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Old 10-25-2015, 02:58 PM
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Default Twisted society

please comment, critique, let me know your opinion... It is only start.


Deep economic crisis and street chaos brought life routine of the future into dark phase. Drastically measures were needed and police came out on the street, with numerous arrests and prosecutions, both of ordinary people, businessmen and high ranked citizen. As soon prisons became full, it was obvious that some new measures are needed to provide survivable atmosphere. Letting out recent prisoners was not an option, because it would mean more chaos. Only option was releasing serious long time prisoners, serious criminal offenders, gang members and others with long police file who are able to survive and benefit from dangerous times. But for government was necessarily get those guys on its own side. Twisted idea came into someoneís mind, and by the logic "the cause justifies the mean" this idea became reality.

Government released new rehabilitation program for long term prisoners. They are released out from prison under the term they will become foster parents for teenage girls and through the care integrate to the society. Of course, everybody knew this is game of sexual desire in order to keep them calm, but no one really cared, only importance is that official story sound noble and that peace on the streets are secured.

Prisoners are given freedom and one room flat, in exchange to take care of teenage girl. Their duty is to raise the girl up, but what method they use inside their house is only their own will and no one has right to control it. Girls are simply sacrificed.

Details that didnít come to public are that before releasing, prisoners are detaily investigated what kind of girls they prefer, so their desires would be fulfilled. Also, they are classified by their crimes and potential danger to society. The worst criminal is, more beautiful and femine girl he will get. Collected straight from high school, girls are just told that due to security reasons they will be settled to another family. They didnít know it doesnít include their own security.

Nola Story

Two officers in social service were preparing next adoption and rehabilitation plan. They both new it is twisted but they believed this is going to be effective way to keep prisoners busy and away from at least more serious crimes. Yet still, they found very arousing idea of giving teenage girls on foster care to some dangerous criminals, so they wanted to go through with idea of giving best looking girls to worst criminals. And there she was, Nola, beautiful brunette with nice lips and big rounded brown eyes looking in the same moment so innocent yet still so teasing. They knew she would be match from the first moment they saw her file, but when she came on recruitment meeting they were amazed: she pair of wonderful tits much more developed than it is usual for her ages, nice rounded ass and body curves like a princess from Disneyland. For a moment they were even in temptation to risk their careers and rape her right there, but still they resisted. After interview with her they knew she is perfect piece of meat for their plan.

Nola just turned fifteen. She was happy child from wealthy family, until her both parents ended up in prison because of stock market fraud. Her father tried to avoid arrest and he tried to run away from country together with Nola, but it made only things worse, beside stock market fraud he got conviction for a kidnaping a minor. Suddenly her life turned upside down, and from wealthy home in safe neighborhood she ended up in rehabilitation center for abandoned children, waiting for adoption. Her body was more developed than body of most of other kids her ages, she was always tallest girl in class, and in last two years her tits started to grow. Even her cousin who was 18 didnít have such tits. It was very nice to have all attention from boys in the school, older and younger. Yet still, she always felt uncomfortable noticing older guys staring at her. She knew that her body looks like she is much older, but still she found it disturbing being object of desire for guys over 20.

Finally she was woken up by call of social worker telling her that they found her foster home, and she should be ready in two hours. She was excited, finally going away from that rehabilitation center, but also nervous wondering who would be her new parents. She promptly packed the things she had and prepared herself. She wanted to impress her new foster parents not matter who they are, so she dressed in her new jeans and sweater. She was a bit worried because her clothes are a bit too tight, showing her curves, but they should be their parents so she doesnít need to worry about it. In two hours came both of her social workers to pick her up. Soon they were on the way.

"Who are they?" - Nola asked during the ride.
"Wait and you will see honey... No rush." - One of workers answered while another laughed. She didn't like the answer, but she didnít have lot of choice, so decided not to ask too much. As they were driving into area dominantly inhabited by industrial workers known for lot of crimes, she started to be worried. Suddenly car stopped in front of old building covered with graffiti and broken glass on some windows. She got upset, thinking that after her nice home she will live in such shithole.

