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Old 06-22-2015, 12:06 PM
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Default Thailand Torture Toy.

author: John Argus


Wendy leaned forward over the rail and stared at the water flowing
past. Actually they were the ones moving. The water wasn't going
anywhere, she thought, just being shoved aside a little as the yacht
slid through it.
There was little wind so the boat wasn't moving very fast. Wendy kept
wandering on deck to see if the wind might have picked up a little.
Her father refused to turn on the motor and she was eager to get
ashore somewhere, anywhere. She was sick of this boat.
Oh, it had sounded great at first, cruising through the South Pacific
on a hundred foot sloop, just basking in the sun and relaxing. But
after weeks of it she was bored, bored, bored. She'd gotten enough sun
to last her forever, and enough ocean to last her longer than that.
Besides which there really wasn't all that much interesting to see,
even ashore. If they'd been cruising through the Mediterranean or
maybe along the coast of Europe things would be different. What was
there out here anyway?
Singapore was the only place that had looked half civilized. Ever
place else was banana land. They'd just left Malaysia, a crummy
looking place that wouldn't know what a good disco was if one dropped
out of the sky. It, like all the other places, was filled with icky
little brown and yellow people, almost none of whom could speak
They all seemed to live in crummy looking huts made of sticks or
grass, or worse yet, made of cardboard or corrugated tin. The
Philippines had been a dump that seemed to have the largest collection
of prostitutes in the world.
To make matters worse, her sulking wasn't having much effect on her
father. She'd thrown tantrums and pouted around the boat for days, all
to no effect. She was still stuck here in the middle of nowhere with
nothing to do.
She was seriously considering having an affair with one of the cruddy
deckhands, and making sure they were discovered by her father, just so
he'd get so pissed at her, he'd send her home for sure then. Not that
he had any illusions about her virginity, she supposed, but doing it
with a common sailor type would drive him crazy.
She'd been waving her ass around in front of him for the last couple
of days, much to his annoyance, but so far wasn't willing to get
drastic. She had taken to wearing a tiny thong bottom that was little
better than a G-string, and a top that she'd found after boarding was
a couple of sizes too small.
Now as she moved away from the rail and wandered down towards the
back of the boat, she knew that every one of the men she passed stared
at her with lust filled eyes. She could have any one of them if she
desired it. So far she didn't. Like her father, the thought of her
rolling around with some commoner type was rather nauseating to her.
Her tastes ran to the more sophisticated, even effete type of men. So
much so that several times they'd turned out, much to her disgust, to
be gay. She'd even tried to turn one around, thinking that any man,
even a queer, would respond to her womanly arts and guile, and
especially, to her body.
She had no illusions about her body's effect on men, not since she'd
been twelve years old and had developed an hourglass figure almost
overnight. Her body had only gotten better since then, in the care of
her masseuse, her exercise coach, and her almost daily body waxes,
nail jobs, and the indulgence of special and ultra-expensive body
Now her skin and hair shone with health and beauty, was perfectly
shaped and disciplined, and helped her get most anything she wanted in
life. Her hair, thick, lustrous golden wave, flowed around her
shoulders and over her breasts to her belly. It framed her small,
exquisitely delicate face, with it's pert, upturned nose, thick,
sensuous lips, and wide, bright green eyes.
Her body would male a centerfold jealous, with wide rounded hips, a
tiny waist, smooth belly and high, firm, round breasts. Her buttocks
were an flawless, and precisely sculpted, and her legs were long and
smooth and tapered smoothly into trim ankles and tiny feet.
She had taken great and malicious delight in displaying herself
around her father, knowing that he, like any man, could not avoid
lecherous thoughts around her when she was half naked. She'd even
tried to go around topless, but he'd put a quick stop to that, despite
her arguments.
She was just waiting until she turned twenty-one, and got control of
her trust fund, then she'd make sure she got into one of those mens
magazines in her birthday suit. That'd show him, and everyone else of
course. She had a great body, and didn't care who knew it.
When she'd been younger, she'd been a real whore, mostly so she could
show off her body to her lovers and see the appreciation and lust in
their eyes. She'd had scores of adult lovers when she'd been in her
teens, most of them her teachers, people who worked for her father,
servants, that sort of thing. She'd had few affairs with boys her own
age, considering them immature.
That was still pretty much the case. Most of the men she went to bed
with now were a decade or two older than her. They knew how to treat a
woman's body, didn't squeeze and grasp her so she was left with
bruises. She liked her sex slow and easy, like on a plush rug before a
fireplace, with aged brandy or champagne, preferably with her on top.
She sighed and moved down the stairs into the narrow corridor that
ran the length of the boat, or ship as her father insisted on calling
it. She smiled coyly at one of the crewmen as she sashayed past him,
feeling his eyes bore into her round bottom.
She reached her room, or cabin, going inside and closing the door
behind her, then dropping flat on her back on the big bed and picking
up the remote control unit. She turned on the TV and VCR and then
turned up the sound of the music video.
There were hundreds, in fact, thousands of tapes on board, but she
was bored with watching TV. Still, there wasn't much else to do. She

She slid her arms up behind her head and watched the musical, sniffing
critically as the bimbo who was dancing to the music showed her cleavage.
A tit job for sure, she thought. She moved forward and popped the tape out,
then reached beneath her bed for another one, not one from her father's
It slid in smoothly and she lay back again on her bed watching. This
tape was one of the ones she'd gotten Jimmie, one of the servants at
the New York home, to buy for her.
The image stabilized and she watched a huge black man walk forward.
Muscles rippled all over his frame, bulging out his arms and legs as
he approached a young, small, pretty blonde girl. His cock was
semi-erect, already incredibly thick, and long.
The girl looked up at him through wide blue eyes, blinking and
looking fearful. She was wearing a schoolgirl's uniform, not unlike
the one Wendy wore at the prep school she attended. The black man
moved purposefully forward, his bald head gleaming in the camera
He reached the girl and grabbed her hair, jerking her up against a
wall. His hand came around her throat and held her tightly as his
other hand casually stripped her. The girl sobbed and whined as he
tore her clothes off, but didn't put up much of a fight.
Wendy watched cynically, though with some interest. She drew her legs
up a little and spread them apart. She slid her hand down over her
pussy and began to rub her clitty as she watched.
The girl's breasts were revealed, huge and fat, with giant brown nipples that Wendy
thought were really gross, especially compared to her own small pink
The black man threw her back on a bed then climbed in on top of her.
He knelt over her face, his cock swaying back and forth, brushing
against her lips. He cuffed her hard, knocking her head to one side,
then gripped her hair and drove his cock into her mouth.
Wendy fast forwarded a little, not really liking blowjobs. She
stopped to watch with a sigh of appreciation when the black guy got
the little blonde to swallow his entire cock. Wendy knew from personal
experience how difficult that was, especially with a cock that long
and thick.
The black guy face-fucked the blonde for long minutes as the cameras
closed in, watching the seemingly unending length of black cock-meat
as it slid relentlessly past her lips and down her throat, then
reappeared, wet and glistening with her spit.
Wendy curved her finger and slipped it into her pussy, driving it
down her tight pussy hole. She was rubbing and lightly squeezing her
breasts with her other hand as she stroked her fingers over her clitty
and fingered herself.
The black guy had enough mouth and pulled out, then picked up the
little blonde's legs and shoved them way back against her chest,
jamming down her ankles until they were actually pressed against the
side of the blonde girl's head. Her puss was gaping wide and open for
the camera's eye.
The slit, with it's pink, wet flesh, lay revealed and vulnerable as
the black guy jabbed his cock at it several times, finally catching
and forcing the round helmeted cockhead into her.
Wendy watched with anticipation, rubbing herself harder and sliding
two fingers in and out of her pussy. The black man simply threw his
hips down and forward, skewering the little blonde, forcing his thick,
long cock down into her with a single brutal thrust.
Wendy heard the girl's gasp and cry of pain and knew that was no act.
You couldn't take a cock that size, that fast without pain. She rubbed
harder at her clitty, grinding her hips in slow circles on the bed and
humping upwards against her fingers.
The black man began to hammer his cock down into the little blonde
without any restraint at all. He fucked her furiously, savagely
ramming his muscular body down into her, rutting his cock in and out
of her pink pussy-slit with unrestrained force and velocity.
Wendy had never been fucked like that and never really wanted to. She
had fantasies about it though, as did every woman and girl. The
fantasy about being brutally taken by some handsome, muscular beefcake
type, just... USED for his pleasure, like a whore.
Her eyes were locked on the screen as the black man pounded down into
the little blonde. She heard little grunts then that weren't coming
from the screen and felt her awareness of the picture slipping as her
body's reactions began to obscure her other senses.
Her body hummed with sexual energy. She felt her belly churning and
tumbling and her crotch burning and steaming with need. Her breasts
were hugely swollen, and shot fire into her chest every time she
tweaked one of her hard little nipples.
She was bouncing her bottom up and down on the mattress now as the
black guy really gave it to the little blonde. He was bouncing his
whole huge, heavy body up and down on her folded, doubled up body. His
cock was tearing in and out of her like a pile driver.
Wendy stuffed three finger into her own pussy, ramming them in and
out as she imagined herself under a huge, savage black man, imagined
him rutting down into her with his giant black cock, imagined him
squeezing and kneading her tender breasts.
She moaned low in her throat, her fingers dripping wet as they jammed
deep into her box. She could feel her arousal deepen, feel her
excitement mount. Her body was afire with sensuous lust which was
growing more and more intense.
On the screen, the black guy finished fucking the little blonde and
the screen abruptly changed images. Now the blonde was bent over the
black man's lap, his hand came down hard on her upturned buttocks,
slapping with a loud crack and leaving a big red hand mark.
He began spanking her heavily as she sobbed and bawled and kicked her
little legs up and down. Then he rolled her off and forced her onto
her hands and knees, kneeling behind her. His hard cock thrust into
her pussy and he began to fuck her like a dog.
Wendy never allowed her lovers to fuck her in that position,
considering it demeaning, but now it increased her excitement as her
pussy sent shockwaves of hot pulsating lust rippling through her
shuddering body. Her fingers were sliding in and out of her sopping
pussy-pit almost as fast as the black guy was fucking the blonde.
She felt the prelude to orgasm and rubbed harder still over her
clitty, then grabbed her left breast in her hand and squeezed her
fingers down hard, sending a hard biting blast of heat into her chest
and belly. She came then, bouncing her hips up and down on the bed as
wave after wave of sexual release rolled through her.
Her mouth opened in a soundless cry of ecstasy as her back arched,
her chest jutting upwards, her bottom rising off the bed and her
weight coming down on her shoulders. Then she fell back exhausted to
the mattress, laying there spreadeagled, her chest rising and falling
rapidly as she regained her breath.
She puffed a breath off air up to knock the hair out of her face,
then reached up with her hand and shoved and pulled the mass of
tangled blonde hairs away. She lay there for a few minutes, then sat
up, turning off the VCR and getting out of bed..
She wandered into the bathroom for a shower, thinking about how best
to annoy her father at dinner that night.

Dinner on the High Finance was a formal affair, with her father and
his two male guest wearing dinner jackets, and their wives wearing
designer dresses that cost enough to have fed a small nation for a
Besides her father, there was his current wife, a sleek looking
brunette with big breasts and a mindless stare. She wasn't much older
than Wendy, much to the latter's disgust. Her name was Cindy, and she
was her father's current showpiece.
The other two women were of similar ilk, one a long legged brunette
with big breasts, the other a short redhead with big breasts. All
three were clad in tight fitting, low cut dresses that revealed all
their charms. Wendy considered all of them to be little better than
She herself dressed much plainer. She wore a very simple short, white
dress. It covered her chest demurely, but the hem descended no more
than a half inch below her buttocks. It was incredibly tight,
revealing every detail of her body's musculature, from her flat belly
to her high breasts and round hips.
She wore no bra or underpants, since those would have showed through
the material. She had the smug pleasure of seeing her father's two
partners eye her with carefully discrete interest as she approached.
She was, she knew, much better looking than the sluts they had brought
with them.
"You're looking... lovely tonight, dear," Cindy said, frowning
"Why thank you, Mother dear," Wendy said, all wide eyed. Cindy's
frown deepened.
"Don't get snotty, Wendy," her Dad said.
"Who? Me?"
"Oh, leave the poor child alone, Alfred." Mrs Young said, bobbing her
twenty three year old head. "You're always arguing with her."
"Girl has no respect," her father grumbled.
"Aren't you about ready for college, dear?" Mrs. Young, asked,
smiling sweetly.
"Aren't you?"
Mrs. Young glared. Her husband guffawed, slapping the table and
throwing his arm around his "wife", hugging her tightly. "Young" was a
good name for Becky Young, since she was a good thirty years younger
than her husband. She drew in a deep breath, accentuating her large
"Don't be fresh, Wendy," her father snapped.
"Well excuse me. I was only asking a question," Wendy said.
The other woman, the little redhead, Holly, kept her mouth shut. She
didn't want to get into any kind of conversation with Wendy, not after
the girl had caught her sniffing a line of coke that afternoon. Her
husband was a big time anti-drug campaigner who advocated locking up
all drug users on a deserted island.
"Young people today simply have no respect," Holly's husband, Roger
"Is that why you married a child?" Wendy inquired acidly.
"Wendy!" her father snapped.
"Oh fuck off, Daddy," Wendy said. "I'm not going to act like the
charming little girl for your friends and their whores."

Which was how she came to be in her room, while the others ate
dinner. Like I care, she humphed to herself, munching on caviar and
sipping straight champagne from the bottle. She was, she decided,
going to jump ship at the next stop and use her credit cards to get
her on an aeroplane home, even if she had to fly coach.
She stripped and put on the top of her black satin pyjamas, then sat
on the bed to watch a movie. It was something about some bigshot
business guy who was cheating on his taxes and got found out and sent
to jail.
Wendy allowed herself the luxury of imagining her father going
through that, though she wouldn't want that to happen for real as long
as she needed to live off his money. Another two years, four months
and eleven days, though and she'd be twenty-one and free.
The boat heeled over sharply and she fell forward on the mattress,
spilling her glass all over the silk sheets. She pushed herself back
with an angry curse, then slammed the glass down on the night table
and rang the bell for a servant.
She cursed her father, the boat, the crew and the ocean with equal
impartiality, staring sullenly at the door so she could give whoever
showed up a real nasty tongue lashing.
Then the boat heeled far over in the other direction and she fell
back with a startled squawk.
"What the fuck is going on?" she snarled, patting her hair back into
place as she tried to stand up.
She hung onto the side of the bed to steady herself as she walked
towards the door.
The boat heeled over again and she staggered across to the door,
hanging onto the handle to keep from falling. She started to open it,
then grimaced and looked back to the bed, where her robe lay. The tops
of the pyjamas barely covered her naked rump and were thin and flappy
in any kind of breeze.
There was shouting and yelling coming from above her, very loud
shouting. Then there was a series of loud bangs and screams. She
blinked in confusion, her instincts to go out and yell at somebody
suddenly being overcome by the realization that something could be
seriously wrong.
She jerked open the door and yelled at a crewman who was running
past. The man stopped abruptly and turned to stare at her.
"What the fuck is going on?" She demanded, thinking as she did, that
he didn't look at all like the perfectly groomed and manicured crew
members she'd seen so far. In fact, he was an oriental and she
couldn't' remember there being any orientals on the crew.
Instead of answering her he lunged forward, throwing his arms around
her and knocking her back through the doorway until the back of her
legs hit the foot of her bed and she tumbled back into it. He fell
atop her, his hips between her spread legs as he gripped her hair and
tried to kiss her.
She spat and cursed, outraged that he would dare touch her, trying to
claw his face, and succeeding in leaving deep furrows down one cheek.
He yelled loudly, in some ignorant language and then punched her in
the face. Wendy's head was knocked back to the mattress and her
yelling stopped as she blinked up at him in pain and astonishment. No
one had ever hit her before.
His lips mashed down bruisingly hard against hers and his hand
squeezed her breasts through the thin top. He mumbled and hissed in
whatever language he owned and ground down against her sex. Wendy was
petrified and frozen, unable to react to something that was completely
outside her range of experiences.
The man jerked his rough trousers down and brought out his cock,
erect and angry looking. He grinned nastily at Wendy, and placed the
head against her blonde fringed slit, then lunged forward, driving it
into her body. He shoved his hips forward, forcing the cock deep into
her soft, tender tunnel as his hands tore open her top and latched
around her breasts.
Wendy was whimpering and staring at him in shock, not daring to move
for fear of being struck again. The man's cock ploughed down deep into
her sheath, filling her with it's male hardness as he humped furiously
against her.
His lips came down on hers again, pressing roughly, hotly against her
own. His tongue jammed into her mouth, whipping around inside her oral
cavity as he lunged back and forth on top of her, pounding his cock in
and out of her dry sex.
Wendy could vaguely hear screams and yells from far away, but paid
them little heed as she lay there, wide eyed beneath her rapist. His
hands were savagely squeezing and twisting her breast meat, bringing
pain to her chest and more tears to her eyes.
She began to cry openly, sobbing and bawling as the man rutted into
her. He cuffed her roughly, the back of his hand knocking her head
aside. Then he gripped her hair, pulling it back as he held her face
still and brutally crushed her lips with his.
His hips and belly rode back and forth against her inner thighs. Her
legs were splayed wide and unmoving as he took her savagely. He lunged
forward again and again, driving his cock into her with short,
furiously fast strokes.
He smelled of fish and oil and his hands left a slimy trail of sweat
wherever they touched. They fastened around her soft white buttocks
then, squeezing tightly, digging into the smooth flesh as he grunted
and groaned and mumbled in cruel pleasure above her.
His cock rutted into her like a mad dog, sliding back and forth
between her taut pussy-lips as he rode her for his own satisfaction.
She was a tool for his enjoyment, with as little importance as a dog.
He used her body to jerk-off in, pounding furiously in his eagerness
to come off.
The man groaned and stuffed his cock deep inside her, holding still
as his eyes narrowed and his mouth gaped open. Wendy felt his cum
spitting down into her belly as he came, his hands roughly squeezing
her breasts and pulling her hair.
Then he bounced off her, as if suddenly in a terrific hurry. He
grabbed her by the hair and jerked her up after him, dragging her out
of her room and down the corridor to the rear of the boat. Wendy
yelped and whined and sniffled as she hurried after him.
She heard more of the explosions and realized now they must be
gunshots. She couldn't understand that, couldn't see why anyone would
be shooting guns on the High Finance.
The man threw her forward and she staggered into the arms of another
Asian man. He glared fiercely at her and jerked her forward again.
There were half a dozen others there, all of them throwing things off
the stern of the boat into a smaller boat tied up to one side.
All of them crouched low, and Wendy realized why when a man gave a
grunt and fell forward, a gaping, bloody hole in the back of his head.
She stared at it in stunned horror, watching the blood bubble out.
Then someone shoved her forward and another man lowered her into the
arms of a man standing in the boat below. He threw her across the deck
where she fell onto her side by a pile of fur coats.
The other men began dropping over the edge of the High Finance, then,
shooting behind them as they did. Another man gave scream and fell
forward into the ocean, not surfacing. The boat's motor gave a growl
and they moved rapidly away from the yacht.
Wendy watched its lights recede into the darkness with a growing
horror and fear. She looked around her at the rough looking Asian men
who were crouching below the sides of the boat, keeping low as the
occasional bullet thumped into the rear.
She suddenly longed desperately for her boring little cabin on the
yacht and began helplessly whimpering again as she thought about the
terrible ordeal she would soon be going through. For she had no doubt
whatsoever that these men would rape her, and then probably kill her,
maybe throwing her into the sea to drown.
The lights of the yacht disappeared and the men began talking and
then getting to their feet. They ignored her at first, pawing through
the goods they'd stolen from the High Finance. There were loud
arguments, apparently as they divvied things up.
Then they all turned and looked at Wendy, crouching in a corner, her
torn pyjama top held tightly together by her white knuckled fists.

