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Old 11-18-2016, 07:55 AM
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Default Herimone After Hogwarts Cuckold story

I was about a year since the Boy who lived had survived the attacks on Hogwarts and defeated his rival Voldemart. He was currently living in a quiet cottage in Brittan surrounded by books. Outside his window he could look at his Garden that was ripe, due to good farming and magic. He chewed on a glowing pair as he pulled out a quill writing his memoror

“Honey would you like one of the Butter beers” Hermione Said

She smirked as she whispered a spell of impudence over Harry Potter’s beer. She was dripping it in for weeks to make him impudent in bed. It was all part of her plan to get his confidence down and to cuckold him. Life hasn’t been exciting since the left Hogwarts. Harry had been ignoring her to write his memoir and do his studies. Whenever she wanted to go out. He would pushed up his glasses and said “There isn’t time Hermione...I much teach there next generation of Wizard and stop the darkness from rising”

Hermione always figure Harry just wanted to be the hero again and always thought he was the center of the universe. The boy who lived. It wasn’t for her; he would have died more time to count. She figure the stardom of being seen as the person who save the world...gotten to his head. Hell the way she saw it…her and even Nevell did more than him. Worst let he had a small cock. Although that could be said about most wizard. Using magic shrink the cocks. Oddly enough for women it only made your tits bigger. She didn’t want to divorce him. She’s till like him and knew she could manipulate him to have his cake and eat it too. She always wore the pants in the relationship. She was sure her little plan would work

She walked in with some butter beer and cookies. / She was wearing tight leather pants and tight silk white shirt. She had on black boots, with 6 inch heels that he liked no bra underneath showing her tight nipples. The outfit was sexy but sudden enough where eat didn’t look like she was deuced him. She wore it natural. Her hair was short blond and she had on pearl ear rings. Her lipstick was rose red

“Here you are my dear” She Said

Harry drank it. A small glow went around him that only the caster could see. She knew it was going to take affect very soon. She bends down rubbing her breast against his arm. A suddenly spark of excitement went through him. She had on the perfume her likes. Her nails were well manicure

“How the book going” She Said


“How about you take a break from it...and we go upstairs” She Said

“I don’t know really got to get a rush on this”

She unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. She held it in her hand and licked his ear. He moaned as she stroked his cock

“Come on been a long time since you whipped out your magic wand Harry”

She gave him a kissed pushing her tongue in. She turn around showing him a peak off her ass by pulling her pants down showing a peak off her ass crack. Her skin was soft and her ass nice and round. She motion him upstairs

“Come on you know you can’t say no to me”

Harry nodded, his wife knew him well. He was about to take off her clothes

“Wait...is in the room getting undress. Come in 3 mints. Want you naked” She Said

She gave a playful smirked and walked upstairs the old house. He waited a got ready removing his wizard clothing. He open the door and gasp as he saw her naked across the bed. With her ass up in the air. She was lying on her back. Her body curve like a nice road; with the ass being too might hills. Her skin was soft and she had a nice glow about her. She was still young and perfect. Slim body but with nice curves. A wicked elfish smirked

Come on Harry…come to me in your martial bed...Mr Wizard”

Harry despite his cock being small could still get hard. He knew the last couple of times he couldn’t perform and was fighting through it. He tried to use magic to fix it but Hermione spell was very strong. She had told him it much is a mental thing. He walked over to her his cock raging hard. He was pushing it in when it went soft as noodle. He was rubbing his cock against her not able to go in. She rolled her eyes at him

“Ohhhh did it happen again” She Said

“Sorry…don’t know what happening”

She got up and stood in front of him putting on her robe. Her breast was perfect, nipples nice and hard. Her pussy shave and pink. She took a sip of tea she had on hot.

“Seem like the boy who lives is a boy who can’t get hard. Get my vibrator…you know where it is…you had to used it so many times” She said coldly

He put his head down and walked over to the closet. She smirked as he did and took a seat on the bed. She had place vibrator high up so a box of picture would fall if he tried to grab. He did and the pictures fail. She waved her hand and did a smell freeing it. The pictures were floating in the air.

