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Old 01-11-2015, 06:38 PM
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Default SNUFF PRISON GAMES...caution ...


New version of A. & R. Story by Susan.

CAUTION:-Extreme torture, snuff, rape, etc.

On the delightful Vicious board this story has a note asking if any-one can add to it, as the complete original seems un-available.
I hope the original author , (I believe he signs as Arape ),will not mind if I attempt to re-arrange the sections and interweave some of my own disgusting phantasy ideas amongst the original text.
Please do not read any further unless you enjoy really extreme sadistic stories. I do not wish to offend anyone. Remember, this is total fiction and has no relation to actuality.

The Scene is Set.....

He looked through the peephole at the female prisoner.
They had brought her in early in the morning.
She was a pretty thing, still wearing her silk nightgown. It was ripped in the front when they shackled her to the brink. Strangely they hadn't molested or raped her as they usually did with attractive female prisoners.
He had wanted to have a go at her himself. She was lovely and he admired her pretty face, shapely body and ample breasts.
But they had warned him. She was a special political prisoner arrested by the order of Commissioners Brutal and Arape the two most feared officers of the Secret Police. They specialized in political dissidents and in minorities making trouble for the Regime. They were especially feared by the intellectuals and at the Universities.
Most of their cases were students or teachers and the majority, for some reason were female.
As Commissioner Brutal used to say:” Never trust a pretty woman. She is by definition a traitor.” But there was no order not to talk to the prisoner, and, after all, he was the head guard and he unlocked the cell door.
Sitting on the bunk alongside her he felt her up a little. She was shackled with her hands behind her back and he was free to roam her body with his greedy fingers, pinching and groping. She was making wonderful noises of outrage, protests and pain. He told her she should shut up and not complain as he would have her anyway, or what was left of her, when the Commissioners have finished with her.
He told her flatly that he has nothing against half dead raw meat, on the contrary that’s how he liked them. He was looking forward to having the final fun with her. Oh boy, did he enjoy the fear in her eyes, when she realised she would never get out of there alive.

They sent for her after breakfast. Brutal and Arape were all geared up to take this snotty professor down in a good interrogation of rape and torture.
They had Miss Nina G. in their sights for a long time. Of course she was a traitor. But not in any way a dangerous one. She was there because she was a talented and beautiful woman. As Arape usually says: “Sometimes bad things happen to good girls. And that's the best fun there is.”


The prisoner was seated naked on a simple wooden chair.
She had tried to cover her breasts and crotch, but Brutal and Arape standing over her were using their short riding crops on her hands and arms every time she did. She was sitting there hunched waiting, scared, and downcast. She knew the reputation of her two interrogators and she knew what they did to female prisoners.
'' Listen up bitch, we'll show you a few pictures while you still are able to see. These are people you know, students and colleagues. Remember them well. You will name them under the official interrogation as traitors and accomplices. Oh, you will name names I can assure you of that, you worthless slut!''
Arape grabbed her hair forced her face up and Brutal showed her the pictures.
God, they were all of her best and sweetest female students. One of them had had an accident six months ago, fell off a horse had her legs paralysed. She was now in a wheelchair, but still beautiful and radiant.
The only man was her friend and colleaque Professor Weber.
"Fuck the Professor'' Arap said "What we want is his nice juicy wife and his twin daughters, juicy little replicas of their beautiful mother. We are gonna get a lot of mileage out of those little cuties and their mother will perform like a good trooper thinking she'll protect her little ones."
Brutal said “' Yeah, let's get the hottie in the wheelchair..... we'll get good mileage out of her too, running her around naked in that chair. She is going nowhere and will always be available for a little punishment. And you know paralysed legs are no protection in a good rape or a little torture session. On the contrary , I would say. Looking forward to doing her right on the floor. Don't have to bind her and it will be interesting to see if she can drag herself away from the fun. That's real entertainment.''
'' Your talk makes me hot you bastard. Lets start the fun with Nina here.'' said Arape.
He kicked the chair away. Nina fell to the floor screaming.
Brutal and Arape were kicking and swinging their crops before they dragged her to a large black leather couch.
"Me first" said Brutal “she is gonna be fucked like she was never fucked before. She is a little spirited, Hold her shoulders down!''
He did not even spit on his fingers to use some lubrication on the tight slit his cock aimed at. She screamed for mercy, but that was not a word Brutal recognised. He slammed forward between her spread thighs, right on target.
Nina shrieked. The sudden violation sending what felt like electric shocks bursting all over her lower body.
Even Brutal let out a little gasp of pain, the dry walls of her vagina dragging back his foreskin with a surprisingly painful force....but he was in her, and as she squirmed and writhed in futile attempts to dislodge him, he began to ream her pussy with deep savage thrusts.
Arape was playing with his own engorged cock as he watched his partner ravish Nina. He was patient. They were good partners, knowing how to take turns, able to appreciate the pleasure of watching each other get it off.
The rabbit strokes, fast and deep, and Brutal slashed his short crop sideways into Ninas' neck and face, the ribbed leather grazing and bruising the struggling woman. Now, faster and harder, the knot in his belly tightening as the explosive release of his ejaculation trembled on the brink, then flooded in to mix with the blood in her slightly torn vaginal cavity.
He pulled out quickly, shuffled up her body until his blood smeared penis waved above her crying eyes. Globules of sperm drooled onto her face.
“Now, cunt, you open that pretty mouth and suck me nice and clean or I'm gonna cut your fucking tits off. And don't you dare bite or you'll go mad from the things we'll do to you!”


My turn. I grabbed the bitch and forced her on her knees leaning over the couch and positioned myself to rip open her lovely asshole with my dick.
I spit in her ass to lubricate her a little, but that didn't do the job, so I dipped my finger in the blood from the cuts Brutal had made in her neck and the bleeding from her left ear and smeared it in her asshole.
Nina was whimpering and pleading: “Pleaase, oh god not anymore, pleaaaase don't hurt me anymore, please, no God don't do that!”
All in a little girl's subdued voice. It was wonderful!
Then a scream ripped out of her as I forced my dick into her and she shuddered like jelly trying to fight the terrible burning pain in her ass.
Brutal was singing:” Yeah, yeah, give it to her all the way, rip her apart, show her who is boss, no mercy. “
He had positioned himself on the other side of the couch, leaning forward holding her face in his hands:”Boy, you should see this”, he said, “the pain and the desperate look in her face. Guess this is her first buggering. Beautiful.”
I was hammering into her like crazy. Boy, was she tight but the slight pain I felt in my dick was more than compensated by her screams and pleading. and I wanted to hurt her real bad. I swung my right fist in a terrible blow to her kidney (I love kidney blows the kidneys are prime meat in a good beating) and again and again.
The side force and her desperate twitching nearly threw me of her ass, but my dick was holding up deep inside her.
Her bellowing and screaming changed in a desperate rhythm from groaning to high pitched squeaks and hyperventilation. I felt wetness in my crotch and increased the ferocious pace.
Brutal let go of her face and started slapping it, swinging with both hands. That made it for me and I came like crazy in a long long cum.
I moved back and looked at her ass. Blood, cum and thin stools was running down her thighs. It was wonderful and time for nice cleaning of my dick. I turned her around, looking at her contorted face, tears running and said “Clean up time, bitch, and same procedure as last time.”
Although weak and confused she knew what to do. And she did it well, the submissive little bitch.
“Time for a little serious interrogation”, Brutal said, “We'll strap her to the steel table and bring Brenda in to take notes. She's gonna love this, the perverted dyke.”

Fun from above....

The old jailer enjoyed the show.
Brutal and Agape’s interrogation room was on the top floor. By removing floor planks in the attic he had a full view of the fun. He had done this many times and it always gave him an Olympian pleasure. It was like watching the Gods at play. These boys were the best.
Arape had wanted to clean her and shackled her with her arms above her in the open shower in the corner. Her body was stretched tight, her breast flatten a little but drawn high by the weight of her body.
“ A real good hot hot shower”, Arape had said. But Brutal was protesting not to boil her now. He didn’t want any loose floppy skin,
“ Anyway we might want to skin her alive in the end. You remember that little read head student with the nice freckles all over, like vanilla powder sprinkled on her beautiful skin. I still have a bit of her hide over my bed. Gets me up all the time when I look at it”.
Arape gave her a hot hot shower anyway. She was thrashing about like crazy, bellowing and screaming, pleading and begging. Wonderful sounds of pain and despair filled the room.
Next they brought her to the steel table and tied her down with piano wire, spread eagled on the cold cruel surface.
Brenda had walked in with her big bag of fun toys. She scolded the boys for having started without her.
Looking at Nina, she said “Gosh she is beautiful and not worse for wear, it seems. You have to let me soften her up a little right now.”
But Brutal and Arape were aroused, their big pricks pointing straight like a policeman’s truncheon. Brutal inserted a big hard cushion under her buttocks. The cushion was dirty and stained by body fluids, sweat, tears, blood, cum and stool had been discarded on it during many a good interrogation.
He was looking forward to see it in action again in the game of suffocating the playmate and drowning her screams during the electro play.
Brenda had stripped and strapped on a huge strap-on with cruel studs.
God, she was beautiful.
Her golden body was covered with perspiration of excitement, her hard big breasts jutting in anticipation while Brutal and Arape took turns raping the little bitch. She rolled her swollen nipples in her finger and thumbs as the double ender was filling her cunt, so she couldn't play with herself down below as she got turned on. Nina was crying and begging for help. Fat chance.
They tore at her like wild animals. Arape was holding her head in both hands, banging it on the hard table. He shifted his weight and started beating her breasts with strong swings of his arms.
Little Nina was making strange noises, not really screams, more like hyperventilation and bellowing.
Brutal wanted high pitched screams. He used his strong hands and sharp nails during his fun, digging in to her nipples, pressing his fingers into her ears, clawing and ripping at her body. He for sure got the desired results.
Nina was screaming like crazy and thrashing about under Brutal’s brutal lesson. But Brenda took the prize for depravity this time.
She also took her time, standing over the tethered woman, using her hand on her pinching and groping, saying terrible things to her of fun to come.
Brenda had Nina’s clit between her strong sharp nails and the girl screamed like a wailing siren.
Arape got impatient and ordered Brenda to get on with it. But first he wanted a name of a conspirator. The interrogation hadn’t started yet, but Arape wanted the girl in the wheelchair brought in to the fun for some diversion and more fun.
Brenda had no trouble getting the name after a little while even though Nina was trying to hold back.
In the end Nina screamed her name out in a high pitched desperate voice.
“ Well look now,” Brutal said, “I think we should send out for little Sara Friedman. They can wheel her in her for the games and fun.”
He got on the inter-com, giving the address to the collection squad.
The old jailer watched with fascination as Brenda climbed on the table and started tearing into the girl with her cruel strap on dildo. He also knew that the fun had just started and that the wheelchair girl would make it all even more interesting. …

