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Old 10-02-2016, 04:16 PM
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Default Capturing a new slave

Hey guys,
I wrote a script, it's more of a monologue
Please tell me what you think about it, and sorry my Englsih is not perfect

Wakey wakey...how did you sleep? i didn’t want to wake you up, that was so cute how you slept like that for so long without knowing what you're gonna wake up to haha. You look so scared, don't worry, it will all become clear to you very soon. Wow, I'm excited..

Well you're now at the hands of a very rich and also spoiled woman. My name is Adrianna but you will call me goddess Adrianna. I'm not ashamed of being spoiled, I love living my life to the fullest, and being married to a very powerful husband I can afford to make all my fantasies come true, some of them on the darker side haha

That's where you, mr..I don't know what the fuck your name is..that's where you get into the picture, you see I had my men capture you and bring you here. I always have them target and capture pathetic guys like you. Your profile makes for the perfect victim: you live by yourself, work in a lousy job where no one really cares if you don't show up one day (maybe they will even be grateful lol), you have no friends, you’re all alone in this world, you’ve got nothing going on in your life. Just look at you! I bet you usually just jerk off all day haha

So I'm gonna give your life a purpose. I’m gonna make you useful. You, pathetic bitch, are going to be trained to be my slave. You will serve me and dedicate your life to my enjoyment. Oh, you can protest, come on – go ahead and scream! It won’t help you, the windows here are sealed.

Now, to start off, I'll tell you how things are gonna be done. You address me only as Mistress Adrianna, you never talk back to me, and when I make fun of you, humiliate you, doing some psychical stuff to you here and there, you always thank me. And here comes the fun part - if you don't abide by these rules I will just continue torturing you for my amusement until you do! Is it clear? No??? Ok. Let’s start your training now then.

[Lighting a cigarette]. Mmm where should I put it out? Maybe on your forehead? Haha would you like that? So..what's my name? Oh you're a fast learner. I think we might have a good time together after all. With time, you will be thankful for your place in my life, you will soon forget your old one; you will forget yourself and dedicate yourself only to me. Soon you will be pleading to serve me, you will be so thankful for my presence. I mean, look at my hot body. Obviously you never had any interaction with such a beautiful girl like me in real life, girls never got close to you, they were always disgusted by you. But I can reward you with posing and showing off my beautiful body, my beautiful tits and legs. Maybe if you will be a good and obedient slave I might caress you a little from time to time hihi but you still have a long way to go.

Oh look at that, looks like my cigarette is almost done. You have been quiet and haven't done anything wrong now, but just for good measure - open your mouth and stick your tongue out...[putting out the cigarette] haha good boy, welcome to your new life (:

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