“So clumsy” She scolded

“Sorry about that Hermione” He Said

She grabbed a picture form the air. It was picture of him and his Cousin Dudley. Dudley looked Chubby in t, standing next to a skinny Harry.

“Rarely see a picture of you as a kid” she said

“Don’t like to remember it. It was a bad childhood. They used to pick on me. Made be lived in a cupboard for crying out loud who does that”

“”Ohhhh please Love…that what probably keeping you from getting hard”

“What you...mean just a picture”

“All that baggage…years of frustration and pent up rage. You much confront Dudley...get over your ear and let it go. Get that stick out your butt”

“I don’t know…it seem like it would be Awkward”

“Your not afraid of some chubby kid are you…your great Wizard. Your face the evil of all villains...surely you can face up. Its decided…I shall set it up” She Said "it’s about bloody time you get over all your baggage. Can’t have you waking up with various night terrors. Took me a while to get rid of that. I am certainly not going to have your pass…ruin our sex life. Understood”

“Yes Dear” He Said meekly

She found Dudley on face book. She knew he wasn’t fat anymore. Dudley hit the Gym and now was muscle and still tall. He was stud. Harry was about to get dress

“Don’t you get dress? I bed to get off. On your knees and eat my pussy. Thank goodness your tongue still works”

He meekly crawled over between her legs. She smiled wickedly as she rubbed is head. The plan as coming together easier then she thought. She was surprise how weak her Husband was. The next few days they took a long ride to Dudley’s

“You sure that dresses in appropriate” Harry Said

She was wearing a tight little shirt skirt, silk stockings and high heels. She had a tight button on top that showed tight top with a hole in through showing some cleavage. She had on diamonds ear rings and pearl bracelets. She looked sexy and sophisticated. Her lipstick was white red and she had on blue eye shadow. The skirt was short and showed peak of her pink panties

“Ohhhh Please Harry don’t be a prude” Hermione Said

She knocked on the door. Harry was by her with a lot of clothing on. Opening the door was Dudley. He was tall and Muscle. He didn’t have a shirt on and was dripping with sweat. He had six pack abs and huge biceps. He had on Jeans and towel over her shoulder

“Hey Harry…hey baby”. Sorry about no shirt was just working out” He Said

Harry was amazed to see how big and strong he was. Hemione smiled rubbing her finger across his stomach and chest. Dudley walked in front of him.

“Working out my ass.” Harry whisper “He opens the door with no shirt on who walked around with no shirt in London...its terrible weather here”

“Don’t be silly…Now be quiet. Don’t bring up the apologia…let me worked it in” She Said

“Looking good as ever” Dudley Said “Don’t know how this guy bagged a hot chick like you”

“Yes…he knows he lucky” She Said putting her arm around Harry “Your not looking bad yourself are you”

“Damm...thanks been working out…See Harry the same old Squirt” Dudley Said

“Yes…what he has in the brains he lacks in the body…like most Wizards…weak and sorry sorts…but I love him. You do know about magic don’t you”

“Yea saw him doing his nerd spells”

“Aren’t you cold...you know…with...NO SHIRT ON.” Harry Said. He felt a sharp elbow from Hermione

“Now lifting all those weights makes me build up a burn” He Shirt on

They got into a kitchen. She got a chair by Dudley as he got them some beer. Harry told him he doesn’t drink any hard stuff

“Course you don’t” Dudley Smiled

“Have two for myself” She Said taking a large drink

D”amm girl...that the woman I like” He Said taking a seat

“Can’t believe how good you look. Big tough guy. Though you were always though weren’t you Harry used to tell me all the funny games you played. My poor lovers still whine about it…doesn’t he. All that magic and he couldn’t stand up...not once”

“Naaa...Never tossed the punch. It this one time he threaten me...made the sky dark and some nonsense…but ultimately didn’t do anything. Here he suppose to be a big wizard now...some magic guy”