They were electro torturing Nina. Simple jumper cables with crocodile jaws ran to her nipples from a car battery for a little cross current. But the real thing was the thin cable attached to her clit and connected to a transformer with a handle to increase the juice. The girl’s head was strapped down to the table with a leather band. Arape was enjoying himself playing with the handle.
Brutal was by her side with the big dirty cushion at the ready, and Brenda was watching in anticipation, her mouth forming a cruel grin.
Arape gave it a full blast. Nina’s body convulsed and formed an arc over the table, the strap holding her head down. The body banged up and down against the steel surface. A wonderful scream started as a deep guttural sound changing to a high-pitched wailing and from an ear-perching scream to a muffled plea for her life as Brutal pressed the cushion over her face. It was fun to see how her body fought both the current and the smothering.
She had a fine strong body that put up a good fight, to the delight of her torturers and the old jailer watching from above.
The play with the handle and the cushion was repeated over and over again. Brutal was asking her questions, occasionally shifting the jaws from her clit to other interesting places, and facts she never thought she knew and names, even female student’s they hadn’t showed her pictures of, ripped out of her raw mouth.
“She is doing real fine”, Arape said, “I can’t wait to get Mrs. Weber and her little twin daughters in here. How do you like that Nina ? We’ll keep you alive for a while so you can watch our fun with the mother and the little cuties. “
“Speaking of keeping her alive”, Brutal said, “we better ground her. See the jumper cables are nearly boiling the fat in her breasts. That crosscurrent is reinforced by the ripcurrent you are sending through her. Her breasts are turning brownish. I want to preserve them for a while and use my razor blade on them, cutting from the top downwards and splitting her nipples in the process, without boiled fat popping up and spoiling the beautiful picture. Can’t wait to cut her a little in the end, but not now.”
“Nah, what the fuck is the difference?”, said Arape,” She is on the slippery slope to total annihilation anyway. In a moment we’ll have the wheelchair girl and others to play with.”
“ I beg to differ”, Brutal said. “I’ve taken a liking to the bitch. I want to spend more quality time with her. I’ll take her to the bedroom downstairs and spend the night fucking her blind. Don’t want her too messed up yet. I’m an old fashioned guy who likes a sound beautiful body next to me in bed. We’ll take her down tomorrow real good and then give her to the old jailer for the raw endgame that the perverted bastard like so much. “
While the men were arguing Brenda had removed the clitjaw and attached a long thin and stiff copper wire.
“ Give him what he wants”’ she said to Arape. “I want to force this little beauty up her urethra all the way to the bladder to boil her piss. It won’t ruin her for Brutal’s nightly fun and it will give us immeasurable pleasure. And she'll shriek like a stuck pig if she gets a nice stiff cock up her pussy afterwards. Take the jaws away from her breasts and place the other on her left nipple. Then you can play with your handle Arape. “

The old jailer was rejoicing.
Brenda was bossing the boys around again and he knew that they hated it. Arape had hinted to him that the bitch was getting too big for her own good and besides, she was starting to know too much. Arape had found some photographs a list of victims in her quarters, put it back in place and said nothing to Brenda, but the old jailer had been watching and heard Arape complain to Brutal, murmuring that they should get rid of her. “We’ll let the old jailer have all the fun when the time comes.”
And the old jailer was hoping that it would be soon. He couldn’t wait to start on cruel beautiful Brenda, raping her and slaughtering her real slow, using all his wonderful blades and appliances on her gleaming body. It would be the best snuff ever. He hated her too, the snotty bitch. She always treated him like a nobody.

Nina was having her piss boiled to good effect and was responding wonderfully when two policemen wheeled the new girl into the room.
She let out a thin cry of shock when she took in the room, Nina stark naked, convulsing and screaming on a high steel table, two naked wild looking men and a naked beautiful tall woman gathered around her, doing terrible things.
The two policemen were watching the scene in fascination, their moths half open, salivating. They wanted to see as much as possible before being dismissed. They were regrettably never allowed to join the real fun and had to contend with mild beating or a little molestations during the arrests. To rape a girl would be suicide if Arape and Brutal got wind of it, and they always seemed to know.
But this had been an opportunity to have just a little fun,arresting a disabled woman, and they had made good use of it in the back of the big black van after the arrest. They had used their hands all over her, pressing fingers into her cavities and told her of terrible things to come as soon as their bosses got their hands on her.
Sara was dressed in a crewneck green sweater and a plaid shirt. In their haste in the van the policemen had ripped her slip and her bra. had been torn off and just thrown away. She didn’t need a bra anyway, her big tits jutting prominently under the sweater. She was a beautiful helpless girl.

“Lookie, lookie”, Arape shouted, “a new little guest. Welcome to the party, baby. Gosh, she is nice and what do we have under here? “Arape grabbed the sweater over her right tit and stretched it out. With knife in hand he cut a big swank out of the stretched sweater and let it go. It snapped back and revealed her ample breasts, jutting out in a strange contrast to the fabric surrounding them. “What?”, shouted Arape. “No bra? We have a little slut here... can you imagine it? She looks like the most innocent little thing.”
Arape hitched her skirt up over her hips.” Wow, look at that nice beaver and those nice long legs and calves. No underslip.... hasn’t your mother thought you anything? Presenting yourself to nice gentlemen like that, a shame my dear, you have to be taught a lesson. “

Arape dismissed the two policemen, who reluctantly left. He wheeled the chair over to and under the table and Arape stuck a broom into the wheels of the chair, saying “This little cutie is going nowhere, she will watch the show real close up.”
Sara’s front was pressed against the steel table. She was looking directly at the flustered sweating face of Nina. Little Sara started to scream.