"Where are you taking me? You aren't serious right?"- She ask in fear

"Bet we are serious bitch... You are part of new program where young girls like you go to foster care to ex-prisoners. Take a look on this document, as you see government allowed new program in which you are stripped from all your rights and given to your new foster home. Or new owner, itís up to you how you would call it. So don't hope for calling police or something, better behave and obey."

She started to shake in panic, cry and beg them, just to receive slap on her face from one of them. He grabbed her by her neck and looking straight into her eyes started to tell her:

"Listen bitch, on your place I would think how to behave. Your new foster father was convicted for a life in prison for drug dealing and multiple assaults, including three murders. You know what he did to a guy who was a police informant? He broke into his house, slit the throat of his wife in bed while they were sleeping together and tied him up for a sofa. He cut off his ears, nose and penis. Moreover, he brought his teenage daughter from another room and raped her from behind while her head was on her tied up bleeding father. Guy died bled out and died, but last thing he saw was his own daughter agony during brutal rape. Do you want to hear what he did to his other victims? I think you don't. Now you have exactly ten seconds to get yourself in order and better behave and obey if you want to live. Understand?"

Through tears she silently answered yes.

They climbed to second floor of the building trough the old stairs. Smell of humidity and dust was everywhere. It was obvious that no one is taking care about the building, probably only criminals and drug abusers are living here anyway. They came in front of a door and rang the bell. Few moments later door opened. There was standing tall guy in his forties with dark hair and scary face. His big arms were covered with tattoos, most of them without any meaning and very poorly made, probably in prison. His dark eyes looked straight into Nola, she had feeling he is watching trough her. His look made her feeling like a prey. She knew she is in trouble.

"So this is my new daughter... Nice to meet you, I am Jason" - He told her while workers gave him her suitcase.

"Just sign here, all other things you already know. Good luck with your new family life. I bet you will teach our little princess proper behavior" - other worker said and gave to Jason some documents. He signs it and they pushed her in. Just a second later, door was closed.

She continued to stand frozen in one position right next to the doors, afraid to make any move. She couldnít believe that she is on mercy of drug dealer, serial killer and rapist! It was one room flat with a small and dirty toilette and bathroom. Whole place was dark as there were only one small window and a rough brick wall without any second layer. Smoke from cigarette was everywhere. On one side of the room was a little stove for cooking, on another side was TV and sofa in front. Old wooden wardrobe was barely standing. In the corner was bed. Only bed in the flat, obviously meaning they will need to share it. In her childish dreams she was hoping that she will sleep on the floor, how could he expect that they will both sleep on such small bed.

He sat on sofa and ordered her to come closer. While she was slowly making steps, he watched her whole body, from head to toe.

"What is your name?" - He asked

"Nola" - she responded

"How old are you Nola?" - He continued

"Fifteenď- she said

"Tell me something about you" - he said while his eyes were staring into her, making her uncomfortable.

"Well, I am high school student, on the first year. Have very good marks in school and I am responsible girl. I play flute and was training dance." - Nola responded trying to say it as calm as she can.

"Do you also fuck?" - He asked and grinned.

She got shocked. Tears ran from her eyes and she started to shake... "N.. no... I..I... m... v...vi...virgin..." She responded shaking.

"Well, obviously you know how to tease with this young body you have. Let me make it clear honey. I am the one here who will make orders and rules. You are here to obey. If you don't obey or you don't behave well, you will be punished. And trust me my dear; I will have great time punishing you. Virgin or not, if you tease me with that sexy body you have, you will be fucked like a little whore. Forget any mercy, because I enjoy in pain. I really do, so go ahead and give me any reason to punish you; I will do it with pleasure. There is no school anymore, your place it at home to clean and cook. No boyfriends and no fucking around. Now open that suitcase and let me see what you really need and what we can sell".