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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Second Chapter (of Eight)

The men began talking to each other in low voices, the tone snide and
sneering as they looked at her. One of them reached down and dragged
her up by the hair, ignoring her cries of pain and protest. He stood
behind her, pinning her wrists tightly together high up behind her
back, pulling her head back by the hair to thrust out her chest for
the leering group of watchers.
The pyjama top came apart, gaping open to reveal all her charms for
the men, who looked on admiringly, talking and chattering amongst
themselves in their singsong voices. They were all incredibly ugly,
Wendy thought, and smelled terrible, like they hadn't bathed in
The man behind her frog-marched her forward until they came up to a
wooden crate of some kind. He shoved her belly-down across it, and
kicked her legs apart. Wendy shuddered as she felt his hand slam down
on her buttocks, gripping her bottom in a tight squeeze as the man
said something to the others in a loud, jovial voice.
They all laughed. Then Wendy felt something press against her soft
pubic lips, and roughly push up inside her. She whimpered louder, then
bit her lip to keep quiet, afraid they'd hit her. She recognized
fingers ramming in and out of her pussy. They were withdrawn, and then
something thicker and softer pushed against her.
The man thrust forward, driving his cock into her pussy from behind.
Wendy could do nothing but hug the crate as she felt his organ drive
up into her belly. She stared down at the surface of the wooden crate,
horrified and miserable with pain and humiliation.
The other men were all gathered around her as the man hammered his
cock into her sex. His fat belly slapped against her buttocks,
grinding her hips against the sharp edge of the crate, knocking her
bare knees into the side. Wendy was petrified, unable to do anything
but lay there and take the terrible abuse of her most private centre,
whimpering as her pussy ached more and more deeply.
The man's cock was thick and long. It pounded in and out of her pussy
with fearsome thrusts, ripping back and forth between her sensitive
pubic-lips with agonizing speed. Her pussy burned and shot fiery
stabbing pain signals up her spine as the man brutally raped her. The
second rape of the night, she thought dazedly, but only the beginning.
She was about to be gang raped. The words had often invoked dark
arousal and excitement when she'd fantasied about them, or even when
she'd heard about other girls who were victims.
She'd often read stories of girls who had been gang-raped, and
fantasised about how lewd and nasty and wicked the event must have
been, imagining herself at the center of a wild group of lust crazed
men - all gorgeous and well-bathed, of course, all wildly admiring of
her beauty and sensuality.
The reality was far different, as her body was pounded from behind
again and again, the hard prick slicing in and out of her as the man's
hips slammed powerfully against her bottom and a pack of wild Asian
men howled and screamed in glee as she was raped right before them,
all crowded in to cheer on her rapist..
She was getting splinters in her tender breasts as the man jerked her
body back and forth, ramming her thighs and hips into the sharp
corners of the crate. His cock sawed back and forth inside her as he
grunted and cursed and laughed.
Wendy moaned, her tear filled eyes closed as she hugged the crate.
She felt the man jam his spike-like cock high into her belly, then
grind his pubic bone from side to side against her sex, shoving hard
against her as if he sought to force her body into the crate.
She cried out with pain then as her soft flesh was mashed against the
hard wood of the crate. This brought a harsh snarl and an open hand
cracking down against the side of her head, making her ears ring.
He slapped her bottom, then, the crack loud and sharp on the night
air, rising even above her helpless cry of pain as the sharp sting
burned into her. He pulled his cock out suddenly, apparently sated,
then stepped away. At once, another man stepped into place behind the
miserable teenager, and she felt another cock press against her tiny

Back on the High Finance things were just starting to sort themselves
out. Half a dozen crewmen were dead, and several others wounded. None
of the passengers were harmed, having been quickly moved into a
forward storage area away from the pirates.
Captain Newman took the reports from his first mate, looking grimly
around him and then shaking his head with resignation. He nodded and
turned away, going over to Mr. Crane and pursing his lips anxiously.
"Sir, I'm afraid I have some very bad news," he said.
"What? Is my daughter all right?" Crane demanded.
"Sir, I'm afraid Miss Wendy is not in her cabin. She isn't anywhere
on the ship."
"Oh My God!" Cindy said, her hand covering her mouth.
"What are you..."
"I'm afraid one of the men saw a blonde woman being forced over the
side into the pirates' boat, sir."
Crane's face darkened angrily.
"You're saying my daughter has been kidnapped by those scum!?"
"I'm afraid it very much looks like it, sir."
"Well turn around and go after them, Dammit!"
"That's pointless, sir. We don't know what direction they went and
even if we did.." he shrugged helplessly.
"We aren't made for speed, sir. They'll easily outdistance us."
"I'm not going to just leave her with those... those..."
"Sir, all we can do is get ashore and contact the authorities. If
they hadn't destroyed our radio.... but anyway, we don't know how many
others there are out there. We should get ashore and get help."
"And meanwhile my daughter is in the hands of those fucking scumbags,
who are doing God only knows what to her!!"
"It's all we can do, sir." The Captain shrugged.
Crane turned away and gazed furiously out to sea, as if he could find
the fleeing pirates with his eyes alone, despite the dark and
"I will hunt those little fuckers down," he said.
"No matter how long and how much it costs, I'm going to get them and
see them all dead!"

Wendy's eyes were half closed, exhaustion lay heavy on her body. One
after another the pirates had raped her against the crate, their hard
male cocks slicing in and out of her soft, pink tunnel, their hands
mauling her soft flesh. They seemed untiring as they pleasured and
amused themselves with her body, and she wondered dizzily if it would
ever end.
Now she was on her knees on the deck. Even the poor covering of her
torn top had been taken from her and she was completely nude. Her
flesh gleamed in the moonlight as she bent forward over the Asian
man's crotch, bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock.
Her wrists were tightly bound behind her with a strip of leather hide
that was so tight she'd already lost all feeling in her hands.
She recalled the many times she'd engaged in light bondage games, the
hot, steaming heat she'd felt when bound, and marvelled that now she
was experiencing the real thing, yet felt nothing but cold terror,
pain and humiliation.
Her breasts hung down heavily beneath her, bruised and aching from
being squeezed, twisted, slapped and roughly fondled for so long.
Her round bottom stuck up vulnerably and as the man sitting in front
of her squeezed her hanging left breast, another man knelt behind her
and forced her legs apart. She moaned into the cock stuffing her mouth
as she felt her raw, aching pussy penetrated yet again.
The man started fucking her with long casual strokes as the man in
front slapped her head to remind her to work on him. She bobbed her
head up and down, up and down, her lips pulled tightly around his cock
shaft, her tongue working hard to bring him off as she sucked.
Anything less than energetic work earned her a hard slap in the face
or on the head or breast. He gripped her thick tangled hair in both
hands and jerked her roughly up and down on his cock, his cock-knob
rapping hard against the back of her mouth each time, making her gag
The men were drunk and getting drunker as they sat and stood around
guzzling the High Finance's expensive brandy and whisky. Their
comments were loud and crude and obnoxious and Wendy was just as glad
she couldn't understand them.
Cum spurted up into her mouth and she swallowed quickly, her tongue
slipping all around the man's cock as she cleaned him off and gulped
down his juice. The man sighed in satisfaction and let go of her head.
He shoved her back and stood up.
The man behind her slid his hands under her chest and grabbed her
breasts, hauling her upper body upright and back against him as he
rutted mercilessly into her pussy-hole. Her breasts were painfully
twisted, mashed and kneaded as he kissed her throat, biting and
chewing at the nape of her neck.
Another man sat down in front of her and she was jerked forward
again, swallowing another cock as the man behind her began to fuck
into her in earnest. His cock sliced back and forth as his hands
encircled her waist and drew her back against his forward thrusts.
It was all she could do to keep the cock in her mouth from sliding
out. Then it did slide out and the man snarled and slapped her face
hard, pulling her back down by the hair until his cock filled her
mouth again.
Her jaw ached from overuse. She'd lost track of the number of cocks
she'd had to suck on and hardly had any strength left in her jaw and
tongue. Her back ached, her crotch and inner thighs were rubbed raw,
her pussy was a burning wound and she had a blazing headache.
The man fucking her spent himself, dropping his load in her belly,
then withdrew. Another man knelt behind her and another cock drove
into her pink velvet tunnel. He humped furiously against her for
almost two minutes before spewing his gunk into her sex.
The man Wendy was sucking pulled her off him and shoved her back onto
a pile of thick ropes on the deck. He fell forward atop her, between
her instinctively spread legs, and drove his hot, wet cock down into
her pussy.
He grunted and growled as he rutted into her, lifting her legs and
shoving them wide apart as he rutted into her hole. Her back and
buttocks were being rubbed raw on the thick coarse rope as the man
ground himself down into her.
Her arms ached, pinned beneath her by both their weights. He shoved
her legs further back, pounding his loins into her greasy, cum filled
pussy with renewed force. Wendy's mind was a blurred daze. Her jaw
hung open as she looked up blearily into the crazed eyes of the
fisherman atop her.
She saw no remorse, no regret, not a trace of sympathy in his lust
filled eyes. If the man thought what he was doing was in any way
wrong, no trace of that appeared on his face. He shoved down on her
legs, bouncing her crotch up to meet his hard thrusting member.
She grunted as it drove into her again, the cock-head boring a
deep tunnel through her elasticised pussy tunnel. In and out, in and
out, in and out it pumped, his hips moving like a jackhammer as he
stabbed into her again and again, her body shook and vibrated there,
her buttocks jiggling, her groin burning.
She cried out, the sound an animal moan of mindless pain, as someone
grasped a handful of her thick blonde hair and yanked her head off the
carton. A man stood on the other side, sneering down at her, and as
her glazed eyes looked upwards he thrust his cock into her open mouth,
cursing at her and twisting her hair to force her to suck.
Yet she could not. Wendy was too dazed from too many blows, from too
much shock and pain. The previously spoiled and cosseted young woman
hadn't the strength to cope with such cruelties visited upon her, and
so her mind retreated, leaving her body largely alone. A harsh slap
did little than draw a grunt, and so the man thrust himself forward,
the rounded head of his cock forced past the back of her throat and
down her gullet.
Wendy's body heaved and writhed, but weakly, and instinctively
protesting the blockage and discomfort in her throat. The man held her
easily, thrusting the long length of his cock down her slender throat
as the other pirates looked on and laughed in glee.
On and on it went, for the poor teenager, as the boat rolled through
the waves and made its unsteady way back to land. As each man finished
another took his place, and her mind slipped into numbness, distancing
itself from the pain and humiliation being visited upon her.
And then something dark crept forth, something ancient, something
amoral and animalistic, a creature of the distant past and her own
darkest fantasies. And there, surrounded by leering, shouting,
laughing men, treated like an animal creature of sex, her body began
to slowly warm to its own abuse.
Wendy's straining pussy skin grow warmer with the repeated fast
stroking of the long thick yellow cock. A dark heat began to spread
into her belly, then upwards through her body and out into her limbs.
Her body, previously stiff, shocked and cringing from her fear, was
now largely free of her mind's control, of the concerns of pride and
inhibitions which governed her. It began to respond to the stimuli
being inflicted upon it, as it was designed to do in the dawn of man,
when the female was a wild and feral creature to be subdued and ridden
roughly to produce succeeding generations.
The warmth became heat, a heat that burned into her lower belly like
a fiery white hot poker. She moaned dazedly, her body twisting from
side to side. Her eyes fluttered as further confusion and twisted
sensations of pleasure rippled through it. It was like a terrible
yearning inside her lower belly, a yearning which more and more
The glazed eyed girl began to gasp and pant around the cock thrusting
into her mouth, the sensations oozing through the pores and along the
veins of her body, setting her trembling and shaking. She had no real
idea what was happening, knew only that she was being further
tormented from some unknown agency, in some unknown manner.
Her head dropped far back and she moaned long and low, a strange keen
of mindless pleasure and exhaustion. Her eyes closed and her body
jerked convulsively, even as the fisherman continued to pound their
hard prongs into her.
Her body flared with heat, the sensuous energy ripping through her
like an electrical charge. She grunted mindlessly, jaw slack as the
pirate before her thrust himself cruelly back and forth through her
open lips. She couldn't breath, couldn't see, couldn't think.
Her body was a bestial thing, a carnal instrument, a receptacle for
hard driving cocks and hot, wet, salty white semen. She screamed
soundlessly, a cry of ecstasy and protest, of wonder and confusion,
her entire body shaking furiously from a blast wave of overheated
sensory data.
She stiffened as much as she could with her body crushed beneath the
men's round use, then her eyes rolled back in her head and she
collapsed into a semi-conscious delirium.

It took more than a day for High Finance to reach a port. There the
attack was reported to the local authorities, who sympathized and
promised to try, but who were obviously overloaded and under-equipped
to do anything.
Crane had no intention of relying on a bunch of third world bozos to
get his daughter back. He went to the American consulate and, by way
of political connections, managed to see the consul general.
He too offered sympathy, but no action.
"You have to understand, Mr. Crane," the consul general said. "These
waters are infested with pirates. Most of them are fishermen who use
piracy as a kind of second income. They're utterly ruthless and leave
few witnesses behind. There are thousands and thousands of little
boats out there and knowing which are pirates is damned near
"They must have some kind of base."
"No. That's just it. They go out fishing from some nothing little
village. Nobody knows what they do. They come back with fish. The
things they steal are hidden or sold elsewhere before they even reach
home. Unless they are actually caught with the loot, or in the process
of robbing some boat, how can we tell they're pirates?"
"Somebody must know them!"
"I repeat, they aren't for the most part, organized. It's just a
ship's crew, and they aren't going to talk, and if they do it's to
some other villager who sure as hell isn't going to come in to us and
rat on their friends."
"What about my daughter?" Crane demanded.
The Consul-general sighed and shook his head.
"The most we can do is try and put it out to the underworld here that
you'll be willing to pay a big ransom for her return. But even that
isn't going to be much good since the people who took her are probably
headed for some tiny village somewhere on the coast. Hell, they might
not even be from this country."
"You're saying I'm not going to get her back?"
"Mr. Crane, I'm sorry. The brutal facts are that most female captives
are raped at sea and then tossed over the side. These people are
heartless. Remember the big Vietnamese boat lift? Whole little boats
loaded with dozens of people were attacked and sunk. Girls as young as
eight or nine were raped and then had their throats cut."
Crane stared at him angrily and the man shrugged again.
"The only hope, and a very very faint hope it is, is if they're from
Thailand and bring her back there."
"Why is that a hope?" Crane demanded.
"Well, as I said, it's pretty faint, but... well... Thailand has a
very active trade in young females. The entire country is a sewer for
sexual slavery. It's possible that your daughter, being white and thus
very valuable, might be sold to some dealer there. They're much more
organized and would probably be willing to part with her for enough
money. The slave traders, that is. I could put word out there for you,
for them to keep an eye open for a blonde girl."
Crane sat silently, shaking his head slowly in revulsion.
"I warn you, sir." The Consul said, "these female captives are not
treated well. If she is sold there, it will probably be to a brothel."
"I don't believe this!" Crane snarled, jumping to his feet and
staring furiously down at the man. "An American girl is forcibly taken
off an American boat. You say she's going to be fucking well SOLD as
some kind of sex slave. And there's nothing that can be done about
The man held up his hands helplessly.
"What would you have us do, sir? If we knew where she was, we'd try
very hard to get her back. We just have no way of knowing. The trade
in slaves is too widespread and secretive."
"You said they have a slave market."
"Well, yes. Ostensibly the young people, and we're mostly talking
about pre-teens and adolescent girls, are for work, not sex, but
everyone knows differently. Your daughter wouldn't be at the open
market though. Being white, they'd assume someone was looking for her
and keep her sale more secretive."
"Well I have a great deal of faith in the American dollar, Mister,
even if not much in the American government. I'll find her and I'll
find the fuckers who took her if it costs me a hundred million dollars
to do it!"
Crane stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind him.
Official channels were not going to get him anywhere. He'd have to
find someone who knew his way around this part of the world, someone
utterly ruthless. He went back to his hotel and placed along distance
call to Washington, to a man who would know just where to find people
like that.