Nina had in her terrible pain not been aware of what was going on. But she heard the screams next to her ears, managed to tilt her head a little under the tight leather band and looked straight into Sara’s distorted face.
Brutal had grabbed the girl’s head and pressed her chin down on the table, her throat jammed against the edge. “Yeah, take a good look at your friend Nina here”, Brutal said, “she brought you here by squealing on you....told us you are a little terrorist, or whatever. That is what your good professor Nina is saying and she also told us a lot of other interesting things about you too. But don’t worry, we’ll extract every bit of the truth from you soon enough. You’ll piss through your eyes before we are finished.”
Nina had lost all control of her bladder and bowels and the table was stained and dripping with body fluids. Her wrist and ankles were bloody, shredded and torn by the piano wire. Thin lines of blood were running from her nostrils and from her ears. When she saw poor Sara, tears started flowing from her beautiful eyes.
“That’s right,” said Brutal, “cry for your little friend, but it won’t help her.”
Arape gave Nina more juice from the transformer and the two girl’s screams ripped through the room.
He let go of the handle, walked over to another table and came back with one of his favourite toys. It was a leather cylinder stuffed with buck shots, two inches in diameter and 14 inches long. He swung it full force down onto the bound victim, aiming at calves, hip, torso, and breasts in rapid succession.
This was a new and shocking pain for Nina. Her body convulsed trying to avoid the terrible blows and good screams were ripping out of her like music. Brutal always enjoyed Arape’s play with the leather sock, it wasn’t too brutal, just a nice preliminary before she would taste of the tottensläger, a stiff rubber stick with a lead ball at the tip, that Arape would use later to break bones in the poor victims body.
But this was going too far too quickly. Brutal was protesting. He wanted her of fairly sound body for his nightly play, not as a black and blue sack between his legs. He liked typical reactions from his little bed partners, begging, pleading and screaming as he played their white, helpless bodies like a maestro.
“OK then”, Arape consented, “we’ll play a little game with Sara here instead”
. He removed the leather band pinning Nina’s head to the table. “I want the fucking professor to watch the fun we have with her favourite student.” He next removed the broomstick from the wheels, he intentionally broke the stick in the process and pushed the chair away from the table.
“ Fuck”, Arape said, holding up the two sharp, jagged ends of the broken stick,”I know for sure where these little suckers are going to end up.”
Brutal and Brenda were grinning like crazy, making vile, evil noises of approval. Sara’s exposed breasts peeked out of the sweater like marzipan globes with cherries stuck on to them. They looked delicious. Her exposed legs, calves and crutch looked tempting too.
Arape used the knife like an old pro, cutting the sweater and skirt from her body. Sara was protesting, tears ran down her face. She was sitting there naked, vulnerable and scared to death and didn’t dare to move her body. She knew this terrible man wanted to cut her and was just looking for any excuse. She looked at the three of them. They were animals, just waiting to rip her apart.
They wanted to do terrible things to her and enjoy her screams, desperation and pain. Just like they treated and tortured her poor mentor, the sweet lovely Nina.
Her faced was turned toward Sara, watching the cruel happening with horror.
The men had huge pointed pricks, she had never seen anything like it. Her experience with boys and sex was limited, she had been fucked just once by a classmate in a quick bang, practically a date rape and hadn’t enjoyed it at all.
This the three sadists knew from the interrogation of Nina and they were going to put that and other information about Sara to good use. She had been molested as a little girl, not by a man but by a cruel aunt. Brenda was salivating with anticipation and pleasure when Nina revealed this juicy information.
They enjoyed looking at the helpless girl. She was a small girl, trim and lean, but with beautiful small curves topped off by fabulous tits. Her tits, full and jutting very nicely, were a deliciously strange contrast to her lean girlish body. She had the body of a twelve year old beauty if you took her tits away. She also had a very pretty face with big round brown eyes, filled with fear and desperation . It was time to teach her a little lesson.
“Before you brutes get started”, Brenda said, “I want to humiliate her a little. I bet she never had her pussy eaten !”
Actually, she and the boys knew very well that this had happened on numerous occasions when Sara was a little girl. Nina had told them between her screams.
The old jailer chuckled to himself in the attic. Brenda digging her own grave again,being bossy. Good, good!
Brenda went down of her knees in front of Sara, spread her legs without trouble, leaned into the girls crutch and started liking, probing with her tongue letting her teeth rub against the clit. Sara’s arms were flying, trying to push this horrible woman away. Terrible childhood memories filled her mind, mixing with shock, fear and shame. She was begging in a high pitched voice.
“ Oh no, please, pleeease, please don’t do that, not there. Oh God no, not there. Don’t touch me. Pleeease! “
“Hold her god-damned arms,” Brenda shouted. “I’m ready to give her clit a good bite.”
Arape got her arms and pinned them behind the chair. Brutal grabbed her breast and started pinching and twisting. But Sara was only aware of the burning pain in her cunt and the shocking re-living of the nightmares of her childhood. Memories of that bedroom in her aunt's house, her uncle sitting on an armchair with his hand inside his trousers, his evil wife tying Saras' ankles wide apart to the brass bed posts, then licking her lips so greedily before she got on the bed and bent her head down between Saras' open thighs to....oh, God!...and it was happening again but by even more wicked tormentors.
Her torso was twisting like crazy, she was using the strong muscles in her buttocks and back to get away from this terrible woman. The men found it very interesting that she could move this well, even though her legs were paralysed and still.
Sara started a wild scream increasing in intensity. Brenda had given her a good bite where it hurts the most.
“ Oh yeah”, Arape said, “we are gonna get good mileage out of this one.”
Nina fainted on the table from exhaustion, the terrible burning pains in her body and from shame and guilt.
“Looks like Nina here needs a little rest,” Arape said. “If you really want her of sound mind and body to night”, he snickered to Brutal.
He got a wire cutter and released her, carried her limp body and dumped her in a corner on the big leather couch. Nina was coming to, dazed and confused, feeling only the burning pains in her body. Then she took in the terrible scene again. Sara in the wheel chair and those horrible people hurting her badly, laughing and saying vile things, rejoicing in the girl’s pain.
Nina started screaming and shouting.” Go away from her, don’t hurt her, let her go! Let her go!”
“Fuck,” Arape said, “I have to have a gagging order for that bitch. Brutal, go cuff her and use the butterfly gag, that will really stretch her foul mouth and dampen her ugly sounds.”
The steel butterfly gag was a good sadistic contraption, forced into the victim’s mouth and with the spring loaded wings expanded, it filled out the whole cavity of the mouth, pressing painfully against all that it touched, half blocking the throat. Breathing and sound making was possible but painful and the sounds the victim tried to make were strangely subdued, even when she screamed at the top of her lungs.
Brutal stood menacingly over Nina. He grabbed her, turned her on her stomach and cuffed her wrists behind her back. He turned her again, smiling, with the strange gag in his hand, then he forced her mouth open, slipped the thing in and released the spring. It was funny, Nina’s lovely cheeks swelled out, her face contorted in pain and shock.
“Was there something you wanted to say?”, Brutal said.”Enjoy the respite and don’t worry, I’ll come back for more of you later.”
Brutal was tenderly patting her swollen cheeks and grinning like crazy, taking in the beautiful woman’s pain and desperation. Nina was making those strange gulping sounds the gag induced on her screams and anything she tried to say.
“Now”, Arape said. “Time to relieve this little cutie of her cumbersome wheelchair.”
He was in front of Sara. He lent towards the girl, his left hand to her cunt. One finger penetrated deep into her cunt. He used a bit of muscle, as he pressed a second finger deep inside her cunt. Sara was making strange small sounds of pain and fright.
Brutal and Brenda were panting in anticipation. They were suspecting what was to come next. Arape grabbed the girl’s neck under her chin, shifted his weight, pushed his finger harder in her cunt and lifted her out of the chair with both hands, lifting her like a stretched doll over his head, looking at her twisting torso and dangling lifeless legs.
Nina was making those strange sounds again behind the gag and Sara managed to scream.
“Aahhh arghhh, Let meee groooo! Gowrrark!”....... Or at least it sounded like she wanted him to let her go.
“As you wish,” Arape said, letting go and dropping the girl to the floor. She collapsed like a Chinese dragon on the hard floor. Her twisted, useless legs pinned in a strange way under her torso. “Now let us see you move,” Arape shouted, standing with a long swinging leather whip in his hand. Sara was supporting her self on her strong arms, leaning backwards, trying to use her arms and the muscles in her back and buttocks to untangle her ungainly legs.
The first blow of the whip hit her full force on the top of her curvy breasts. She grunted, but didn’t have the time to scream before the second blow hit her over her nipples.
She fell back flat on the floor and now beautiful screams ripped out of her. Arape gave her two more breast lashes and the girl tried to use her arms to push herself over on the stomach, to protect her breasts. In the process she managed to move her upper body and she was now stretched out before them, her large, nice tits pointing to the ceiling.
The old jailer had a first class view and he had his hand in his pocket, playing with his hard dick. “This is great!”, he thought, wondering what would become of the girl. Well, it was really no big mystery.
“Hold it,” Brutal said, “I’ll rape her there, right on the floor. Now listen little girl, I’ll be in and out of your cunt with my big dick. We’ll play a little game. Every time I’m out I’ll give you one minute and you got to move your sorry body to that big black couch where your friend Nina is sitting and climb on to it. When you make it, you are home free and I won't hurt you any more. Don’t make it too hard on yourself. Be a good mover”.
Arape and Brenda sat down in the couch on each side of the struggling Nina, put their arms around her shoulder and their other hands in her crutch in anticipation of this little interesting game.
Brutal bent down, spread Sara’s legs and dumped on to her with his huge dick pointing at her tightly furled pussy lips, and started to rip into her. Arape found it interesting how well she moved her torso and upper body under Brutal’s vicious attack on her pussy. She was making small strange guttural sounds, then pig squeals that suddenly turned in to desperate scream as he rammed really deep to have his climax.
Brutal get off her, and Sara managed to turn on her stomach and started using her elbows and forearms to crawl in a strange way towards the couch on the other side of the room.
“This is really interesting,” Arape said, leaning closer to Nina. “Do you think she will make it all the way over here before Brutal fucks her to her death?”
“ Nah, I don’t think so myself,” Brenda said, patting Nina on her thigh and grinning at the helpless girl. Nina again started making those strange sounds.


