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Default second part of snuff

At the Presidents' Office.

The President was restless. He had a hard time concentrating on the proceedings of the Council. His mind was on the campaign to get ride of his enemies and have a little fun in the process. His latest addition to the Palace would now come handy. Next to his vast bedroom he had installed a holding cell and a nice, cosy boudoir for love and fun.
In reality it was a well sound proofed torture chamber of the finest kind with all sorts of equipment, ancient and modern. The installation had only just been completed and he was aching to try out some of the exciting equipment on some warm female flesh. Since his army days, the torture equipment you could get had advanced in leap and bounds. Dildos didn't just fuck a woman anymore. They could have electrical ingenuity, variable power shocks, rhythmic, pulsating, sent from different sections He had seen films of girls driven out of their minds just while suffering the latest electrical rapes!
He decided to pay the prison and his friends Arape and Brutal a surprise visit this very afternoon to take a look at the fun and make a selection for his own little boudoir. Plenty of arrests had been made lately. A couple of young student maybe, that he could enjoy through the night. Sleep didn’t come easy to him anymore.
The finance minister was droning on about possible increases in taxation. The President tried to look as if he was listening, but actually he was thinking how nice it would be to use the dildo at the same time as he thrust needles through a womans' tits. Maybe heat them up first. Red hot metal made such a lovely cooking smell when it met a screaming female flesh..... ...
He wondered if he could get away with stroking the sudden erection in his trousers. Maybe if he shuffled those files, as if he was looking at them.
It seemed as though the meeting went on for ever, but at long last they all left him alone. He was still stiff. He unzipped and gave himself a brisk and satisfying hand job, the images in his mind being of women he had tortured to death back in the old army days. It was certainly time to go and select some new bitches for his play room.....

The old jailer felt the surprise and shock in the room as the President and his entourage entered the torture chamber unannounced and took in the scene. The President had brought his two bodyguards, huge mean looking brutes, and his aide-de- camp, an evil looking little man. Mrs. Weber was swinging naked at the bar, apparently with some zest, the reason probably being the Zippo lighter Brenda was holding to her husband’s dick or the little squeals of fear and pain coming from the twins, sitting on Arape and Brutal’s naked laps. Despite Brenda's experienced oral attention to Mr.Webers limp cock, she had been unable to arouse any interest even though his wife was looking pretty sexy as she gyrated on the pole. So she decided if she couldn't get him up, she'd punish him instead, and was enjoying running the lighters' flame around his peeled back foreskin.
The Swedish goddess had regained her wits, Nina was still on the wedge and Sara strapped in the wheelchair.
The President took it all in with a sigh of pleasure and satisfaction. He had known all along that his boys wouldn’t let him down when it came to rape and torture. He also knew, even though the prisons were filling up, that he would find the finest prospects with Arape. He was looking at the women in their predicaments, all splendid specimens, striking beauties and torture and fuckable as hell.

“As you were” the President said. Arape and Brutal had risen, throwing the twins off their laps.
“Mr. President”, Arape said, “what an honour to have you here in our humble prison. I hope you will find the proceedings to your taste.”
Both Arape and Brutal knew that they would have to take the rape and torture to new heights in brutality and damage to the victim to satisfy the President’s vile tastes.
The President made an inspection of the goods. He was drawn first to the tall goddess strung naked from the ceiling. She yelped as he stroked his hard hands over her body and screamed beautifully when he poked her nipples with a needle.
“This one goes to the Palace tonight,” he said to his aide-de-camp, who smiled cruelly. The bodyguards smiled too; usually they had the leftovers when the old man had had his fun, often with very young and little girls. But this girl certainly was not little. She was the tallest most beautiful girl they ever had seen. The aide- de- camp wished the President would take the three little girls to the Palace too. They were all very nice, beautiful and juicy. He particularly liked the blond with the strangely large, but oh so firm tits. He liked large tits on small bodies and this girl was perfect.
He was looking forward to raping and hurting her after the President was finished with her. The President didn’t have his earlier agility and stamina. He drank too much and tired easily of the games. But he liked to watch his victims suffer, and had a swell time just sitting there whacking off as his bodyguards and the little sadistic aide-de-camp finished the job.

The President knew what was going on in the heads of his companions. He knew that his aid desperately wanted the little girls in the Palace tonight. He had nothing against raping and hurting little girls himself, but it was not his first priority. Virtually anything in a skirt could turn him on when she was screaming. He took his time going over the women, probing with hands and needle. Getting good typical reactions.
He was intrigued by the beautiful Sara in the wheelchair and had fun playing with his needle in her cunt. She reacted well and screamed like crazy, but not so when he pushed the needle deep into her legs. He found that very strange and wanted to investigate this phenomenon further. Sara was going to the Palace too.
The President smiled cruelly when he saw Nina’s cunt lips nailed to the wedge. He probed her buttocks with the needle and Nina tried to move to avoid the painful poking only to have her cunt lips stretched even more. It was all good old-fashioned fun.
Brutal was glad Nina wasn’t selected for the Palace. He was still hot on her and wanted quality time with her tonight. He wondered about Mrs. Weber and knew that Arape also had plans for her. The President was studying Mrs.Weber who had run to the twins on the couch trying to shield them against the evils of this terrible room. He knew the Professor and his lovely wife by reputation and he hated their guts. It would be a tremendous pleasure to separate the girls from their parents and let them wonder what would become of them.
He walked over to the Professor. Without warning he drew an ice pick and sliced it downwards, expertly piercing the Professor’s left ball.
. The room filled with a terrible scream. Mrs Weber jumped from the couch and started across the room. The bodyguards caught her before she could reach the President and held her in a grip like a vice, bending her head backwards, protruding her lovely breasts towards the ice pick of the President. He quickly jabbed her in each nipple. She screamed and slumped in the hands of the bodyguards. Thin lines of blood were running from her nipples.
She had fainted, not hearing the President shout “That will teach both you and your stupid husband not to try and meddle in my affairs. And I'm taking your daughters and their little friend with me for a bit of fun in the Palace. Pray that you will see them again!”
He turned round as if to go, and heard her cough and splutter, slowly sitting up and looking fearfully around the room as she remembered the awful situation. Her husbands' body was slumped forward. He was whimpering like a child, the blood dribbling from his punctured testicle.
“Oh, you fiend!” she cried, trying to scramble to her knees, intent on attacking this vile man. One of his brutish guards caught her, dragged her to her feet, arms twisted behind her back.
“Very melodramatic, my dear” the President smiled.”But before I leave I want to see you raped by all the able men in this room. I think Arape should have the pleasure of being first.”
Mrs. Weber was led to the couch. The little girls were taken care of by Brenda and ushered into a corner where they could watch the action . They were tethered together by a thin rope. She was joined by the aide-de-camp who started molesting the thin blond girl saying cruel and scary things to all three.
The girls cried and watched. First Arape, then Brutal, then the bodyguards and the little aide-decamp taking turns raping Mrs. Weber in the most brutal fashion. Legs spread, her vagina dripping male come, displaying herself in front of her daughters but too frightened to try and resist any further as she at last realised that these people were not like normal human beings. They were monsters without consciences, prepared to commit any atrocity for their own perverted pleasure. She actually stood up rather well. Nobody wanted to hurt her badly yet. They had a lot of fun ahead of them with the lovely Mrs. Weber. …...

It was a quiet night in the prison, even though from Brutal’s bedroom cell you could hear screams and sounds of torture penetrating the thick walls. Brutal was having his nasty bed play with the lovely Nina taking her further down in a spiral of pain and utter desperation. She had started realising deep down in her pain fogged brain that this terrible monster was going to kill her, literally fuck and torture her to death.
Brutal had started the night by playing on the scene from the girl’s stag party where Nina had ripped the bra off the young Mrs. Weber. He had made up a story of all the fun things that happened after the camera stopped rolling, an orgy in lesbian rape and torture, and made Nina confess cruelties and real bad hurt that never actually took place,of course. In fact, even before this madman was forcing her to say that she had done the most dreadful things on that night long ago, she had a very bad conscience about the incident. It had bothered her for years. The big girl that had mocked raped Elizabeth had been rather cruel, she had slipped her finger into Elizabeth’s cunt while bunching on top of her. And there was nothing she could do, except scream in pain and outrage. The girls were too drunk and excited to stop holding her down. One of the girls evens slipped her fingers into Elizabeth’s tight asshole, but nothing of the real cruel torture and repeated rape Brutal made her confess to, took place in reality. Brutal was grinning like crazy starting to hurt her even more badly and making her screech out even more outrageous confessions.