She was totally shocked by what she heard. How can it be possible? She is on mercy of three times older ex. prisoner, who is probably going to rape and sodomize her without mercy. She is forbidden to go to school and to have any social life. She is not going to be a foster child; she is going to be a slave! She opened her suitcase and one by one thing gave to Jason on inspection. He decided to sell her cellphone, laptop and some her clothes. She felt embarrassed as he was inspecting her underwear and bras. Most of her panties he decided to throw away. As he said, they will need to buy new one, more appropriate to her. On the end, all that was left to her were few t-shirts, two sweaters and one jeans. Other jeans he cut for making them as short as possible. She was sure when she put it on half of her ass will be visible. Also, he left her all make up she had.

Rest of the evening she was ordered to clean up in the kitchen and make a dinner. It was first time she was going to cook, and was afraid it will be disaster. She was carefully reading instructions on pasta how to cook it. On the top of it she added some sauce from the can. There was no ordinary dinner table, just a small table in kitchen with beer spillovers and tons of cigarette remains. She tried to clean it up before dinner and it took quite time. They were eating in silence, while his eyes where all the time on her tits. She felt it, although she was afraid to confront his look. She felt so angry why she needs to have such pair of tits. They are calling for problems in such situation.

After he finished eating he just stood up and slapped her so strong that she fell on the floor from chair. He came toward her and slapped her few more times on the floor. Then he took out his belt and started to hit her with belt with full force on her ass. Her jeans managed to slow down strokes a bit, but it was still so painful for her. It was first time someone was beating her.

"Stupid bitch, next time you cook so tasteless dinner and I will beat your ass with metal part of the belt you got it? And you will need to be bare butt while I beat the shit out of you. Don't even think about teasing me then with your naked butt cheeks honey, trust me, you will regret if I fuck your tiny little shithole without mercy. Don't even think about lubricant honey, there is no better punishment for such young teasing bitch like you than good and rough assfuck. "

She was shocked... She never even thought about possibility of anal sex. It was always disgusting to her. And she heard from some older girls it is very painful. How can this guy even talk like this to her? She is a virgin, she never even showed her body to some boy, and he talk to her like she is cheap street whore. She stood up, apologized and cleaned the dishes. After that he ordered her to take a shower and prepare for bed.

She came to bathroom and then noticed that actually toilette and bathroom doesnít even have a door! How could she take a shower while he is watching?

"Please sir... Could you turn away while I am taking a shower? I feel embarrassed. I was never naked in front of guy" - she asked him, but already as she finished sentence she felt it was not good idea. He became furious, slapped her few more times and grabbed for hair. His face was just few centimeters from her face while he began to yell:

"Listen bitch... I have enough of your shit. I told you already, I am the one who is giving orders here. You have one minute to be under that shower, or I will call five my buddies to help me with your shower. Trust me honey, they will with pleasure make you shower and many other things."

She knew there is no other option and she began to strip. Her hands were shaking while she was striping her clothes, as his eyes were all around her body. It was first time some male is watching her nude and she knew it will not be last time. She could see it in her eyes. Few moments later she was taking a shower in front of three times older criminal who was eating her with his eyes. From fear she didnít even noticed that she is actually showering in ice cold water.

After shower she put her pijama and wanted to go to bed. He stopped her and told her:

"I was reading it is not healthy to sleep in underwear. So honey, take down your panties, you don't need them during night, we must care for your health. You can have your t-shirt, if you will be good girl."

She couldnít believe that she needs to go to bed naked, but from fear from before she did what he told her and put down her panties. When she turned to go to bed, he slapped her butt and said "thatís my good girl".

She came to bed first. It was not really a bed, more dirty stained mattress next to the wall with some dirty pillow and blanket. It smelled bad and she was struggling to go inside. She tried to get as close as she could to the wall, trying to avoid any contact when he came. Half an hour later he came to bed. She felt in his breath smell of beer and cigarettes, as well as smell of sweat from his body. She was trapped between him and a wall, as he came closer to her under the blanket. She could feel his skin on her bare butt. Soon enough, she felt his cock growing and it was first time she felt a cock on her skin. He started to whisper in her ear:

"Damn bitch, you simply can't stop teasing aren't you? What did I told you about it? Tonight you will not be a virgin anymore, and better turn to me right now, unless you want that your first sex will be brutal assfuck."

