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Old 01-02-2014, 01:05 AM
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Default Re: again

is wrestled to the floor of the garage by Cindy Molester , with her elbows tightly slammed together behind her back and wrapped in rope she has little chance of resisting. She begs and pleads with him to please let her go but he has other plans for his big tittied blond captive. He pulls a knotted cloth between her teeth and knots it behind her neck silencing her begging and pleading. He flips her over onto her belly and crosses and binds her ankles tightly together. Now with her elbows and ankles tied he lays next to her and pulls out her big tits and gropes and fondles her. He gets up to get more rope and leaves her wriggling and struggling on the floor. He returns and ties her wrists tightly then chicken wings her pulling her hands up to the small of her back with her bound elbows jutting out behind her. A rope is tied around her waist them pulled down between her legs and buried deep into her crotch. He ties her knees together and then runs a rope from her knees up over her shoulders and down to her elbows pulling her knees up close to her chest. He pulls out a set of steel nipple clamps and she looks up and begs and pleads into her gag then moans and sobs into her gag as he attaches the clamps to her nipples and attaches the chain between the clamps to her knees. He leaves his busty blond captive sobbing and crying looking down at her poor crushed nipples afraid to move or struggle.

she was tied to a chair with her legs spread open and pulled back, arms in a box tie. Since her face hole wasn't needed anymore a ball gag was tightly buckled into it. Completely nude she was also completely exposed. She kept telling us in the interview she wanted her tits tied up and Cindy Molester did just that. She also had clamps placed on the end of her nipples which were then tied off to her big toes which, they themselves, are tied up to the ceiling. Her pussy was repeatedly shocked, spread apart with further clamps and fucked over and over again. She was then whipped with a single-tail on her exposed inner thighs. When she came without permission she was whipped again immediately afterward. So much of her cum dripped out of her pussy a spoon was fetched to dig it out. It was then subsequently whipped all over her nostrils, lips and ball gag.

Playtime is over for Cindy and as she kneels in a frogtied strappado she feels the rope at her wrists being loosened but not to let her go but to drag her higher forcing her on her knees. As the rope is knotted you can hear Cindy grunt and groan from the stress on her shoulders, the bit gag pulls the corners of her mouth cruelly causing drool to humiliatingly fall from her mouth and it's obvious this is extremely hard on her. The nude girl is then left to dangle and whimper while I take some pictures but I don't think she is under enough duress and what better way to stress a girl than with severe elbow bondage! Cindy 's limbs are forced together by the rope and it's wrapped very slowly and deliberately until her forearms are crushed together and you can see the severe stress her shoulders are now enduring! Sobbing, drooling and swinging back and forth by her wrists Cindy is desperate and utterly helpless.....just like I want her!

Cindy is lead into her living room by Cindy Molester with her elbows already crushed tightly togeher behind her back. He sits her on an end table and then pulls an old rag out of his pocket and stuffs it into her mouth. Vet wrap is pulled between her teeth then wrapped around and around her head sealing her mouth shut. Cindy squirms and fidgets as he ties her knees together then crosses her ankles and binds them tightly together with ropes. Cindy can do nothing but protest into her gag as he moves behind her and wraps ropes around her slender wrists and ties them tight. He tells her that he needs to get more rope and leaves her struggling helplessly on the table. He returns with more rope and pushes her chest down to her knees and ties the new rope to her knees then runs it up over her shoulders. The rope is feed between her bound elbows then back over her shoulders and around her knees. Cindy 's chest is tied down to her knees so that she can't straighten her back. He leaves her stuggling on the table before moving her to the floor. Cindy has never felt so helpless before and can barely move laying on the carpet

heh heh heh


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Old 01-03-2014, 02:11 AM
kassyS kassyS is offline
Junior Moderator
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 1,443
Rep Power: 754
kassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond repute
Default Re: again

Cindy's sister:

Lately the real estate market is so competitive and cut throat. Every agent pushing to list and sell the best houses to be number one. Cindy my sister is my toughest competitor and I need to start being ruthless to take her down a notch or two. She foolishly asks for my help with her newest score - a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood. The kitchen needs work before her open house tomorrow and the MILF realtor knows I have a cheap contractor who can do the job. I know she's desperate if she's called me for help and I seize the opportunity to take her slinkly ass out of the picture. We arrive at the listing and she immediately begins bragging about her sales and climb to the top of the agents in our area. I nod dumbly ... silenting planning her take down. I hand the satin clad sexy MILF a glass of water and the poor fool drinks it down. Cindy becomes woozy and her head begins to weave and bob. I grab some rope from under the sink and roughly bind her elbows together behind her back causing her big tits to hang out of her silver satin blouse. Once I have her arms and wrists tightly bound, I tell her I am giving her to my contractor to use and abuse while I list the house. You see missy, I traded you!!! I promised him he can do whatever he wants to you while I get this home ready for the open house - this will be my listing. I add a crotch rope splitting her pussy in two and shove her body down onto the couch. I grab a pair of bright yellow panties and force them deeply into her mouth. Poor little Cindy is too drowsy to fight me off and I wrap her pretty auburn head with multiple layers of silver duct tape. I manhandle her big boucy tits and her fishnet clad legs all the while telling her how I am number one. I grab her body forcing her to stand up and march her back to the bar stool. I add one final piece of rope binding her arms down to the stool while she awaits her fate with my contractor. He arrives and is so excited to her Miss Cindy for the entire night. Her big tits bounce when she struggles and screams beneath her gag. He immediately binds her slender ankles together cinching the rope tightly. Then he puts the bitch into a ridiculously painful chicken wing jacking her elbows unnaturally into a V. He lifts her over his shoulder and carries defenseless Cindy out the door for a long night of fun and games. Who's the number one realtor now darlin'????

Now with her hands bound together he drags her into the garage and pushes her down onto an old cot. He pins her hands and then tries to stuff and old rag into her mouth but Cindy resists and won't open her mouth. Cindy Molester is forced to take a more coerisive approach and pinches her nose closed and seals her mouth with his hand. Cindy 's air is cut off and she realizes it is futile to resist since she can't hold her breath forever. She agrees to open her mouth and he stuffs a huge old rag into her mouth then pulls so duct tape between her lips and wraps it tightly around her head. He pulls her bound hands behind her head and pins them there while a tight crotch rope is tied between her legs. He pushes her onto her back on the cot and her pulls her wrists up over her head and lashes them down to the top of the bed frame. Her legs are spread and her ankles tied down to the sides of the cot. Now helplessly splayed open on the cot she watches in horror heh pulls out a set of legs shackles and pulls open her satin blouse, exposing her tits. She feels the cold hard steel ratchet down around the base of her tits choking them and causing them to mushroom out and swell like balloons. As she is recovering from the shock of having her tits bound in steel cuffs he pulls down a chain from an overhead pulley and attaches it to her crotch rope. Pulling down on the other end of the chain he lifts her hips and ass off the cot by her crotch rope. Cindy moans and cries in pain as the crotch rope buries itself deep into her pussy and ass until she feels that the rope is about to cut her in two. She is forced to arch her back and using her back and legs to lift her hips up and keep them up to prevent the crotch rope from digging in deeper. Cindy begs and cries into her gag to no avail as he now shows her a set of nipple clamps. Her begging and crying turns to groans of pain as he attaches the nipple clamps to her swollen sensitive nipples. He grabs a leather cord and ties one end to the chain between the cuffs around her tits and then runs it up through a pulley attached to the chain holding up her crotch rope. The cord is then pulled down and tied to the chain between her nipple clamps. He then pulls the cord tight stretching her tits and nipples toward the chain. He lift her hip higher then tells her that if she doesn't keep her hips then the will causes the clamps and cuffs to tighten and pull the crotch rope even deeper into her pussy. He leaves her stretching and straining on the cot Cindy knows she is totally fucked and sooner or later she strength will give out and her everything will tighten up and cause her total anguish and pain.