In the room next door it was more quiet. Arape listened with a smile to the wonderful sounds next door. He really hadn’t hurt Mrs. Weber yet, just given her the fuck of her life. After the multiple rape she had been showered and allowed to make herself up, given pain killers, and treated surprisingly well. Then she was taken to Arape when she begged him for information about her girls and her husband, he was soothing and seemingly a much more reasonable man, guaranteeing that nothing real bad would happen to the twins. He told her that the President had realized they were too young to have any part in the terrorism their parents had been accused of, and had insisted they be taken to the palace to stop them being forced to watch any more action in the dungeon.
He said they were just taken away as hostages to secure the co-operation of her and the professor.
Arape was grateful that she had fainted when the President used his icepick on her and that she hadn’t realized that the twins, their little friend, the Swedish goddess and Sara were actually taken to the Palace to be the victims of some fun and games that very night.
He was smiling, thinking about the night in the Palace. He new that he would never see any of those girls again, at least not alive. The President’s aide-de-camp, an old friend, had promised a full account of the coming fun at the Palace and Arape knew that it was going to be interesting and exciting.
But for now he was working on Elizabeth to turn her around, using blackmail, force and terror to make her see things his way. It had been very promising that she was wet when he raped her just after he had taken her to Brutal’s room to watch a little of the action going on with Nina.
Maybe Elizabeth had it in her after all. She was shocked to hear Nina confess that she and the rest of them had planned to hurt and degrade her all along at that terrible party years ago. He goaded her as they heard Nina saying things like “We wanted to shove a bottle up her greasy cunt then smash it and punch her in her belly”
“And you thought that evil bitch was your friend?” Arape said. “Sounds like you didn't know what a perverted bitch she has been all these years....oh, God, just listen to that !”
“And get her in the kitchen and put her tits in the meat slicer” Nina gasped, repeating what Brutal told her sotto voice to say. Of course, the listeners did not know that she had a pair of pliers closed around her left nipple, and each time she hesitated to repeat what Brutal said, he squeezed and twisted the trapped morsel violently.
“Of course, you know we prison officers are a bit cruel. It's a bad thing, but we get to enjoy some things normal men would object to. I rather enjoy watching one woman whip another. Now, if you wanted to punish that dreadful slut for what they did to you, it would be very enjoyable for me, and I would be even more determined to make sure no-one hurts those sweet girls of yours.”
A few more disgusting admissions from poor Nina, and Mrs.Weber took the first step into a new world of utter depravity. She agreed to use the whip on her erstwhile friend.
Concealing the pliers, and seemingly a little disappointed to have his “lovemaking” session interrupted, Brutal agreed to force Nina over the edge of a low bench, her ass nicely presented for punishment. Mrs.Weber held the whip, then hesitantly swung the braided lash onto the naked buttocks. The men had gagged Nina. Didn't want her revealing any secrets.
After five or six swings, there was a sort of flush on Mrs.Webers' face, matching the rosy flush on Ninas' backside. Both men noticed that she was putting more force in the whip hand than you would expect from a friend and fellow victim. This the men found very interesting, of course ,and Brutal smiled and winked.
Arape knew it was a long way to go before he had the lovely Mrs. Weber as his new and willing assistant. He regretted that he had given the old jailer the go ahead with Brenda so soon.. Even though she'd got to go, he should have held it off a little. Perhaps got her to help convince his new woman that killing prisoners could be fun....
Strangely, unlike Brutal, he had no wish to partake in the proceeding and taking down of Brenda. He had just as much pleasure in imagining the old perverted devil fucking and cutting her to death. And besides he needed some sleep. It was going to be a busy day and night tomorrow. Mr. Carsten was arriving and he was sure he wouldn’t want to waste any time before getting his hands on the reporter and that little niece of hers. Carsten wore a deep grudge against the beautiful reporter and he was going to take his exquisite revenge. Arape was looking forward to it. It was time to get some sleep.

Brenda Bleeds.

Finally Arape had given him a go-ahead and the old jailer was happy as a fiddle.
He knew he would have trouble securing Brenda on his own, so he solicited the willing help of Bruno, the dumb giant and assistant at the morgue. They went to her quarters, knocked on the door, and Bruno just walked over to Brenda, hit her in the stomach with a terrible blow. She gave a grunt of pain and collapsed on the floor. Bruno picked her up over his shoulder and carried her back to the basement with the old drooling jailer in tow. He dumped her on an old wooden rack, the kind the Inquisition had so much fun with, and the jailer secured her wrist above her head with the ankles spread-eagled in the old shackles and ropes.
,Brenda awoke with a grunt, tried to move, and realised she was stretched out and bound. She started fighting but she was helpless against the shackles of the rack. She tried to argue and then plead, but the old disgusting jailer just took out his little sharp knife and started cutting her clothes off .Bruno stared turning the wheel and Brenda’s long lovely naked body was stretched enough for the tendons in her limbs to start to twitch with tension. It raised her above the bench an inch or two on account of the ropes being led over a bulge at the head and foot of the rack.
“Hold it, you fool!” The jailer shouted. He did not want her joints dislodged just yet. That should be a later pleasure, but first a lot of cock and knife play. He also wanted to instil the right terror in his victim even though he knew Brenda was well aware of the fact that she would never leave the dungeon alive.
He wanted it to sink into her brain that Arape and Brutal had totally abandoned her and that this was the making of her own device, having had the tendency to boss the boys around, and even worse, having made a secret list of victims that disappeared for ever at the hands of the Secret Police. He enjoyed the shock and fear in her eyes when he told her that Arape had known about the victim’s list for months and had promised weeks ago that he, the man she always looked down on and mocked, would have the honour to set things straight with her.
While talking he let the knife travel her long stretched body putting enough pressure on it to leave a thin red line down her cheek, her lovely neck. then out on each shoulder, down to her heaving breasts, which were both circled by the thin red line, down her taught stomach and straight to her pelvis, before he jabbed the knife lightly at her cunt lips and then continued leading the knife at an angle with a flat hand under her, cutting from cunt to asshole and continuing up her back to her neck, making a quick circle round her lovely neck.
Brenda was making small yelping sounds amidst swearing and shouting at the old man. Her leg and arm muscles rippled as she tried in vain to gain some slack in the bindings. She was trying very hard not to let herself give up hope. Only a second or two of freedom, and she could smash the giant in his balls and snap the old mans' neck.”You dirty old bastard!” she screamed, “Just wait till I get my hands on you!”
“Oh, yes you are right”, the jailer said, “I’m an old perverted bastard and I’m the one that's gonna skin you in the end. But believe me, you will be hurt real bad long before that.”
Bruno, the idiot, was watching in fascination. The strange movements in his crotch were back and he really liked it. Now he knew what is was all about, that he could hurt girls with his dick as well as with his strong hands. And he enjoyed the feeling.
The knife circled Brendas' left nipple. The jailer giggled, leant over her, and sucked on the bleeding aureole. He liked tit blood.
“Can me fuck her?” Bruno grunted. He had dropped his ragged old shorts, and the jailer gave a whistle of jealous admiration when he saw the size of the great thick weapon thus revealed. He had seen many big pricks, aroused soldiers and prison warders ready to shaft some unfortunate female inmate, and even on male prisoners. Brenda had often sucked captives to an enormous erection and then savagely bitten their throbbing cocks, laughing as they shrieked like girls as blood squirted from their near-severed cock-heads. She had not been aware of his little peep-hole, of course. That was what had led to her present predicament. He had seen her taking pictures of interrogated captives when she thought she was unseen. And it was his tip that had made Arape and Brutal aware of her possible treachery.
The old man found the prospect of seeing that enormous tool ravishing the lovely woman on the rack so appealing that his own much less daunting weapon started to grow. He dropped his pants.
“After me, Bruno. Just play with yourself while I shag the uppity bitch first!”
For Brenda, the humiliation of being mounted by this dirty little old man was worse than the knife play so far. She tried everything she knew to try and unseat him, tried clenching her muscles to try closing her vagina. Unfortunately, over a year of being a warped fuck-bunny who used to need a good session with a dildo if a man wasn't around before she went to sleep each night meant that her pussy was quite unable to clench tightly enough to keep the old bastard out. She groaned with disgust as she felt his horny knob part her slit, saw the triumphant grin on his face as he pushed into her, a smear of her nipple blood on his chin.
Being drawn up off the surface of the rack frame meant that when the jailer rode her, even his low weight caused the shackles on her ankles and wrists to dig into her flesh very painfully. She could feel the wetness as the skin was abraded and she began to bleed.
The only good thing was that the old fool was so excited that he came after only a few dozen thrusts. At least, it would have been good except that it meant the giant was going to climb on her next. Even Brenda had never seen such a huge penis. Sometimes, on the many porno films she had watched, there would be a man with a pretty long tool, but never as thick as this one. It looked like a sawn off chair leg.
Bruno was ungainly but eager. He scrambled up onto the rack, clawing at the soft warm woman flesh beneath him, realizing that when they were alive he could feel much more pleasure as the flesh responded to his cruel hands. He gripped both the sun-tanned golden globes of Brendas' beautiful breasts and dug his fingers in as hard as he could.
She shrieked. It was delicious. He twisted his hands slowly in opposite directions, and her scream went up an octave. He lowered his loins, but even with her cunt slimed by the jailers ejaculation, Brenda was too tight for the giant and he groaned with a sudden pain as his erection was buckled.
Angrily, he slapped her face, breaking her jaw.
This time he held his massive tool, guiding it in to the slit betwixt her swollen pussy lips. One violent push, an ear-splitting scream, and eleven and a half inches of engorged and unnatural male flesh was smashing into the walls of Brendas' womb, her ringed os split aside by the unstoppable intruder.
This was what the women must feel like when she had rammed her over-size giant studded dildoes into their cunts, Brenda thought, her one brief second of pleasure before Bruno began to ride her as if she was a bucking bronco.
Part of the innermost extremity of her vagina tore under the onslaught. At least the rush of blood acted as a lubricant. Her eyes wide with horror, Brenda could feel the destruction of her womanhood getting worse with every pounding stroke. Surely to God she couldn't take much more of this. He was killing her.
Unfortunately, as many of her victims had found out, the human body can take a lot of pain. Things were about to get a lot worse.
She watched as the pincers pulled her right breast upwards into a stretched cone. She saw the glint of evil pleasure in the naked jailers eyes as he brought his short but keenly sharpened blade to the bruised purplish circle of her aureole, then she gave a sort of strangled cry as the blade severed her nipple and her breast bounced back down, scarlet blood spurting from the wound.
The other one, this time simply stretched up and up until the skin tore and her nipple was literally ripped off her thrashing body.
Then Bruno was given permission to wind the rollers on the rack. After white lightning seemed to burn up and down her spine for ages, Brenda heard the odd popping sound as her shoulder joints gave way and her arms were dislocated.
A whipping, with one of her favourite tools....the short six tailed leather lash that had tiny spiked balls at the extremity of each thong. She always loved the way it shredded a womans skin....
The ankle restraints could be fixed to two different ratchets each side of the rack frame. She knew what came next as they pulled her legs apart and re-fixed the manacles.
She was a limber girl. Wide spread, doing the splits. It didn't hurt her all that much....but her cunt crease was wonderfully exposed. And the jailer was an expert with knives. He skinned her labia, cut and peeled off her mons veneris thatch, waved the hairy triangle in front of her eyes to make sure she knew he had skinned her cunt.
He took out the ring of her ass, then he began to get inside her.
She lasted seven hours. When she actually drew her last breath, her womb and her ovaries were beside her on the rack frame, both her breasts had been severed after having red hot irons inserted and both eyes had been scooped from her face.
Bruno had a grin on his face from ear to ear. He had never ever had so much fun!