“Yes but not big where it counts” Hermione Said

“Hey wait a second” Harry Said but was interrupted

“Impudent to…the poor dear. Has a lot of baggage. Think it was all the time you picked on him. Kind of gave my poor boy self extreme issues. Think he wants apologies”

“Hell no…little bitch got what he deserve e”

“I think so…to. I respect that you pushed this little twerp around. Waste of a wizard. Never used his powers for anything good…think he needs to be careful with magic. Wasn’t a big fighter even in school” She Said

“Now SEE HERE” Harry Said

“Sit down Harry” She said giving him a cold look. She watches as he sat down “See. Now don’t think a man like you ever…have to worry with performance issues”

“Ohhhh hell no” He Said “Girl like you bring pleasure to all day”

“This guy, all he wanted to do is play with his potions and talks about dragons the little fucking nerd. With his goofy glasses. Now Ron was different. He had a nice thick cock. Wizard thing didn’t affect him that much. Bet you have a massive one”

“Now listen this getting quite out of hand” Harry Said

She waved her hand and his mouth closes so he couldn’t talk. It was like a palm was over his mouth. He was in a panic

“Let me see” Hermione Said

Dudley took out his cock and her eyes widen. It was a thick beautiful 10 inch cock with thick balls. It had a lot of girth and very fat. She grabbed it moving closer. She wrapped her hand around it.

“Why can’t fit my hand around it...it’s so big. Harry come here...so you can see what a real cock looks like don’t loaf...off be quick now…times of the essences

She rubs his shaft spitting on his hand. Dudley moaned with pleasure. Hermione was skilled at everything, always wanting to study and know more. Sex wasn’t any different see was type A in everything. Harry came over and he pulled out his hard.

“Believe it or not...this him hard. Think the little worm gets turns on by being humiliated. Poor dear. Now harry want to you see how big has cock is this is how a cock look like. See how its stands up straight...thick and hard. It’s like steal. You can smell the pre cum. Now look at your notice haw my hand can engulf your entire cock. Not like I have big hands Harry. Can take the balls and all. I squeezed it bends and its hurts. Can squeeze this fat muggle cock as hard as I can it does nothing to hurt him” She Said “And his balls huge massive, has some hair on it. While your general hairless. I can smell his sweat...his manliness.”

She let his cock go and started licking it. She looked back at Harry and put him on his knees so he had to look.

“Want to suck you off Dudley” He Said

“Thought you didn’t give oral” Harry Said shocked.

“Don’t give blows Jobs to nerds like you? But real men...like him blow them every day. You believe Dudley he never demanded a blow Jo b from me. Just took me never giving Blow jobs without any fight”

“Hell would never do that”

“That because your man...Dudley. Don’t you look away Harry…your going to watch me suck this man’s cock? The man who bullied you and pushed you around. You’re going to watch me do to him what you never could get little man”

Harry was whimper...filled with chock and embarrassment. Despite himself he was hard. It was turning him on. He was always attracted to his boss nature but he never knew how much. His cock got harder than it ever been. She made a wicked laugh as she saw the effete that it was doing to him She spat on Dudley shaft and gave it long and satisfy licks across the thickness of. Her saliva dripped down it as she sucked his balls

“It so big don’t know if I can get my mouth around it. If that what you like. You like seeing me sucked on this thick muggle cock. Make you watch me suck this muggle cock. Bet you like that”

The balls were rolling around her mouth. She grabbed Harry hair and forces him to look real closes. She was stroking the hard shaft and began to kiss the cock head tasting the pre cum. She looked hungry and lustful more than she ever did with him

“Why are doing this”

“Because I can and it nothing you can do about it. Are you going to do something about it” She Said

“No” He said meekly

“Just what I thought”

With that she put Dudley’s cock deep into her mouth and started sucking in front of them. She gagged on a bit a, making loud choking sounds as her spit slobber on his cock. She was pushing it deep in stroking the shaft

“Bet you never heard that sound” Dudley laughed

She was going faster again his cock working on it. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and let a necklace of spit consent it with her lips. The ring of her lipstick was down the middle of his cock