While the interrogation team had their fun with Nina and little Sara the two policemen were on their way cross town in the big black van on a new assignment. The secret police were at present short handed, arrests were being made left, right and centre all over town.
The President, an old fat General, had decided that a major sweep was necessary to rid his administration of those cumbersome dissidents and terrorists, who occasionally made his working days in his sumptuous palace such a pain. He new his secret police were very busy already, especially his favourite boys Arape and Brutal.
He was aiming to pay them a visit and see for himself how work was progressing. They boys had served under him in the Army and most of what they knew about interrogation techniques they had learned from him, especially how to treat female prisoners.
Arape and Brutal had taken to the job like ducks to water and refined a few techniques of their own. Alas, if he only had more time to spend with his two industrious majors. Maybe he should have Arape set up more film cameras and sound equipment in the interrogation rooms. He could then enjoy his evenings at leisure, watching the interesting action. Or maybe he could order the boys to bring a couple of pretty terrorist to the Palace at night. The thought made him smile, to the surprise of his aids. The President never smiled.
Being short-handed the policemen had ordered one of the jailers to come along on the raid. They were now four with the driver. To pick up a family of four you have to number at least four able bodied men. They never took chances, even though two of the prisoners would be young girls. They knew Mrs. Weber, the well known professor’s young wife, would be home alone waiting for the girls to come back from school. The plan was to make themselves comfortable, entertaining Mrs. Weber and wait for the arrival of the girls.
The school was a short distance from the house. A little later the professor would arrive and get a big surprise. The two policemen, the strong, stocky Louis and the tall, lean Benjamin, were bitching in the back of the van about all the fun they missed under the command of Arape and Brutal. They never shared anything or anybody with mere policemen. They never had any real fun after being transferred to this unit. Other detachment had a much freer hand and they often listened jealously to colleagues’ stories of exciting arrests and subsequent participation in rape and torture.
“Never miss much fun,me” Bruno, the huge fat jailer they had brought along, had said in a deep, slow guttural voice. “Me have the best work of all, caretaker of the prisons morgue. Of the living I only like little girls to play with. I love their shiny dresses, white socks and tiny shoes, but the best part is their underwear.”
Louis and Ben suddenly realized that they had made a big mistake in bringing this dim-witted giant to the arrest of the Weber family with two girls in their early puberty. On the other hand, they both thought, if anything goes wrong and harm comes to the Weber family before we get back to the prison, we can always blame this nitwit. Who can control a giant like him? Even Arape and Brutal would see that.
Louis and Ben kept smiling till they arrived at the Weber house.
They sent Bruno and the driver to the back of the house to make sure nobody was around in the big garden before they rang the bell. The lovely Mrs. Weber answered the door and they brutally pushed her back in and closed the door behind them. She was dressed in thin summer outfit doing credit to her beautiful and curvy body. Mrs. Weber started yelping in shock and fright, but they had no trouble cuffing her with her arms on her back.
They both let their hands roam her fine body in the process. Somebody was hammering on the back door. They forced Mrs. Weber to the kitchen, drew their guns and opened the door. It was a sight, huge Bruno was holding a tall, blond goddess by her neck in a cruel grip. Her long shiny hair was in pig tails. The girl, about eighteen or nineteen, clad in a Bikini was a sight to behold. She must have been sunbathing in the back when Bruno caught her.
She was real tall, at least 6’ 3”, lean and trim like a summer birch, but with, oh, so wonderful curvey, and her breasts were out of this world.
She was the tallest most beautiful girls they had ever seen. She had a beautiful classic, radiant face with a great complexion and big ocean blue eyes . Surprise and pain were reflected in their blue depth. The Giant towered over her, holding her neck like in a vice. It looked very uncomfortable and her body was stiff and erect. Louis wondered if her neck would stretch if she were hung in the end. He would certainly love to see that!
Her long legs kicking. Her bladder emptying in a long continuous geyser. Just like when they strung up a woman at the prison executions.
Louis and Ben let their greedy eyes take in the rest of the half naked body. Hell, what a pair of legs, the longest most striking they ever had seen. Her legs seemed to disappear straight up her nice, firm little ass. All of her was first class and Louis wondered where those genes came from. They were so preoccupied with this tall goddess that they didn’t notice the driver holding another girl behind Bruno till he spoke.
“ What should we do with them?”, the driver asked.
Louis and Ben managed to tear their eyes away from the goddess and looked at the other girl. She was tall too, but far from the striking height of the goddess. The other girl, a redhead, had a fine body, a little on the heavy side maybe, with what Arape used to call steering fat. But nice, very nice.
Unfortunately, her face was truly ugly with too big a mouth, crooked teeth and nose. It was the sort of disorganized face no connoisseur could love. Her eyes were lovely, though, Louis noted. He liked eyes. He liked doing things to eyes as an endgame. He'd often wondered if they could see what he'd already done to their bodies when he scooped them out......
Bruno and the driver pushed the girls into the kitchen. The goddess had her head high with a defiant expression on her beautiful face. The ugly bitch just stood there with downcast eyes and slumping shoulders. She knew who these terrible men were and fear consumed her. Mrs. Weber knew too, but she kept her composure.
“Who the fuck are these girls?”, asked Ben, grabbing Mrs. Weber by the neck.
“This is Barboro,” she stammered, “She is Swedish, my husband has family in Sweden. She is our niece or rather my husband’s. She arrived yesterday. She will be my twin’s au-pair for a year or so.” “I doubt it”, Louise blurted out, laughing. “And this ugly bitch?”
“ Oh, please what do you men want, we are just an ordinary family!”
You could hear the fear in her voice and they enjoyed it.
“ She is just a friend, a student. I invited her over today so Barboro could get acquainted.”
“Bad luck for her,” Ben grinned.
Barboro suddenly spoke: “What are you doing to Elizabeth. Let her go immediately. Let us all go! This is outrageous. Are you policemen? I want to talk to the Swedish Consul.”
“Wow, the goddess can talk”, Louis said. “She should learn only to speak when asked a question. Bruno show her some manners!”
“Uh, manners”, the Giant said. He was still holding the girl in his iron grip.” Whad’ya mean?” Confusion showing on his fleshy, stupid face.
“Hurt her just a little for us, not to hard you hear. That will teach her manners,” Ben said, his eyes shining in anticipation.
“Just a little”, Louis said with slack half open mouth. He had started salivating. This was going to be good, unless the nitwit wrung her neck or something.
“Can I hurt this one too,?” the driver asked. But nobody took notice of him and the other girl. The Giant stood there just wondering what to do. This girl was not a corpse, the object of his usual pleasures. But he knew that his partners at the prison always went for women’s crutches when they wanted to feel ‘em up and hurt ‘em a little. He only liked to do that to tiny girls, their small shiny, bare slits were a big attraction to him.
” Fuck, get on with it”, Ben shouted.
The Giant let go of Barboro’s neck and pressed her to his chest in a bear hug, one arm slung around her. He lifted her off the floor in the process, her head on his shoulder. The other arm and hand started working. Louis and Ben had to move to the side of the two tangled bodies to see it all. Bruno’s big hand was between them, under her bikini bottom, twisting and working cruelly. The fabric ripped and the slip fell to the floor. The goddess’ reactions were exquisite, her upper body bent backward so they got a fabulous view of her heaving breast. The bikini top had been forced down under her large tits by the movement of their bodies.
“God!” Louis, was saying.
“Fuck me!”, said Ben.
Her long strong legs kicking up backwards, flying widely. She grunted, then squealed like a piglet and a wild scream was forming in her lungs, at first just pressing compressed air through her wide open mouth, then gathering to form the longest most high-pitched scream they had ever heard. Bruno was still working his hand and fingers but the girl’s scream died and she suddenly slumped like a rag doll in his cruel grip.
“That’s enough! Hold it you idiot, you are crushing her to death”, Ben shouted, “Let go!”
The Giant just let go and the goddess dropped to the floor like a rag. Her face ash gray, her long legs and arms twisted under her. They all starred at her lovely, naked body. Her magnificent tits pointing to the ceiling. Slowly she came too, making small subdued sound of fright and pain. She was bleeding from her cunt, blood was dripping down her shapely thighs. The Giant grabbed her by the long pony tails and lifted her onto a kitchen chair, the girl screamed and slumped in the chair, her head between her knees and her body shaking.
The Giant filled with a new strange pleasure. He never knew that hurting a living bitch could give such pleasure and ripping and tearing those lips down there and pressing his finger into her cunt had felt good. He didn’t like all that hair, but tugging at it had been O.K.
He suddenly realized that he liked screams after all. It was a good feeling. Since puberty there had been something wrong with his dick. He was now wondering about the strange swelling in his pants. It was a new sensation and he liked it very much.
Mrs. Weber was still in shock, frozen, but in her mind terrible visions of this giant hurting the twins started popping up. She started crying.
The driver had taken the opportunity to use his hand on the ugly girl. The girl was yelping and squealing. Nobody took notice. The driver didn’t think her ugly at all and, if so, a sack over her head would do the trick. She was nothing like the goddess, but good enough.
Louis and Ben were regaining their wits. Louis was the first to speak.
“ That was one hell of a show. Taught the bitch good manners, for sure. Now I think all of us should get acquainted, in fact in the most intimate places. We still have a little time before the twins get home. Let's take the ladies downstairs...there's a nice big cellar down there, a bit dusty with some old wine barrels. They're a good shape to put a girl over, you know !”
The driver, to his big regret was ordered to remain on the ground floor as a look out. Mrs. Weber had gone white as a ghost and started yelping when her twins were mentioned, Louis grabbed her by the elbow and ushered her down the stairs. The giant and Ben followed with the subdued goddess and the ugly girl. The angry faces of Arape and Brutal flashed for a second before his eyes. “What the hell” he thought, deciding this was just too good to pass over.

Back at the Prison .

