ron fuck you...take your virgin” Draco Said

The idea of that made her laughed. Like she ever would. But she decided to wait on letting that go. She pushed his ass against him. His hands were massaging her tits together, fucking her tight young body. Cum was still dripping from her pussy. He licked her back, tasting the sweat up and down it. He kissed her, not caring someone just came in her mouth. It was a long passionate kissed. He pushed her back down on the ground

“Ohhhh fuck” He moans. It felt so good. It took all his will power not cum then and there “Ahhhhhh fuck Hermione”

A man came in front of her with his cock in his hand. A black hair Benedict. He was tall, man, skinny with a long cock. He pushed it in her mouth. Lot of the young wizard cocks having shrunk that much due to not using magic that often

“Ohhhh yess” He Said high fiving his friend. They were spitting roasting her “Ohhhh damm that tongue is fantastic”

She grabbed is has with one hand slipping a finger in his asshole. He moaned she pushed against his prostate, deep throating his cock. She pulled his cock out and let the necklace of spit connected to his cock. She was getting pounded by Draco. She had a tight griped as his cock twisting it as she was jerking him off. She was licking from his balls to the top of his cock. She sucked on his taint sending wave of pleasure. She then slurped up his cock and teased his belly button. Benedict moaned with pleasure as she gave his cock little bite. He could feel the head from his balls. Benedict was close to Cumming. She gave it a tight gripped and spat on his cock

“Ohhhhhh Yess” Luna moaned “Please pushed two cocks inside me”

She pulled on her white hair making her moaned. Oscar her sand up pushing his cocks upwards. Lenny helps turn her around and pushed his cock into her ass. Both Oscar and Lenny had her sandwich between them. She licked Oscar chest. Balls were hitting her from both sides

“Ohhhh Yesss” Luna Said feeling the hairy chest of the Oscar

She was getting slammed from man to man like a tennis balls. She was moaning in an intense pleasure. Both he pussy and ass felt sore. The wall of flesh was closing around her. She was trapped between them as she was running her nails down Oscar body

“Ahhhhh fuck” She cried with pleasure she screamed with another multiple climax “Ahhhhhh shit that’s it fuck me once and hard”

She was sucking the nipples of Oscar making him moan. Meanwhile Hermione was getting fucked hard. Neither mean seem to care if she was giving pain. She was sucking Benedict faster. Her spit was raining down his cock. Benedict was starting to cum shooting a stream of cum down her throat. It was dripping down her tongue. The cum was going down into her belly. His cock was pulled out. It was still hard. She had cum dripping down her mouth. She was being lifted up as she was getting fucked in the mouth and adds

“Ohhhh fuck” Hermione Said as she was staring to cum

Her pussy Juice dripped down Draco cock dripping down her big shaft. It was nice and fast as it was pushing against the walls of Hermione pussy, grinding deep into them. They were twisting like a corkscrew. Hermione cried with passion the cum was shooting down her throat again. She coughed it gagging. His thick block cock was shooting cum all over her, and hitting her back. His cock felt extra sensitive as he was shooting long streams into his mouth. His knees were shaking. The pleasure went through Benedict’s body. He fails against the wall collapsed. She fail down on the ground with Malfoy was on top of her. Her tits were pressed against the wall. She held her arms down as she was grinding deep into her. The ass was clenching against her cock. It was squeezing like a fist. It was choking his cock as the thick shaft was going in and out. His heart was beating real fast. She saw men lying on the ground exhausted. She figures she might get out of this sooner or later. She just had to stop from passing out due to all the orgasm herself was having

“You been waiting to get this Pussy long haven’t you” She Said grinding back toward her. She took his finger and sucking it “Saw your watching me”

“Since I met you...don’t know what you see in that fools Ron. Know you secret wanted me, testing me, with those tight little clothes. Always playing ms know it all. Ms above everything. Acting like you’re the smartest one in the room

“Seem like I need to be taught a lesson” Hermione tease

“Ohhhh you will be, for all the time you ignore me and decided to hang around the chunky kid Jon and that freak Harry Potter” Malfoy Said

He picked her up and slammed her against the wall. Her tits absorbed the picture. The hallway had pictures on the wall. The people in the pictures watch and touch themselves. Draco thrust in.