“Look at that point it already bigger the your little dick” Hermione Said

She enjoyed Humiliated him as she licked the balls. She hummed on it making it vibrate and then sucked the taint. Dudley was enjoying it having a beer. She was went back to sucking and saw the beer was empty

“Go get us a another beer Harry…now” She Said

“Yea snap snap…make sure it’s cold”

Harry grumbled doing as told. He was told to kneel down. Dudley popped open the beer enjoying humiliating Harry. She soon took a loud suck and took it all the way deep in her mouth. Been a long time since she had a cock so big. She was working on it making her cheeks red. She held it in her mouth for a couple of second letting the balls hit her mouth.

“Ahhh fuck” Dudley Said

She pulled out and gasped stroking it making harry stare at it. She kissed Harry making him taste the pre cum.

“That what a real man taste like. Reason why your impudent...was me. My potion did. I was always better at the magical potions to you...and the spell won’t be broken...only I know the antipode”

Harry was shocked at the betrayed. She went back to sucking him bring him close to climax. She grabbed his ass as she sat on the chair driving it deep inside her. Her ass was in the air. Dudley laid his head back and he came. She took it deep into her mouth and pulled out gargling. The cum was dripping down her chin. She bent Harry’s head back and spit it in his mouth. Gobs of cum was switch from her mouth to his

“Don’t swallow…feel the load. How thick and meaty it is. That what a real man load feels like now swallow you loser. Swallow the muggle cum.” She Said

Harry did as told. Dudley laughed. She pushed him down. His cock was semi hard now. Sweat was dripping down his chest. She open h pulled off her shirt revealing her perky breast and hard nipples... She licked his chest. The sight of her made Dudley hard

“Damm you’re ready for 2 in one day…What a real man”

“Damm right can go 3 times. Working out made every part of my body strong” He Said “Harry was always a book worm...never good working out...football and other manly sports”

“Does some wimpy sport...where he flies around on brooms and some nonsense” Hermione Said “I want to take me upstairs and FUCK me”

He lifted her u wrapped her legs around him. She felt light then air. As her carried her upstairs. She licked his chest being a little minx

“Come along Harry…you loser” She Said

She waved her hand making Harry flow in the air toward them. They walked up the strays with a floating harry, helpless. Dude took her in the room. And dropped her on the bed. She took off her skirt and panties. She pulled off her panties showing how soaked they are. She got on the edge of the bed facing Harry who were on his knees

“Fuck my Ass Dudley” She said while staring at Harry

His cock was already lubing with her spit. He thrust it deep in and her cheeks blushed. Her whole body blushed as she moaned with pleasure. She grabbed Harry glasses and broke it in her hand. He watch as his Bully fucked her ass

“Ohhhh yess fuck me…fuck me nice and deep Dudley…fucked me hard. Hard as your smack this loser around so many years. Come on slapped my ass”

Dudley did slapping her as hard giving it string

“Harder…take it…take it” She Said “Look harry look at a face of intense pleasure. The face one being filled up whole”

“Please I sorry I was so small” Harry whimpered

She slapped him hard pushing against Dudley. Soon his balls hit her ass. She moaned in intense pleasure. Harry was touching himself. She whispered a spell put his arms behind his back

“No...No touching yourself Harry…your going to be blue balled tonight”

“Damm this feel thigh…you ever fucked her in the ass”

“Hell no…wouldn’t let this dweeb...100 feet near my asshole. No way. Little dork. Look at him whimper. All that power…and can’t fight back. Cant fucked right. He knows I beat him with ass. Used to always order him and Ron around. They used to follow me like a little puppy. That right pulls my hair. You’re a man you could do whatever you want”

She sat in Harry face. She watches the spit dripped down. She grabbed him by the hair and gave him a deep kissed. She licked Harry face

“Look at me...you ever thought some kids it lived in a cubord...could actually grow to fuck a girl like me. The top wizard in school…did you”

“N…none” Harry Said

“Hmmm you lucky I let you hang around me. Let you even near my tight gorgeous pussy. My beautiful hair, my radian skin. My tight young body. You were never man enough, never thick enough. Not a real man”

She was feeling the balls hitting her. She touches herself she cried out. Her booty shaking with an intense climax. She screamed. Her breast sways back and fourth as she had another climax.