They were at sea for three days. Wendy was constantly raped, slapped,
kicked, fondled, manhandled and abused. The pirates also expected her
to cook and clean for them. And made their displeasure known at her
lack of culinary abilities.
But worse was when they were sated, and they had time on their hands,
for they appeared to hate her, and took great delight in punishing her
in order to satisfy that hatred. After the long night of rape Wendy
was thrown into the bilge below decks, her ankles pulled back
painfully so that her spine threatened to snap, bound tightly to her
wrists. Six inches of filthy sludge rolled back and forth across her
body as the little boat churned through the waves, and Wendy coughed
and sputtered helplessly, her own tears often adding to the moisture.
She was dragged above decks when no other traffic was nearby, and her
wrists untied, then retied in front of her.
Then she was thrown over the side by the laughing, snickering
pirates, who watched in amusement as she was dragged through the waves
behind the boat. The water buffeted her bruised body, as she twisted
and turned like a fish on the end of the line, her head and shoulders
barely above water - and then only before smashing into the next wave
as the boat dragged her along.
She was dragged back aboard, gasping, heaving, coughing, dripping
wet, and frozen, to be swarmed again by the lust-filled men. Their
hands mauled her body and then their cocks drove into her pussy, mouth
and anus. For two hours she was raped, then as their lust was
satisfied one of the men gripped her still damp hair and bound it in a
loose braid at the top of her head.
As the others looked on, he bound a strong cord to it, then said
something which drew gales of laughter.
Wendy was shoved back against the ship's mast, her hands rebound
behind her back - and then lifted.
The pain as her hair was pulled jarred her somewhat out of her
numbness, just as the "swim" had, and she sobbed and cried out,
begging them to stop as needles of pain dug into her scalp. The
needles became spikes and daggers, and then she shrieked as the cord
lifted her off her toes to dangle there in mid-air.
The man laughed and pointed, apparently much amused, but Wendy could
feel only the agony in her scalp. The boat continued to plough through
the waves, and she began to swing from side to side.
As she swung she was pulled higher, the pirates pulling on the stout
cord to lift her several feet, then a dozen, then twenty feet into the

A nightmare of pain gripped her as she swung wildly, now far out over
the water, now back over the boat and far over the other side. She
spun in circles, gagging and coughing, and only its completely empty
state prevented her belly from turning over.
She grunted in pain as her body slammed into the mast, the wind
knocked out of her, then swung back out over the water again. Again
she slammed into the mast, then swirled and twisted back out over the
other side.
She had no conception or measure of time, barely conscious now, even
of the pain tearing at her scalp. She was aware only vaguely of being
lowered back to the deck, of the flood of relief as the pressure was
removed from her hair. Then she was hoisted upwards once more, this
time by one ankle.
And there she spent the night, swinging back and forth.
The next morning she was lowered to the deck to be gang raped once
more, on all fours, an insensible animal barely alive. Then she was
thrown into the bilge again to spend the daylight hours.
Buckets of cold sea water were thrown over her, but she barely
noticed. Rough hands twisted and turned her, rough rags scrubbing the
worst of the filth from her body. Slaps and cuffs and yanks on her
hair raised the girl who had once been Wendy to her feet, and a rope
around her throat was pulled tight as she was half dragged, half
carried up onto the deck.
Mindless, the dripping white girl was led down the narrow plank and
onto the narrow wooden dock. The naked girl caused no little interest
as the men, arms laden with booty, moved through the almost entirely
male assembly. She was numbed to feel anything so common as
embarrassment as she was pulled through the men. Hands grabbed at her
bottom and breasts as she passed but she barely noticed them.
She was not the only woman. Here and there were other females, mostly
even younger than her. Most of them were also naked, or barely
dressed. Not far away, a string of a half dozen pretty young
Vietnamese girls were held together by ropes around their throats.
They were all naked and had all been well raped before being brought
This place was not on any map, and indeed, did not exist except for
short periods of time. It moved every few days, but it's clientele
always knew how to find it. For this was where their booty could be
sold for cash.
For the most part the booty was cheap Asian goods and pretty Asian
girls. Few of the pirates were daring enough to hit a western boat. A
year back one boat had actually hit an ocean going freighter and
robbed it though.
That was one of the few exceptions. Mostly they preyed on other
fishermen and the helpless refugees dared the oceans and seas to
escape tyranny or poverty. There weren't as many of the refugees as
there once was, but there were still enough to turn a profit in the
flourishing Thai flesh trade.
Wendy was hauled along behind the jovial men until they arrived at a
small hut. There the leader of the pirates met with a well dressed,
pot-bellied man and the two talked, both turning to look at her often,
both gesturing in her direction.
The pot-bellied man and the pirate were both gesticulating as they
yelled at each other. Then the argument abruptly ceased and the
pot-bellied man handed the pirate a small wad of bills. The pirate
shoved Wendy forward and then turned with a grunt, walking away.
The rest of the pirates followed and the pot-bellied man pulled on
the rope around Wendy's throat, jerking her into the hut. She fell
down in the dirt and stayed there, her head bowed as she fought to
keep her eyes from closing. She had had no sleep, of course, since her
There were other girls in the hut. Three of them. They were Asians of
some kind. She didn't know or care where from. She ignored them and
they ignored her, each of them too wrapped up in misery and
They were there the rest of the afternoon. Wendy fell asleep almost
immediately. When she was roughly shaken awake, she saw that two more
girls were in the hut, both Asians in their mid-teens. All six of them
were hauled to their feet and shoved and slapped until they left the
The sun was starting to set as the six were led to the shore and put
on a small fishing boat. They were shoved through a narrow hatch and
down into the belly of the boat, then the top was slammed shut,
leaving them in foul smelling, pitch black hold.
The boat left shore, rocking unstably in the waves as it groaned
along. Time passed, though it had no meaning for the girls in the
hold. Eventually they fell asleep, one by one.
The light woke them, that and the voices cursing and yelling at them.
They roused and stumbled to their feet, moving quickly as their
captors prodded them with sharp sticks. They climbed up the steep
stairwell, not an easy task with their hands bound behind them.
The boat had docked. There were no lights as the girls were led up
the gangway and onto the dock. There was a panel truck there and they
were ushered inside. Then the doors were slammed and they were left in
the darkness once again.
The truck bounced worse than the boat had, the roads hereabouts being
in less than perfect condition. They rode for an hour before stopping.
Then the doors were opened and they were led off and into a building.
None of them got a look at the outside as they hurried down a cold
stone stairwell. At the bottom was another corridor, then a turn and a
series of cell-like rooms. Each girl was thrust into a separate room,
and bowls of rice and water were placed on the dirt floor.
Wendy stared dull-eyed at both, then bent forward, moaning and
whimpering in pain, and began to slurp at the rice, licking it out
with her tongue and gulping it down desperately. When it was all gone
she licked at the bowl, then turned her attention to the water,
lapping and slurping that up as well. When she had finished she lay
back and fell almost instantly asleep.

Crane flew to Thailand the next morning, then checked into the Chez
Bangkok and waited impatiently in his room for the man he'd been told
would come and see him. According to the people he'd spoken to,
Thailand had no lack of people willing to do anything for a buck. The
place was a dumping ground for, among others, ex Vietnam war vets who
couldn't or wouldn't go home.
There was a knock on the door and he nodded to Jasper, one of the
servants, who moved to it and opened it. The man there was hardly the
normal type of visitor to Alfred Crane's illustrious company,
nevertheless, Jasper let him in.
Crane looked up at him appraisingly. The man was in his late forties.
He was wearing a very poorly made sports jacket over faded, torn
jeans. He was tall and thin, with too-long blonde hair and a day's
growth of beard. His eyes though, were cold and intelligent as he
instantly fixed them on Crane. He moved forward and sat down on the
thick, plush chair facing Crane.
"You're Jefferson?" Crane asked.
"You know what I want?"
"Somebody's got your kid and you want her back."
"Not gonna be easy."
"I'll pay whatever you ask."
Jefferson looked offended.
"You'll pay through the nose, but that ain't got nothin' to do with
whether I find this kid alive or not. There's a whole hell of a lot of
places she could be right now, including the bottom of the ocean,
which, you'll excuse me for sayin' it, is the most likely by far."
"But if she's alive..."
"Then she's most likely in Thailand somewhere. There's a good market
for white flesh here. Most of them are imported from overseas, whores
for the most part, sold by their owners in the states or Australia,
but nobody here is gonna quibble about how someone came to own a tight
white gash."
"Nobody gives a shit whether she's here willingly. There's more
whores per-capita in Bangkok than anyplace in the world."
"My daughter is not a whore!" Crane steamed.
"She is now. If she's alive, she's alive as a whore. She ain't got no
choice in the matter. I don't care if she's a convent school virgin,
she's gonna be a whore now."
"A woman who is raped is not a whore!" Crane snapped.
"Raped? Shit..." Jefferson smiled tiredly and shook his head. "You
don't know how things work here, do you? Listen up, Crane, to these
people she's just a piece of merchandise. You know how they keep
themselves stockpiled in girl meat here? They mostly buy it, though
sometimes they steal it, usually when the girls are eight or younger.
These kids are brought up as whores and are as much slaves as niggers
in the old Louisiana plantation."
"Wendy was not brought up as a whore."
"Don't matter a damned. They take girls allatime. Sometimes it's just
that some slaver will run across some particularly good looking girl.
Sometimes some guy's enemy will grab his daughter and sell her. Then
there's the Vietnamese. They're just grabbed off the boats and sold as
"Why is this allowed to continue?"
"Hell, this is a corrupt country, Crane. Besides which, girls just
aren't considered very important over here. That's why their parents
are willing to sell them for the equivalent of a few dollars.
"The girls who are taken against their parents will... well, there's
a very strict moral code here. If you're not a virgin, you might as
well forget life, at least for an unmarried girl. All the slavers need
to do is rape a girl.
"Once that's done, they can't return home because they're unclean.
They'd never find a husband if they did. Nobody would marry them, and
their parents would probably run them off or kill them. "
"That's ludicrous!"
"Yeah, I know. That's the way the rural folk and Vietnamese think
though. As for the city girls, they're not much better off. The
slavers put them through the mill for a few nights and then keep them
chained up. That's what's gonna happen to your kid."
"What does "through the mill" mean?"
Jefferson shrugged.
"It means that they get gang-raped for a while until their spirit's
broke. After that they'll do as they're told. If not, there are more
painful measures."
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Chapter Three of Eight.

Like Chapter One a bit more plot and a little less action for the captured blonde. She can do with a little breather, though. In Chapter Four her ordeal begins in earnest.


Wendy wasn't allowed to sleep for long. Her captors didn't want her
to be particularly alert as they began her training. She was hauled
out of her cell after a few hours of exhausted sleep and then dragged
down the hall to a small room where several small oriental women
She looked around numbly as the man who'd brought her handed her over
to the women. They were all about twenty and giggled as they looked at
Wendy, chatting to each other in their high-pitched voices. They
encircled her, cooing and clucking sympathetically as they unbound her
hands at last.
The returning circulation caused her to sob with pain as she was led
across the room to a large tank, not unlike a crude bathtub. It was
filled with water and the girls pushed and pulled her until she
stepped gingerly into it.
The water was warm and she sat down, grateful to have a chance to
wash off some of the smell she'd gotten in the last few days. She sat
down slowly, letting the water creep up over her hips and engulf her
to the belly button, wincing as her many cuts stung.
The girls had been wearing small slip-like garments, but they
stripped naked now, appearing not the least shy or worried about it,
even in front of the man, who stood with his back against the door,
watching interestedly.
One of them pulled Wendy's head back and then poured some soapy
smelling liquid into it. The other two knelt on either side of the
steel "tub" and began to pour more soapy stuff on her chest. Their
small yellow hands began to rub away at her chest, smearing the soap
around and around.
Wendy winced in pain as the soap made her many cuts sting even more.
The girls continued to chat merrily to each other, now and then
directing some comment or other at an uncomprehending Wendy. She
didn't understand and didn't care. She was too content at getting a
bath to care about anything else. She had always liked baths.
The girl behind her pressed her forward then, bending her far forward
until her face was underwater and her soapy hair was rinsed clean.
Then she was hauled back again for a second wash. Meanwhile the other
two continued their giggling, pulled her feet high out of the tub and
washed them and her legs almost to her crotch. They'd found some
sponges and were using those to rinse the soap off. The girl behind
her shoved her head forward again, and again her hair was rinsed out.
Then they pulled at her arms until she stood up in the tub. They
murmured and cooed until she spread her legs apart and then they began
rubbing at her legs and inner thighs.
The girl behind her was scrubbing her back and going down to rub soap
into her buttocks and in between her legs. Her little hand slid right
underneath Wendy, her soapy fingers sliding in and out between Wendy's
pussy lips.
Again she winced in pain, for her pussy was the rawest part of her,
having been scoured raw by her multiple rapings. Yet she did not even
think to resist. The absence of punishment was all she sought, and
obedience was the most direct route.
There was a low sort of table at the foot of the tub and when the
girls had finished soaping her and rinsing her off, they chatted and
cackled at her, pulling at her arms again until she leaned forward on
her knees and bent herself across the table.
She was still in the tub and her bottom was sticking up in the air as
the girls spread her legs apart. Then she felt something at her pussy.
It felt like rubber or plastic.
She turned to watch incuriously as a long, thin tube was pushed
gently into her pussy tunnel. She felt it slide deep up inside her.
Once it would go no further, the girl turned a knob and she felt the
flow of warm liquid as it moved into her pussy.
She held still, glad to be free of new pain, though confused about
what was going on. She didn't like the hose in her pussy, but didn't
put up any resistance. The girls easily held her down. The flow of
liquid continued and grew greater, the liquid flooding down into her
and then bubbling back out of her pussy around the hose. The girl
slid the hose in and out a little, twisting it around inside her.
Whatever the liquid was, was very slippery. Wendy could feel her pussy
all slimy and oily from it. The girl behind her slid the hose back out
of her and then knelt down in the tube behind her.
Wendy felt her fingers at her pussy, felt a finger wiggling easily
into her pussy tunnel through a coating of oily, perhaps soapy liquid.
The finger pumped in and out of her easily, not in a sexual manner at
all, more in a purposeful way.
A second, then a third, then a fourth finger joined the first, the
girl kneeling Wendy's legs further apart. One of the other girls that
stood beside the tub knelt and pulled Wendy's right leg over so she
was more open. Wendy grunted as she felt the pressure against her
pussy lips increase.
They were pulled further and further apart by something large seeking
to enter her. She tried to jerk away but the two girls held her
tightly, cooing and patting her head as the third pushed against her
tight opening.
It was her hand, Wendy realized. She was trying to fit her whole
hand into Wendy's pussy. Wendy accepted the knowledge without fear or
alarm, or even the kind of wonder she might once have felt.
The little hand pushed harder, sliding through her pussy lips bit by
bit until the widest part with her heel and thumb, slid through and
then the hand narrowed, allowing the outraged, stretched out pussy
lips to close slightly.
Wendy felt the girl's wrist inside her pussy entrance. Felt her
pussy-lips gripping tightly around the small wrist as the girl's hand
slid around in a slow circle inside her, twisting completely around,
then back again. The girl twisted her hand back and forth inside
Wendy, her fingers still bunched together in the tight sheath of her
pussy tunnel.
Then she slid her fingers into her heel one by one until her hand was
a tight little fist, a hard bony ball inside her, the knuckles digging
indentations in the malleable pussy walls. The girl slid her hand in
deeper then, shoving her fist deep into Wendy's belly as the other two
held her down.
The girl's fist reached the deepest pit of Wendy's cunt-hole and her
knuckles were pressed tightly against Wendy's cervix. The girl began
twisting her hand around then, twisting it fully around one way, then
back the other, then the other way.
Wendy had the odd notion of the girl cleaning out an old coffee cup,
shoving her hand inside and rubbing all around. The hand kept twisting
back and forth, then finally stopped. Then it began to slide out - but
only about six inches before sliding back in.
The girl gave her a sly leer then as she began to slowly work her
fist in and out of Wendy's pussy as though she were matter-of-factly
cleaning her out. Her fist slid back and forth, back and forth, making
slow twisting motions as it moved.
Then the girl's other hand reached under Wendy's slit and began to
rub against her clitty. THIS was not a casual thing. The little
fingers deftly manipulated the confused, tired girl's clitoris as she
pumped her fist in and out of the tightly stretched pussy.
Bereft of inhibitions and in the first comfort it had felt in days,
Wendy's insides began to turn to mush. She closed her eyes slowly as
the pleasure mounted in her belly and gave off soft whimpers of joy.
The girl expertly worked the fist in and out of Wendy now, her
movements steady and slow, her fist sliding deeply into the blonde
girl's pussy-tunnel, then sliding all the way out until her fist
started to force the pussy-lips open further. Her fingers alternated
between a deft caressing of Wendy's clit, grinding it between her
knuckles or nails, and simply pressing the clit against her wrist and
forearm as she pumped her hand back and forth. Wendy groaned into the
table top as her entire belly grew warm and charged with excitement.
"Ahhhhhhhh..." she gasped. "Ooooohhhhh!"
Her breathing was coming in hurried pants and gasps.
"Uhhnnnngg!! Ghhhhohhhddddd!" she panted.
She turned to look through bleary eyes as the girl thrust her fist
deep, and saw she had almost her entire forearm up within Wendy's
body. Wendy trembled, dark lust seeping through her tired mind, then
turned her head about to see the man staring at her with cold eyes, as
if evaluating his recent purchase.
The girl increased the force of her pumping motions, her fist
pistoning back and forth in Wendy's small pussy tunnel, grinding and
mashing her tender flesh and hammering against her cervix.
Her breath snorted out through her flared nostrils as her mouth
opened wide and her eyes shut tightly. Instinctively, her body began
to thrust her sex backwards, pushing back against the pumping fist.
She began to jerk and shake and tremble madly, her body going into
convulsions as the hard little fist inside her burned it's way into
her belly.
she grunted, her body straining furiously, her head lashing from side to side
and then banging down against the table. Her loins thrust back feverishly
as her clitty sparkled and spat like a live electrical wire.
Her vision clouded and her eyes rolled back in her head. She was
aware of nothing outside herself, only the pounding of her heart, the
roaring of her blood and beyond it the faint sound of the two Asian
girls giggling in amusement as her body twisted and shook and trembled
in the throes of orgiastic ecstasy.
Then she collapsed, her eyes small slits, her mouth drooling onto the
table top. The two girls were still giggling merrily. One of them
patted her head as the other, the one behind her, slowly withdrew her
hand from Wendy's pussy. Wendy groaned as the hand slowly pulled free.
It was like giving birth as it spread her tortured pubic-lips even
wider than they now were before slipping free.
Then her pussy and groin were washed off once more and she was
allowed to sit back in the tub again. They washed her once more, then
helped her stand shakily erect.
None of the three came past her shoulders but they were all far
stronger than her, now anyway. She was as weak as a puppy as they
helped her out of the tub and across to a chair. She thumped down on
it as they dried her off and then began working on her hair.
One produced a blow-dryer and began to send hot air shooting through
her long, soaking tresses as she brushed them out. Exhausted and
bewildered, Wendy was glad for something familiar, visions of her time
at the sleek beauty salons of Europe appearing from nowhere.
They manicured and pedicured her nails, which she was glad of since
she hadn't had them done since leaving home, then spread sweet
smelling oils on her body, making her sigh as she lay there barely