“Time to get fucked by your better” Draco said

He was grind against her ass. His balls was banging heavily against her, fucking her nice and tight. Hermione moaned as she had it deep into her asshole. He was grinding against her with a steady beat. His hands squeezed against her ass cheeks

“You ever had a cock this big”

“Bigger…but it big I suppose for…a wizard” Hermione Said

He slaps her ass hard giving her a Jump. The sting of his slaps burn a bit as she was being gripped tightly. He grabbed her blond hair

“Always with a snide comment…but that won’t stopped you from getting fucked by me and my friends” He Said “Let see if you can make those comments with my cock in your mouth”

He pushed her to her knees and started to fuck her mouth. He watches her beautiful lips wrapped around his cock. She stroked it and sucked it. She was in dangerous positions. But she likes the idea of fucking Ron tormenter. She imagines the humiliation they would have when he found out. She knew Harry wanted her to. And was going to enjoying rubbing that in his face for ignoring her, playing detach and hard to get. She slobbering on her

“Yes suck you blond winch” He Said “My dad always told me you girls from the muggle worlds were kinky and nasty”

Luna was biting the chest of Oscar. It was leaving hickey marks all over her chest. Luna came against her body shaking, the sparks of pleasure going up her spine. Her toes curled. She gripped her shoulders nice and tight. She screamed in the ear of Oscar

“Cum for me” Luna Said

The two men were pumping their cocks in their air as they were cumming. The two cocks were shooting streams of cum in both her holes. She had gobs of cum Cumming deep inside her. The boys collapsed on the ground. She was shaking from her climax. Cum was dripping from every hole. She seems to like it fingering herself. A couple of boys were waiting with their cocks drawn

“Ohhhh my” She blushed seeing they weren’t waiting for a yes’s

She lay on the table with her legs spread. Cum was dripping from her cunt as she did it, rubbing it. Her pussy was nice and sore

“Hope you boys don’t mind sloppy second...or 3rds or 4th…Lost track” Luna giggled

She didn’t have to ask twice, one of the bigger boy’s names Rupert walked out growing. His cock been bigger than it ever was and he was going to enjoy in. Rupert grabbed her legs and shoved it

“Your going to take it all…rather you like it or not” Rupert Said

“Please…stop no” She said in a half ass way with very little effort “Please don’t fuck my mouth….That would be a horrible thought”

One of the men took that as a challenge. Reginald was getting hard again and fucked her mouth shoving his cock in it. She was lying against the table getting her pussy fucked nice and hard. Her tits were getting massaged by other men. She started to stroke their cocks as she did it. It was a carnival of flesh and fucking

“Ben over” Franco Said pulling his cock out

She did as told. She got on her knees as he fucked he fucked her ass wildly. He was working up a sweat; making a strain on his body his pamper life rarely hard. He had her by the shoulder and pulled his cock in and out. The people in the picture jerking off were getting louder. She spotted someone outside the window. It was Ron collecting some items for her

“Ohhhh please just keep me away from that window. Someone might see” she said

He grabbed her and pushed her against the window. It was dark outside. Her tits were pressed against the window hard, flattening the, her body was drench with sweat as she was being fucked. She made her finger glow as she whispered a spell. Draco didn’t notice

“Ohhhh be gentle” She Said

Draco grabbed her by the hair and slammed it against the window. Finally Ron notice looking up. She smiled wickedly and gave him the finger. Ron had a looked off shocked.

“Is that you little chunky friend down there” Draco Said

“Please don’t let him see. The humiliation would be too great. I would have no idea of what to do with him” She Said “Please have Mercy”

Draco knocked on the window and grabbed his tits. He laughed and pointed at Ron as he did this. Hermione licked the window showing some ecstasy in her face. She moaned with pleasure and started to cum. Her pussy Juice dripping down the window. She had to admit getting fucked by multiple men...put her in a dangerous position not totally under the control. She was in trouble if this didn’t stop. But she likes adding to Ron humiliation. It turns her on. He was getting fucked in the ass, something he never let Ron do. She hoped that he would tell Harry. Ron ran away whimpering

“Loser” Draco Said

He kissed her and fingers her pussy. She was moaning with an intense climax as she pushed his finger deep in gripping around his finger

“Ohhhh yes fuck me” She Said

He kissed her roughly as his lips met. Their skin was soft grinding against one and other. Draco moaned with pleasure as her ass whole massage him. Draco started to cum shooting a big stream of cum into her asshole. It was soaking her inside. She wanted to see Hermione air tight. He lay on the ground and had her ride him. She slowly straddled his cock. Then bent down to kiss him. She slowly licked his chest. Another boy went up behind her name Henry. He was Asian kid. He pushed his cock deep into her asshole

“Ahhhhhh shit” Hermione Screamed

Another boy with a curve cock name Forest. He was a Jamaican kid from the east end part of London. He went by the name Dempsey. He grabbed her mouth and was fucking it. She felt the feeling of being fucked in all 3 holes at once. A sensation she never felt before. The climax was her most intense of the night. The feeling was unique and was filling her with sexual power. She smiled gagging on it. She rode Draco up and down. Her tits bounce

“Mmmmmm knew this school would allow me to broaden my culture taste” Hermione said