In the meantime in the interrogation room at the prison Sara had made headway towards the couch were Arape and Brenda were enjoying themselves, making bets on her progress and playing with the lovely Nina. Somehow the girl believed in her tortured mind that if she could make it to Nina on the couch they really would stop hurting her. They had promised and Nina would protect her.
It was slow progress. The large room was filled with strange furniture and strange contraptions that always got in her way. She had to go round or under all the time. That man Brutal was always on her,hampering her vital progress, turning her around after each minute was up and fucking her cunt or ass or just taking the time to hurt her with his hands, pinching and groping and slapping her around a little.
It was terrible in the beginning as a new pain ripped through her every time Brutal did something different, but now she hardly noticed anymore, except for the burning pain inside her body that was always there, she didn’t care. The only clear thought in her fogged mind was to reach that couch. She found that she made best progress backwards, with her back straight, using her strong arms to push her towards the couch. But she always bumped into something and had to direct herself to a new venue.
Brutal was also cheating, grabbing her leg or foot and holding her back. It made her desperate, she couldn’t feel his hands, but she sensed it and her progress got more laborious and slow. Brutal was tiring of the game. He had fucked her so many time that his dick refused to react and it was getting sore. He let Sara drag herself to the couch where she faced a new problem. It was high and the leather cushions were slippery she couldn’t get a handhold anywhere being flat on her stomach. She grabbed Arape's leg to get a hold and scratched him under the knee.
“Fuck”, Arape shouted, and kicked out, his foot hitting Sara’s tits sending her on her back again. The girl didn’t make a sound just turned on her stomach and reached for the couch again..
Nina was making those strange sounds again, her head pressed against Arape’s chest.
“She deserves a little help, she has been doing good”, Brutal said, so he grabbed the girl under the arms and threw her on to the couch, her head landing in Arape’s lap. She was on her back and looking up at his evil grin. But she had made it to the couch, it was the only thought in her mind. Her little lean body stretched out on the couch, it looked strange and white as snow against the black leather. Being confined to the wheelchair she didn’t have the usual sun lines for this time of year. But her body was a fine one and it looked good, except for fresh bruises and a few cuts. It was a tempting piece of rapemeat. And so deliciously helpless!
Arape said “ I need some relief.”
He pushed Nina away, hauled the girl on to his lap, her useless legs forced out to the sides in a gymnastic split, then he lifted her with a solid grip to her hips and forced her down on his erect and eager dick which slid like a snake up her cunt.
Brenda had taken a solid vice grip on Nina to keep her in place, right next to this promising exercise.
Sara’s left leg was pressed against Nina’s thigh, moving only because Arape was bouncing the girl in his lap sliding her up and down his greedy dick.
“ Ahhh, this is good,” Arape said, looking down on Sara’s shocked face. It wasn’t the pain ….. she could hardly feel it in her abused vagina..... it was the realisation that she wasn’t home free and safe after all. She snapped out of her trance and started begging and pleading.
“You promised”, she wailed, “You promised not to hurt me anymore, you promised, pleeease!”
“ Oh, is that so?”, Arape said, “Well, maybe I should tell you.... I lied.”
He increased the rhythm with a big smile on his face. Brutal and Brenda were laughing like crazy. Arape was leaning back a little, pressing little Sara to his chest. Her ample tits felt real good against his body. Her beautiful little asshole must be well exposed back there now, Arape grunted in satisfaction, the time has come for a little sandwich.
“Come on enter her Brutal, let’s give her the ride of her life!”
“ Err, can’t really get it up now. To much exercise lately I need to recuperate a little.”
“Fuck you”, Arape grunted, then told Brenda to put on her vicious strap on dildo and push it up Saras, ass.. Brenda didn’t have to be asked twice.
Brutal settled in with Nina,one arm to a tit, the other hand in her cunt. He looked at her face and gave her extended chin a kiss. Sara had been docile and quiet till now, letting her self be bumped up and down on the big, thick dick, but when the big studded strap-on forced it’s way up her asshole and she felt Brenda’s weight and strength pressing her against this horrible man, it was like a new wave of pain and desperation and she started screaming .
Arape looked into Brenda’s beautiful face a few inches away, her eyes gleaming with sadistic joy, her mouth half open in gasps of pleasure.
“God, what a woman”, Arape thought, “Too bad she has to go!”.
Maybe he should do the job himself and leave the old jailer out of it. But first he needed a replacement for Brenda. Maybe a sexy prisoner who would do anything to stay alive and not be tortured herself. He had given some thought to the lovely Mrs. Elizabeth Weber. Maybe if he promised to keep her husband and the twins alive? Besides, a taste for power and total control was easily instilled even in the kindest person. She might grow to like it a lot.
Brenda had been converted into a deliciously evil bitch. It had taken him less than a month to get her responding with a wet cunt when she saw other girls being tortured. Women seemed to have less moral strength than men. Make them jealous or threaten to mar their beautiful faces and suddenly they would take the option of doing very unladylike things to another woman to avoid their own suffering. It would be a pleasure to convert Mrs.Weber, and with her family to use, it should give him an added advantage.
Do what I tell you or your daughters get hurt? Yeah, that would work.

At Elizabeth's home.

The basement scene had become chaotic and Louis and Ben were worried. The nitwit giant Bruno had wanted to play some more with the goddess and he was hard to control. The boys didn’t want her to be too damaged or marked, thinking about the fury of Arape and Brutal. Besides they wanted her for themselves to play with, as far as they under the circumstances dared to go.
Instead they had given Bruno a free hand with the ugly girl. That could also be a bad choice if their bosses heard about it. But the prospect of a show like that was too tempting.
They had stripped Mrs. Weber and cuffed her and the goddess with their arms linked above their heads to a solid central heating water pipe under the ceiling. Mrs. Weber was on her toes barely reaching the floor, her lovely body stretched tight. Louis had slapped her breasts with an open hand just for the fun of it and he had enjoyed their wild bouncing and the screams produced from her lovely mouth.
The goddess had ample room, she could stretch her arms above the pipe, but she had nowhere to move to. She was still shocked and docile, standing stiff and erect with only her breast heaving and the boys had no trouble in letting their hands explore her and Mrs. Weber’s voluptuous bodies. They had undressed and pressed their naked bodies against the women, letting their hard dicks strike naked flesh.
But the serious action in the room was on an old mattress where Bruno was having his fun with the ugly girl. Bruno apparently hadn’t known how to start, so he grabbed her in the same bear hug he had used on the goddess and went for her crotch with good effect. The girl was really singing a song of pain and fright as Bruno used his huge hands on her, ripping loose part of her pubic hair and forcing his fingers into her cunt.
To get a better view he changed his grip and lifted her easily by her long red hair keeping her on an outstretched arm a foot or so away, his other hand finding a nipple, twisting it cruelly and pulling viciously at it. The skin stretched out incredibly far. It looked like some sort of a funnel. The force of his grip was prying the nipple loose, half ripping it from her body. It hung from her breast like a dead insect. It spurted blood and a stripe of blood was forming on her stretched body.
Her terrible and hysteric screams were cut dead when she fainted in Bruno’s outstretched arm. He grunted in surprise and dropped her on the mattress, his huge dick standing erect like a pole. It was an even better sensation than hurting the goddess and he liked it very much.
Louis and Ben watched in fascination as the giant threw himself at the girl on the mattress. He was on his knees and had lifted the girl’s hip, spread her legs and forced his enormous dick up her cunt. He practically wrapped her around him setting a ferocious pace for his hard thrusts, having a solid grip on her buttocks as he jerked her body back and forth, her torso and upper body dangling like a rag doll.
He grabbed her tits, pinched and twisted and started swinging with an open hand hitting her breast and her head over the ears, knocking her head about. She tried to protect her self using her arms and hands to fend off the terrible blows. The Giant just grabbed a wrist and pulled and twisted full force, dislocating her shoulder and tearing the muscles and nerves in her arm. The arm was suddenly utterly useless.
He liked the way the girl screamed and did the same to the other arm. He increased his thrust and rhythm and started beating the girl’s torso and upper body with his enormous fists. You could hear ribs and bones breaking even above the frantic screams of the girl. The Giant had started beating her to red pulp while fucking her blind.
“Why bother with cuffs or ropes?”, thought Louis, watching with fascination the girl’s flopping and helpless arms as the giant tore into her. Mrs. Weber and the goddess were making sounds of despair, fright and pain as they too were forced to watch the show and felt the hands of Louis and Ben on their naked bodies and their fingers in their cavities.
Louis was hanging from behind like a bear over Mrs. Weber, his erect and demanding dick sliding up and down between her cunt and arse. She let out a screech of anger and outrage as Louis’ dick penetrated her asshole and he started a wild buggering, grabbing her tits from behind for leverage, pinching and squelching, while Mrs. Weber was yelping and squealing trying to get a grip with her toes on the floor to try desperately to throw the assailant off her back. All she succeeded in doing was providing a counter force to Louis’ vicious attack on her asshole, enabling him to have even deeper penetration and more pleasure to himself and more pain to her.
Ben took a cue from Louis. He turned the goddess towards him, lifted her by the buttocks and just threaded her cunt on to his big dick. The goddess was whimpering and pleading: “No, no please don’t do that, don’t don’t pleeease, please. Oh God, don’t!” To no avail, of course, Ben was tearing into her, setting a fast pace while letting his fingers dig into her ass.

The basement was filled with sounds of pain and desperation. Nobody noticed the driver coming down the stairs with three girls, whom he ushered in front of him like a flock of sheep. The twins had come home from school bringing a little classmate.
This really was a welcome addition to the party.