It was a fine early morning and Brutal was in a good mood.
It had been one hell of a night with the lovely Nina, and Brutal was wondering whether he had been too hard on her. He wanted her to last longer than usual because she was providing him with so much fun. Arape and Carsten were having breakfast downstairs and he was busy getting the reporter Bente and the teenage niece set up the way Mr. Carsten wanted it.

Meanwhile, Arape and Mr. Carsten were enjoying their breakfast. Arape had been listening to the tale of the traitorous stewardess. Carsten had shown him a few pictures taken on his cellphone after arrival. She was a small pretty little blonde, smiling, confident,extremely smart in her airline uniform, happy with her place in the world.
“Sometimes bad things happen to good little girls”, Arape said, “and that’s the most fun of all. I’ll put my people on her right away. It’s important that she leads us to as many contacts as possible before we hit her and her friends.”
“Don’t wait to long” said Carsten. “I wouldn’t mind partaking in the fun when she gets here. She should just disappear mysteriously or maybe you could arrange another accident, you know--- the burning car routine,and your good doctor can ”identify” the bodies, the way we have planned it for Bente and little Ellen.”
He paused, visualizing the blonde hanging from the overhead bars, begging him not to whip her any more. It was a pleasant image. “Oh, I forgot to thank you for the welcome you arranged for my colleagues. One of your men told me how the drug bust went.”
“It was great fun”, said Arape, smiling to his friend .”You should have been there. Since Brenda is not available anymore and Mrs. Weber is far from ready I have taken the liberty to engage that perverted Sergeant from the border police to this session. It’s always good to have a woman in the game. They know lots of useful things about the female body. She is one ugly bitch, but very inventive and absolutely unshockable. Don’t worry, she can be trusted and since you hate this bitch Bente, her work will heighten your pleasure.”

Carsten was not so sure. He was going to kill Bente and the girl in a long session of rape and torture. He didn’t need anybody else to have quality time with them except his friends Arape and Brutal. Besides, witnesses were always a dangerous thing. On the other hand, Arape knew how to take care of witnesses.
He was dry in the mouth from excitement and anticipation knowing that Bente and Ellen were being made ready for him upstairs. This was going to be even better than that little redhead they had ended up skinning the last time. Bente was a beautiful, classy lady, and he couldn’t wait to see the expression of fear and realisation on her face when he walked in. He was going to make it slow, slow but hard. It was true. He hated the bitch.

“So, let’s go upstairs”, Arape said. “Everything is ready. By the way, we are invited to the Palace for some enjoyable executions, probably next time you visit. The President came by and picked up some prisoners for fun and games, the Weber twins among them, but he was called away for a few days, trouble in the Northern Province. A truckload of foreign nuns were stopped on a deserted road, raped, tortured and killed. Unfortunately there was a coach load of locals who happened to come along just as the boys were finishing their games with the nuns.”
“And he went out to gloat, or what ?” Carsten grinned, knowing the Presidents' depraved interest in tortured females.
“Good God no. There were a few quite influential people on the coach, so he wanted to show them all how horrified he was that any of his troops could have carried out such a dastardly attack. He wants everyone to know that The President won’t stand for that kind of unsolicited violence. I've asked him as a favour to keep Mrs. Elizabeth Webers daughters safe for a while. Said we'd like to share them when you get a bit more time.”

Carsten was very pleased. He knew that fucking liberal professor and his beautiful wife Elizabeth. They'd been to conferences on Anti Torture campaigns. It would be much more fun raping and torturing their young daughters. A nice bonus indeed. He would have liked to have a go at Elizabeth too, but knew she was off limits. Arape had taken a fancy to her and hawks don’t share. Particularly not a hawk like Arape.
“OK, off to the races” he said to Arape, grinning from ear to ear. “I think we can do the job in twenty four hours or so”.

Sweet Revenge.

The doctor prepared for the examination. An autopsy was hardly necessary, but he might do one anyway just for the fun of it, imagining that the victims were still alive when he started cutting.
But it was hard to see the body of the once beautiful woman on the slab as a living, walking and talking individual. It was probably the most mutilated victim he had ever seen after a torture session and he wondered how they could have kept her alive for so long. She had been brought down after a full day and night in the interrogation room.