Jackie Jefferson, or JJ as his friends knew him, moved easily through
the streets of Bangkok. He'd spent a lifetime in Southeast Asia,
starting with Vietnam, going through Cambodia and finishing up in
Thailand. He'd met few men he liked and few women he didn't.
He was a strange man to be trying to free a female whore who was
probably in the grip of one of the brothels. In fact, when he wasn't
working, which was usual, he could normally be found in one of
Bangkok's seamier bars or nightclubs, and had seldom gone a day
without a sleek, thin, sexy young girl in his bed, most of them bought
and paid for.
And why not? Whores were cheap in Thailand. As long as you know who
and what to ask for, and didn't act like a damned tourist, you could
usually get em' for a couple of bucks. White girls, of course, cost
extra. Still, he knew more than a couple of guys who could supply them
on demand.
First he recruited some help. He picked up Mickey Jorgenson and Danny
Sims at the Ball-Buster bar, then he began making the rounds of his
favourite brothels and whorehouses, looking for a new white girl for
sale. He didn't figure it'd be too difficult. After all, the old man
wanted her back. The people who had her wanted money. Shouldn't be too
difficult to arrange a trade.
He carried his old Army colt under his left arm. He'd had to pay for
it when he reported it stolen years ago, but hadn't wanted to part
with it. He considered it a kind of talisman. After all, he'd killed
over twenty-five gooks with it. That had been when he'd been a tunnel
rat in 'nam.
Mickey Jorgenson was a knife man. He had a wicked switchblade in
his pocket, two short throwing knives he kept up his sleeves, and a
foot long army commando knife on the back of his belt. Mickey was
nuts, in JJ's opinion, and in a lot of other people's minds too. In a
way, that made him worth having around. Nobody wanted to fuck with
Danny Sims didn't carry any weapons, but then he didn't need any. He
was another nut, as far as JJ was concerned, a real gung-ho Kung-Fu
nut. He could bust heads with a single blow. Of course being seven
feet tall helped in that regard. He was another intimidating looking
When the three of them went around asking questions, few people
wanted to get them mad. Answers were easy in coming, but not very
helpful. Nobody had heard about a new white girl on the block. But
then, the auction wasn't for a couple of days. After that, the new
girl should appear in one of the higher class brothels.
Wendy's hands were tightly bound in front of her in large metal
shackles. She shuffled along, the tallest, fairest skinned girl in
along line of naked, cuffed, shuffling females. The girls were being
herded slowly down a long narrow corridor. At the end, when she
finally reached it, her hands were raised above her head. There was a
bar there and hanging from the bar was a sharp hook, like a meat hook.
The chain holding her wrists together was slid across the hook, even
though it required the men there to lift her off her feet.
She grunted in pain as the metal cuffs dug into her flesh, but did
not protest. Not only did she not speak their language, but she had
learned how little use and how much pain came from protesting
anything. She hung there unmoving, her lean, slender frame stretched
out by gravity.
Her head was pushed forward between her arms and she had difficult
looking in any direction but down. Then the man standing there pushed
her forward. The hook slid along the bar and around a corner, then
downward into a noise and smoke filled room.
The bar arched downward so she slid down it into the midst of a
crowd of men. She didn't stop until her body thumped into the naked
body of another girl in front of her. She blinked her eyes against the
harsh, bright light that lit up her naked white body.
There were a lot of men moving around in front of and behind her but
she could only make out forms as her eyes narrowed to slits. She was
pushed along further, the bar moving deeper into the room and then
curving around against a wall.
Now she hung unmoving, only a few inches away from the girl in front
of her. One by one the girls were turned on their hook until they
faced the men, who stared them up and down impartially and
unemotionally. Some made notes in little books, others talked
together, now and then motioning at one or another girl.
Another naked girl slid into place on her other side and was turned
around, her dull eyes looking out at the crowd of men. A man moved
closer to Wendy and pinched her jaws, forcing them open. He looked
into her mouth as if he were inspecting a horse, then nodded and moved
There was a loud voice, one coming over a loudspeaker, it was
constantly talking, talking fast. Wendy couldn't see where it came
from at first. Slowly, she was moved along on the row of girls until
she found herself hanging in an even brighter light, looking out on a
row of yellow faces.
The man who was doing the talking was standing next to her now. He
talked to the watchers, motioning constantly at Wendy. He slid his
hand up and down her belly as he talked, then cupped her right breast,
squeezing it lightly. His hand slid between her legs and cupped her
Then men in the crowd began shouting back at him, short, one syllable
words that Wendy knew must be bids. She was being auctioned off, she
realized, astonished at the very thought finally piercing the veil of
numbness which had lain across her mind for days.
Rape she'd thought about, what girl hadn't? Being sold at some kind
of auction though, had never entered the dimmest reaches of her

"Look at all this fuckin' pussy," Sims grinned, shaking his head.
"Just keep your eyes open for the blonde bitch," JJ said.
"Yeah, yeah. It'd be hard to miss her," Sims replied.
"All white chicks look the same to me," Mickey said, his black skin
glinting in the reflection from the overhead lights.
"There ain't gonna be many white girls here," JJ said.
"Lookit that little bitch there," Sims said, pointing at a young
teenage girl with huge breasts hanging from the rail.
"You always were a tit man," Mickey said.
"Fuckin A, man."
"Look for a blonde while you're up there," JJ said.
"You makin' fun of my height again?" Sims growled.
"Fuck you, man."
"And you too. Just keep your eyes open."
"I don't see her."
A new batch of girls started sliding down the rail then and the three
of them watched carefully. All were orientals.
"I'm gettin' a boner," Sims said.
"Keep it in your pants for Christ's sake."
"You white boys," Mickey sighed, shaking his head.
"Shit, I oughto buy one of these." Sims grinned.
"For what? You can fuck any of em' you want for a couple of bucks."
"Yeah, that's true. Wouldn't want to disappoint the rest of them."
They stood around in the crowd for more than an hour, watching the
stream of girl flesh moving past. Finally Wendy appeared. JJ spotted
her first and nudged Sims, who turned his gaze away from the big
breasted girl then being sold.
"Hey, man! That's fine stuff!" he sighed.
"Yeah, bring a nice price," Mickey agreed.
"Wouldn't mind buying that myself," Sims said.
"She's white, asshole. She'd cost a fortune."
"So? Imagine owning a white girl."
"I do, all the time," Mickey smirked.
"Fuck you, coon."
"Eat me, pin-dick."
"You two fuck-heads shut up," JJ glared.
They followed her progress around the room until she came up to the
"See here this young white girl," the man said, sliding his handover
her belly. "See her fine smooth skin? See how it shines? No blemishes
at all. She was raised in a fine family overseas. She has no family in
Asia and no known relatives... "
"Lying little fuck," JJ muttered.
"Almost a virgin, only fourteen years old with a clean, tight
love-hole and good solid breasts," the man lied.
He tweaked her nipples then and stood away.
"What am I bid for her?"
Bids started coming from several areas of the floor, all from the
richer merchants. JJ moved into position to top the highest bid. This,
he thought to himself, could be the easiest money I ever made.
Then a tall, bald headed Thai man wearing a five thousand dollar suit
pushed his way to the front of the crowd. He was surrounded by a dozen
men in sunglasses, all of them with bulges under their armpits.
"Twenty-five thousand Baht," he said, his voice a low growl.
Instantly all other bids stopped. The auctioneer didn't hesitate at
"Sold to... uh, this gentleman, for twenty-five thousand Baht," he
said, his voice disappointed though eager.
"Oh piss," JJ said.
"Outbid him. That's only a thousand bucks," Sims said.
"Are you nuts, tall boy?" Mickey hissed.
"That's General Ho. We'd never get out of here alive if we outbid
JJ sighed. They watched as the girl was handed down to one of the
General's aides. She was walked out among the crowd, one of the
General's men on either side, holding an arm.
The three of them followed at a distance, watching as the girl was
placed, still naked and cuffed, into the back of the General's
limousine. Then the big black car slid out through the open garage
door, followed by three others filled with bodyguards.
"So that was Ho," Sims said.
"He's got balls coming to Bangkok like this."
"And the little white girl's gonna feel em'." Mickey snickered.
"Fuck off, you moron," JJ snapped. "Shit! This would have been so
fuckin' easy if he hadn't showed up."
"What we do now?"
"I dunno. I ain't goin after that fucker unless we get more money,
"The Thai government's got a half million Baht reward on his head and
he's still walking around," Mickey replied.
"The Thai government is a bunch of crooked assholes. I think we can
take him."
"Maybe," Mickey said, dubiously. "Better not wait long. Once he
gets back into the jungle he's got an army to protect him."
"I know. I know."

Wendy sat with her hands in her lap, looking down. The car moved
smoothly and quietly along through the packed streets. It was all so
incredible. It was as if this were some kind of everyday happening, as
if this went on everywhere.
She gasped as her hair was pulled and her head jerked up and back.
The big man beside her stared into her face, his own face a sneering
mask of contempt. He held her fluffy blonde hair with his left hand,
then slid his right up and down across her rounded breasts, then
shoved it down between her legs and stabbed two fingers into her
She grunted and strained against him, her legs opening as his fist
ground between her thighs. His fingers dug into her pussy flesh and
thrust far up inside her, then wiggled around inside her belly fora
moment before withdrawing. He let her hair go and sniffed in disdain.
Wendy sat there, looking down again. Her hair and pussy hurt but she
didn't dare move to ease the pain. The car moved along for long
minutes, then turned in at a driveway and went through a tall gate and
in among trees and gardens before stopping before a large, comfortable
The man got out and slammed the door behind him. The car then drove
around behind the house and the door opened again. A man bent and
peered in, then motioned her out. She slid across and got out of the
car, then was led indoors.
She moved along a deserted hallway, then stopped. The man touched
something at the wall and a section of wall slid away, revealing a
stairwell leading down. He inclined his head with a sharp jerk and she
started down. The stairs were all stone and were cold on her bare feet
as she padded down the dimly lit, narrow staircase.
After about fifty stairs they finally reached bottom. The man pushed
her along an expensively furnished corridor. There were beautiful
paintings and antique chairs lining the oak walls. He led her to a
doorway, opened it, and shoved her inside.
The door closed behind her and she saw she was in a small cell.
The walls were stone, not fancy oak. There was a small cot with a
thin blanket. There was a hole in the corner which smelled badly.
There were rounded metal rings set into the walls at various places,
at the head of the bed, up high on one wall, in the corner by the
She sat down on the cot and stared at the wall.

"How much money do you want then?" Crane demanded.
"Look Crane, I ain't trying to hold you up. This guy is a big time
drug lord. He's got thousands of soldiers in the jungle. We're gonna
have to take a hell of a risk to get her away from him."
"I'll give you a million dollars."
JJ blinked in surprise.
"How much?"
"You heard me. A million dollars when my daughter is returned home."
"For that I'd steal Ho's own daughter."
"And I want you to find the bastards that attacked my ship and kill
"What for? Oh, well, all right. I can subcontract that if you don't
"I don't give a shit who does it, I just want them dead."
"Shouldn't be too hard."
"How long will it take you to get my daughter back?"
"This week or never. Ho is supposed to be a real fuckin' sadist. If
half what they say about him is right she won't live more than a
"I want this Ho fucker dead too."
"Whoa. That's gonna be hard. The Thai government's had a contract on
his head for years."
"I'm not the fucking Thai government."
"Okay, okay. I'll see who I can find. There's a few Vietnam nuts
still around. It'll cost you, though."
"I don't care about money. I want that fucker."
"You got it man."
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Chapter Four of Eight.

It now gets worse for the girl. The tortures are starting and will continue through all remaining chapters. And the rapes continue, too.