Back in the torture chamber things had slowed down a little. Nina was on the wedge, her arms tied behind her back and fastened to a pulley from the ceiling, pressing her body a little forward and putting her weight where she wanted it the least, pressing the sharp edge up her cunt, letting the vagina cheeks hang to each side. Her ankles had weights attached and she looked rather docile, the butterfly gag still in her mouth.
The action was with Sara. She was back in the wheelchair, her wrists strapped to the armrests. Brutal and Brenda were forcing matches under her fingernails and lighting them. Sara was screaming and begging, pulling her body from side to side trying to escape the pain. Her tormentors were full of vile ideas to make her scream even more and started pulling her nails out with thin flat-nosed pliers. It made her scream alright.
Arape was relaxing on the leather couch studying a memo and a file brought in by a uniformed female soldier, who grinned as she saw the degrading scene.. The memo was from his most valuable undercover agent, Mr. Carsten. This gentleman, a Scandinavian and a human rights activist, had excellent contacts among the dissidents and the insurgents under the pretext of international support. He was a qualified psychiatrist and an expert on the treatment of victims of torture. He had chosen well to cover his main personal sexual preference, which was the rape and torture of girls and women.
He reported straight to Arape after his frequent visits to the Country and was always on the lookout for “insurgents” that would be of particular interest to Arape and his men. He had specialized in spotting pretty women and girls, and the slightest pretext was good enough for reporting them to the secret police. He had now started his penetration of the school system and his list of female teachers and pupils were of particular interest to Arape and Brutal.
They had nothing against sweeping even the primary schools for enemies. But of course, as far as students went, the junior high and high schools were better.
But the memo Arape was studying with such great interest pertained to a Danish female journalist on her way to his country to work clandestine and to expose human rights violations. From the file he could see that she was a beautiful, tall and trim woman. There were lots of recent pictures of her in all sorts of settings, from bikini clad on the beach to dressed in evening gown for dinner. What amazed and intrigued Arape was her age. She looked thirty but was in reality forty-nine. She had the stature of extreme self-confidence and relied on nobody. A pretty face with just a few charming wrinkles. A knowledgable and street smart beauty who had worked all over the world as a foreign correspondent. A real prize for someone like Arape. Just the kind of women and fucking intellectual he liked to take down real hard and reduce to a whimpering, pleading piece of raw meat, creating those moments of hopeless horror when his playmate realized that he was doing damage to her that never can be mended.
Those moments were of absolute joy to him of course. He was starting to plan for her disappearance. He also knew that Mr. Carsten, who once had a love interest in this journalist but was discarded by her, really would enjoy her fate and wished to participate in the fun.
He also knew that Carsten spent hours looking at the videos and pictures he received from Arape after his visits to the Country. He had participated from time to time in interrogations. A memorable one was with a little redhead beauty that he and Brutal had skinned alive in the end.
She was betrayed by Carsten and at first, her interrogation had nearly been too much for him. He'd been expecting a nice session of rape and some juicy flogging that had somehow gone on until the redhead's breasts sort of got sliced off and then Brutal was showing him how to peel the skin from squirming buttocks and instead of the horror he knew he should feel, he found it gave him such a hard-on that he fucked her again, right up her bloody ass.
He later told Arape that on the plane back to Europe he had jerked off four times in the lavatory thinking about it. He had known of course that his participation in the rape and torture of the little redhead had condemned her to death so there was no chance of her of her ever being able to unmask Arape’s best agent. It also meant he could never talk about the sinful happenings, either, or his actions would be revealed. But now he had gone all the way, he certainly didn't want to turn back. Christ, how that redhead had shrieked....The more he thought about that the harder he got, having to re-arrange his attire to conceal the growing erection in his pants.. And now of course he hoped for the same outcome for that fucking snotty, but oh, so beautiful journalist Bente B.
When Mr. Carsten had come home to his little young bride, ( he was married just before his last visit with Arape ) he couldn’t help himself and went bananas with her in bed, hurting her badly. It nearly went too far. He had, however, been preparing her for quite a while as a submissive sex slave through sheer force of psychology and manipulation.
He had started preparing her with photos, videos and sound tracks of women being tortured, showing them as part of his work and daily life. He slowly manipulated her to believe that this was something she wanted and needed herself.
Eventually he had the free run of her body and mind for his own wonderfully perverted pleasures. But still he needed those moments of total exhilaration when somebody’s life was in his hands. Spotting likely companions for Arape was as good as pronouncing their death sentence. He was looking forward to the demise of that bitch Bente B and his own participation in the fun. She would arrive the day before his own arrival and he guessed she would hardly leave the airport before being arrested.
In this he was right. Arape had already decided to make all the necessary arrangements. He had also started wondering whatever happened to the Weber family. At least Mrs. Weber and the twins should be in by now and he decided to send over a detachment to check things out.
He was really looking forward to the fun with the Webers. In the meantime he wanted to play some more with Nina, straddled on the sharp wedge.
Brutal and Brenda were still having their sexy fun with little Sara, whose wonderful noises filled the room.
Arape grinned at the naked trio, quickly stripping off his uniform. Dry cleaning was expensive and not very good at getting bloodstains out.
He grabbed a hammer and some nails and walked over to Nina. She saw him coming and started making those strange funny sounds through the butterfly gag. She protested and shook her head as Arape grabbed first one and then the other vaginal cheek, stretched it out an inch or so, and nailed it to the wooden ledge with one forceful blow of the hammer. Her crutch now looked really strange and funny and more blood stained the wood. She certainly wasn’t going to move much.
He took out good ol’ Mr. Zippo, flipped it open and lit it to warm her up a little, aiming at the outstretched vagina cheeks. Now Nina managed a full blown scream, even through the butterfly gag..........

In the Weber basement there were all sorts of strange commotions.
Mrs. Weber started making strange desperate noises as she saw the twins and their little friend being ushered down the stairs. Louis was still riding her from behind and didn’t let go or reduce his pace. He was grinning to the newcomers and shouting: “Lookie, lookie, more guests to the party and such little cuties too. Just hang on little dearies, I’ll soon finish here with your mother.!”

The driver took in the scene. Bruno, the giant, seemed to have raped and killed the ugly girl. She at least appeared absolutely lifeless, like a rag doll, as the giant ripped into her and slapped her about. Ben was into the goddess, having wrapped her around his dick, groping her buttocks and lifting her legs off the floor. He too ripping ferociously into her. The driver enjoyed the beauty of her face, which to him was even more beautiful in reflecting pain and shock.

The Weber twin ran to their mother, screaming at Louis and trying to push him off their mother’s back, their small hands hitting his massive body. He seemed to enjoy the intrusion, grabbed her tits even harder, twisting her nipples cruelly and ramming his dick even harder up her tight little asshole. Ben was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the show, slapping the goddess’ tits as he increased his own rhythm.

The driver had taken the opportunity to start molesting the little friend. She was a smaller and slimmer girl than the twins. Her tits were larger though, strangely big for such a young and tiny girl, and the driver ripped her blouse to get a better view. He had her little hands in one grip at her back, and was using the other hand to feel her up under her skirt. She was on her tiptoes, begging and pleading in a thin little voice: “Oohh, no please, please don’t do it. Don’t touch me there, dooon’t pleeease!”
The driver’s face was contorted in evil lust, his hand working in the little girl’s crutch, his finger pressing into her tight little cunt. The girl was screaming, her whole body shaking, she was half lifted off the floor by the cruel fingers in her cunt. The driver, hot with sadistic lust, said with a slurred voice: “Oops, she ain't no virgin no more! No siree, she is just another little slut, ready to be raped! I've just popped her cherry”.

Louis and Ben were watching in fascination as they speeded up their savage thrusts. They came simultaneously, howling like wolves, shooting their cum into their playmates. Bruno was still ripping into the lifeless ugly girl. He hadn’t even noticed the new company in the basement. But now he reacted to the howling and saw the two girls attacking Louis (to no avail of course). He rose from his kneeling position, threw the ugly girl away like a doll and in a swift move was over by the girls.
Grabbing both and pinning one between his knees, he just ripped the school uniform, white blouse and blue skirt, off the other.
She was standing there, shocked and scared in her little bra, covering tits hardly larger than peaches, briefs and white socks.
The giant ripped the underwear off her body. She was a beautiful girl with auburn hair, a small replica of her mother. In early puberty she already had, like her identical twin, the fine forms and features of her lovely mother. Louis and Ben looked at the little wonder with their greedy eyes, marvelling over their luck in having two little identical beauties in their power. The third little girl was a blond, also beautiful. This was going to be one hell of a party.

Don't Play with My Toys.

But not for them. Arape’s detachment had arrived and the young lieutenant in charge was really angry and pissed off when he saw the scene in the basement. He put the three policemen and the jailer Bruno under arrest.
Arape would have to decide later how they should be punished for their transgressions. (Louis, Ben and the driver got off easy. Arape always needed good people with the right instincts. ...Bruno was rewarded by being invited to participate in interrogations of particularly difficult prisoners. Arape liked his style and he would soon have his debut in the interrogation of the female journalist and human rights activist). The identical twins, Mary and Justine, were drugged and tucked up in a small cell, their school friend next door, tied up with the tall Swede, Barbaro.

Welcome to Hell.

Arape had set it all up at the Airport. The fat little Captain of the border police and his two soldiers were waiting by his side. And then there was the female Sergeant. She was a short, stocky woman with close-chopped dark hair, big heavy breasts, meaty and muscular forearms and big strong hands.
She had pig’s eyes, a broad flattened nose and a large sensuous mouth. She looked formidable and Arape revelled in the thoughts of what she would do, as sheer routine, to the women they were all eagerly waiting for. He had watched her at work before. An intimate body search done by this Sergeant was more like a sexual torture session. The woman was a sadist, and took every opportunity to enjoy herself.
The airline representative had confirmed to Arape that the reporter from Denmark was travelling with a companion, another female, and Arape thought to himself “ The more the merrier!”. He knew it was the young niece of the reporter. Two for the price of one. Nice.