“That’s it fuck...me fuck me HARDER…oh shit”

The balls hit her like a sledge hammer. She cried out biting his lower lip. Ron put his head back as she was grinding against her. Her ass muscles choking his cock, taking it deep in. It felt fantastic to him as he was going back and fourth giving it all

“Damm this girl wild...how the hell you actually thought you could handle this harry” Suddenly Said

“Well the boy does think in fantastical ideas” Hermione Said “Wonder have you ever felt how it was to have your cock driven deep into a girls pussy. Slamming against the wall of my ass, feeling your cock head hit the bottom of the walls off my ass”

He lips were inched from his face. She did an evil smirked as she grabbed him by the hair and twisted. She pushed her one against him

“I get to feel that nice pain into my ass, making my ass nice and sore. Driving me deep, fucking me, making my body feel tiny against her strong and muscle bound body, fucking me nice and tight, and filling me with his seed. Have you ever done that? Even felt your balls slapping hard enough to make a girls ass nice and wet”

She kissed him nice and deep, sucking her tongue. She ran her hands through her hair and down her neck and back. She ran her nails down heist back as she was making out with him. She sucked on her tongue. Her tongue was licking down his chest. She bit on her lip. She grabbed his neck and squeezed making his neck sore

“Have you had sex with any girls before e” She Said

“No” She said meekly

She laughed. Her breast shaking as she did. She looked back at Dudley

“You here, that Harry was a little Virgin”

“Ha figures” Duley Said “No one would fuck that little dweeb”

“Cant believe I did. I mean only let him have my pussy. I would never wrap my lips round that cock of his. Because it could hit the back of my throat like yours. Like swallowing a tic TAC. Certainly wouldn’t let this lame loser fuck my ass. Thought it be fun fucking the boy who live, but he a little small dick wimp…aren’t you Harry…aren’t you”


“That’s GODDES Hermione” She said slapping him

“Yes Goddess Hermione” He Said weekly as laughed went through the room

She laid her back against Dudley, watch his hand sago up her body and squeezes her tits. She smirked and gave him the middle finger. . She turns around so he could see the cock spread her ass cheeks

“Look how big it is, Look how tiny it make my asshole look. Ohhhh yess….Yesss” She Said

She came with a big explosion dripping down on him.

“Ohhhh your squirted” Dudley Said

“Am with you” She Said kissing him

He bent her over again and slammed hard. He screamed out as he came deep into her ass ending a thick load. He pulled his cock out. She grabbed his flaccid cock as her asshole dripped with cum in Harry’s face.

Look even flaccid he bigger then you” She laughed Lick it clean wimp”

He did as told licking the cum out of her asshole. She sucked Dudley cock as he did. She whispered a magic phrase making the cok grow into her mouth. It grew to full length and being nice and rock hard. She moaned as her asshole was being clean out.

“That it licks it clean...lick very drop you fucking wimp. Lick every drop. That’s it suck the cum out of my asshole. Drink it up”

Harry was slurping it up. She smiled and watch him lick ever drop. Both Dudley and she laughed at them

“Cant believe the wimp doing it” Dudley Said

“Yea he really is a fucking pussy isn’t he” She Said “Need that stuff cock in my pussy with now”

She laid Dudley on the ground and grabbed his shaft. She slipped it to make it wet and stood over him. She got on his cock and slipped it in. She gasps feeling the thickness. She bent her back, backward and put her hand on Dudley chest sliding her hands down his chest. Both of them were dripping with sweat. She liked her lisp

“Can’t believe how hard your cock is” She Said

She pushed down hard. The cock as filling up her tight pussy as she was riding it up and down spreading it nice and wid. Her pussy wrapped tightly around him and was choking his cock. It went down, balls hitting her