“Ohhhh yes taste so good” Luna Said sucking Reginald cock looking at him glassy eyes. His balls hit her chin “Ahhhhhh my oh heavens”

“Ohhhh Yess Feels so good” Luna moaned

Two men were on the side of her sucking her tits. They gave her breast a nice big squeezing massaging it. She was moaning with intense pleasure as men were taking turns feeling her up. They grabbed her body and squeezed all over it leaving finger prints all over her. She liked this attention, sucking on Reginald’s cock nice and fast

“Better then reading dusty old books” Luna Said

She felt a climax coming on. It ran through her body. She was shaking with it. Reginald came deep into her mouth with long gobs of cum. The man fucking her pussy was twisting in and out. His body shook and came inside her. She pulled his cock out when it was half way cummimg, hitting her stomach. She was still stroking reginal cock as cum shot on her chest. She rubbed it in and sucked her fingers

“Want more” Luna Said

Luna got off the table. She looked at Reginald and sucked on his cock. She was making it striping to life, sliding her lips down the side of his cock and milk it. She was a wild woman. Reginald didn’t expect this from shy Luna. He sucked his cock having a vixen gripped on it

“Woe...slow dodn I just nutted you Loony bitch” He Said

But that didn’t stop her. She sucked like it was the best tasting candy she ever tasted. Her tongue was gliding in a straight line up and down raying down spit on his cock. Then her closed eyes widen and swallowed it all the way down, to his balls. Her ass in the air waving. Cum was dripping down. She spread her pussy lips at one of the men who were playing with her tits early

“Ohhhh finally my turn” The young man Said

The young name Evan. He pushed his cock into her wet pussy, grinding against her. Reginald was pumping long streams of cum screaming her name. She let it shoot in her mouth and pulled out. She was stroking it and letting the cum shoot in the air and on her face. She licked it seductively, causing another passim of cum as it ejaculated in her hands

“”Mmmmmmm that the way I like it” Luna Said He wide eyes going back and fourth

She was riding Evan cocks going from her. She motions another man over so she would be in the same position of Hermione. Men were dripping like flees.

“Ahhhhhh going to cum” The Jamaican boy said

Hermione grabbed his ass making it go deep into her mouth, deep threading it, Dempsey had no idea any of these girls could get this wild. The smell of sex was in the air as she was fucking all 3 men like a champ enjoying being air tight with cock. She was moaning with intense pleasure. The climax going through her body. As Demsy pumped round after Round into her mouth. She watches the people in the painting knowing how badly they wanted in

“Ahhhhhh shit girl” Dempsey moaned

He fails back. His cock shooting a hose of cum against her face in and her tits. Another shot of cum went into her as causing a stream of cum to shooting against her back. It was a large plop sound. She looked at her ass dripping with cum

“Just you and me now” Hermione Said

She was running her hand against his chest as Draco squeezed her breast. She was bobbing up and down on his large shaft feeling it deep against her. She let out a loud moaned of pleasure, twisting her body against him. She put her head back and let down her hair. Draco scream with pleasure

“You’re going to make me cum again” She cried out

She grabbed his white hair and ran her finger through it. She started to cum with a multiple climax. Her tit bouncing up and down

“Bet you didn’t expect this from some book worm” She Said

“Damm you have a ******* side Ms Granger”

“You have no idea” She screaming cum with a multiple climax

It was intense. Draco cried out her name and shot a load deep into her pussy. He lay their pumping a solid round into her.

“Mmmmmm that’s nice” She Said standing over his passed out body

She got up and kissed Luna as a couple of men were Cumming inside her. The two girls made out, taking advantage of who was left. They finish of tag team one man, and sucking his cock. Then one rode his cock and another his face. All 3 of them Cumming. She grabbed Luna hand sharing her power that came from sex magic. It made the two women climax 100 times more intense. Luna had a climax that last 10 minutes along with Hermione... They stood up over the men. She waved her hand and did a Amnesia spell

“What shall we do with them” Luna Asked

“Hmmmm let me think” Hermione Said

She decided to leave them in a particular embrace position. She waved her hands to make them sleep longer and then put them in circle. She set it up so their hands one on each other crotches and

“The teacher going to find them likes this. Wonder what they will think happen” Hermione said

Luna laughed. She saw the boy she turn into a mouse and grabbed him

“Nice pet” She said grabbing her pants and putting him in “How we going to get all this gunk off us.”

“My Pet Ron will lick it off…he has no balls. He shall do anything I asked” Hermione Said walked confidently out of the hallway.

They walked to the picture with the boy they tossed into it. He was banging on the edge of the picture. They wrapped their arms around each other

“To bad you didn’t get to join the party” Hermione Said kissing Luna

She grabbed the picture and pulled it off. She rolled it up the boys pleading and walked down the hallway. The two girls laughed into the night.