She is tied, naked, to a wooden post. Sitting on her butt, her back is firmly against the post. Rope below and above her breasts keep her tightly against it. Her arms stretch above her head and are tied at the wrists to the post. Her legs are spread wide and tied outward at the ankles. Her cunt is fully exposed. Cindy Molester ask her how she likes the position. "A little uncomfortable", she says. He immediately strikes her with a single-tail whip. First between the breasts, then below them, then in the abdomen. When he pops her across both breasts she lets out a sound. Not exactly a scream, but more like the sound one makes when they step on a nail. Several more strikes to her mid-section and breasts and she begins to breath heavy and her face hole stays open. Her milky skin shows marks almost as soon as they are laid upon her. Every strike now causes her to cry out. He keeps doing it, striking her all about her torso. She clearly is becoming more and more uncomfortable, in pain, the collective stings are building. He pays attention to her titties, striking them repeatedly --either on them at the nipple or just above or below each breast. He ask her if her pussy is wet. She tells him, "It's been wet since I got here." He starts up again on her torso, laying strike after strike until the whole of it is red and angry, even bruising beneath the tits appears. She cries out for him to stop. He does, then asks her if she hopes she'll get that pussy played with. She lets him know she wants it. He leaves for a moment and comes back, telling her how pretty her face is. He then sticks a nose hook in her nostrils and jacks it up, turning her face into a little piggy face. She tells him it feels humiliating. He picks the single-tail back up and starts laying into her again. Once again it is her breasts that receive the brunt of attention. Once he has them red and stinging he stops and fetches nipple clamps. When he comes back over to her he ask her if she has ever had them before. She tells him yes, but that she doesn't know how she feels about them. Ignoring that statement he proceeds to put them on her nipples anyway. She cries out immediately, like they are more discomforting than being whipped. She sucks in air and moans. He places the next one on the other nipple. Again she cries; it clearly is a major distraction for her. Even after they are on she can't seem to think straight and she keeps a pained look on her face. She looks down at them and heaves her chest, unable to do any more than that. Cindy Molester tells her he is going to be nice to her and grabs the Celebrator. The moment it touches her clit she lets out a cry that does not cease. Another moment later and she announces, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Cindy Molester quickly pulls the vibrator off her clit and lets her know there are ground rules around here. Once she understands that he places it back onto her clit. Right away she ask him all desperate-like for permission. Denied. She tells him she doesn't think she'll be able to do so. He lets her know she's going to be getting a serious whipping if she does. Her body is in as much motion as it can muster given her restraints as she keeps repeating, "I'm not going to cum!, I'm not going to cum!" After several moments of unabashed desire, wanton cries and inconsolable need Cindy Molester gives her permission to cum. Immediately her blue eyes roll back in her head and she announces that she is cumming. Cindy Molester yells at her to oink while she is doing so. To oink like a pig the entire time she is cumming, to stop oinking only when she has finished: "Oink, oink, OINK, oink, oink, OINK, OINK!, ONIK!!....."

Rogue is riding The Wooden Horse. Naked and in a box tie, she straddles the A-frame seat. Bowling balls hang from each ankle. A black ball gag is buckled deep in her face hole. She has never had electricity used on her, but today is her day. As she sits on the horse she tries desperately to get the ball gag positioned in a way that is more comfortable for her, but it never seems to happen. She keeps fighting it, or maybe just the drool that is collecting behind it. Her cunt and tailbone are pressed hard into the metal of the horse. Cindy Molester comes in and sits down next to the power controller and begins to turn on the electricity beneath her thighs. When she begins to feel it she laughs. He turns it up higher. She laughs more. But she also cannot stop bucking now. It has her. The increased breathing makes the drool collecting behind her ball gag rush out and fall in long strands down her chest and to her cunt. The drool is beyond copious. Wads of it come from every corner of the gag and her face hole. Big bubbles of it, then it washes down her body. She keeps heaving her torso back and forth, her head throws backward and then comes forward again. He turns it up again, higher. It is like someone just punched her in the stomach. A litany of sounds come from behind the gag, her body moves constantly atop the horse. So much spit and slobber are on her face, chin and mouth he tells her to get her tongue out of her face hole and clean it off. She manages to stick it out beneath the gag and lick down onto her chin. Try as she might, she can't get it. Indeed, she just pushes more out and down her face. He turns the power up higher and she throws her head back in a scream. She can't quit screaming and her eyes are wide open like saucers. He grabs the whip and begins to strike her with it. She grunts out a plea for him not to do it but, of course, he does it anyway. Every time she gets popped on her nipples she seems ready to safeword. It causes even more fluid to drain from her face hole. When he finally stops you would think she was still being hit due to the electricity coursing through her thighs. Cindy Molester grabs a vacuum tube for her clit. When he pulls her cunt lips back he sees strands of her pussy juice sticking to the horse itself. He places the tube over her clit and sucks it in deep giving her a little dick. It freaks her out and she cries. He grabs the Celebrator and places it over the vacuum tube and she immediately responds. She bucks forward and moans out in pain and pleasure. A mixture of frothy spit bubbles and slobber coat her face hole and chin. In spite of her clit being in a little cage she doesn't take long to ask for permission to cum. Cindy Molester tells her to ask him to turn the electricity up instead. She does so immediately, all desperate-like, pleading for it even. He does and then goes right back to vibbing off her little dick. Her mouth doesn't even look like a mouth anymore. So much bubbly spit and slobber coat it that it looks more like a wet, messy hole in the ground. Moments later she starts pleading with him for permission to cum. He gives it to her and she lets out a long, plaintive moan. Her chest heaves upward and her eyes cross before being slammed shut. He pulls it away before she is done cumming and she has a look of complete disbelief. He lets her know she is going to have to take that electricity all the way to full power...