“Ohhhh fuck…fuck” She screamed

She came, with a gusher. The pussy Juices were hitting his face, splashing all over. It soaked his face as she was grind against it laughing evil. Her pussy felt sore but a nice sore. She smiled and waved her hand and darkens the room, giving it some mood light

“Bet you wish you had forget spell for this Harry. Going to make sure you never forget this. If I catch you using the spell sweat I make a smell that turns your cock inside out, not that you ever use it. Understand”

“Yes Goddess” Harry Said broken

“Look at you cock as hard as it ever been. You so want to touch yourself but made sure you could. You won’t be able to beat off. Going to do a chastity spell so you won’t be able to touch your cock forever”

She felt Dudley strong hands down her body. It squeezed her tits together as she was grindings against her.

“Ohh yesss”

She grabbed his hand and sucked it. She was sucking on his fingers while her tit was being massage. She was dripping with sweat, soaking her face. Her hair was down over her eyes. Her nipples were hard as steal now. She breathes out with a gasp as she licked her lips. Her eyes glisten ass she felt intense passion. She screams with a multiple climax

“Ohhhh shit...fuck me fuck me hard” She Said riding his thick cock up and down “Ohhh fuck damm it so tight in my pussy. It’s like a steal rod. Ohhhh fuck”

Sue squeezed his heavy balls as she was grinding into him. Her pussy was nice and sore as she was twisting against him

“That’s it look at it…move your face closer…See how thick his cock is. It’s like a tree trunk unlike your little. So you’re going to watch me fuck this muggle cock, Watch and weep”

“Is this wimp the only person you fuck” Dudley Said

“Ohhhh hell no. I and Ron used to fuck all the time. Even fucked that white hair bully that used to pick on Harry all the time”

“Fuck even in school of nerds...he got beat up”

“Well no matter where he goes…Harry Harry. Dammm you made me cum so nice Dudley. Never came so hard. Nice to fuck someone with a real cock.That wizard school nothing but small dick losers. Had to do some summoning spells to get someone with a real dick to fucking me. Had gang bang with some Viking ghost...I summon broke up the routine”

“So these nerds never hit the back o your pussy like I did” Dudley Said

“Oh Hell no. Harry a bloody wimp. Those little dragons...never even came close to hititng the back of my pussy. I always had the make a move. He was so silly. One time he was like…c...c...c.an you suck my cock. He was shaking. I laughed at him for even trying. Sent him out to get me some food after that”

“Well you’re going to be sucking a lot of cock with me” Dudley Said

“Damm right I will. Don’t worry about needing to go down on me. That for people with small dicks likes Harry. Let’s just say Harry eats lot of pussy” Hungry boy”

She still had her heels and pushed it against his chest. She was pushing him back making him suck the hell

“Take off my shoe” She Said

He pulled the hoes off shaking. Her feet were nice and sweaty. She pushed her foot against him and made him smell it

“Suck on it loser” She Said

She was sucking on her foot. I was being pushed deep into her mouth. She was gagging as the foot was pushing into her mouth

“Yea nice and deep. Get used to gagging...because where bringing strapon in our relationship. You ever get fucked with a strapon Dudley”

“”Hell no would never do that” Dudley said grabbing his tits

“Good. But you bet Gharry will. Going to bend him over and fucked him nice and raw. Going to fucked him so deep making him scream with Mercy…is that right Harry” She Said pushing her for into her mouth “Isn’t that right”

“Yes Goddess”

“Yes...Goddess…anything you say goddess” She mocked “What a wimp…what a ffucking little wimp. Oh Harry nervous when I curse. Proper Births lad in all that”

She screamed against pussy squirting. She saw that Dudley was about to cum

“Yes shoot it in my cunt. Shoot it in my tight cunt” She Said “That right it called Cunt hurry. Not a pussy...not a vaigina…a CUNT you little goodie two shoes loser. They called cunts a gash…a snatch…that what you called it Harry. Harry hates the word Cunt...”