The doctor was previously often called to the interrogation room in to check on the victims and give shots of stimulants to wake them up and to sharpen their sense of pain.
To his regret he was never, like in the old days, allowed to join in the fun. Nowadays he just prepared the syringe with the drugs for Arape and Brutal who administered it themselves.
He was an old man who had lost his sexual abilities, but not his lust, after testicular cancer, and he still enjoyed the sexual and mental torture of victims. And often enough he had a victim on the slab in the morgue or in the sick room, rejected by the boys, but still alive and kicking.
He always took great pleasure in his examinations or autopsies, imagining the vile scenes and brutalities that could have inflicted such damage on their bodies and finishing any still alive using his surgery skills to inflict pain by removing their organs in the most agonising way he could . This morning he had the old jailer with him. That was always useful and pleasurable. He had watched most of this victims' torture from his vantage point in the attic and could fill in the details when the doctor wondered how the damaged was really done.
Both men enjoyed lifting the corpse so she was spread out cold and naked on the table.
Her fine body bore the marks of vile and cruel torture. Her face was not only puffed and swollen, but. the nose was broken, the jaw unhinged and broken too. Her lips were bitten through and cut and they had drilled her sound, white teeth with a small portable drill. Her mutilated and pieced tongue protruded from a red open cavity that had once been her lovely mouth.
Sometime, probably late in the process, her eyelids had been cut away. Patches of her auburn hair had been torn loose, the rest of her hair stuck to her skull by blood and sweat.
And in spite of all the damage you could see that this had once, just a few hours ago, been a very pretty face.
He examined her ears and found that the left eardrum was broken, blood had been sipping out. The right ear showed damage too, but not as severe. The back of her neck had small sharp cuts, properly marks from fingernails holding her head still, as in a vice. At the top of her long lovely neck, just under the chin a red, deep line showed where a piano-wire had dug into her throat. But he doubted that she had been strangled.
“Hell, no!”said the jailer. “That was just the game of naked feet on the ice block. They hooked her cuffed hands high on the pole with the piano-wire just a tiny bit looser round her neck fastened to the top of the pole. When the ice slowly melts you get stretched and the wire slowly gets ever tighter, but the real weight of your body is on your arms. It could strangle her too quickly, though, if not done right. See those burn marks in her armpits? Those and a lot of the others were done at that time to keep her warm, so to speak. Poor cunt is trying to keep her weight off her neck, arm muscles twitching with strain, sweat running down her pretty face, then one of the boys burns the fuzz out of her armpit with a red hot brand. It was real funny to see her trying to balance on the slippery ice while twisting her body as a reaction to the burning. She slipped more than a few times, but they just lifted her feet back on the block. And to cool her cunt a little, and believe me, it saw industrial strength duty, Brutal had fun forcing a gigantic frozen ice dildo up inside her.
But that couldn’t have been all bad for the poor bitch. I bet the ice was soothing her raw cunt. It needed something to cool it down.
That ugly man-woman from the border police had just been ripping into her with a big studded dildo. After the boys had had their fill in all cavities, of course.
I think she was raped twelve, thirteen times on the big black couch, on the steel table, the rack, and then even even on the floor, and that's not counting how many times that dyke sergeant got some sort of strap on or a hand held job to ram up as far as she could get.. That stranger, whoever he is, was the worst. Most perverted rapist and torturer I have ever seen, a real pleasure watching him work. I think even Arape was impressed.....She knew him, an old friend or lover or something. When he first saw her, they had dressed her up like a tart. You know, short black shiny skirt with black net stockings and a tight low-cut blouse with her tits all pulled together with a kinky bra. To make her cleavage really show....mind you, when I saw them in the flesh, they didn't need any help to look great!”
Both men looked at what was left of those once magnificent breasts. The jailer got his cock out. He masturbated gently. There was no false modesty here.
“She went crazy when she saw him. Saying “Help me! These crazy people have captured us and done dreadful things to us both. They framed us as drug runners.” and he went over and put his hands on her tits, squeezed them real hard, then tore the blouse and bra. off and slapped her mounds from side to side until she was screaming. He spat in her face and told her to shut the fuck up, then said he was going to torture her to death, and her little niece. She wet her knickers, then, started saying he couldn't do that, that he was a good man, protecting people and so o even that she had loved him ! He listened for a minute, then laughed and punched her really hard right in her belly. That shut her up, and they started the fun and games.”

The doctor smiled and went back to the examination. Both her fine shoulders were cut from fingernails digging into her flesh and they were black and blue from hands pinning her down and the flanks were heavily marked, too. Several ribs were broken and this must have contributed to her breathing difficulty during the session.

“You bet she had breathing difficulty”, said the jailer. “They played a lot of games, plastic bag over her head or pressing that big, dirty cushion over her face while electro-torturing her. Good, clean fun. They had her stretched out on that medieval rack, her body stretched a few centimetres above the bed while they kept working on her, you know..... that rack has small humps where the rope pass to the wrists and ankles, lifts their arses off the bed of the rack so they hurt even more if you get on top of them for a vigorous fucking.”

“Indeed,” thought the doctor. Her wrist and ankles were terribly shafted and the thin ropes had cut deep. Her joints were swollen and torn. Her chest and lovely breasts has evidently had a hard time in the wringer, the whole area was black and blue with sharp red welts and cuts from a knife or razor. She had been flogged all over her body, red thick stripes everywhere and in some places, particularly on her legs, the skin had started to peel.
They had done a thorough job on this one.
Her nipples were crushed and pierced by needles, skewers and fish-hooks. Blood had been seeping from the ring around the aureoles. Her tits had been stretched by the nipples till the skin broke. One nipple was torn half loose. Other pieces of loose skin and meat attested to the use of pliers. The slopes of her breast were severely burned by a Zippo or more likely a small blowtorch. Burn marks from cigarettes were spread all over her body. Some of the holes went right through from side to side and top to bottom. Looked like steel had been used, then heated up inside her tits until the blood had boiled. Some of the meat was cooked enough to eat.

“Oh, yeah, they loved to play with fire. Everywhere from her foot soles to her nose tip and earlobes. See those marks on her buttocks? That was Arape using a soldering iron from the side while the stranger was raping her the second time. They worked up a real good rhythm. Each time the stranger shoved his cock really deep, Arape would make her buck back against the man. It was really a very cruel rape, and she sure could scream.
That little blowtorch was also busy, particularly a little late in the game, being put to good use on her cunt and tight ass too.
You should have heard her when it was on her pussy. God, that woman could scream, like an animal. Funny thing was she didn't beg for them to stop hurting her, just kept on pleading and begging for them not to hurt the little one.
Made the stranger furious that she wouldn't admit how it hurt her. Weird.”

Her torso bore marks of heavy blows to the internal organs, particularly the kidneys. Sharp and ugly wounds and indents had also been made by a brass knuckle.
The doctor shivered with a sudden sexual thrill as he remembered the satisfaction you got wearing cruel knuckle dusters and slamming your fist full force into a screaming woman. A few years ago he had been asked to terminate a suspects pregnancy “the hard way” and he had hung her from her wrists with her legs drawn and secured wide apart. He had used rubber cords to suspend her, then he had put on two lovely brass dusters with short spines on the knuckles, and started to use her like a swinging punch bag. He unzipped his pants and drew his soft penis out. Even though he could no longer get a hard-on, fondling it when he was having a sexual experience still gave a modicum of pleasure. He peeled the foreskin back. God, how that bitch had shrieked, how good it had been, fists sinking into that great nine month swell of a belly, watching the blood first, some where the dusters ripped into her but most starting to drip out of her cunt. Then hitting her full force. The knowledge of what this was doing to her pregnant womb, the sudden rush of scarlet water followed by the mangled flesh........God, he would never forget that termination.

Her cunt hairs had been either shaved or more likely torn out. What had happened after that was hard to guess, except that a lot of hard, sharp and long instrument had been used. He was sure that a more thorough examination would reveal that she was all ripped apart inside all the way up the cervix and beyond. Her thighs and long legs were covered in coagulated blood.

“Sure, they really worked on the vagina” said the jailer. “It actually started with that stranger walking straight over to her, she was suspended from a beam, one leg drawn high to the side, and he kicked her full force in the groin. She had started to say something, but her words were lost in a deep, strange bellowing, all air being forced out of her. Later they let that crazy dyke shave her and she cut her, of course, not deep but bad enough. Did the same thing to the young one, she did, shaving the cunt I mean, but that wasn’t much of a job, she had a light blonde little beaver. The girl was stretched out on the steel table, that big hard cushion under her ass.”

“Well, what happened to the girl?”, asked the doctor. “I got a glimpse of her, a tasty little piece. Beautiful little thing, indeed.”