He has her in the clear cage with a sensory deprivation hood locked onto her head. She has been sitting in it for some time. Being the horny girl that she is, turned on by her situation, she can't seem to not touch her pussy. She just does it occasionally at first and not for long. But as time drags on she just gets hornier and hornier. After awhile it just builds into a full on masturbation scene. She sticks her fingers deep into her cunt, digs out her pussy juice and uses it to lubricate her clit. Then she works her little dick until she can't take the sensation any longer, or she cums, and then she has to stop --but only for a moment and then she is back at it again. She puts her feet up on the glass of the cage to get a better angle on her cunt and asshole, then desire gets the better of her and she gets up on her knees --all in an effort to finger fuck herself better. Cindy Molester notices what she is doing and comes around to get her. Knowing she wants a vibrator to use he places two nearby then gets her out of the cage. He has her crawl over to him and then attaches a chain to her hood, locking the other end to the floor. He lets her know if she can find one of the vibrators she can use it on herself. Immediately she begins crawling about the floor like a desperate animal searching for it. She tugs at the chain trying to get more distance, her arm extended as far as possible. She gets close several times but just doesn't know it. She tries a methodical search, a grid search. Her breaths inside the hood are loud and labored --it is all she can hear inside her little world. She finally uses a leg instead of an arm to look for it. Minutes later she finds it with her foot and drags it closer, within arm's reach. She found the Hitachi and once she has it in her hand she desperately tries to find the power switch. At first she seems unable to do so, but once she finds it she rushes to get on her back, legs pulled up and open and starts vibbing her cunt off to some 30 orgasms. Orgasms that make her scream inside her hood, that make her kick her legs up into the air, that make her buck the whole of her body around on the floor. She can't hold that vibrator on her cunt more than two seconds before she pulls off yet another orgasm and has to take it away. Cindy Molester is going to fix that problem.

heh heh heh


Cindy is brought into her basement by Cindy Molester , she tries to resist but with her elbows fused tightly together behind her back she is easily overpowered and pushed into a chair. I stuffs an old sock into her mouth the cleave gags her with a strip of ripped T-shirt. He then attaches a rope hanging down from the overhead pipes to her elbows and pulls them up high behind her twisting her shoulders up and back. He leaves her to get more ropes. Cindy tries to struggle but the more she moves the more tortures her twisted shoulders. He comes back to tie her ankles and knees tightly together. He moves behind her and ties her wrists together then releases her elbows from the rope hanging down from the pipes. He has more rope and pushes her chest down to her knees while she is still sitting in the chair. He ties ropes through and under her knees and around her back and neck tying her into a tight little ball. He then attaches her wrists to the rope hanging down from the pipes and pulls her wrists up high behind her back and ties them off. What he does next terrorizes her as he begins to pulls the chair out from under her ample ass. Cindy screams and cries into her gag as the chair is removed from under her ass, now there is nothing supporting her ass except her leg muscles. And with her knees tied to her chest she has almost no leverage at all to support herself. He ass sinks low as her poor legs muscles loose their strength and she is hanging by her wrists with her shoulder twisted past their limits and she feels that her shoulders are going to ripped off. He comes in to help her a little by pulling her feet back a bit. Now Cindy can now gain a little leverage but she has to remain on her toes to do so. It is shear torment as her shoulders scream in pain and her muscles begin to cramp. She doesn't know how long he intends to keep her bound like this and sobs and cries into her gag praying for mercy

heh heh, I love you, Cindy


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