Wendy sat on the cot for a while, then she lay down for another
while. Everything was silent around her save for the sound of
machinery far away. The hours passed and she fell into a tired fitful
She jerked upright suddenly, wondering what had woken her. Then she
heard it again, a long terrible scream of agony. She shuddered at the
sound of it, hugging herself as she listened in fear. There was
another horrible scream, then another even louder, suddenly cut off in
the middle.
Her eyes were wide as she stared at the door. Minutes passed, then
there was the sound of a bolt turning. The door opened and a blank
faced oriental man came in. He looked at her, then jerked his head
towards the door. She looked back at him in terror and didn't move.
He frowned at her, then moved in further. He gripped her arm and
hauled her to her feet, then shoved her towards the door. He half
pushed, half pulled her along the corridor until they stopped at a set
of double doors. He knocked but there was no answer so he pushed one
of the doors open and shoved Wendy through.
The room was empty but for the two of them. Wendy gazed around her in
growing fear as the man undid her handcuffs and then led her across to
a counter. There were thick leather and steel bands on the counter.
Each had a small metal ring sticking out from one side and a lock on
the other.
He began to place them around Wendy's wrists and ankles, carefully
locking each into place and then tugging on the ring to make sure they
were set firmly. Wendy looked around the room at the various strangely
shaped articles there. It looked like a medieval torture chamber,
except for all the electronic devices. There were chains, handcuffs
hanging from the ceiling, long tables with restraining devices, ropes
and pulleys and whips. The entire wall held wide metal rings set at
various places, and in the middle of the room was a metal table.
The table was about six feet long and three feet wide. It had
restraining cuffs at the corners and several metal arms that moved and
bent. There was a deep ****** set along the edges and red liquid lined
the bottom.
Her wrists and ankles were now tightly encased in the leather bonds
and the man led her to the other side of the room where all the rings
lined the wall. He pushed her back up against the wall and spread her
arms and legs wide. Her wrists were snapped into rings high above her
head, and her ankles snapped into rings near the floor.
She was held in a straining X shape, unable to move even an inch.
The man nodded, his expression dour, then moved across the room and
went out, closing the door behind him. She stood there for long
minutes, shivering in the air-conditioned cool, her back even colder
against the stone.
Then the door opened again. Another man came in. She recognized him
as the big man from the car. He wasn't wearing a suit now. He wore a
leather, well, Wendy didn't know what the hell it was. It was like a
G-string, all black and shiny.
But it didn't cover his cock, instead his cock stuck out through the
thing, pointing menacingly up at her. It seemed to be very tight as it
hugged his shaft near his balls and she surmised that it helped keep
his cock hard.
His fat belly jiggled as he walked over and stood before her. His
eyes slid up and down her body and he nodded with a slight smile. She
looked back up at him fearfully.
"American?" he said.
"You... you speak English?"
Her eyes widened in surprise at the familiar words.
"Oh yes. I speak English." He smiled.
"W-Will you... let me go?" she whispered.
He smirked. "You will be... free eventually."
"My father is rich. He'll give you a lot of money."
"I have more money than I can spend," he said.
"What are you going to do with me?"
He smiled again.
"Can't you guess?"
"You... you're going to rape me?"
"I am going to kill you," he said simply.
Her eyes widened in shock.
"Creatively of course, slowly, leisurely, painfully, until you beg
for death, until that pretty white body of yours is a bloody ruin."
She gaped at him, unable to comprehend. At first she thought he must
be joking, a cruel sort of joke, but still a joke, but the look in his
eyes told her he was telling the truth.
"B... but why?" she whispered.
"Because it amuses me," he said as he smiled. "I get so few
amusements these days."
His hand came up and he fondled her breast casually. "I will be slow.
I think I shall save the worst for a while yet. It will destroy your
He smiled again, his smile that of a madman. "Still, there are many
things I can do that will not detract from your loveliness."
He moved away then and went over to a counter. There he picked up a
thick black metal rod about a foot and a half long. He moved back in
front of her as Wendy stared at the thing in fear. It didn't look
sharp, but it seemed to buzz somehow.
"You will sing for me, my dear," he said with a cruel smile.
Wendy's eyes were glued to the tip of the slim metal rod as the man
moved it towards her goose-bump covered flesh. He pressed the end into
her right armpit and she felt it's coldness against her skin.
She looked at him uncomprehendingly, then a flashing hot pain stabbed
her in the armpit. It tore into her chest with horrible, overwhelming
force, knocking her brain out of order with it's awful agony. She
cried out in startled shock, then agony, her body torn and whipped by
furious rippling pain.
"Louder my dear," the man said, pulling the rod away and then
touching it to her right nipple. Her nipple screamed and burned, pain
searing into her breast, then into her chest.
Her body writhed and thrashed there against the wall, her buttocks
slapping and grinding against the cold stone, her head twisting and
flailing from side to side. Her scream was a high, warbling howl as
her body erupted in convulsions that threatened to tear her apart.
He pulled the rod away and the pain almost instantly eased, then
disappeared but for a hot burning in her nipple. Her body stopped its
frantic thrashing and hung still, her chest rising and falling quickly
as she panted and gasped for breath.
"Such a sweet voice," he sighed, then touched the rod to her left
Again pain slammed into her like she'd hit a brick wall. Her body
shook violently as her voice gave cry to her agony. She shrieked and
howled against the firestorm of pain whipping through her.
Her head slammed back against the wall over and over, almost knocking
her senseless. Her vision coloured over and she felt her heart giving
a lurch. Then the rod was pulled back and she hung there slackly
again, staring down at the floor.
"Very nice. Very nice indeed... for a start. Let's see what else you
can do."
She didn't even look at him, but then felt the rod push against her
pussy. She had only enough time for her mind to cry out in denial
before the pain shot into her. Again her body shook furiously, her
limbs contorting against their bindings, her head jerking from side to
side, and her bottom slamming back into the wall with terrible
The pain ebbed and she hung still again. Her formerly cold body now
glistened with sweat and her hair dangled around her face in a mass of
sodden clumps. She felt the rod push against her pussy again, but it
wasn't followed by the pain, not right away.
Instead it forced her pussy lips aside and pushed up into sheath. She
felt it drive up into her and knew at once what was coming. She tried
to brace herself but it was hopeless. Tears spilled from her eyes but
she could not gain enough control of her tongue to beg.
The fat man forced it high into her belly, then her insides exploded.
She felt like her internal organs were all whipping around inside
her, the pain was indescribable. She howled in agony, her body
thrashing maniacally as the pain rippled up and down her spine. Her
breathe caught in her lungs, almost stilling her shrieks, turning them
into a long stuttering gurgle.
Her guts twisted and jerked and rolled in turmoil as the rod shot
it's terrible pain into her belly. The fat man simply stood there, a
twisted smile on his face as he watched her agony. Finally he pulled
it out of her and she hung limp, barely conscious.
"Merely the start," he said. "Merely the slightest of starts for you
my pretty one."
He put the rod down and bent forward, unfastening her ankle bands
from the rings, then rising and undoing the ones on her wrists. She
would have fallen, and indeed, did fall forward, but he bent and took
her belly across his right shoulder, then rose and carried her like a
sack of oats across the room.
He threw her down on a wide table. Her head banged painfully into the
wood, sending stars to her eyes. Without hurry, he positioned her in
the center of the table and spread her arms straight out to her sides.
The ring on the leather cuffs clinked as they were locked into place.
Then he spread her legs wide, shoving her legs up and back, forcing
them out to either side of her torso as she groaned in pain. He shoved
her legs straight out to either side, paralleling the edge of the
table, then locked them into place there. Her thigh tendons strained
and pulled tightly, sending terrible pain into her groin. She did
nothing more than whimper however. The pain was almost nothing
compared to the horror she'd just gone through with the metal rod and
her body was still trembling and shaking from the after-effects.
He moved away, then came back holding something in his hands. She
blinked through her sweaty hair and saw that he held a pair of pliers.
He clicked them together as he smiled down at her. Then he pushed the
open teeth down at her sex. She braced herself for the terrible biting
Instead though, the pliers closed around one, just one, of her
tangled pussy hairs. He pulled back slowly, extending the hair to it's
limit. She winced in pain as the pressure mounted until finally the
hair was pulled loose.
The pliers descended again, seizing another hair, again pulling it
taut until it too pulled loose. Wendy bit her lip as he did it again,
then again, then again, each time pulling slowly on just one hair,
stretching out both the hair and the pain until the hair finally tore
She began to cry, her tears flowing down the sides of her face, her
chest heaving through the deep, gut wrenching sobs of misery. Her sobs
were interspersed by short sharp cries of denial and pain as each new
hair was pulled and then jerked loose.
She had no idea how long it went on. He seemed to have infinite
patience, and unending fascination for causing her pain. When he was
finished, or bored, her entire crotch was a livid red mass of pain.
Her pussy didn't look any different either. He'd probably only pulled
out a hundred or so and there were plenty left for his future
Then he bent over the moaning girl. She looked up to see his mouth
descending onto her still burning right nipple. His tongue came out, a
long wide wet pink strip. He licked slowly across the center of her
breast, right over the nipple.
He licked several times, then closed his lips over her nipple and
suckled gently like a baby. His other hand came down around her left
breast, squeezing and kneading the soft, pain filled flesh. He lay
half atop her for long minutes, suckling, just suckling and running
his tongue over her wounded right nipple.
He finally pulled back, then placed his cock against her sex and
drove into her. He buried his cock-pole in her tight pussy-tunnel,
then began to slowly fuck her.
He was in no hurry and did not seem particularly aroused. His cock
slid back and forth inside her lower belly as his hands caressed the
flesh of her belly and chest. He encircled her breasts with his
fingers and squeezed the malleable meat together, plumping the twin
mammaries up into little mushroom shaped balls of flesh. His cock
moved in and out of her in slow but full strokes, using up every inch
of pussy-tunnel and cock.
His face was calm and relaxed as he fucked her and Wendy lay therein
pain and wondered what kind of a man he was and how she could get him
to stop hurting her and just fuck her. It was amazing to her that she
was even thinking like that, not worried at all about him fucking her
any way he wanted.
All she cared about was not being hurt anymore. If she'd been free
and he'd wanted her to, she'd have shown him all the eagerness of a
demented sex-starved nymphomaniac, anything to keep him happy just
fucking her.
His cock pumped into her for a long time without him cumming. She
wondered if the leather thing around the base had anything to do with
that. Her pussy started to lubricate in response to the steady
fucking, and her juices eased his passage and coated his prick.
"I am your master," he said. "Do you understand? You belong to me."
He slapped her face.
"Say, yes Master."
"Yes Master," she whispered.
His cock continued to slide easily in and out of her small pussy.
"You like me to fuck you, don't you?"
"Yes Master."
"Maybe I'll have all my men fuck you. Would you like that?"
"Yes master," she whimpered.
"You are a piece of dirt. You are a cheap American slut! Aren't you?"
"Yes master," she sobbed.
He pulled his cock free of her pussy then and stood back. It was
still hard and bounced up and down as he backed away. He moved across
the room to a shelf and pulled out a belt. It was long and wide. He
doubled it and moved back to her.
She stared at the belt, anxiously.
He moved into place beside the table, looking down at her splayed
legs and wide open crotch. "You must be punished then." He smiled.
He raised his right hand into the air and brought it down, the belt
whirling through the air and cracking down against her cunt. She
howled in pain, her loins bucking and jerking on the hard table. He
raised it again and again brought it lashing down to strike directly
against her soft pussy.
She shrieked and cried out in pain, her head lashing from side to
side as she pulled mindlessly at the bindings holding her in place.
Her legs sought desperately to close, jerking spastically, her muscles
clenching and unclenching.
"Do you think this is pain?" he chortled. "Wait until you taste the
crop and the whip, slut."
Again and again the belt lashed down against the center of her groin,
cracking against her slit and pubic-lips with cruel, brutal force. By
the time he stopped her pussy was nothing but a flaring, throbbing
pain that burned relentlessly.
He put the belt down and then drove his cock between her tortured
pussy-lips, filling her sex with it's rubbery hardness. He began to
stroke again as he had before, his cock sliding in and out of her
ravaged lips with slow easy movements.
Wendy felt his hard erection up high inside her belly as it pumped in
and out. The fat man's fingers were roaming over her, squeezing and
fondling her breasts, fingers digging deep furrows in her fleshy
malleable meat.
His cock slid in and out of her parted pussy lips.
She groaned, the groan not different from the many that had proceeded it,
but signalling something new. Her body was heating up, igniting in sexual
fervour as Ho continued to fuck down into her.
Her throbbing, pain-filled breasts began to swell with pleasure.
Her eyes, narrow slits, peered down the length of her body at her
splayed legs and her vulnerable pussy opening. She watched his thick
yellow cock driving in and out of her body, her eyes glued to her
entrance as she watched herself being stabbed repeatedly by the man's
hard erect organ.
Ho had no thoughts of giving her pleasure of course, but her body was
built with this in mind, and her mind, was a dazed, bleary muddle, unable
to constrain her body's natural reactions to the pleasure of Ho's sawing prick
Her pussy, a burning mass of tortured nerve endings, absorbed this
new feeling, these new sensations, slowly, as if reluctant to open
itself to what might be new pain. But her clitty, despite the beatings
of the cruel belt, began to awake with the steady stroking of his high speed
Ho was groaning with pleasure himself, and when the girls' groans
increased, he recognized the tenor. At first he was angry, but then he
felt proud that even through her pain, his mighty prong had aroused
her. He sneered down at the naked teen, hammering his cock down into
her wet, rubbery sex.
"Whore!" he hissed, throwing his hips forward cruelly. "Slut!" he
shouted, pounding his hard yellow staff down her silky tube.
His hands enveloped her breasts, crushing the aching meat between his
fingers. Soft pliable flesh oozed out between his fingers as he fucked
harder into the body before him. He grunted in time as he changed the
speed of his strokes.
He pulled back slowly, then held for but a moment, just the head of
his sceptre inside her, then threw all his weight forward, driving his
hardness deep into her belly with a terrible, brutal thrust that made
her cry out in pain.
He drew back again and repeated the act, then again, and again, each
time rocking the table with the force of his thrust, each time making
her breasts bounce and jiggle as she grunted and groaned.
His excitement mounted and he began rutting into her with a flurry of
desperate strokes. Then the girl moaned and began babbling
deliriously. She jerked against the bindings, trying to push herself
back at him. Her mouth opened wide and she arched her back as she
jerked and convulsed in pleasure.
Ho drove his pole up into her with vicious power and felt his balls
blowing, felt the wads of cum juice flying down his tube and shooting
out the end and into her silky depths. He sighed in relief, yet
narrowed his eyes as he leered down at her. His cock was still hard
and he intended to continue until the girl gave out.

JJ looked up at the house on the hill doubtfully. "Is that it?" he
"That's it."
"Right up there in the open like that?"
"Nobody is very curious in this neighbourhood," Raif said, wiping his
"How many men's he got?"
"Don't know for sure. I think between twenty and thirty."
"Don't know. But you can count on the best."
"We need more information."
"Nobody who works there is gonna talk."
"Not willingly."
He turned to the skinny little man and sighed. "Raif, we need to know
where he'd keep prisoners, what kind of security setup he's got and
how many people are there."
"Have to kill somebody then."
"So do it, just make sure it's clean."
"Shouldn't be too hard. All those people there, I can pick one off
when they come out."
"Away from the walls."
"You think I'm an asshole?"
"Sorry. We're in a hurry too."
"Can't rush this. End of shift is in four hours. I'll grab one of the
maids. They'll know the layout."
"No. Take one of the guards."
"Gonna be a bitch makin' him talk. These guys are really fanatics
about loyalty."
"I got Jock Cooper and his magic bag of chemicals."
"Oh, wow. He's expensive now since he turned to private enterprise.
You must be getting a bundle from the broad's old man."
"Okay, then, I'll get the guy and Jock can find out what he knows.
But there ain't no guarantee the guy knows a damned thing. He could be
a dumb soldier who walks the walls and never even gets inside."
"Then we'll take someone we know will have answers, one of the older
guys in charge."
"You got it Keemo sabe."
"What do you think of the layout? Look hard to take?"
"Shit no. Long as I got enough guys and we don't haveta worry about
the cops."
"I don't think the cops will be much of a problem. You can count on a
lot of fire power from his guards though."
"They won't live long. I figure to go in at night with silenced
rifles and night scopes, long as we got a lot of money to work with."
"They'll probably have night scopes too."
"They're fuckin gooks, man. My boys are pros, good old grade A
special forces."
"Just so they're not too high to shoot straight."
"Don't worry. We'll get you in. You just worry about getting us all
the fuck out of here afterwards. Even with silencers we're gonna make
a fuck of a lot of noise when those bastards open up with their
"What do you think our chances are of taking them completely by
"You mean just offin' them without them firing a shot? Not fuckin'
much. These guys are pros. They won't be asleep or playing cards, and
if they've got the best equipment, and you know old Ho will have the
best, they won't be taken easily."
JJ sighed and then shrugged.
"Okay, but make sure that we can get in fast. I want to get in there
and off the General before he knows we're there."
"I thought we were just after the girl."
"Why not take him while we're here. The guy's a sleazebag."
"True, and that half million reward is as good in our pockets as
anybody else."
"Forget the reward. We'd never live to collect it. I got another
source of money for his death and it's a lot more private. Now, what
about those pirates?"
"Girl was sold by a guy named Chung Lee. He didn't want to talk but
after Hofkins cut his left nut off he changed his mind. Says the girl
came from a fishing boat out of Nan-saon village north of Who-lam."
"Find out which boat and who was on it."
"Way ahead of you man. Should know by tonight."
"Good. We'll hit it first as a kind of shake-down for the boys."
"Who you got besides me and the odd couple?"
"Mickey and Sims are damned good, Raif."
"Yeah, sure. But that village is tight, man. They ain't gonna sit
back and let you off a dozen guys and do nothing."
"I got Joey Connor, Deve Walters and Jean Leveque. I'm workin' ona
couple of others."
"How about we flame the whole fuckin' village then?"
"Alright by me. Just like back in the good old days, right?"
"Yeah, fucking A."

Wendy's body lay on the small cot in her cell, trembling. It
glistened with sweat but was otherwise largely unmarked. It would have
surprised an observer had he or she known how much pain was burning
away at the panting girl.
After fucking her for a long time and spurting more of his cum into
her body, the fat man had again begun pulling pussy hairs out one at a
When he'd tired of that he'd started playing with the cattle prod
again, fucking her with it as she danced and shook frantically on the
table, sliding it along her belly and along the insides of her thighs
as its sharp sparkling tongue sent crackling electrical pain into her
body. Then he'd ended the session by slowly closing his big hands
around her throat. He'd squeezed down gently, just enough to cut off
her breath as he stared into her eyes with enjoyment and curiosity.
Her chest had burned and strained, her eyes had bulged out of her head
and she had struggled desperately against her bindings.
Then her vision had clouded, turning red as she was deprived of
oxygen and she had finally lost consciousness. He had woken her again
with smelling salts, only to choke her into unconsciousness again.
When she'd wakened, she'd found herself here on the cot.
She didn't move, could hardly move. Her muscles ached horribly, as
though she'd been shovelling dirt or breaking rocks for hours on end.
Her breasts and sex burned from the electric shocks that had passed
through them. In fact, all along her inner thighs, along her belly,
and under her armpits, the burning throbbed from the rod's touch.
As for the inside of her pussy, the feeling was like a constant,
gnawing ache that would not go away. She lay there in a near stupor,
unable to comprehend her fate. She had no doubt that the fat man
intended to repeatedly torture her body until it was destroyed.
Every sound made her wince and shiver in fear, in case it was someone
coming to take her back to the torture room. She had always thought of
herself as strong willed, but knew she would do anything, anything to
stop him from hurting her again.
She'd had nothing to eat in the longest time, and little enough to
drink either. When the door opened her heart jumped into her throat,
but all the man did was lay a tray of food and a cup of water on the
floor. He closed the door again and she stared down at the food and
Despite her pain she rolled onto her side, then sat up and dropped to
her knees on the floor. She crawled awkwardly forward, then fell on
her belly with a grunt of exhaustion. She stared at the food, then
began to crawl forward on her belly, wriggling from side to side until
she could get her lips on it.
All her long schooled table manners evaporated as she wolfed the food
down like a starving mongrel, the previously finicky gourmet reduced
to a nearly mindless thing as she gorged herself on the food and then
slurped down the water.
When everything was gone she sat back against the wall, her legs
straight and spread as she stared at the doorway.

They drove a pair of old trucks down the rutted, hole filled dirt
road, stopping a mile from the village and turning off into the
jungle. JJ got out first, Sims, Mickey and Raif following. They were
in the first truck. Joey, Deve, Jean and Mark Hunter were in the
All of them wore camouflage gear, including full head masks with
bulging round night vision goggles. All were carrying special issue
Israeli Uzis with long thick barrels that reduced their noise to
either dull spits, or light coughing, depending on whether they were
fired on single action or auto.
"I just hope this doesn't alert Ho." Raif whispered as they made
their way through the jungle. "He doesn't know where the girl even
came from, and wouldn't take any notice of a village getting shot up.
He'll just think it was something to do with someone else's drug
"Let's fuckin' hope so."
"I wouldn't be doing it like this if I thought otherwise. Now shut the
fuck up and watch where you're goin."
They moved almost silently through the jungle, all of them veterans
of a war where noise meant death. All of them well used to moving
silently through the deep jungle. They easily avoided the amateurish
traps set by the villagers and drew up just inside the foliage outside
the village.
"I still say we burn the fuckin' place," Raif whispered.
"This is better. It'll scare the shit out of the survivors. They
won't know what the fuck happened."
"We might miss one or two."
"We better fuckin' not. We got the whole layout right here."
He pointed at the oilskin paper he held before him. It was a drawing
of the village and showed every structure there. A dozen of the
structures had X's on them, indicating that one of the pirates lived
JJ's plan was for them to get in, hit the pirates and get out without
anyone knowing they were even there. When the villagers woke up in the
morning and found a dozen dead, castrated men, they'd get the message.
The message was, watch where you put your dick
. The idiots hadn't even been quiet. They'd bragged around the village
about the white girl they'd taken and sold. The others would know why.
That was important to JJ. He wanted them to know why.
He had been in Asia a long time. Round eyed girls had become almost
a sacred thing to him. The idea of a bunch of slope bastards tearing
one off a ship and raping her, then selling her outraged him. He was
gonna show these fuckers not to touch white girls.
They separated and raced into the village, keeping low and using the
cover of bushes, trees and shacks. There were about five hundred
people living in the village, so the odds were at least a couple were
awake somewhere. If it was in one of their target houses, that would
be too bad.
He reached his first target and flattened himself against the wall,
his head jerking quickly from side to side. Then he eased through the
door and into the shack. There were several kids asleep on the floor.
He moved gingerly past them and up to another doorway.
He slipped through a curtain and into a second room. There was a man
and a woman asleep on a low mat. He kept his Uzi at his side, holding
a thin, long barrelled 22 instead. He pressed the barrel against the
man's chest and pulled the trigger.
Even he could barely hear the phht of sound as the bullet shot into
the guy. His body jerked slightly and then was still, not breathing.
The woman slept on. He slid the automatic back into it's holster,
knelt and took out his knife.
He left the little hut less than a minute after entering it. He
hurried across to his second target, and moved through the doorway
there. This one only had one room. A naked man lay there, half buried
by an enormously fat naked woman.
JJ knelt and placed the barrel against the man's head, then blew his
brains out. The woman didn't stir. He squatted over them with his
knife and removed his keepsake. Two minutes later he was back in the
bushes, just ahead of Jean.
The others slipped back one at a time until they were all together
"Any problems?" he hissed.
Heads shook quickly.
"Everybody get his man or men?"
Heads nodded. He turned to Raif.
"Their boat?"
"All set. It'll blow just after dawn."
"Good. Let's go."
"Hey JJ," Mickey asked.
"What the fuck do we do with all these dicks?"
"Suck em," someone whispered, to snickers.
"Just keep em' till we're well away from the village. I don't want
them finding them.” "Okay, man."
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Thanks for posting. I'll start reading when it's complete
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Thank you very much!
Very good story.
Hope to read the rest...!
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Hope you post the rest of the story very soon
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Chapter Five of Eight.

Thanks for the kind words. Good to know that people enjoy this story as much as I do.

Let´s see what Wendy is prepared to do in the foolish hope of being spared more torture...