“Hardly little”, said the jailer.” She was even taller than her aunt. Did you know they were related? Don’t worry, she is gonna end up on your slab, but the stranger wanted to preserve her for a while for further games. He said he wanted her for dessert. It was funny, in the beginning they played games, starting to rape and hurt the little one, Ellen is her name, and giving Bente the option of stopping it by taking her place.
It worked fine for a while, that Bente was a real trooper trying to protect her niece and taking the brunt of the hard rape and torture. But I think she realized after a while that it made no difference, that they both were going to die anyway, or maybe her pain fogged mind just blew, not caring anymore.
That’s when they all concentrated only on Bente here, with the girl as a screaming, desperate witness.
You know, the serious damage that killed her in the end was done when she stopped taking it instead of the kid. That's when they really got going with the heavy beating, the serious burning, the crunching of feet, toes and fingers, nails being ripped out, jaw and nose broken, the pliers tearing flesh and nipples and the bloody cutting of flesh. All the good stuff.
They'd spent quite a while giving her electricity and lots of flogging, the whole package. Let’s turn her over and you can take a look at her back and what used to be a tight delicious asshole. It looks even worse than the cunt.
A lot of that was done by the butch sergeant. They let her join in more towards the end, enjoying watching that savage bitch shagging the bloody captive with bigger and bigger spiked dildos. I should think you'll find there isn't any wall separating her cunt from her asshole when you open her up, it'll have been torn out on those dildos. You know, that stranger never let up, doing new vile thing all the time to squeeze the last screeches of total pain and desperation out of her . He really enjoyed making the poor cow go to hell and back over and over again, a true master.!”

“Indeed he was right”, thought the doctor. Nobody could sustain that sort of hard torture for very long. They had been at her for twenty four hours, with only short breaks to recuperate, a little laughing, drinking and eating between sessions. Then they would have been all ready to go again, with new hard ons, after having taken a little nap.

He wanted to come up to the attic with the old jailer and watch the next game with the beautiful, teenage girl. If they were as vicious with her as they had been with her aunt, it would be a session well worth watching. The old jailer ejaculated a weak spurt of translucent come, tucked himself away, and helped roll the bloody corpse onto her face. The doctor spread out his blades. Shame she was quite so buggered up, but it was always a pleasure to cut into a womans' flesh even if she was already dead......

Elizabeth, Meet Ellen!

“Have you got to go back?” Brutal asked. He, Arape and Carsten were watching the recording of the killing of Bente. The full six speaker stereo system in the small private studio made every scream and whimper beautifully clear to the ear, and the only shortcoming was that the recording had been made by three fixed cameras that showed the cell from different perspectives but were not able to zoom in for close-ups of the best bits.
“Yes, a meeting in Oslo. I've booked with the same air line. Have you got that stewardess yet?”
“She's in the holding cells. We'll actually have to do a proper interrogation with her. She really does know subversive trouble-makers, so we take it easy on the real cases until we've got all they know!”
“Really?” Carsten said, looking surprised. “Why don't you just bring her here and start some fun games with her. She's a great looker.”
Arape laughed. “No, real interrogation starts quite gently. They just get solitary confinement, some drugs to make their minds a bit fuzzy in the food, then a few sessions with questions, quite civilized, really. If that doesn't work, it usually means we go to the next stage.
Stripping, humiliation, then sexual assaults. We let them hear some other bitch in another cell shrieking in agony, and tell them they could be next. That usually works. Then, when they've told us the truth, we say we don't believe them and the real fun starts. We can make them implicate family or friends, even their own kids. Give a woman enough pain for long enough, and she'll say anything you tell her to say if she thinks it will stop the pain!”
They watched Bentes' final shudder as she died.
“Jesus, that was the best I've ever known!”Carsten grinned. “And we've got her niece, too. Will you save her until I get back, or are you going to do her straight away?”
“Seeing as it's you, we'll save her. May have a few minor sessions, just to let her know what to expect. But we'll not carve her up until you get back.”
“She's a great bitch, so young but so well made. I think we'll pamper her for a while. Nurse her back to full recovery so she's nice and fresh when we do her!”Arape added.
He had a few ideas of his own concerning the lovely young Ellen.

Elizabeth took her nightdress off. She was naked.
For a slightly older woman, she had a spectacular figure. Maybe her belly was a little fuller figured, but she had had two children. And Arape just thought she was delicious, actually liking slightly older women as bedmates. Young ones were nice to torture, but for a companion, a woman with a bit of intelligence and experience was his choice.
She smiled. Part of her mind told her she should not give in like this, but she knew that this high-ranking police man was protecting her daughters. She would do as he told her. And actually, he was an astonishingly virile lover.
Her husband had virtually given up making sex enjoyable after the second girl was born, doing it maybe once a month, and then only a quick in and out bounce until he came, with no concern for her feelings. She had not had an orgasm until she was raped by these monsters. It should make her ashamed, but as she walked towards the bed and saw Arape smiling at her, slowly stroking his hand along the length of his purple domed erection, the moist arousal in her loins wiped out any feeling of guilt.
“On top!” he ordered. She smiled. She straddled him and he held her hips. Very slowly he pulled her down, his cock sliding up into her wetness with delicious tightness.
“I'm going to let you learn how to torture a young woman,” he smiled. “You will make her scream, and it will make you want to feel your pussy. I will probably fuck you at the same time. You'll do as I tell you, won't you, because you know your daughters could be returned from the Presidential palace to those dreadful dungeons.....and we wouldn't want those poor sweet girls to know what terrible things we do there, would we ?”
Elizabeth shook her head. “Whatever you say, Arape1”
“Good girl. Now, let's warm that delicious cunt of yours up, shall we?”

Ellen was still having nightmares. She realized that her aunt had been killed....no-one could survive what Carsten and those other three sadists had done to her.
She had had a comparatively easy time of it, as, when things had got serious, her aunt had begged the torturers to do it to her instead. Even so, the memory of those electric shocks to her nipples and the obscene things that dreadful woman did to her down there were horrible. She had been taken out of that hideous cell and put in what seemed like a small hospital. Women in army uniform or dressed as nurses were looking after her. They never spoke to her, apart from telling her what to do, and various doctors were treating her for the whip marks and electrical burns all over her body. She was naked most of the time. It was obvious she was a prisoner, but no-one had said anything about the drugs they had found, which she was sure must have been “planted” as Bente would never condone drug taking. She asked why she was being kept there, and all they would say was “For your own good, Dear. Don't ask questions”.