Later Ron was in the corner. He was finishing licking Hermione clean after him finish Luna. They were in Luna room with her new Pet mouse in his cage. Luna fed him some cheese.

“How do you enjoy the taste of your bullies cum Ron” Hermione teased

“Taste wonderful Mistress” Ron Said meekly

“Good Answer slave. What that book sticking out of your backpack” Hermione Said

“Its Harry mistress. We accidently switch bags” He Said

She grabbed the book. It was note books of Harry thoughts. A was a diary locked with a magic spell. It had his thought and doodles. You had to say a special word to open.

“Your close to him...whar is the magic word slave” Hermione Said

“I should really beta….” He saw the look in her eyes and knew he should disobey her “It’s his mom mademe name…Evans”

A thought dawn on. LE was the author of the book The Red hair goddess. The name was LE. Lilly Evans. She knew Harry mother had Auburn hair. It was not exactly red but reddish...and her name was Lilly. She always knew that but she never knew her Madame name. Could she be the same person? The black hair slave she had, could that be Snape...the man he been a thron in the side of her education. She smiled. She just had to be sure.

The next day she had Luna walking near Snape office with a potion. Snape was walking out of his office with his long coat. Student back out of the way, afraid he may catch their site. He walked straight as student backed away like mosses parted the ocean. He was tall with long legs. His black hair was long and he always had a senior looked at him. He pointed his longs finger at the students telling them to get to class. He inspires fear in the students. Luna walked right into him and her potion dropped on the ground. It stain his shirt

“Stupid girl...wathc here you” Snape snapped

His eyes were get teared up. The tears started too floated as he whimpered. He was confused.

“What was that” He said

“It’s an emotional spell sir” Luna said handing him the napkin “It was suppose to make me more energetic...less down throdden and angsy. But think I might have got the spell right”

“Foolish teachers with their concern about emotion. Dumb touchy feeling emotions” Snape Said using the napkin “Out of my way don’t have time for your foolishness”

Snape walked away with long strides. Luna smiled. Hermione was waiting for her at the other end of

“This is perfect for the Pensieve spell” Hermione Said

That spell could suck out memories from the tears. Namely tears from certain feelings. The potion did not just bring about sadness...but a sense of inaccuracy and humiliation. It wouldn’t last long but it was enough to get the tears that they needed. She and Luna went to someplace seclude and set it up, they snuck into the place with the material they needed. Hermione poured the tears into the pensive bowls and watch as the steam rise out. The anticipation made her hands shake a bit. She put her face in and suddenly found herself it a huge cloud of memories. It was hard navigate but she soon found her bearing to where she wanted to go. She had the basic location of memories where she wanted to go using the book as a guide. Then it appeared to her. It was like a vivid dream and she was watching from Third person

Evil Evan was with James potter making out with James against the tree. She pulled out his cock and stroked it

“Enjoying the show old boy” James Said

A young Snape was tied to a chair, naked. They were in a secluded part of the woods. He was naked. James was a handsome man. She was kissing James and stroking her cock. She had long flowing hair

“Ohhhh poor dear...think he wants to Join in” Lilly Said

She pulled down his pants

“P…p...please Goddess let me touch”

She laughed stroking James cock harder

“You imagine that…little stutter fucking me. Like I would let him near me. That pale skin long hair loser, touch me. It no way” She Said

“Sorry old sport...look like you will always be second best”” James Said

Hermione watch Lilly fucked him against the tree. His cock was against her pussy as she was fucking him wildly. It was long and humiliating for Snape. She saw why he hated Harry so much. It was exciting watching it. James came inside her. She walked slowly to Snape. She showed her pussy drench in cum

“Taste what a REAL man taste like” She Said

She laughed as Snape ate her Pussy clean

“This is what you will ALWAYS be wimp” Lilly Said “You will always be a loser. That my future husband over there. You will always be alone. Always a cuckold wimp. You dream about me since the day you die, you will be a cuckold for eternity. You will only be attracted to women that humiliate you”

The seas of memory change. It was during one day Hermione was in class. She pointed out that the and magic equation was wrong

“Maybe you should focus on your books…and let me Teach Granger. This class won’t revolve around you. Now sit down and study your books”

“Maybe you should be a better teacher and not get things wrong” She Said

The class laughed at him. He felt humiliated

“That’s it detention after school” Snape Said

Later the memory showed him in the his room. He was jerking off looking at a picture of her. The memory faded. She walked out of the room now finishing the memory spell. She saw Luna waiting

“You got what you wanted”

“And more” Hermione Said with a huge smoke “Snape life going to change”
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