Wendy began trembling violently as the man led her down the corridor.
She was whimpering and trying to draw back but he pulled her along
relentlessly. Again they stopped at the double doors as he knocked,
again there was no answer. They went in.
He locked her wrist cuffs together, then fastened them to a chain
above her head. She stood there, almost on her toes for almost two
hours before the fat man arrived again. As before, he examined her
closely, this time walking around her in slow circles.
His hand rubbed lightly over her buttocks, squeezing each one in
turn. Then he slid a finger up into her anus as she stood there
wide-eyed in terror. He pumped the digit in and out slowly for a
minute, then withdrew it and walked around in front of her.
"How did you enjoy your night?"
She didn't answer and he frowned.
"I expect an answer when I ask a question, slut," he said. "Did you
enjoy your night?"
"Y... yes... master," she gulped.
"Good. Are you glad to be here?"
"Yes Master."
"Do you want me to torture you again?"
"No," she whimpered.
"No Master." she whispered. Then she burst into tears. "Please don't
hurt me!" she begged. "I'll do anything you want! I'll do anything!"
"Please," she mewled.
"Well, we shall see if you will do anything. I have an excellent
imagination, you know."
He reached up and unbound her hands, then stepped back, lifting a
short, ugly looking whip.
"Kneel," he said.
She dropped quickly to her knees in front of him, staring into his
erect cock. He pushed it against her lips and she swallowed it, taking
it into her mouth and bobbing her head up and down the shaft. He
stroked her head as she sucked him with desperate eagerness, his
fingers sliding through her hair as his cock moved back and forth over
her lips.
She felt the nasty, acidic taste of piss on her mouth as she worked
quickly over his cock. She sucked hard, her tongue working furiously
as she sought to bring him off. She dug her tongue into the little
hole, then rasped it back and forth against the underside of his head.
She tilted her head back, knowing she'd have to do the ultimate,
something she'd only done once before the pirates had captured her.
She shoved her lips up until his cockhead hit the back of her mouth,
then kept going. His cockhead punched into her throat and she slid her
lips right to the base of his shaft, taking his cock-knob down into
her throat.
His cock was long and her neck short, so his cockhead actually slid
right through her throat and into the opening of her chest. She almost
strangled herself keeping in place. Her every urge was either to throw
up or choke.
Instead she slowly worked her mouth and throat back down the length
of his cockshaft until the head popped out of her throat once again.
She sucked in a great gasp of air as her tongue worked quickly over
his cockhead. Then she pushed forward, and took the thing into her
throat again. It hurt, but far less than she would get if he resumed
torturing her, she knew.
He stood there, not moving, letting her do all the work. She knew she
must appear eager and moved her mouth relentlessly back and forth over
his cock, heedless of the pain and discomfort.
Then he pulled her head back and pulled his cock free.
"Very nice," he sighed, looking down at her. "Now I want you to turn
around and bend over. Reach behind you and pull your buttocks wide
She did as he ordered, having to balance herself on her shoulders as
she pulled her bottom open. She knew he meant to sodomize her and was
happy to submit. Rape held little fear to her now.
He knelt behind her and she felt his cock pushing against her rectum.
The pressure mounted and her anus was slowly forced open. His cock
began to sink into her, bringing a tight burning pain to her rectum.
Yet it was as nothing compared to the tortures and she did everything
she'd heard she should to help him.
She tried to relax her muscles so he could enter her more easily, and
raised her bottom a little so he had a better angle of entry. His cock
slowly sank down her tight tunnel, boring a hole open for itself as it
worked its way into her.
She felt her anus tighten around his penetrating cock, and tried to
open herself, despite the pain. Then she clenched her anal muscles,
trying to suck him down into her. It seemed to work a little. His cock
moved deeper into her with less resistance. Then his balls were
pressed against her buttocks and his cock was fully buried inside her.
He slapped her hands away from her buttocks so he could squeeze and
fondle them himself, then his hands were under her belly, lifting her
up onto hands and knees.
She spread her legs a little further apart as he held still inside
her, enjoying the feeling of her body around his cock. Slowly he began
to pull back, sliding his hung of male flesh down her back tunnel
several inches, then pushing it forward again.
He worked up to speed, forcing open her anus as his cock slowly
pumped into her. He sped up further, and then further. Soon he was
hammering his cock into her numbed rectum. His hips pounded against
her buttocks, making her shake and jerk back and forth in time to his
powerful thrusts.
She groaned in pain as his hips continued to beat a painful tattoo on
her backside and his prick continued to rip in and out of her rectum.
He forced her legs even further apart, until she could barely maintain
her balance and he was pounding downward into her anus with his
terrible thrusts.
He reamed out her ass with his hot, hard sword, pistoning it inside
her back tunnel with powerful, brutal lunging strokes that sent his
cockhead smashing against the deepest parts of rectal channel, up high
inside her guts.
It was like being punched in the belly over and over, only the punch
was inside her guts not outside. She clenched her teeth against the
pain as her guts churned and roiled and tumbled against his driving
cock-tool. His hands slid onto her hips and started jerking her body
back to meet his forward thrusts, increasing the punching power of his
fat cock head even more.
Then his hands slipped under her belly. He sat back on his heels,
pulling her up and back against him. His left hand gripped her hair,
pulling her head up and back as his teeth bit into her throat. His
right hand squeezed her right breast in a steel hard embrace that
crushed her malleable flesh.
She sat back against his cock as he rutted it slowly in and out of
her anus, his mouth sucking at the blood dribbling from her torn neck.
His right hand moved down between her legs and he stabbed a finger up
her pussy as he rutted into her. The finger was followed by a second.
The two of them rubbed harshly in and out between her pussy-lips. His
fat bouncing ass jiggled as he humped into her from behind, his crotch
hair rasping like wire wool up into the tight, sweating cleavage
between her rounded white buttocks.
His breathing became harsh pants as he fingered and skewered the
blonde girl. His face fell forward and he bit down hard on her
shoulder, making her cry out in pain and misery. His teeth bit cruelly
into her, drawing blood which he sucked on fiercely.
His hand pushed in hard against her stomach, shoving her back against
him, forcing her bottom back against his rutting organ. Her bottom and
lower back were crushed against his fat, jiggling belly, shoved back
into him as if he were a mattress or soft cushion.
His hot, sweating, bulbous belly encompassed and surrounded her,
pressing into her bound hands and bottom and hips as she was forced
back into it. His cock, hard and wet and pulsing with lust, drove high
up into her guts, its pointed cock-head jabbing up into her belly like
a hot iron spike.
The exhausted girl could hardly comprehend the wild and conflicting
flood of powerful sensations assaulting her body and mind. Her head
fell back against his chest, her mouth slack, her eyes half closed.
Every lunge up into her anus shoved her lower body forward, arching
her back and bouncing her head against his flabby, big breasted chest.
His pudgy fingers continued to rub back and forth across her clit,
grounding and sawing against the little pink bud of flesh as they
pumped her cunt tunnel. He bit her again and again, leaving bite marks
all across her right shoulder. His left hand continued to squeeze and
twist and knead her aching left breast, making it hot and throbbing
with uncontrolled need.
Her breasts swelled, growing larger and larger, without any conscious
knowledge from her teetering mind. He abandoned it, seizing a thick
chunk of her long golden hair and forcing her head far back and
twisting it towards him. His teeth bit into the side of her throat.
He bit her again, this time higher, then again, higher still, just
on her cheek. Then his lips closed on hers, enveloping them and
cutting off her panting breaths as his fat, sopping, drool covered
tongue pushed into her mouth and writhed around inside her oral
She mewled in bewilderment, her body shaking with weakness and pain
and an odd array of hot, electrical sensations that bore no
resemblance to those given her by his metal rod. Her rectum was well
and truly reamed out now, giving little resistance as he humped harder
up against her split buttocks.
His cock slid up and down it's well worn tunnel as her anal mouth
clung to his cockshaft on each entry and withdrawal. His mouth was
almost eating at her mouth. He sucked and chewed and slurped, long
drooling gobs of his spit forced into her mouth as he sucked and blew
and bit down, leaving bite marks on her lips and tongue.
His fingers were shoving far up into her now moist pussy tunnel. They
pushed through the oily pink pussy flesh as they pistoned in and out
of her. Wendy could hardly breath, her mouth covered by his like a
blanket, her nose crushed against her by his fat face.
Then something hit her, a powerful jolt of enormous sensory passion.
It slammed into her belly like a medicine ball, hurling her back into
the fat man so she bounced against his big belly. Her eyes opened wide
in baffled incomprehension.
Then her body gave a massive shudder and her back arched, throwing
her chest out. She grunted like a pig, her mouth issuing a series of
animal like noises in a high pitched, mindless tone as she shook with
convulsions. Her head thrashed from side to side and her anus rammed
itself back onto the fat man's cock-tool.
Her pulpy pussy meat was crushed in his fat fingers as he crammed
them into her. A raging whirlwind of pulsing, flaring erotic
sensations flayed her body and mind. A white mist covered her eyes,
blinding her as her body shook and writhed against him.
Lightning-like jolts of pure sexual heat slammed into her again and
again, each one throwing her back against him as they hit her in her
belly, her pussy, her fat, bloated breasts. Her mind throbbed and felt
ready to explode with the demented hurricane of twisted sensations
assaulting her brain.
Through it she rode his cock and fingers like a mad deranged lunatic,
her voice a quavering howl, her body a flailing array of flopping
limbs and rutting undulating torso. She sobbed horribly, and screamed
ecstatically, groaning through her pain as her pleasure seared into
Then her trembling stilled, other than the occasional twitch and
shudder. Her head dropped forward, her eyes closed as her pummelled
mind closed and blanked, leaving her body behind as she sought asylum
in the serenity of unconsciousness.

Jock Cooper hummed as he worked. It both annoyed and unnerved JJ as
he watched, leaning back against the wall. The Thai man, who's name
they didn't even know yet, lay naked, strapped onto a table in a tiny
two roomed garage a few miles south of the General's estate. His limbs
were spread and bound and his mouth covered with tape. He looked up at
Cooper, JJ and Mickey with hatred and fear.
Beside him, in plain sight, lay the "Doc's" kit, open so the man
could seethe shiny array of medical instruments. That was mostly for
effect though. Cooper preferred drugs. They were much less messy for
one thing. He continued to hum as he sorted out his gear, then pulled
out a hypodermic needle and plunged it into an upside down bottle of
colourless liquid. He pulled back the plunger, sucking the drug into
the hypo, then pulled the needle free and pushed the plunger back
down, letting a little of the drug push through the tip to expel any
air bubbles. The song he was humming, JJ abruptly realized, was "It's
a smallworld."
Then he stabbed the needle into the Thai man's arm and pushed down
on the plunger. Mickey turned away, easily capable of tearing off a
man's head but squeamish about needles. Cooper pulled the needle free
and went back to playing with his tools. He attached a couple of
sensors to the man's chest and hooked them to a heart and pulse
monitor. They started beeping. JJ fidgeted and looked at his watch.
"How long this gonna take, Doc?" he asked.
Cooper paused, as if to consider the question. He raised his head and
turned to look at JJ. The light reflected off his round, rimless
"No way of knowing for sure," the man answered, his voice low and
Then he returned to his work and his humming.
"Bet I could do it faster," Mickey hissed in JJ's ear.
"Could kill him before he answers too," Cooper said, not looking up.
"Could get a pack of lies and get yourself killed too."
Mickey shrugged and rolled his eyes.
"Wonder if that fat asked bastard is screwing the girl right now,"
Mickey said.
"Who cares?" JJ shrugged.
"She was probably fucked a hundred times before she even got off that
fishing boat. Old needle dick ain't gonna make her any less a virgin."
"Good thing he ain't got a dick like mine." Mickey grinned. "She'd be
ruined for life."
"Bored for life, you mean."
"Up yours."
"Gentlemen," Cooper sighed, sitting down on a chair next to the
"You about ready, Doc?"
Cooper slapped the Thai man, and peered into his eyes, stopped
humming and turned to them.
"Now remember. Nobody talks to him but me. I have your questions. If
you want to know something more, write it down and give it to me.
Multiple voices will confuse him."
JJ nodded.
Maybe they got lucky. Two hours later they had the location of some
sort of secret underground complex of rooms where the General liked to
play games with young girls, the number of guards on duty and on
location at any given time, as well as their armament and patrol
times, and the type and location of the alarm systems. That didn't
make it a simple task. For one thing, the man revealed that all of
Ho's bodyguards lived there at the estate, so even though only
twenty-five were on duty at any given time, there could be another
forty or fifty around there sleeping or in their quarters.
"I think we can forget a frontal assault." JJ sighed. "Less we get
more men."
Raif shrugged.
"Not that fuckin' many. We have enough to take them in a frontal
we're gonna have a fucking war. They even got grenades and rocket
launchers. There ain't no way the cops can ignore a battle on that
"So what you wanna do?"
"We sneak in. That means we need the best alarm guy there is."
"There ain't nobody any fucking good at alarms in this town."
"I know. I do know a guy though. This guy could tip-toe into Fort
Knox without getting caught."
"Where is he?"
"In the Philippines, working for the CIA."
"Good luck then."
"Naww, everybody's got his price. I think I can rent him for a couple
of days."
"We got enough trouble getting involved with Ho. Now you wanna bring
the creepy-crawlies into it. Are you nuts, man?"
"Vince is alright. Besides, if we make it profitable enough he'll
keep his mouth shut."
"These profits are coming out of our pockets."
"I don't think so. I'll tell my customer we need to bring in an
outside guy and charge him extra for it. What's a few thousand bucks
to him?"
"How long's this gonna take? Ho ain't gonna hang around here for
long. Even with his money the Thai government is bound to find out
eventually. He's gotta get back to his base with his soldiers to
protect him."
"I'll call him now."
"Shit. If we can just get that maniac Sims into the place he'll cut
everyones throat while they sleep. Then you can do what you like."
"Yeah, but getting in is the problem.
"No, getting out is."
"Just think of all that money."
"I am. I am."
"You know, it ain't just Ho taking off for the deep jungle, that girl
ain't gonna live long down there."
"I know. I'm hoping he takes his time with her. There ain't that many
cute blondes for sale in Thailand, especially a looker like her."
"Man, I been asking around about him and what I hear ain't good.
Rumours go he just rips em up when he's done with the girls. Guts em'
and tears them apart. That place down there is supposed to be a bloody
"I know. Remember that Cabinet Minister's daughter last year?"
Mickey nodded, remembering the furore when the girl had been found
impaled on the man's lawn a week after he'd called for the army to
sweep through Ho's territory and kill the drug lords. The girl had
been repeatedly raped and sodomized before being skinned alive.
"We should be able to hit him tomorrow night, unless Vince says he
can't get here in time."
"We better. He's had her for thirty-six hours now. She might not
survive another thirty-six." JJ nodded grimly.
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Chapter Six of Eight

A bit more easy going for the girl in this one. Merely one long ride on a electro-shock fucking-machine. Then some `decorations` for a special party at the mansion...with dozens of party-guests invited to fuck and humiliate the girl.

She will have to make up for that in Chapter Seven and Eight. The torture gets worse, then.