Meanwhile, Arape was preparing his new protege, showing her comics and Manga cartoons in which women were abused and tortured. It was a system designed to wean a subject on to accepting increasingly brutal ideas, by starting with obviously fictional action. Very gradually, but quite a lot faster than usual in Elizabeths' case, you went from cartoon characters having more extreme treatment, being butchered in inventive ways, to photographs and movies of real victims.
He would make her read or watch for an hour, often shocking her with such violent images that she threw up, but all the time she was unwittingly taking a rohipnol inspired drug that acted almost as a hypnosis aid, making her judgement unstable. This was combined with aphrodisiacs. She would feel excited, and he was on hand to kneel between her legs and gently suck her very tasty vulva into blossom, giving her multiple orgasms more powerful than any she had experienced in her previous life. Soon her eyes would gleam with excitement as she watched a full colour recording of a girl stretched on the rack or being flogged bloody with a cat o' nine tails. Arape would encourage her excitement, perhaps fondling her lovely breasts, engorging the nipples and tenderly reaching down to stroke her panties until they were soaking.
He took her down to the dungeons and for the first time she watched some real torture. He had brought the border guard over. He knew that seeing another woman doing the torturing would have an even more dramatic effect on Elizabeth, and he was right. She reached down and hitched her skirt up, groaning softly as she eased the edge of her damp panties aside to push two fingers into her own cunt, relieving the extraordinary arousal she felt as the butch dyke reamed a screaming girl out in both holes, leaving her with blood pouring down her spread legs, virtually unconscious.
The sergeant came over and showed Elizabeth the shreds of meat torn from inside the victim by the spiked length of the strap-on penis, then took it off, knelt down and surprised the panting woman by pressing her mouth to her cunt and probing an experienced tongue into the swollen lips, seeking out the erect clit and circling it until Elizabeth gave a little scream of pleasure.
Arape was impressed. He began to think that Mrs.Elizabeth Weber must have had some strange sadistic instincts buried in her sub conscious mind for her to adapt so willingly. It had taken much longer with Brenda, and she had been a slut before he started by comparison.
It was time to introduce her to Ellen. The girl was fully restored health wise, all signs of her brief session in the dungeons removed.
This was going to be interesting. He'd promised Carsten he would save the young niece for him to share, but he wasn't due back for almost a month. They could nurse the little lovely back to health again by then if he didn't do anything too damaging. Just teach her how to scream....
He gave Elizabeth a costume to wear, the full Dominatrix deal, all black shiny leather, suspenders, black stockings and high heeled patent leather boots. She looked stunning, like one of the women in the dirty comics he had her read. He could smell her cunt. She was getting turned on just looking at her own reflection in the full length mirror. He handed her a leather strap with a penis shaped woven stock. You could lash some-one real hard with this but not inflict much actual damage. It could turn a nice shapely arse into glowing rosy globes, but rarely cut any skin. And the ribbed construction of the stock made a quite uncomfortable member to shove up a nice tight cunt, but never ripped the flesh..
The teenager was dressed as a schoolgirl. Nowadays, Arape and Brutal rarely bothered about costume for their victims. The action always ensured the cunts were naked and bleeding far too quickly to bother about dressing them up before you started. This was different, though. It would be nice for Elizabeth to think she was working on an innocent young schoolgirl. Mind you, at just a shade over six foot tall, Ellen looked to be actually older than she really was. It didn't matter. The attendants had made her up well, plaited her hair into bunches. She could have been an extra tall thirteen or fourteen year old until you saw those firm apple shaped breasts straining under the crisp white blouse. She gave Arape a hard erection almost immediately. He unzipped and let her blue eyes widen with sudden horror as he pulled the erect shaft into view. The staff had secured Ellen in a wooden armchair, her ankles tied to the legs, her wrists roped to the arms. She had been scared, of course, thinking that she was going to be asked about those damned drugs and, having seen her aunt savagely tortured, suddenly being tied up in a cellar obviously was not going to be pleasant.
When she saw the man pull out his engorged penis and saw the weirdly costumed woman that came in with him, she knew she was in trouble.
“Please, please Sir, I didn't know anything about those drugs. Please don't hurt me. I promise I'll never tell anyone what you did to my aunt. . You can let me go. I'll sign things to say I wasn't hurt or anything. Please, I promise!”
Elizabeth reached down and closed her free hand around Arape's prick. She was wearing elbow length black gloves. She gently massaged his erection, bringing a glistening droplet of pre-come oozing from the slit eyed glans.
“Oh Arape....isn't she lovely?”
“Tear her blouse off, Darling. Let's see her goodies.!”
To his amazement, the dominatrix let go of his cock, stood in front of the bound girl, and suddenly slashed her across the face with her leather strap. He had never expected her to take the initiative. This woman was wonderful. And she didn't flinch when Ellen cried out with shock and pain. Instead, she caught hold of the loose neck of the blouse and jerked it down. Two very sweet globes only partially covered by a too small bra popped into view. Elizabeth tore the bra. down, and the creamy twin globes were fully exposed, each perfect mound tipped by light pink aureoles and slightly darker inner buds. They were a luscious pair of tits, worthy of a model. And Elizabeth was beating them, slashing her crop over the leaping targets, gloating over the shrill screams tearing from Ellens mouth.
“Help...AAArrggghhh...Nooogh.....Pleeeze...oh, for the love of God....AAAARghhh..”
The strap made a lovely snapping noise as it cracked over the fleshy curves, and already there were some red welts beginning to show. Arape slid his hands up under Elizabeths skirt, pulled down the frilly black lace knickers he had supplied. They were wet at the crotch. He felt up, brushing his fingers over the dewy lips of her pussy. She stopped lashing the girl.
“Oh, yes. Please fuck me. I'm burning up, you bastard!”
“Bend over Ellens knees” he said, and then he got behind her, dropped his pants and slowly ploughed the furrow. What absolute bliss. Fucking a newly converted torturess over the knees of a sobbing bound victim. He had to concentrate on not going too fast or it would have been over too quickly.
He came and decided to give his new partner an extra treat.
He stripped her naked, then untied the teenager.
“Get on your knees and suck my spunk out of your mistresses cunt!” he ordered Ellen. Her breasts were swollen, starting to glow. Her face was lined with tears, the mascara making dark lines over her cheeks. Her lovely blue eyes were swollen and had a look of desperate fright. At first Arape thought she would have the courage to refuse, which would have been fun, but doing as she was told still wouldn't actually save her from the suffering he had in store for her.
She sniffled and sobbed, but got down as instructed. Elizabeth looked triumphant. She felt so powerful, dominating this mere girl and now standing there open-legged, the imperious queen awaiting her slaves docile obedience. And having an unwilling mouth pressed to her soaking cunt was even better than when the dyke sergeant had done it, though she did have to instruct Ellen all the time, telling her where to insert her tongue and ensuring she sucked the engorged labia in just the most sensational way.
Every drop of Arapes sperm was drained from her vagina into the gagging mouth of her teen-age captive, and Elizabeth experienced not one but an amazing three orgasms before she had to back away before she fell over, weak at the knees with pleasure.
Then came the most demanding test.
“Tie her wrists and we'll hoist her up with that winch” he ordered.
Ellen squealed, tried to scuttle away on all fours.
“I did it...I did what you wanted...no more...let me go” and then Arape kicked her in the belly, hard. She curled up, gasping for breath, unable to defend herself as she was hoisted into the air, hanging by her wrists. When they grabbed her ankles and pulled them apart to steel shackles, she tried to kick them, but Elizabeth smashed her fist into the poor girls midriff and knocked the fight out of her. That impressed Arape, too. This was some mean motherfucker.
He brought out the electric cables and the alligator clips.
Ellen started screaming madly as soon as she saw them. During the murder of her aunt these had been used on her already, and she was terrified as the jaws were snapped onto her body, one on each swollen nipple, one on each extremity of her cunt lips.
Arape gave Elizabeth the control box. It was a bit like one of those computer game hand controls all the kids use, but this one could determine how powerful the shocks would be, their frequency and duration, and whether the shocks went to nipple, cunt, or both.
Arape knew that any woman suffering this treatment really expressed her agony well. You absolutely knew that the recipient was enduring the most diabolical pain. They peed themselves, shit themselves, screeched until their vocal chords gave up and only the most anguished groans came from their despairing faces. Sometimes too strong a session actually cooked their flesh in the clips and they would actually smoke with an acrid burning smell. As a precaution, he had set a limit on this hand control, but Elizabeth didn't know that, and she set about making the youngster dance in an almost erotic frenzy as she zapped shocks into her helpless body.
Arape watched, amazed. His cock was getting hard again. He made Elizabeth stop, delighted to see her disappointment until he told her she could carry on after he had fucked their victim. And he saw her slide two fingers into her own sex slit as she watched him stand in front of the “schoolgirl” and give her a royal shafting until he came again, then smiled at the alacrity with which she resumed driving the ravished girl to unconsciousness with the longest and most powerful shocks she could administer.
Above the dungeon, the doctor and the jailer had watched avidly. They'd waited a long time to see this particular girl being abused, and it was a bit disappointing that it was such a mild session.
“Never mind. She'll be back when the stranger gets back. I'll give you a heads up to come and see them give her some real fun!”the jailer grinned, wiping spunk from his pants.

At The Palace.

