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Info icon Forum Rules - Updated December 25 , 2015

Do and don't do ...

! Do what you expect others to do. !
! Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing. !


1. Do not post malware, phishing or any stuff that can harm users.

2. Do not post forbidden content like
2.1. - ******** (no erotic conversations about persons under the age of 18, no child dolls)
2.2. - real rape
2.3. - crushing of animal's
2.4 - beast

2.5 - Adultdoorway sites are forbidden to post on the extreme-board.
They support us (banner), so you are not allowed to share their videos.

Adultdooway sites list :

Facial Abuse (FaceFucking)
Latina Abuse (Latinathroats)
Ghetto Gaggers
Nasty Little Facials
Black On Black Crime
Ebony Cum Dumps
Anal Recruiters
Sperm Suckers
Amateur Throats
The Handjob Site
Club Amber Ryane
Fuck Me POV

3. Do not post Cash-links like usercash, linkbucks, ... etc. Absolutely no pay-per-click links!

4. Posts must containing Pictures

4.1 If you want to show pictures in your posts: upload them to a PICTURE HOSTER YOURSELF and place the links you create thereby in your posts.
You may either display a thumbnail the picture hoster creates (with a link to the image on the pic hoster) or directly show (link) the full image.

4.2 When you do not directly show the full image, picture hosters must satisfy the following criteria:
- Text content in English
- No excessive advertising (eg no additional windows or layers opening when a user views the picture)
- convenient access to the picture

4.3 We strongly recommend and as picture hoster. It has the following advantages:
- Allows erotic content
- Allows direct linking from this website
- No known problems with availability, image deletes and malware attacks

5. Do not spam links to other forums, PornTub's, Torrents sites or any kind of pay-websites..

6. No porn links on your signature, banner, avatar, except,,,,, and
Hovewer you can post links to your own site or blog in your signature, avatar or post, a reciprocal link back to the EB is required. This link must be contained in a section like "Partners" or "Recommended Links" and must be readily accessible to all visitors of the site/blog. No exceptions will be made. No forums, torrents sites are allowed in any conditions!

Senior Members contibuting here for at least half a year may get permission of Admin to use links at the Sig.

6.1 You can't post your website address as the password of a file.

7. This is EXTREME BOARD, please don't post Vanilla Porn in the Extreme forums!

8. Mainstream/Vanilla Porn should be posted on Bakers-board

9.1 Don't discuss decisions of staff. Please contact the Mod or an Admin via PM if you have questions about decisions

9.2. Please post in the appropriate section and Don??t post in anothers Thread

9.3. You GOT to provide a description or screenshots, if you don't your post/thread will be deleted!

9.4. Please report inappropriate posts by using the report-button.
If you see phishing/virus-posts please report it.

9.5. No Sockpuppetry.
Do not use multiple accounts to bump your posts, to disrupt, to create the illusion that many different people hold your views or to stir up controversy, to circumvent a block.

9.6. Main language is English, except Deutsch rape fantasy text board of course.
Mods need to understand what you are posting.

9.7. Don't bump your posts to get them on top.

9.8. Don't flood the board, and don´t post more as 250 in one Thread!

9.9. Use a different filehost (max 3) if the content you want to share is already posted here,
with the exception of if previous posted links are dead.

9.10. Do not abuse other members outside the context of consensual play.

9.11. Don't use Link-Proterctors! (it's often used to hide phishing)

It must be possible for everybody !!!!! to download for free from the file host you choose for your uploads.
For Premium files we added a special area, don´t mix up premium files with free files !
This post will be deleted !

White list:

***** and** /** / - not allowed in:
Scat subforums
Forced Sex board subforums
Pissing subforum
Incest Fantasy subforum
Also forbident to post Extreme BDSM(with blood), Snuff fantasy on this filehosts.

All publications must contain mirror on a hoster from the white list!

9.12 The owners of EB reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

9.13 Don't flood the board to increase your post count.

9.14 Forbidden to use special software for posting on EB

9.15 Do not repost your own files or from another user files on the same filehoster.

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