Wendy was wakened by smelling salts. The fat man, the man she knew
only as "Master", twisted her arm, forcing her to her feet, then led
her over into a corner of the room and made her stand over a metal
bar. The bar rose up from the floor, thick as a man's leg. At the top
were two inch high round tubes, each about the thickness of a silver
dollar. The fat man forced her to stand over the bar, legs spread,
then forced her down onto the rounded tubes.
They pushed into her pussy and rectum, rudely forcing aside her
tender flesh as they opened her up and dug inside. The steel tubes
seemed to vibrate or hum with power and Wendy looked down anxiously as
she stood there.
Then she felt the rounded tubes moving. They were turning round and
round inside her. It was not terribly unpleasant or painful. They were
warm and seemed oily as they turned. Then she realized that as they
turned they were moving up deeper inside her body.
She quivered in fear and looked appealingly at the fat man, but he
simply stood by a small panel of knobs on the wall, looking on with
eager enjoyment. The tubes pushed higher and higher, screwing upwards
into he body inch by inch by inch. The one in her anus seemed to reach
bottom and she winced in pain as it bored against some hard inner
surface. She pulled her legs together a little, raising herself
higher, yet the thing merely continued to whir around and climb higher
inside her.
Again it pushed against something inside her, as the one in her
pussy continued to climb. She gasped and panted, rising on the balls
of her feet, then cried out in pain as she was almost raised from the
floor by the pressure of what were now very long metal bars up high in
her rectum.
It stopped climbing then, but continued to turn around and around.
The other tube still rose higher and higher until she screamed in pain
as it brought tremendous pressure against her cervix. The thing was
drilling up into her and threatening to bore upwards into her stomach
and chest.
Then it stopped turning and held still. Abruptly, it started to slide
downwards. She sighed in relief as it pulled back down the length of
her tunnel. But her relief was premature. It stopped moving, then
pushed back up. As it pushed upward, the tube in her anus started to
slide down.
The two tubes began to fuck her. One pushed up as the other pulled
down. She looked down between her legs to watch, estimating then that
both of them were almost a foot long, though she had no real way of
telling since she couldn't even see anything but a bit of shiny metal
from the one in her pussy as it slid upward into her pussy lips and
then slid back down. Then she screamed and jumped up, she jerked
aside, yelping with pain as her pussy and anus jerked against the
tubes inside them. She howled and shrieked as hot, fiery pain burned
it's way into her belly. The metal rod inside her pussy was
electrified and shot sparking jolting shocks into her as she jerked
and cried and twisted helplessly.
She wasn't even tied up, but was held in place by the pumping metal
dildo things. For one was always high up inside her at any given time
and she couldn't jump off while standing still. She couldn't get away,
couldn't pull free from the terrible burning in her sex.
"Please!" she screamed. "I'll do anything you want!"
"Sing," he said with a smile.
The crackling electricity switched to her anus and she bucked her
hips forward, crying out in agony as a bolt of purest pain dug into
her anus. It felt like a hot animal chewing its way up into her guts,
clawing and digging through her flesh.
She sobbed in agony and frustration as the pumping steel dildos moved
faster within her. Their terrible shocking pains spat into her at
variable intervals, sometimes both together. She could do nothing but
stand there and let it happen as tears rolled down her cheeks and her
body shuddered and trembled and shook against the electricity that
poured through her.
Her bare feet slapped and jerked and twisted on the concrete floor as
she howled in agony and misery. She was impaled on the two tubes as
they bit her repeatedly, twin snakes up inside her, consuming her
The fat man left then, but she didn't notice it. She was left alone
with the two fucking tubes as they pumped rapidly in and out of her
holes and shot forth their fire. Her tears and cries went unheard as
she jogged and jiggled and writhed like a butterfly on a pin.
She had no idea how much time passed. The passage of time was not
something she could discern any longer, nor care about. Finally
though, the pains stopped and the dildos both slid downward in her
body and disappeared into the bigger tube. She fell forward,
collapsing to her knees, then onto her belly on the floor.
Her body continued to quiver and twitch and tremble as her burned out
nerve endings and tortured senses rippled with pain. She felt hands on
her, felt her leather wrist cuffs and anklets removed, felt cold air
on her skin there.
Then something hard and cold was clamped against them, but again it
was only a feeling. She lay there on her belly, her head pressed
against the stone as she panted and whimpered from an overload of
terrible pain.
She heard a clanking, the sound of thick chains, but paid it no heed.
Then something cold and hard slid around her throat. Her dulled eyes
opened slightly as she tried to see down, but it was beneath her chin
and she saw nothing. She closed her eyes again.
Her body was dragged across the floor, someone pulling on her hands
as she whined in pain. Then she opened her eyes. She was pulled up to
her feet and sat down on a straight backed chair. She turned her head
and looked blearily up at a man, but didn't recognize him.
He pulled a leather harness from the table, thick double loops with a
long strap. He placed the loops over her breasts, pulled the strap
around her back, then started to tighten it. The leather was very hard
and firm and the loops were too small for her large breasts.
Still he pulled tightly and she groaned as her soft flesh was forced
harder and harder into the leather loops, squeezing forward slowly
through the holes, forced through by the crushing pressure as the man
tightened the strap hard around her back.
He reached around then and gripped her right breast in his, pulling
on it, forcing more and more of it through the loop. He pulled until
her breast was completely through the loop, and the sides of the thing
were flat against her chest. It squeezed painfully tight on the base
of her breast and compressed the pliable meat into a hard round ball
of flesh.
He pulled her other breast through also, tightening the device and
fastening it behind her. Both her breasts were now bloated out like
mushrooms, the surface tight and hard. It was painful and
uncomfortable. She raised her right hand, then noticed the weight and
shook her head in an effort to clear it as she looked down at her
There was a heavy steel shackle around her wrist. It was thick dull
metal and several inches wide. Similar shackles were on her ankles and
her other wrist. A thick chain, strong enough to pull a truck with,
was attached to all four of them, going upward to the sides of her
neck, where she assumed they were attached to the metal collar around
her throat.
The man pulled on the chains, forcing her hands back behind her,
where they were locked in place. Then he pushed her back against the
chair's back. He pulled a long thin needle and a pair of pliers off
the table and seized her right nipple with the pliers teeth.
She moaned in pain as he stretched her nipple upward, distorting and
stretching it. He pushed the sharp needle against the side of her
nipple, then quickly stabbed it in. She screamed as the sharp point of
the needle pushed completely through her nipple and emerged on the
other side.
The man grinned and slid the needle back and forth a few times before
pulling it out. He put it down, then picked up a large gold ring the
size of a quarter and pushed it through her nipple, locking it in
place. He picked up the pliers and needle again and gripped her left
She whimpered in anticipation and pain, her nipple was crushed
cruelly between the jagged teeth of the pliers, then stabbed hard by
the needle, which pierced it and came out the other side. Another
golden nipple, was fixed into place, then he pushed her head further
back and his thick, hairy knuckles ground against her skin. She saw
the needle and her eyes opened wide in terror. Then she felt a
terrible pain at her nose and her eyes teared as she cried in pain.
The underside of her nose burned with agony as he forced the needle
through the flesh between her two nostrils. He pulled the needle back
and then fixed another, smaller gold ring in place. It hung down along
her upper lip.
He pulled her from her chair then and lifted her up on the table like
a sack of potatoes. He pushed her onto her back and spread her legs
apart. Again his hands and the needle moved against her. Again she
felt awful pain as the needle stabbed into the soft flesh of her sex.
The needle pierced the folds of her pussy lips. Another golden ring
was placed through her lips. The man muttered to himself, sounding
satisfied, then moved away. He walked across the room to the door and
let himself out.
Wendy lay there on the table for long minutes, then finally sat up,
panting raggedly. She couldn't touch herself since her hands were
still locked behind her. She looked down at her nipples and pussy,
staring in shock at the rings there, bewildered and appalled by what
had happened to her.
Then another man arrived. She recognized him as the man who had come
to fetch her from her cell before. He beckoned to her and she slid
awkwardly off the table and moved over beside him. He turned her
around and unlocked her wrists so they fell to her sides, then
gestured for her to follow him.
She obeyed, walking fearfully along behind him as they went down the
corridor to the stairs and started to climb upward. It was difficult
to move in the chains. She had to keep her hands down and move them in
time to the motion of her feet, otherwise she fell.
She had to move in short, mincing steps, the chain was not long
enough for anything else. Even this required that she bend forward so
her wrists would be lower. It took a minute to reach the top of the
stairs and then several more to traverse the length of the hall up
Her bare feet moved over expensive oriental carpets now. The walls
were complexly carved and hung with paintings. She passed tall windows
where sunlight poured in and looked eagerly out each time, only to see
trees and grass and no sign of any human beings.
The man halted before a pair of enormous double doors. He pushed them
open, revealing a large, opulently decorated room thick with bright
and expensive furnishings. There were dozens of people inside,
chatting together as they sipped wine.
Many turned to stare at the doorway as the man stepped aside and
motioned Wendy forward. She coloured redly, her skin burning with
suddenly refound shyness and shame at so many people staring at her
nude form. All of them, men and women, were dressed in expensive suits
and extravagant gowns, and stared at her in varying degrees of
amusement and scorn.
Several of the women giggled, their eyes crinkling and their hands
covering their mouths. The men laughed or grinned at the naked blonde
girl, standing awkwardly there in chains, her flesh stark against the
dark glistening mahogany walls.
Wendy blinked her eyes hopefully, for surely all of these people
could not be as cold and cruel and mad as the fat man and the pirates
who had kidnapped her, yet that hope began to quickly fade at the
smirks and snickers which greeted her.
She dropped her eyes in shame, feeling like the grubby poor girl
being mocked by the chic of society's upper crust. The doors closed
behind her, pressing into her buttocks, and her hopeless eyes rose and
scanned the assembled people helplessly, then dropped to the rug
"Come here," said a voice, a voice she knew was the fat man's. She
looked up at once, and saw him across the room, wearing a military
uniform thick with gold braid and medals. He glared at her and pointed
to his feet. Her fear overcame her embarrassment and she shuffled
The women's giggling intensified and several comments were passed
back and forth between the people as she moved forward. She was glad
she couldn't understand them. She kept her head bowed as she moved
through them until the fat man ordered her to raise it.
She stopped near him, intensely aware of all the eyes in the room
boring into her.
"Kneel here," the fat man ordered.
She complied at once, glad to kneel since it offered slightly less
exposure to the watching eyes.
"Press your forehead against the floor in front of me," the fat man
She closed her eyes in misery, knowing how she would look, especially
from behind. But she had no choice. She bent forward until her face
was pressed into the carpet.
"Spread your legs."
She did it, sniffling as she fought to hold back the tears. She could
see only his thick, shiny leather boots in front of her head.
"My boots are dirty," he said in a conversational tone. "I want you
to clean them with your tongue."
She raised her head, looking up the long length of his body to his
frowning face looking back down. Then she looked at his boots and
sighed inwardly, little, if any pride left to be crushed anyway.
She bent forward, on her hands and knees, and began to slide her
tongue over his right boot, licking away at the leather surface as the
people watched. One of the women giggled and clapped her hands in
glee. The fat man raised his foot off the carpet and held it in
mid-air, the heel pointed towards her.
She started licking the bottom of his boot, her tongue wiping off
little bits and pieces of fluff from the rug and little gritty pieces
of dirt. Then she felt hands on her buttocks, then between her legs,
gripping her mound.
Fingers squeezed her pussy, then slid into her pussy briefly. She
sensed and heard someone behind her, then felt what could only be a
hard cock pushing against her pussy lips. It forced it's way into her,
driving deep into her sheath until the material of the man's shirt
pressed into her upraised bottom.
The cock began to fuck her hard as her tongue continued to clean off
the fat man's boots. He moved away finally and left her there on her
hands and knees being fucked by somebody. She raised her head, turning
to see the face of the man who fucked her.
It told her nothing. He grinned nastily as he saw her watching him
and drove into her with even more force, thrusting hard as he pumped
in and out of her sex. The other people gathered around, grins on
their faces also, chatting with each other as they surrounded the
pair. She turned away, looking down at the rug again, dazed.
The man fucked into her for several minutes, then his cum bubbled down
into her pussy-pit and he sighed with pleasure and pulled out. Wendy
knelt there still, not knowing what was wanted off her unless she was
"Stand," the fat man said. She stood and turned around, her head
"See this woman," the fat man said. He pointed towards a young Asian
woman wearing a long blue silk gown. She had a round pretty face and
waist length hair.
"Take her clothes off her."
Wendy looked at him, then back to the woman, who looked smugly up at
The blonde teenager moved forward until she stood in front of the
woman, looking into her eyes. Then she reached out and began undoing
the laces at the front of the gown.
There were a lot of laces, but she finally got the thing open, then
pushed it back over her shoulders so it slid to the ground. The fat
man stood behind her. He slapped her bottom hard, making her cry out
in pain.
"Don't leave it on the floor, you slut. That's an expensive gown."
She quickly bent and as the woman lifted her feet, she picked it up
and folded it, then placed it over a chair. Next she removed the
woman's high heeled shoes, one at a time, kneeling as she unfastened
them and then slipped them off over her toes. The woman was now clad
in a lacy blue bra, thin blue string-bikini and garter belt with
stockings. One by one, starting with the stockings, then the garters,
then the bra, she undressed the woman, who stood, mostly unmoving and
watched her.
She removed her bra, her eyes looking down at the small round
breasts and brown nipples as she put the lacy thing on the chair. Then
she slipped her fingers into the woman's panties and pulled them down,
kneeling as the woman stepped out of them, then rising and putting
them on the chair.
Now that she was as naked than Wendy, the blonde teen turned to look
at the fat man. He smiled as he eyed her.
"Clean her like you did my boots," he said. "Give her a tongue bath,
starting with her forehead and working your way down. Don't miss a
square inch of her body or it's back to the basement for you."
Wendy's sexual experience with women was non existent, but it was
much less terrible than most of what she'd been through. She bent
forward and began to lick the giggling woman's forehead.
She licked all over her forehead, then down her nose between her eyes
and up around the other side. She licked her cheeks and lips and along
the sides of her face. She worked her way slowly down around the
woman's shoulders and then down each arm to the hand.
She felt weird and humiliated, licking at the palm of the woman's
hand, and in between her fingers. Then she moved up to her upper
chest, licking away at it a she made her way down over her small
breasts. The woman giggled again as she licked over her breasts and
nipples, then down under her armpits and around behind her. The rest
of the people were half watching, half talking. Some were ignoring the
two. Wendy slowly licked her way down the woman's back and belly to
her hips. Her tongue felt awfully dry by then but it didn't matter.
She licked over the woman's buttocks.
The woman spread her legs as Wendy pushed her tongue and face in
between her buttocks, licking down over her wrinkled anal opening and
then underneath her. She crawled around in front of the woman and
licked down into her pussy then. The woman's pussy was covered with
juices that Wendy slurped in as she ran her tongue through her pussy
Downward she went, along the thighs to the knees, then down to the
ankles and finally to her feet, where she licked around and under and
in between the toes. Finally the fat man pulled her up by the hair, at
least to her knees.
Her face was level with the woman's pussy. "Pleasure her off now,"
the fat man commanded.
Wendy had been expecting the command and pushed her tired tongue into
the woman's pussy, tasting her juices again. The sopping wetness of
the woman's sex moistened her tongue again as she pushed it up into
the opening in front of her. She rasped her tongue back and forth
between the woman's lips as the people looked on in amusement. She
gripped the woman's buttocks in her hands, trying to hold her tired
body up so she could lick her to orgasm. Her tongue found the woman's
clitty and worked back and forth across it.
The woman was sighing and moaning in pleasure. Her hips made little
circles and humped out against Wendy's face. Her hands came down on
Wendy's hair as she spread her legs further. Wendy pushed her tired
tongue as deep into the woman's pussy tunnel as it would go, wiggling
it around inside her.
Then the woman came, cum flooding down into Wendy's face as the
oriental groaned in ecstasy and arched her back. She pulled hard on
Wendy's head, rubbing herself against the blonde's face as she came
off. Wendy gulped down the cum juices, elated in a dizzy kind of way,
that she'd finally finished.
The woman staggered back and Wendy fell forward onto her hands,
panting with exhaustion. Then there was a man behind her and a cock
was thrust up into her belly. She whimpered tiredly as the man behind
her fucked harshly into her tight pink pussy mouth.
His hands came down under her and cupped her tight round breasts. He
squeezed tightly, his fingers digging into her fleshy hanging mounds.
She whined in pain, her taut skin threatening to burst apart from the
new pressure, like overfilled water balloons.
The man hammered his prong down her pussy, rutting in and out of her
as he grunted and muttered excitedly. He fucked her like a dog, his
cock hammering back and forth as his hips slapped her rounded
He seized her shoulders in grips of steel, jerking her body back to
meet his furious forward thrusts. His hips smashed into her buttocks,
making them bounce, and sending a sharp SLAP! of sound throughout the
He groaned, driving his fuck-spike deep into the white girl's belly,
then sending steamy wads of jism spurting up into her abdomen, coating
her pink tunnel and cervix with it's salty, warm tang.
The man pulled out and the fat man moved forward. He attached a
leash, like for a dog, to her collar and began walking her around the
room with it. Her knees hurt, but she struggled to keep up with him.
She would do anything to keep from being sent back to the basement for
more of his tortures.
"Bark like a dog," the fat man said.
"Whoof," she said, dejectedly. "Arf, arf, arf, arf."
Everyone laughed and giggled as he led her by them. Several reached
out to pat her head, ruffling her hair as she barked and whined like
the fat man wanted.
The fat man led her over to a couch where a man sat eyeing her with
distaste. He pulled on her leash, forcing her to half climb up onto
the couch, then the man sitting there unzipped his trousers and pulled
out his cock. Wendy didn't need to hear the order as she moved her
face into his crotch and took his cock between her lips. She slid her
lips up and down on the man's erection, sucking on it as her tongue
ran around and around, rubbing especially against the underside near
the head. The man put a hand on her head and pushed her downward,
shoving her down so hard his cockhead popped into her throat.
It was much harder and more painful to take a cock down her throat
like this because her head wasn't at a good angle and the cock pushed
hard against the side of the tube as it entered. She wasn't given any
choice though, as she hadn't been since that night, however long ago
it had been when she'd been taken from her father's boat.
She slid her mouth and throat up and down the cock, groaning in pain
and whimpering with desperation as her lungs burned with the need for
oxygen. She almost passed out before the man allowed her head to rise
enough for his cock to clear her air tube again. She sucked in great
gasps of breath, her lungs still burning with pain.
She had to keep working on his cock though and her tongue kept
circling and rasping and rubbing as he slid it in and out of her lips.
Then he forced her head back down and his cock jammed into her throat
once again.
She felt another cock against her sex and then it was thrust up into
her pussy. She ignored it. There wasn't anything she could do anyway
as it raped in and out of her pussy tunnel with brutal, rutting
strokes. The cock in her mouth drew all her attention as she tried to
bring it off before it choked her to death.
She bobbed her head rapidly, getting the hang of bobbing just far
enough upward so his cock came free of her throat and she could
breath. If she took several quick breaths before taking it down her
throat again, the man didn't force her head back. Whoever was fucking
her was grunting with the effort and slamming his belly against her
buttocks. His hands slid under her belly and jerked her back against
him. His hands actually lifted her knees off the floor several times
as her jerked her up and back against him.
The man sitting down pulled sharply on her hair, sending shooting
pain through her system as he pulled her back from his cock. His
prickhead came free of her lips and he held it in his hands, jerking
on the shaft as it erupted in long white gobs of semen.
The semen shot up into her face, coating her forehead, eyelids and
cheeks with it's salty wet drool. The man fucking her from behind was
grunting furiously as he rode her. Then he plunged his erection deep
into her hole and shot out his own gobs of juice.
The fat man took her away, leading her on her hands and knees across
the room to another chair. He sat down there and pulled her across his
knees so her bottom pointed up and out towards the other people. Wendy
had no idea what he was saying, which she didn't regret at all.
Laughter greeted several of his monologues as his hand slowly stroked
across her buttocks. He parted them and slid fingers in and out of her
pussy, then said something else that caused laughter. Abruptly he
slapped his hand down hard on her bottom.
She cried out in surprise and pain as the loud echo of the crack
filled the room. The fat man slapped her ass again, hard, making her
sob with renewed pain. Though she could not see them, two dark, angry
red hand prints were now starkly drawn across her soft white bottom.
The watching people applauded. Then the fat man began cracking his
hand down repeatedly, spanking her with sharp, hard lashing blows that
made her wriggle and writhe in his grasp as her buttocks erupted in
hot throbbing pain.
After a minute he stopped and invited others to come up and give her
buttocks a few spanks. One by one each of the men and women came up
and slapped her bottom several times, each one vying with the others
to hit harder and make the now reddened cheeks bounce and jiggle.
Her buttocks burned, but she held herself as still as possible,
wincing and gasping as she continued to tell herself that this
humiliation was better than what waited her below.
She was pushed back onto the floor where once again a man knelt
behind her and stabbed his erection into sex. When he was finished,
another man took his place, then another, then another. She was fucked
fore and aft, taking cock after cock down her throat until Ho grew
bored of watching.
Two servants grasped her ankles, then, and lifted them into the air
as they dragged her backwards along the floor. The chains were removed
and her ankles lifted higher still, attached to new chains which were
locked high onto two marble pillars.
Wendy whimpered and moaned as she stared dazedly at the upside down
world, but could make little sense of what was happening. The crowd
was gathering around her again as Ho moved into place, and for a
moment she saw a long whip placed into his hands.
She closed her eyes and whimpered again.
Ho held a long flog. It was designed to hurt rather than harm, and
contained a dozen metre long leather strips which would sting flesh
instead of cutting it.
Of course, the flesh he was aiming at was unusually sensitive.
The whip flew overhand and the strips spread out somewhat. The main
body of them struck her upraised sex squarely, however, and Wendy
shrieked as her pussy burned. Each strip hit with stinging force, like
a dozen bees plunging their needles into her tender flesh, whipping
across the whole of her sex, groin and inner thighs.
The whip came down again, and again she howled, as the leather
snapped at buttocks and thighs, but once again focused mainly on her
sex. Again the whip descended, and again, each blow slow and measured,
giving time for the audience to appreciate his artistry, to watch the
girl writhe and thrash, to admire the play of muscles beneath her skin
and the sound of the screams issuing forth from her wide open mouth.
Again the whip fell and again and again. Ho stood back, panting, then
offered up the whip to his guests. One by one they took it, some
doubtful, some uncertain, many gleeful, and brought the flog down
against the girl's open sex.
Ho had her lowered finally, lowered until her upper torso lay on the
floor. Her ankles continued to be held aloft, however, and it was to
her feet he next turned his attentions. All he needed for this was a
very thin and flexible crop.
For Ho knew that while the girl's sex was sensitive, her feet would
be even more so, and the soles of those feet beckoned to him
invitingly, pink and white and perfectly unmarred.
The crop sliced down across the center of her right heel and the
girl's body leapt and twisted on the floor as she shrieked yet again.
Ho turned and smiled to his guests, who applauded eagerly. The crop
sliced down again, and again, as he put his artistry into play,
causing it to dance across her heels, then her soles, then the balls
of her feet before slicing into the toes.
When he was finished the girl's screams were ragged croaks, her voice
given out. He had her dropped to the floor, then attached a line to
her nose ring. And, as his audience applauded once more, led her
whimpering and sobbing out on her knees. It would be some time before
the pain healed so that she could walk again, he knew, and it was
unlikely she would live long enough.