True to his word, both Elizabeth's girls and their school-friend were alive and well. The President had not abused them. They went to school, lived a near normal and very luxurious life at the Palace, and only the constant presence of two female army lieutenants as their “bodyguards”made things less than normal. They had not seen or heard from their parents since that terrible day when they were captured, and were almost beginning to believe the stories they had been told, that it had all been a dreadful mistake when someone falsely accused them of terrorism, and that, to get the perpetrators, their parents were on a secret undercover mission and not able to communicate. Being treated so well, and not knowing the reality of the dark side of life going on beneath the surface, they were blissfully unaware of their imminent fate.....
The twins were sitting in a small comfortable lounge doing homework. Their friend Alice was playing basic chords on the small piano they had been given. Life was pretty good.
They hardly bothered to even look up when their two female bodyguards walked in.
“Come on, girls. You have to come and meet someone” the older of the lieutenants smiled. Her colleague made a little sniggering giggle, and had a very peculiar sort of gloating look in her dark brown eyes as she watched Mary and Justine get to their feet.
“And you!” she said to Alice. “I think you are going to be taught some new lessons at the Palace. The President himself will be teaching you.”
They left the small apartment, went down to get in a large people carrier with smoked windows, all five in the big comfortable seats. “Buckle up, girls!”
It was only a short drive to the Presidential Palace. The huge iron gates swung open. A guard looked in to check who was inside. “Oh yes!” he smiled, not in a friendly way. “The special guests the President was expecting. Good luck.” He chuckled nastily and waved them through.
Mary suddenly felt a shiver of fear run up her spine. Memories of her clothes being torn off, of being forced to watch her poor mother ravished by all those leering men......
“Please, can we stop a minute?” she said, turning to the youngest bodyguard.
Then she saw the truth in the dark Latin looking eyes, the smirk of superiority, the glint of evil....and she tried to un-clip the safety belt, yelling “Get out, get out, they're going to hurt us!”
The punch was worthy of a championship boxer, clipping her on the jaw. She gave a little grunt and sagged back, knocked out. Alice and Justine could not understand what had happened. They turned to their bodyguards with questions forming on their lips, but the fists drove back any words.
Three unconscious bodies were carried in the side door of the palace and straight to the Presidents play room.
Arape, Brutal, and Bente were standing beside the fat President, glasses of fine liqueur in their hands. They looked with ill concealed delight at the three limp forms deposited on the floor by the female guards. Bente was in a smart tropical suit, the others in their full dress uniform. They had been going to see how long they could pretend nothing bad was going to happen despite the playroom being full of awful torture machines, walls lined with manacles, hanging whips and crops,
then have the lovely tall Swede brought in stark naked and see the youngsters reactions, but that game had been spoilt.
“Fuck it!” the President snapped. “Oh well, we'll just have to start torturing them straight away instead!”
He began to unbuckle his ornate belt, and the other men followed suit. May as well start as you mean to go on. Let the little cunts see what was coming.
The guards looked on without shame. Like most of the Presidents staff, they had been selected because they had unpleasant characteristics, extreme cruelty and a total lack of pity coming high on the list. They were hoping they needn't leave, but the old bastard ordered them to go and fetch Barbaro from the holding cell. She was a big, athletic, and powerful girl. It took some pretty brutal force even for three wardresses to subdue her and bring her, still struggling, to the playroom.
She had been repeatedly molested by the President. He had resisted the temptation to savage her luscious body, but fucking her was extraordinary. She was about the first woman he had taken who, even tied spread-eagled on his bed, could buck her body so powerfully that she could dislodge even his overweight form from the saddle. He had punished her for that by slipping a spiked cock ring on before he forced his way back into her tight vagina. Next time he fucked her she lay still and let him have his way. He had shown her the next size cock ring. The spikes on that one were designed to shred a womans vagina completely instead of just make it swollen and sore. She believed him when he told her he would wear it if she was not compliant.
When they brought her in, the men were all naked. The young girls were secured, still not conscious. Cocks were so far only at half mast.
Three disappointed ladies were told to leave. Though most of the staff knew that in the underground cells and the new playroom, people suffered diabolical interrogations, the fact that they almost always died was kept rather quiet. No sense in letting too many people know about your pleasures.
Barbaro had seen what happened to other prisoners, heard the screams down the prison corridors. She had no idea what had happened to Elizabeth and her husband, but immediately recognised the twins. At least they looked unhurt. But Barbaro knew enough about the darker side of the world to realize that they were inside a very well equipped torture chamber. Rape would be a pleasure when compared with what could be done to a woman on these awful machines. Surely they couldn't intend to use them on the children?
“Please, do whatever you must with me, but let those children go back to their parents” she cried.
“That's more or less just what we aim to do, Sweetheart” Brutal laughed. “See, Mummy dear is on our side now, so she'll be quite happy to help us make them scream, or join them being hurt if she refuses, and they'll join their Daddy soon enough....he died a few weeks ago. But first we want them to watch a really good show....how a big tall bitch like you dies screaming!”
“Oh, I think we can vary it a bit” Arape leered. “See how this Danish bitch enjoys watching us fuck the daylights out of her friends kids. Should be a laugh!”
“Do that first” the President grunted. He had fucked Barbaro repeatedly and so seeing her ravished would be a bit boring, but watching her while his boys did things to the youngsters would be a nice kinky thrill.
The teenagers had been arranged on three sides of the playroom, Barboro shackled on the fourth. Whichever way you looked, there was a female awaiting whatever disgusting agony you wished to inflict. It was a good start to the debauchery of death that followed.
Bente went straight over to one of the twins, choosing Mary. When he had been acquainted with the Webers he had often seen their daughters and imagined how good it would be to play his special games with them. Mary had the largest breasts, and he particularly liked hurting a good pair of tits.
The President went to the young blonde girl, Alice, and immediately began to fondle her.
The boys were left with Justine. She was over a steel bar contraption, ankles apart and chained to rings set in the floor, body arched backwards over the waist high bar, arms leading back to handcuffs securing her to a chain which in turn led to a ratchet mechanism bolted to the wall behind her. The bar could be wound up or down. It was a sort of standing rack, very good for making the sexual organs easy to access.
“Stop it!” Barbaro shouted. “You can't do this. They are innocent children!”
Bente walked over to her, gripped both her nipples, and twisted them savagely until she cried out with pain.”Stop your mouth, you slut. Talk again and I won't just twist these little morsels but do something that will really hurt.”
She saw the evil in his eyes. How could this defender of the down-trodden, this campaigner against cruelty and illegal imprisonment be such a monster? With a sick realisation, she understood that this public profile was an excellent cover for a perverted sadist to adopt. Who would dream that such an outspoken critic of oppression would actually be a merciless killer?
“It was you!” she gasped. “You told them they were needed here to investigate the Presidents secret service!”
Bente chopped both hands upwards into the jutting underflesh of those golden breasts. Swedish girls all sunbathed topless. Made them have a lovely smooth colour on their boobs.
“Yes, cunt. And that slut I used to go out with, and her luscious little niece. Me and the boys took forty-eight hours to kill those two. You should have seen them. Not a pretty sight....like you'll be soon.”
A sudden girlish cry made him turn round. Both twins had recovered from their knockouts and were staring at all the naked men, and the hideous instruments around them. Young they may be, but no-one could mistake what this place was designed for.
A girl who has passed out isn't much fun to molest, but now they were awake and ready to scream, it was time to get started. The President produced his little pricker, a sharp pointed steel tool he carried everywhere. It was not too damaging, a bit like the Inquisitors in the good old days, when they jabbed a woman to see if she was a witch. He sank it half an inch into Alices' thigh, a greedy smile on his face when it brought her round with a shrill cry.
They started, ripping the clothes from their captives.
Alice was hanging from padded cuffs around ankles and wrists. She was at just the right height for the President to stick his cock into her almost hairless pussy. She was a game girl, swinging violently as she bucked and heaved in a useless effort to avoid the fat mans' groping fingers. In her position, panties and skirt could not be drawn down her legs, so the President used a knife to cut them from her, not caring too much when he sliced an inch long gash on her right hip. First blood to him, then.
Arape and Brutal were in no hurry to rape their tasty little virgin, prefering to hear a girl scream for a while to get their manhoods erect, so they tore Justines' clothes off and began to play with the height of the bar under her bent form and the back-stretch winch to force her arms backwards, which hurt like hell. Her chained apart legs gave a delightful view of the very tight camel toe vulva, delicately framed with small curly brunette hairs, the vaginal lips hardly visible, so tight was the vertical slit. Stretching her backwards made her young breasts flatten slightly, but they were like hard apples rather than big mature soft tits, and they had lovely pale pink pointed nipples. Spread so helplessly, she just had to be whipped.
Both men used three stranded light weight short whips, not heavy enough to rip the skin, but, when applied with vigour, they quickly made any woman scream as their flesh reddened and began to glow, feeling as if it was being burned.
Justine did not disappoint them. Her sweet body shook and trembled, muscles straining against the restraints as she tried vainly to evade the burning lashes. They took turns, changing from tit to cunt areas, thrashing the squealing girl without mercy.
A high pitched shriek made the boys glance over to the President. He was standing between the swinging open thighs of the blonde, his fat belly smashing against her slight frame as he drove his penis as far as it would go into virginal meat. He was sweating already, but had a grin of devilish delight on his face, especially when he pulled back, looked down, and saw his shaft made scarlet with her blood.
Bente had Mary arched forward over an odd looking wooden frame, a bit like half a barrel. It presented him with the best view of her firm young buttocks, and he was just managing to work the knob of his manhood into her anal ring. He wanted to rape her ass first, then her mouth to clean off any shit, and finally shaft her nice virgin pussy before he allowed himself the joy of shooting forth his load. She yelped as his weight overcame the tightness of her sphincter and he made her scream with the pain as he drove full length up her anal passage.
He paused, fully sheathed in that wonderful tightness. Now for the surprise. He pressed a small lever on the wooden frame, and immediately it was like trying to fuck a bucking bronco.
Around fifty small but very sharp needle like projections had just been released from the surface over which poor Mary lay. It was agonising. The pain made her wriggle, which hurt even more, and then the man behind her pressed his weight down as he started to shaft her hard, and the needles stabbed just a tiny way into her belly, waist, breasts and shoulders. It was an ingenious torture, every time Bents drew back, the girl would try to arch her body up off the needles, thus shoving her pretty ass back onto his cock, then he would drop his weight, get right up her anus, and drive her back down to be pricked in more ways than one.
Barbaro watched in absolute horror. She wailed like a banshee, unable to form words as she choked with emotion. This was beyond the stuff of nightmares, and with sickening certainty, she knew it could only get worse.
It did.
The President gave a loud fart, his belly clenching as he approached what for him was a vey fulfilling climax. His thin grey seed squirted into Alice's bleeding vagina and he allowed himself to sort of fall forwards onto her suspended body, his impressive weight causing her to shriek even louder as both her wrists broke.
He liked that, and did it again, standing, his prick drooling come, raising himself on tip-toe, then dropping forward between the wide open legs. At the fourth repeat, he nearly rolled off her and onto the floor as her left wrist, mangled despite the padded cuffs, was broken so severely that her hand slipped from the handcuff, and she hung lop-sided from ankles and one wrist.
“Bitch....I could have hurt myself, you cunt” he growled. He picked up a baseball bat, modified by having the thick end studded with nails, and smashed it down between the blondes' legs, right onto the come-oozing pussy. Alice swung violently in mid air, her mons veneris spurting blood, the opened lips pierced and ripped by the nails.
He didn't stop. Her cries were dreadful, Barbaro screaming for him to stop.
”You'll kill her!”
The President walked over to the tall Swede. “I told you to shut your mouth. Now, if little girls or even great tall things like you don't do as I tell them, it means they have to be punished. “
He swung the bat upwards, standing in front and to the side of the naked woman. He judged it well. The bat thudded into the crease of Barbaros underflesh, her breasts leaping upwards with the force of the blow. Unfortunately for her, the nails had dug in, and about a dozen nasty gashes were ripped into the proud under slopes, rivulets of blood beginning to run down over her stomach, drip from her pussy hair, and run down her open legs.
The other men watched her as she shrieked and writhed in agony. It was good, but a bit savage for a beginning. They had wanted to make Barbaro last. But you didn't argue with the President.
He seemed satisfied with the one blow, returning to the teenager, and continueing to smash her belly and cunt into a gory pulp. She no longer screamed, but made deep mewing sounds each time the studded baseball bat crashed into her flesh. The boys knew that this was a waste of good cunt-flesh. The girl could have suffered a lot more delightful agonies if they had been done more carefully. As it was, she probably no longer actually felt what was being done to destroy her flesh. There had been a cracking noise, probably her pelvic bone breaking, and her thighs had seemed to hang strangely close together as if her belly had narrowed. But the President was enjoying himself, battering the blood spurting target to a pulp.
Then she was silent, her baby blue eyes wide open, her face screwed into a rictus of agony, her body only moving because the bat swung her back and forth. The President was panting, sweat beading on his reddened face. Reluctantly, he tossed the bat aside and staggered to a leather couch to sit down, breathing heavily.
“There...that's me finished for now. I'm going to have a shower and take a little break. Carry on, my friends. Make the bitches scream!”
As the door closed behind the blood splashed naked man, Bente chuckled. “Jesus, the old bastard gets worked up, doesn't he?”
Brutal nodded. “He's not as good as he used to be. Hasn't got the stamina. We'd have taken all day to kill a pretty young thing like her in the old days!”
Arape walked over to the suspended corpse. He pulled her head up. The mouth was wide open. She looked as if she was mid-scream. He pushed his semi-erect glans into her mouth, and had a good long pee. Some gurgled down her throat, most overflowed.
Torturers are used to bodily fluids, to the small of blood, shit, piss and naked fear.....any normal person would probably have retched as the smells generated by the monstrous acts performed in these cellars of iniquity. Not so the three men in this room.
With Barbaro bleeding badly, attention switched to destroying her. They each chose an electric toy. Bente had a small lithium battery powered sander, Arape the multi-choice electric shock dildo, and Brutal went for an ordinary battery operated electric drill.
The dildo went up her ass first, requiring a lot of force to open her pinky brown rosebud before Arape was able to thrust almost a foot of the tube up into her guts. He selected tip only, which meant when he pushed the button, a shock from the quite sharply pointed end of the instrument exploded deep in Barbaros' bowels. If she had thought the baseball bat had hurt, it was nothing when compared with the current that galvanised her body. Her spine arched, thrusting the dripping tits forward very attractively, her legs spasmed, shuddering quite uncontrollable as the shock went down to her toes. From her throat came a sort of pulsating half-strangled shriek, her head thrown back, mouth wide open, spittle drooling down her chin. Her eyes bulged, clearly showing the absolute terror she felt. It was gorgeous.
Arape released the button and saw her body convulse for a short time before she sagged, defeated. No sign of her haughty condemnation now. She was a beaten slave, her spirit broken.
But she was still able to react to the new experience of feeling Bentes' sander start to rasp the skin off her firm buttocks as he played it over the lovely rear. He tilted the spinning disc to get in her crack, having to duck sideways as skin and blood sprayed out and nearly coated his face.
Brutal started up his drill. He had a quarter inch HSS drill in the chuck. It ripped into her kneecap.
Took three holes before her leg joint collapsed, and she tilted sideways, hanging from her wrists, one leg now totally useless. Naturally, he did the other knee-cap next. It soon left her with her legs sort of bent in totally the wrong way , looking knock-kneed, both legs unable to support any of her body weight. It made punching her in the stomach quite funny, as she swung back and forth with her shattered joints causing some wonderful pain.
Though the bat had torn her underflesh, the upper slopes of her full breasts remained a tempting target for some more cruelty. All three men enjoyed burning her nipples then delicately cutting around the aureoles and pulling each nipple off. It became a game of skill, seeing who could cut the thinnest slices of meat from the once proud globes, made difficult as Barbaro would keep shuddering and twitching, making little gurgling sounds and seemingly quite unable to draw enough breath for a proper scream.
Both breasts now littering the floor with almost round slices of raw meant, all that was left was to take a red hot poker from the electric kiln and drive it up into her cunt. Almost a foot of sizzling crackling iron went in before she gave one last violent spasm and hung there, dripping blood but dead.