Slowly she turned to him as he already started to strip down her t-shirt. Without any mercy he started to grope and bite her tits. She was crying.

"What a nice and soft tits you have here... They are made for a good bite and beating... This will be fun bitch... Ą- he said as he was slapping her tits

Moment later, he grabbed her legs and put them wide open, forcing his way between. With both arms he put her knees up making her legs even more wide open. She felt his terrible breath as he was licking and biting her face and neck. Then she felt top of his cock entering her. Her virgin pussy was too tight for him, but it didnít stop him, he forced his way into her virgin body. Top of his cock went inside as she felt sharp pain. But it was nothing compared with this what was going to happen. He just smiled, feeling the resistance of her hymen on his cock.

"Say bye bye to your virginity bitch... From now on you are my little slut" - he said and with full force tear her hymen as he buried his cock deep inside. She screamed in pain, she felt like a knife is ripping her open down there. Moreover, he spit into her face while he began to thrust into her stronger and stronger. He was fucking her virgin body without mercy. All her dreams about romantic first time with some cute boy her ages in some nice place fade away, as three times older criminal was banging the shit out her on some dirty mattress and treating her as a crack whore. He was fucking her stronger and stronger, she felt like his cock is ripping apart her stomach, while she felt her virginal blood going out.

"Take it bitch..." - he was repeating as his cock was brutally thrusting into her virginal pussy.

She was just lying on the bed, slowly crying in agony trapped under the weight of his body as he was raping her pussy thrust after thrust. Until finally she felt him coming inside her, with few strong blasts and animal voice. After last drop went into her, he slapped her face twice and just said how good piece of fuck she is. Soon he fell asleep on her while she continued silently cry under his heavy sweaty naked body.

Next morning he was still sleeping and snoring, but she was awake, trapped between him and the wall. Her pussy was still in pain from night rape. When he woke up, he just sat on the bed, like she was not there at all. He took a look at his cock, then turned to her and said:

"Bitch, look at mess you made yesterday, better clean it fast."

His cock was in stained blood from her hymen and now he wanted her to suck it clean. She heard from other girls doing it, but she didnít know anything about it. But already she learned itís better to obey without asking questions. Watching at his dirty old cock, she wanted to puke, it smelled so bad with some gray public hair and dirty from sperm, blood and piss. Yet still, she closed her eyes, opened mouth and took it around her lips. A taste of the cock was not better then smells, but she was forcing herself to ignore it. It was hard.

"Yeah baby, suck it cleans... You are cock sucking slut arenít you?" - He started to comment, making her even more revolted, but she knew itís better to ignore it.

"Don't you dare that I feel one teeth of yours, or you will not have any of them anymore, you understand?" - He said to her, as she was trying to be gentle not matter how repulsive it was to her.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair and started to pull her head deeper and deeper down, forcing his cock deep into her throat. She thought she will choke, but he didnít care, he was brutally raping her teenage mouth with his cock, slapping her face and groping her tits in the same time. As he started to force her head faster and faster on his cock, thrusting deeper and deeper into her throat she was struggling for breath, while intense pain came from her neck as cock was smashing sensitive parts of her throat. But he didnít care; he was raping her mouth without mercy. In one moment, he put his cock as deep as he could, Nola thought: "thatís, I am going to choke." Instead of that, she felt warm liquid going down into her throat and she knew that he came into her mouth. Drop by drop his sperm was going deep inside her throat making her disgusted but helpless. After he finished cuming into her, he left his cock inside for a minute or two. She thought he want to make it clean, but she was wrong. Hot and disgusting liquid started to flow down her throat. He was peeing inside her mouth. Not only she is fuck slave, she became also a human toilette.
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