“He does...what a cunt” Dudley laughed

“Yes him Isa fucking…cunt loser…wimp...a little sissy boy. Maybe I make a spell and give him soe nice tits. Ohhhh shit your cock is amazing. Don’t you think its Amazing? Complete his cock. You’re a house guest Gharry. A Proper British Lad shouldn’t be impolite”

“Your…c…cock is Amazing”

She laughed “Come don’t cry…stiff upper limp. Keep calm and suck my toes you little wimp. Keep calm and sucked the sweat off my feet. Keep calm and bow to me loser”

“Ahhh shit going to cum” Dudley Said

“Don’t you dare pull out” She Said “Want it all in my pussy want every drop filling me overflowing in my tight little pussy? That’s t fuck me nice and deep like I am good little whore” She Said

Dudley roared as the cum was shooting deep into her pussy. The pussy was shooting with a long stream if cum, shooting against the walls of her pussy”

“Damm …taking it all” He Said

She pulled out and histories his cock that was dripping with cum. She looked down between her legs showing a soaked pussy of cum. It was a nice big cream pie.

“Mmmm nice to be filed up by a real man” She Said

She grabbed his cock and started to suck it. His cock disappeared in her mouth, going deep down his throated. His cock was extra sensitive as the lips were hitting hi balls. Her face was going up and down. Her saliva was dripping down his shaft. There was lipstick against his cock. She grabbed his ass and massages her ass cheeks together

“Ohhhh fuck…shit” Dudley Grunted “Your girl sucks a good cock. Too bad you never will have a chance to feel this cock being sucked”

He put his head back as he was shooting stream of cum in her mouth. She pulled it out and let some splashed on her face. It was pulsating against her hand. The stream of cum splashed again her face. She started licking her finger clean. She walked over to him and spread her leg showing cum dripping down her pussy

“That’s it suck my pussy” She Sad

Harry hesitated. She snapped her finger and ea fire balls was forcing into her hand. She gave an evil smirked

“Now…Now you really think you can stand up to me” She Said

He put his face between. His tongue pushed into her face. His tongue was pushed deep into him. His tongue was pushing into her. He felt humiated licking the cum out of her pussy. She laid back and laughed

“That it...lick that huge batch of cunt…How does it taste Harry…does it taste good. Say it taste good. You don’t want to make me mad” She Said

“It taste good Goddess”

She laughed as she cross her hands around her head. His tongue was circling around her face. The cum was still dripping down her face. She was licking her lips and rubbing the cum against her tits. Dudley lit an a cigarette

“Want a smoke” He Said. The cigarette was sticking between his fingers going through the air “a smoke always nice after a good fuck

“Sure...that’s it give me a light” She Said

She took a drag of it and blew it in the air. She loved it, letting the smoke go deep into her lungs. She was sliding against her chest. Her blond hair was whisking back and forth against his face

“That it lick ever drop” She said looking down at him with a sneer “Want you to lick every drop of your betters cum. don’t stop till it’s all gone. As gone as your pride Harry. Lick my pussy Clean Harry Potter. Lick it nice and good”

She let out a monad of pleasure. As Harry tongue was slapping out nice and fast. It was going in like a twister. She cried out and came in his face. Some of her pussy Juice dripped down his mouth. It was intense making her scream with a multiple climax

“Damm that was fun…don’t wipe it off...want it to stain your ace. Sit in the corner Harry” She said

Couple of days later. 4 months later they were at Dudley houses. She moved in with him because Dudley want end to be close to his Gym. She was bent over getting fucked from behind by Dudley

“You ready for the party tonight” Dudley Said

“Yea…seem like fun hopefully be a lot of good drinks in there lover”

“Ahhh fuck” Dudley said shooting some cream in her pussy

He pulled out. She smiled

“Better get clean up” She said and opens the cupboard

Harry as living in the cupboard in the kitchen. She had him crawl on her is knee and pointed at her pussy

“You know what to do..LOSER!!”

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