They were coming to the passport control and Arape got a first look at the reporter. His friend Mr. Carsten had not exaggerated. Even though a little on the old side she was a lovely tall lady with a trim and shapely body, lovely complexion and fine bone structure. Nobody could guess her true age from her appearance alone. She had legs to die for, a wonderful tight and shapely ass, fairly heavy breasts but firm and beautifully shaped (remember no kids, which also means a tight pussy), a lovely long back and beautiful shoulders, long arms and fine hands with elegant fingers, neck like a swan and a beautiful face with a couple of slight imperfections that made it even lovelier. Big grey eyes and lovely auburn hair.
“Can you ask for more as your little plaything?”, Arape mused. The fact that she was a snotty intellectual bitch, here to discredit and undermine the regime, should only heighten his pleasure. The travelling companion was a huge and pleasant surprise. The reporter must have been crazy to bring her fifteen year old niece to this country. Maybe she thought it would be good cover, two innocent tourists. She was a tall slim girl, not fully developed as a woman, but with a very pretty face, nice small tits and good legs. She looked delicious with her short blond hair and she had her aunt’s grace. She reminded Arape of a young long legged colt just before blossoming into a full fledged race horse.

The reporter Bente was protesting vehemently when they were unceremoniously pushed into the large interrogation room behind the customs section. She was a professional and knew immediately that they were in trouble.
She regretted dearly having brought her little niece into this situation. She looked at the fat little Captain, the two soldiers and the horrible women and she saw the anticipation and the sadistic gleam in their eyes. But what really scared her was a tall, civilian with blonde hair and a scar running down his cheek.
She knew instinctively that this was the feared Arape and she knew all to well what he liked to do to women and girl prisoners. Her friend and contact, Mr. Carsten, had given her a rundown of Mr. Arape’s operations. He was the worst torturer and human rights violator in the country and he had the solid backing of the President. But Mr. Carsten had also assured her that she would be safe herself and that the secret police wouldn’t interfere with the international press. That was the main reason for daring to bring her niece along on the trip.
“Open up”, the little fat Captain said. Their luggage had been brought in and placed on a long table. The captain and the Sergeant took their time shifting through the contents of the suitcases. The Captain held up thin delicate underwear, smelled it and felt the texture between his finger, smiling. He had already dropped a small bag of coke into the girl’s suitcase. The Sergeant was turning the reporter’s suitcase upside down rampaging about in the content. She looked the beautiful women straight in the eyes with an expression saying; “this is what I’m going to do to you, when I get my hands on you.” The lust and hatred in the Sergeant’s eyes really scared the journalist. She realized that this horrible manly woman enjoyed hurting other human beings, particularly women and God knows what other desires she was harbouring. Bente got real scared and was expecting the worst.

“Look here!”, shouted the Captain, holding up a little bag: “Just as we suspected. This fine pair is smuggling dope into the country.”
Why anybody would want to smuggle cocaine into the country which produced much of it to the world markets, nobody bothered to ask. Arape was smiling to himself.
“Sergeant”, ordered the Captain, “a full body and cavities search of them both.”
The girl started protesting, but the Sergeant silenced her with an open handed blow to her face. Blood started trickling from the girl’s lips.
“Strip, both of you”, ordered the Sergeant with a cruel smile, “or we let the boys here do it for you.”
The soldiers were watching in anticipation, their mouths half open, hoping that the woman and the girl would resist so they could have their fun. They both moved closer to the girls, grabbing at their garments.
The reporter started loosening the buttons in her blouse. She said to her niece: “Ellen, do as they say. They are just looking for any excuse to hurt us. The world will hear about this and they will be sorry for having treated the media in this way.”
The woman undressed without further ado, reveiling a magnificent body. She was standing tall and erect. A real proud bitch, Arape thought to himself, taking in the exciting view.

“The little bitch needs help”, the Captain said. He grabbed Ellen’s blouse and bra and ripped the garments off her body. Ellen yelped in surprise and fright and tried to move away from the Captain, crossing her arms in front of her.
“Hold her” he shouted to the soldiers, who grabbed Ellen’s arms, holding her still. The Captain ripped the rest of her cloths off and she was standing naked and ashamed and full of fear in front of them all. She was a salivating sight for these perverts, fine little rapemeat and a fun beauty to torture if you liked them on the young side.
The Captain certainly liked what he saw. He made the soldiers hold her head still, grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth open. With the other hand he stroked her over the lips before plunging two large fingers into the cavity of her mouth, probing about, triggering the puke reflexes. The girl was shaking violently and the soldiers got a better grip, grabbing her flanks. One of the soldier let his hand glide up to her breasts, cupping a firm little tit in the process.

Bente was trying to interfere, pushing at the Captain, screaming at him: “Let her be, she is just a child. What do you want from us? “
“Sergeant keep that bitch occupied. You know what to do”, said the Captain.
The strong stocky female Sergeant grabbed Bente by the neck and forced her body down on the table top, pressing her breasts flat. She spread Bente’s legs, inserting her own between them. One of the soldiers let go of the girl. He knew what to do next and grabbed Bente’s hands from the other side of the table, pulling her towards him, stretching her arms.
The slapping sound of a latex glove being put on by the Sergeant was like music in everybody’s ear. She stroked Bente’s ass just once lightly before plunging a finger up Bente’s tight asshole, pressing, probing enlarging, then two fingers, then three. She was aiming to force her big hand right up inside this tight bitch’s ass. The Sergeant was pressing down on Bente with her full weight, panting and cooing. “Wonderful little deaerie, dainty little dearie, big Momma is gonna hurt you real bad.”

Arape was just hanging loose, enjoying the sounds and sights. To everybody’s surprise Bente managed to escape the grips of the Sergeant and the soldier and rushed towards the Captain, who was still playing with the little one, letting his hands explore the girl’s body. He too had put on a latex glove. Her whimpering and pleading must have enraged Bente and given her the strength to break free. She nearly reached the captain before the Sergeant with surprising agility reached her and locked her in a Half Nelson.
“Fuck”, shouted the captain, “teach that bitch a real lesson. Do to her what you like the best. Why not take her next door to the locker room , throw her on the bunk and teach her a little lesson of love...Would that be alright major Arape Sir?”
The Sergeant panted in desire and anticipation, squeezing Bente hard, looking anxiously at Arape
“Sure”, said Arape, “but no big production. I want her presentable and in sound body for tomorrow. A friend of hers is coming from the old country to join the fun. Too bad if she is all washed out by then. He set her up for us and he deserves his reward participating in the interrogations and the fun.”
Bente wondered what he was talking about: a terrible thought flashed through her mind. No, it couldn’t be Mr. Carsten that had betrayed her. He was a friend, they had once dated. He had been real helpful in setting this trip up and it was he who suggested that she should bring her niece as a cover for this clandestine trip. Could it be? A chill ran through her mind. And she knew she had nothing good in store from these people.
“Take her”, Arape said to the eager Sergeant, “and let the door stay open, I want to hear the sounds of your playful fun and to look in from time to time.”
The Sergeant was beaming, let go of the full Nelson and put an arm around the naked woman and led her into the next room, cooing in an artificial sweet voice: “Tender little dearie, dainty little sweetie, this could lead to true love”.
“Hardly little”, the captain said to Arape. “The bitch is a half-head taller than she is. You could not have made her happier, she will really take that bitch for a ride. That dyke of a Sergeant is not only a lesbian but the worst sadist I ever seen. I like a little bit of it myself for amusement, but to her it’s an additional sexual orientation, a necessity.”
“ Well”, Arape thought, “I know all about that.” Perhaps he had better watch it and not let the dyke go too fare with his beautiful prisoner, even though this couldn’t even be considered foreplay compared to what he and Mr. Carsten had in store for her. He enjoyed seeing any sadistic woman at work, even if she was built like a brick shithouse.....

They heard a sharp thin high scream from the next room and the Sergeant’s voice saying: “Yeah this is the idea, help undress me, then get down on your knees.” The sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Bente’s voice protesting, whimpering and pleading. Then more load slapping. The Sergeant’s deep voice was murmuring interspaced with Bente’s yelping and protests, and some fragments of panting, shallow breathing and words drifted out in the next room. “Yeah that’s it bitch, yeaaaahh, stroke it, lick it, use your tongue bitch, aahh good. More of that aahh fine mmmmm now come here with the other hand, that’s it, that’s it, gooood, yeahhh”. It sounded interesting to Arape, especially the way Bente’s interspaced protests was reflecting desperation, pain and shame.

The Captain was back to feeling up the girl. She stood erect and rigid, protesting with small yelping sounds. He bent her over the table for a cavity search just like the Sergeant had done with her aunt. The pain and shock was pouring out like long wails of despair from the young girl’s mouth. Her long body was twisting on the table, her breasts pressed flat on the table top.
“Yeah,” the Captain said. “You have to let me rape this one, Major.” The Captain was already half undressed. His torso was gleaming with sweat. His flabby face covered in perspiration. He lent over her and put his weight to her body, one hand ducking in to her clit, probing around, penetrating with his fingers. The girl reacted beautifully twisting her body in desperation, trying to throw off the weight crushing her down, crying out a shrill protest. The Captain dropped his trousers. His dick was huge, like a swinging policeman’s truncheon. He used his right hand to open her cunt lips. The other hand he pressed in under her to grab a small tit, pinching her nipple. With a push of his body he penetrated her and ripped into her with furiously. The girl screamed and screamed and screamed.