In retrospect he should have been more careful. JJ and his friends
had been asking around about a blonde white girl, and shortly
afterwards the men who'd taken her had all been killed. Nobody was
dumb enough to think that was a coincidence.
If he'd taken the care to see that the slaver who'd purchased the
girl had been killed as well, nothing would have happened. However
he'd lost track of the guy briefly. When the slaver heard of what had
happened in the village, he'd naturally made inquiries.
It hadn't taken long for word to reach him that JJ had been asking
around about where a white girl might be found. That gave the man two
choices, run and hide and hope he was never found, or kill JJ. He'd
chosen the latter.
Unfortunately for him, his timing was way off. He'd burst into JJ's
little house, along with four of his men, all armed with
submachine-guns, late at night. At the time, JJ had been in the
basement, going over the plan for the attack on General Ho's place
with Vince, Raif, Mickey, Sims, Joey, and Jean.
The gunmen had made a hell of a lot of noise upstairs but
accomplished little other than waking the neighbours, which was why,
when they finally came down into the basement, they'd walked into a
hail of bullets. JJ himself, who'd only had his colt, had passed over
the four guys in front and taken out the slaver, who'd been lurking
The four gunmen had sprayed their machine-guns all around the
darkened basement, but been rapidly cut down by the return fire from
the crouching men spread around the room. The whole fight had probably
taken no more than ten seconds.
When a dozen men started shooting at each other with machine-guns at
three in the morning, it attracted the attentions of the police.
There'd barely been time for JJ and the others to grab up the weapons,
plans and other goods and get the hell out before the cops showed up.
Of course they now had an alert out for him, what with the five
bodies found shot up in his basement. That made it a little difficult
getting around and complicated things a lot. It had delayed them when
they couldn't afford to be delayed. Worse it had made front page news.
Hopefully Ho wouldn't notice, or if he did, wouldn't put it together
with any possible attack on himself. Their only possibility of
surviving an attack was surprise, after all.
They'd managed to stay under cover through the next day, and now
crouched at the base of Ho's walls, waiting for Vince to give them the
okay to move in. JJ kept looking at his watch, then back down the
hill, watching the road for traffic. Just their luck if a cop came by
now, he thought.
Vince finally crab-walked back to him.
"All right. The wires on the wall are down, but remember, nobody is
to move from the wall once they're inside. There's a light beam fence
ten yards away. I have to deactivate it after we're inside the wall.
"Okay, let's get the fuck off the sidewalk at least," JJ hissed. He
turned and waved his arm at the others, then clicked the button of his
radio three times. He jumped up and locked his hands together. Vince
put a boot into them and then JJ heaved him up to the top of the wall,
where he dropped over.
A rope was tossed back over and he, Raif, Mickey and Sims climbed up
and over one by one, pulling the rope back over with them. They knelt
behind some bushes as Vince slowly made his way forward, a set of
goggles over his eyes to watch for the beams.
The others had goggles as well and followed him, stepping across the
occasional, ankle high beam until they all stopped in front of the
light fence. The fence was simply a series of metal poles around the
perimeter of the estate. They were linked together by beams of infra
red light that would send an alarm if anything substantial passed
It took Vince twenty-five minutes to disconnect just one pair of the
metal poles from the circuit, allowing the five of them, plus the
other five, who'd joined them, to move through. Ahead of them lay more
beams, as well as trip wires and motion and sound detectors. It was
going to be a slow journey up the hill.
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Chapter Seven of Eight.

It´s back to the torture rooms for Wendy. Her `Master`is far from finished with her...


Wendy was hanging from her wrists. The chains had been removed,
replaced by other chains that bound her hands high above her and
stretched apart. Her toes were less than an inch from the floor, but
that might as well have been a mile.
The General had finished showing her off, and now was free to markup
her fine unblemished skin. He had been looking forward to it. First he
made a careful selection from among his supply of whips, weighing each
for the comfort before deciding to start with a comparatively short
riding crop.
He stepped behind her now, anticipation of the first blow making his
forehead gleam with perspiration. He raised the crop into the air,
staring down at the white girl's perfect round bottom, then brought it
slashing through the air. It cut down across the girl's right buttock,
jerking her hips forward as the blonde screamed in pain. The crop left
an angry looking red welt behind.
Ho thought it was beautiful indeed. He brought the crop down on her
left buttock, making her shriek in pain and leaving another welt
Both buttocks ached, sharp, stabbing pains beating into her from the
tortured skin. Again he whipped the crop down, slashing it across both
buttocks at once, throwing her forward as she howled in pain. Her legs
kicked and flailed as she jerked and twisted in pain.
Ho was in ecstasy as he brought welt after welt to her previously
unmarked flesh. To him, she was like a blank canvas, a canvas he was
only now bringing colour to, only now turning her body into a work of
art, his art.
Again he brought the crop down across those sweet, round buttocks,
revelling in the meaty thwack that reverberated back down the length
of the crop as the other end impacted against her buttocks and sliced
into the flesh.
Now the welts were criss-crossing her pale skin, cutting the skin.
Blood began to trickle down from her beaten ass cheeks. Ho put the
crop down and selected another whip, this one longer and thinner. He
turned back to the girl, now looking at her yet unmarked back. A smile
appeared on his face.
He raised the whip, bringing his arm back, then with a careful snap
of his wrist and elbow, he hurled it forward, bringing the it cracking
down across the girl's back.
Wendy couldn't scream at first. The whip lashing across her back
simply drove the breath out of her. It threw her forward against the
chains holding her wrists and nothing but a horrified hiss of escaping
air escaped her. Then she drew breath and howled in agony, her back
afire with tortured and broken nerve endings. Ho brought the whip down
again, raising another ugly welt on her back. His cock was pointing
straight up into the air now as his bulging tool became more and more
aroused by the sight of her body absorbing the terrible blows.
He brought the whip down again, then again and again and again, each
time raising a new welt, a new furrow of broken flesh, each time
throwing the blonde forward and ripping an agonized scream from her
He stopped as her screams became little more than grunts of pain. He
put the whip down and then moved around in front of her, as if turning
a new blank page in a book. He examined her clean white front and
tried to think what to use on her. Her breasts still bulged out, white
and pure, the skin tight across the swollen meat. He reached out and
slid his finger through her right nipple ring, then tugged out on it,
pulling the nipple out cruelly. She whimpered anew and he wondered
that she had any tears left to shed.
He let go of the ring and then slapped her bulging breast instead,
making her cry out in pain. He slapped it again, and then began to
energetically slap each of her twin mounds with his hands. She howled
and cried and screamed in pain, her breasts bouncing and jerking
despite their firmness.
He moved over to the wall and pulled down a simple thin wooden cane,
then went back to the blonde teenager and whipped the cane down across
her right breast. She shrieked, an awful, animalistic cry of mindless
torment which almost made him cum right there.
He gripped his cockshaft and pressed his cockhead into her belly,
rubbing it back and forth. Almost at once, his cum spurted out onto
her, some of it shooting up onto her reddened breasts. He grunted in
pleasure as he came, watching the wads of semen shootout onto the
white girl's flesh with delight and fascination.
He sighed and drew away, hefting the cane again. He raised it and
brought it swinging down onto her left breast, making the meat bounce
and shake. He hit it hard, the force of his blow sending the thin cane
slicing deep into her meat, cutting the breast in half as it rammed
deep into her flesh. Then her resilient flesh bounced out again as he
pulled the cane back. The girl kept screaming, though, a pure delight.
He brought it down again, this time on her right breast. Again she
howled and kicked and whined and sobbed. He brought it down on her
left breast again, then her right, then her left, then her right.
He kept beating her poor breasts until they were covered in horrible
dark welts and were a fiery red and purple. He moved over to a lever
then and turned it, turning a pulley by the ceiling. The chains
holding her wrists began to lower, and since she could no longer stand
up, she was lowered slowly onto the floor.
He lowered the chains only until her breasts were level with his
cock. Her legs were splayed out behind her as he locked the lever into
position. She continued to whimper and cry as he reached for her
darkened teats. Then he seized one in either hand and squeezed them
tightly together around his cock, which had rapidly become erect as
he'd punished them. Her meaty pillows felt hot in his hands as he
crushed them around his prick and started to pump into them.
The blonde whimpered in pain as he fucked her breasts, but the sound
only added more pleasure to his body. He fucked her breasts with long
slow strokes as his finger bit and dug into her taut flesh. He
squashed and squeezed and crushed her pain-filled breasts, delighted
by her responses.
His cum bubbled out from his piss hole and shot into her cleavage as
he grunted in satisfaction. He raised his cock at once and shot wads
of salty white semen into her face, then watched them dribble down her
cheeks. He staggered back with a sigh of pleasure, rubbing his cock
with his hand.
There was a phone call then. He frowned in anger. He didn't like
phone calls when he was playing. He went over and picked it up,
listened for a moment, then hung up and turned to look at her with a
sigh of regret.
"I will be back soon, my sweet child," he said, "In the meantime, you
may wait for me."
He unlocked her cuffs and pulled her back several feet. Then he
locked her wrists behind her. He pulled several long thin chains from
a drawer and attached them to her rings. Then he bent her back, way,
way back until her head was looking behind her, almost upside down. He
pulled the chain attached to her nose ring down and attached it to a
chain on the wall behind her.
Then he pulled the chain attached to her pussy ring down between her
legs and also attached it to the wall behind her, making her whimper
with new pain as it pulled tightly on her pubic lips. She was forced
to spread her legs wide to keep her balance and bend her body way back
to keep her nose from being torn.
Ho pulled the two chains attached to her nipple rings straight up and
tied them around a chain hanging from the ceiling. Both breasts were
pulled horribly tight, the nipples stretched upward almost to the
breaking point, almost to the point where her young flesh would tear.
He left her in the position as he went out the door and down the
hallway, dressing and then going upstairs to meet with Sam Choy, one
of his spies. He promised himself Choy's head if the errand that had
disrupted his play was not very serious indeed.
This white girl was being wonderfully enjoyable. He couldn't remember
when the last one had been as good, and he had yet to even harm her
body beyond a few welts and cuts. He could hardly wait until his knife
began to cut into her flesh.
He climbed up the stairway, frowning, as he always did at having to
climb stairs. Still, it would be almost impossible to conceal an
elevator, and he didn't want his little secret to be found out. He'd
lost track of all the girls he'd had down there. No doubt one of the
servants kept some track, if only to check any enquiries that might be
made about missing girls.
Ho seldom bought girls at the slave market, unless he could be
guaranteed that they were fresh. He didn't want some used whore for
his pleasure. He wanted to take their pride and crush it beneath his
boot heel. He wanted to torment girls who were as astonished by the
treatment as they were by the pain.
He walked down the hall to one of his private meeting rooms and
entered, glaring at Choy.
"This had better be important, Choy," he snapped.
"I would not have interrupted your, ahhh work if it weren't sir."
"Very well then. Speak. Tell me what is so important."
"It's about the girl, sir."
"What girl?"
"The American girl, the blonde you have down there in the basement."
"What about her?"
"It seems that the auctioneer lied somewhat, she is not without
family after all."
"So? Most of the girls I bring here have families."
"That is true, however her family are not poor peasant farmers, or
shopkeepers. Her father is a wealthy man and he is here in Bangkok,
looking for her."
"Let him look," Ho sniffed, pouring himself wine.
"He has hired someone to find her, a man named Jefferson."
"Again, so?"
Choy sighed and looked away.
"I looked into the matter of how the girl came to be at the sale. It
seems that her father's yacht was attacked by pirates two weeks ago
and she was taken from it after a brief gunfight. She was then sold to
a slaver named Ming Rawr who brought her to Bangkok and sold her to
the auction house."
A wealthy girl. That only made Ho's excitement deepen.
"The men who took her, the fishermen who played pirates? They are all
dead. Someone stole into their village the other night and killed them
all in their sleep, after, or before castrating them. In some cases
their wives woke in the morning to find their husband's dead at their
sides. It was very professionally done. Also, the fishing boat
exploded shortly after dawn."
"Pirates are scum anyway."
"The slaver Rawr was found dead last night in a basement in the east
end, along with four of his bodyguards. And a bomb exploded at the
auction building, creating little damage, but drawing the attentions
of the police. Most of the dealers have been arrested."
"So you think this chain of calamities will come to me next? I am not
worried," he said, dismissively. "I have an army to protect me."
"Not here in the city you don't."
"I have enough guards for now. I will have more brought in tomorrow."
"It would be better if you killed the girl and went back to the
"I do not run from ghosts, Choy!" Ho glared. "I will finish off the
girl tonight. After that you may fetch me another, one of those young
ones on Marchie street. I will deal quickly with her, then finish my
business here in the city."
"Go back to the jungle. I will send you a harem of girls, sir."
"I have a harem of girls in the jungle," Ho said, indignantly. "Over
a hundred girls between the ages of twelve and twenty, all of them
spiritless and crushed. I need fresh meat and this is the best place
to get it."
"Take the white girl back with you then."
"No. I will finish with her before morning. I want you to get me more
white girls, though, and younger ones. That pig at the auction claimed
she was fourteen, but I'm sure she's several years older. I want young
flesh, Choy, virgin flesh!"
"That is not easy, sir. There are few white girls in Asia, except for
the whores purchased in California and Melbourne."
"I want young and fresh girls. Send some people to Australia and the
United States. There are millions of them walking around loose on the
streets. It should not be difficult to pick up a few dozen."
"Not difficult at all," Choy sighed. "Getting them out of their
countries is another matter."
"Bribe whoever you have to. The Americans will do anything for money.
Did you see that Reagan fool on television last year, saying how
wonderful it was that the Japanese bought Hollywood? He sucks their
toes as well for money as that whore downstairs does from fear. Buy me
a few congressmen and have them arrange it. Hell, maybe they'll sell
you their daughters."
He laughed uproariously, then stood up.
"I'm going back to work. I don't wish to be disturbed again Choy.
Take care of this Jefferson person and make sure I am not annoyed
"Yes sir," Choy sighed.
"And find me some young flesh, Choy, a dozen or so girls just after
they have ripened. They are so sweet then and their voices so loud and
He grinned cruelly and turned away to the door.
He stalked back down the hall, opened the secret panel and moved down
the stairs again, contemplating the many ways he would bring the
blonde to the peak of agony before she died. Minutes later he was
naked again and looking down at the girl as she swayed and shook
precariously, on the verge of falling any second and tearing her
nipples off.
He looked down into her pussy and smiled thinly, then reached forth
and gripped a chunk of her golden pussy hair and ripped it free. She
screamed and trembled in place, but could not move. He tore out
another chunk, and another, and another, throwing it up into the air
like confetti as he giggled wildly.

It was well into the morning before they reached the side of the
house. They'd been lucky, only having to kill one guard, and him only
near the end. With a little luck, it would be too late before they
noticed he was missing.
JJ watched as Raif worked on the door and Vince took care of the
alarm. The rest of the group was crouched around them, some of them in
the bushes, others flattened against the wall of the house. Then the
door pushed open and Vince nodded at him.
He slipped through, Raif right behind him, and after them the rest of
them. It was a huge place, and their first task was to wipe out the
guards occupying the south wing. JJ was hoping they could betaken care
of quietly. He had few qualms about shedding blood to keep them
They hurried down the corridor to the south wing, then climbed to the
second floor. The ten of them moved down the corridor and all stopped,
each beside a different door. Then as one, they opened the doors and
rushed in. No sound travelled to the corridor until they all emerged
and closed the doors again.
They moved down the hall, stopping at new doors. Again they all
hurried in, again there was silence until their return, again they
moved on, this time climbing up to the third floor. They repeated this
twice more, clearing the third floor. The fourth floor was empty, the
occupants on duty at the time.
Now that there would be no back-up for those, they hurried back
downstairs and broke into groups of two, moving carefully into the
main body of the house and searching for more guards. JJ took Sims
with him as they moved down to he guards room.
It was pitifully easy. They jerked open the door and ran in. One man
was sitting down, his feet propped up on another chair as he sipped
his coffee. Two others were monitoring television cameras. None of the
three had time to reach their guns before JJ and Sims cut them down.
Now it wouldn't matter what alarms went off. All of them led here.
There was no way Ho was going to have any alarms monitored by outside
agencies, let alone by the police. He and Sims moved back into the
hall, moving along towards the General's private wing, where the
entrance to the underground chamber was supposed to be hidden.
Suddenly gunfire erupted from the east side of the house.
"Shit," JJ sighed.
"Bound to happen."
"Watch your back."
They continued down the hallway, then both dove back into doorways
on opposite sides of the hall as a guard appeared and fired a full
clip of bullets down the hall. The sound was astonishingly loud,
making him wonder briefly how it could be that the police wouldn't be
Sims twisted around and brought his silenced Uzi up, spraying the
hall. JJ crouched on his knees and peered around the corner. He aimed
the Uzi carefully, waiting. When Sims fired his last bullet and paused
to reload, the guard edged around the corner and began firing again.
JJ's bullets cut him in half, throwing him back against the wall.
"Come on," he said.
They hurried down the hall, crossing between the big marble pillars
that guarded the General's private quarters. There should be no guards
here, just servants, but there were no certainties. The furniture was
all antique, and probably worth a fortune. JJ considered burning the
place down when they'd finished.
A loud bell started ringing somewhere, driving up the adrenalin in
his blood. They made their way through the front of the wing to the
back, near where the servants entrance was. Then someone put a bullet
into the wall just above Sims's head. He dove behind a couch and JJ
fired a burst towards the second floor balcony. A man dropped back,
but he knew he hadn't hit him. He signalled to Sims, who nodded,
rolled a couple of times, then crawled around to the other side of the
couch and tilted the Uzi upwards. JJ ran forward, jumping across a
chair and diving under a table.
The guy fired down at him, but only got off a couple of shots before
Sims's bullets tore through him. The bullets whizzed past inches from
JJ's head. The guy's gun fell over the edge of the balcony though, and
the barrel slammed into his shoulder as it fell, making him growl in
"You okay?" Sims called.
"Fucking wonderful!" he hissed back. "Let's find the fat old fucker
before he gets away then."
"Fucking A."
They stood up and hurried to the back, then edged around the corner
and moved down the hallway where the entrance to the basement was
supposed to be. Sims kept guard as JJ carefully ran his hands along
the walls, searching for a secret door. There was a click, and a panel
slid back. He gave Sims the thumbs up sign, pulled his Uzi forward and
stepped through.
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