Out of the next room came also an explosive sound from Bente, overlaying the girls desperate screams. It was a kind of squealing grunting sound repeated over and over in abrupt jolting rhythm, dying slowly away only to rise again to higher more pitched tones. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh could be heard as an overlay in the strange sound picture. The Captain slowed down his pace in raping the girl and listened with a big smile on his face. “Oh, she is a nasty one, she is,” he said, before setting an even harder pace, holding the girl’s neck in a vice grip and squeezing her little tits with the other.
Arape walked over to the door and looked in. The two naked women were intertwined on the wide bunk, their bodies moving in a strong rhythm with the smaller stocky and strong woman in full control, setting the pace.”
Her uniform was neatly arranged on a coat hanger on the wall. The Sergeant had Bente’s hand pinned on her back using her other hand on Bente’s body and in her cavities, pinching groping slapping. Bente’s strong legs were kicking helplessly under the weight of the Sergeant.
Her tormentor had Bente’s clit between strong fingers and sharp nails, pulling twisting, drawing blood. She was also viciously biting into Bente’s lips, now muffling her screams of pain and desperation.
“Time to stop the show” Arape thought. “This has come far enough for now.”


Mr. Carsten was settling into his First Class seat in Copenhagen for the long haul overseas. He admired the blond little stewardess, her shapely body and fine features. He knew she flew often on this route, and had clandestine contacts in the country of destination through her boyfriend there. She acted as a conduit of secret messages and often brought papers out of the country.
He had to put a newspaper on his lap, thinking of what Arape would do to her after he got that juicy piece of information. But he had a hard on anyway, thinking about what probably was playing out with Bente and that little niece of her right now.
Arape had promised not to hurt them much till he arrived himself. He could hardly wait and was proud of himself for having suggested that Bente should take the girl along as a cover. When he was dating Bente, more than three years ago, he had seen little Ellen on several occasion. He had wanted to rape and hurt the delicate little girl even then. Mr. Carsten decided that this was going to be one very pleasant trip.
Carsten indeed had a pleasant flight. He was dozing in the dark cabin after dinner and drinks, his body covered by a blanket. He took pleasure in stroking his pecker and planning his and Arape’s session of rape and torture with Bente and little Ellen. He also revelled in the strange sensation of having their lives in his hands. The moment he walked into the cell where the girls were held they were doomed. No going back then, they had to be killed in the end.
Bente would immediately know this too and he could not wait to see the surprise, then shock and deep fear in her lovely eyes. And he was going to tell her anyway up front what is was all about. The sheer sadistic pleasure of being God mixed with the exhalation of dishing out unbearable pain and degradation in large doses.
He made a plan for how to go about it. How to take the woman and the girl down in a spiral of pain, increasingly brutal rapes, torture and vile violations of their bodies and minds. At each step they would start with little Ellen doing increasingly terrible thing to her, but telling Bente that she could freely take the girls place to alleviate her pain and predicament.
He knew Bente well enough to know that she would play this perverted game practically to the end out of guilt and a feeling of responsibility for the little girl. The beauty of it was, of course, that Bent always would knew what was going to happen to her next and that her tormentors were going to be even harder and more brutal in their torture of her.
They would have a lot of fun before it was all over. Mr. Carsten had to go to the lavatory to relieve him self from the joyous pleasure he felt in his mind and dick.

The old jailer was paying the two new prisoners a visit. Arape had brought them in from the airport in the afternoon. They were shackled naked to the brick walls in the cell. For some reason Arape had let them alone for now, indicating that they would not be called upon till the next day. The jailer would have time to get acquainted with the beautiful woman and the tempting, wonderfully innocent teenager. He knew he could not rape or torture them now, but many things could be managed by installing fright and terror in their minds and besides they were both marked from the treatment at the airport, so he could feel them up real good. He had heard some of the details of their reception, the captain’s rape of the girl and that perverted dyke of a Sergeant’s handling of the woman.
The older ones' beautiful body bore the marks of that fun. Her tits were black and blue with ugly bite marks, her lower lip were swollen from biting and her crutch showed the marks of brutal treatment. The girl was a little black and blue too, around her tits and buttocks. But neither looked any worse for wear and he was sure that there would be a lot of mileage in the pair.
While feeling up the prisoners and listening to their protests and yelping, his mind drifted to yesterday’s initiation of the Weber bunch to this hell of a prison.
He had arrived a little late to his peeping position in the attic. The reason was the girl they called the ugly girl. They thought she was dead and left her for the morgue. But he got a sudden reaction from her when he prodded her with a knife. The sow still had some life in her. So he had spent a pleasant hour cutting her and raping her, making her a true candidate for the morgue. He didn’t find her ugly or uninteresting at all. On the contrary, she had held up well considering the extensive damage already done to her. She still had a lovely scream and her body reacted well to his dick and knife, at least for a good while. She had bled well. He had to shower before going to his peep-hole.
From his hidden position he took in the scene in the torture chamber.

Nina and Sara were still there. Nina on the wooden horse and Sara strapped in the wheelchair.
The tall Swedish blonde was hanging by her wrists from a hook in the ceiling. Welt marks from a whip on her torso. She looked unconscious, her head bent forward.
The jailer was sorry he had missed that part. But most of the attention in the room was on three naked small girls on the big black leather couch, the Weber twins and the thin blonde girl.
They all looked delicious with their fine little bodies showing more than a promise of blossoming into the most beautiful women imaginable. The little blond already had the breasts of a woman, unnaturally large for her fine pubescent body. The Weber twins looked like dolls made of sugar and cream with their fine curves and peach like tits.
They were all terrified and crying. Arape and Brutal, naked with their big dicks already erect, were teasing and groping the girls, saying vile things and promising the girls the ride of their lives. Professor Weber was naked astride a thin bar, his hands tied behind his back and his legs tethered to the floor, the bar pressing up in his scrotum, his dick hanging limp one side of the bar. He was shouting his outrage and protests. Mrs. Weber and Brenda were nowhere to be seen.
“Hold back”, Arape said to Brutal, “don’t hurt them yet. We are waiting for the floorshow to begin. And here they come. Behold! The delicious Brenda and her new pupil!”
Brenda entered the room with Mrs. Weber. They were both dressed as bar dancers and Mrs. Weber looked real lovely even if a little embarrassed and scared. She let out a yell of despair seeing her girls naked on the couch and her husband in his terrible predicament.

Arape went over and put on the music. “Now show her the ropes at the bar”, he said to Brenda. “But don’t overdo it.We know this dear lady has some experience. We have an old 8 MM film my team found hidden in a drawer in her bedroom, showing what Elizabeth can do at the bar. It’s one of the few sins of her college days at a girl’s hen party. She's got real talent if you ask me.”
Arape started the projector and dimmed the lights and an even younger Mrs. Weber appeared on the whitewashed cell wall, swinging around a bar, dressed in a short skirt and a blouse with the top buttons open. Around her a group of girls were cheering. A recognisable face among the lovely audience belonged to the slightly older Nina.
Elisabeth was moving well, very enticing indeed, unbuttoning more buttons, letting the blouse slide over her shoulders, drawing her arms out of the blouse one by one and ripping it from her body with a good fling. Her lovely breasts were swinging in the white bra, her hips moving erotically, and her ass twisting under the tight skirt. The girls were clapping, and you could see they were shouting: “”
The skirt fell in one sexy move and the girl was swinging in her underwear and high heels. A close up of her lovely face and swinging auburn hair showed excited if slightly glassed eyes. She was more than just a little drunk. She kept on swinging, moving her tight ass from side to side, cuddling the bar between her tights but apparently a little reluctant to let the bra and pants go.
One of the girls in the tight group around her just grabbed at her panties and pulled them down to her ankles.
Elizabeth turned round in surprise and dismay showing her lovely beaver to the camera. The girls were cheering and laughing. And it was actually the lovely Nina who grabbed her bra and tore it from her body. She too like the rest of them looked intoxicated both by drink and the excitement. Elisabeth tried to hide her crotch and breasts in the classic position ,leaning forward with one arm over the breasts and a hand to her crotch. Surprise and shock reflected in her beautiful eyes. You could see she shouted: “No, no, please...” But it was too late. They were all over her, grabbing her arms, dragging her to a big couch, letting their hands probe her body. Elisabeth was shouting and struggling. To no avail. The had her pinned down on the couch, a big girl on top of her, removing her own cloths, holding one hand to Elizabeth’s neck and the other in her crotch, starting to buck on top of her like a rapist. The film stopped there.

Mrs. Weber stood erect like a pole herself, but with her head hanging in shame and despair. The Professor was making outraged sounds from his very uncomfortable position. No-one knew if he had ever seen this little gem of a home movie before, but by his outrage it seemed unlikely. The girls on the couch looked petrified, their mouths slack, but the twins were making strange small sounds of shock and disbelief.
“Fuck, I don’t have to teach this bitch a thing,” Brenda said. “She can go straight to the pole and give the performance of a life time. To make sure she co-operates real well I’ll take care of the Professor here and play a little with his dick. See if he can get a hard on by watching his wife’s performance. If she doesn’t turn us on, I’ll hurt the dick real hard. My pleasure. Why don't you and Brutal have the twins on your laps to make her do as she's told.?”

The old jailer chuckled. He was now sure Brenda would be his pretty soon. Ordering Arape and Brutal around. The stupid bitch.

And he was right of course. Arape had already decided to make the lovely Mrs. Weber his next pupil in torture and terror. He was sure it would work, holding her family as hostages. He saw great potential and she could even turn out better than Brenda, who was an innocent grad. student when he started training her. And look at her now.
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