Justine and Mary meet their Mom.

All three men were rampant again. Barbaros' suffering had given their sex drive a renewed fillip.
As only the two girls remained, they would need to relieve their tormentors desires.
Justine was spread-eagled on a leather couch. Brutal lowered his body onto the whimpering girl. He found the rather vacant look of near-insanity in her pretty eyes quite amusing. Indeed, both girls had witnessed the destruction of two female bodies in the most horrific manner, so it was not surprising that they had gone into a sort of catatonic state of shock.
Justine wailed with pain, but once Brutal had driven his weapon all the way up her tight little cunt slit, she just sort of groaned as he pounded into her, probably not really knowing what was happening.
Mary gave them a little more vocal entertainment, possibly because she had Bente thrusting up inside her cunt at the same time as Arape shafted her rosebud ass-hole from the rear. As the meat in the sandwich, Mary made plenty of noise.
The girls were a bit bloody but all the right bits were still in all the right places. It was time to see if their mother could do what Arape had planned.
He knew that if he let her know these were her own children, she would never agree to hurt them even after her training so far.
So he resorted to the simple ruse of putting hessian bags over both girls heads, tying them loosely around their throats.
With the teenagers' bodies bearing plenty of bruises and superficial wounds, and with their sexual parts oozing male come and blood, Elizabeth would be unlikely to recognise them, stretched out, one on her back, the other standing open-legged.
Arape sent for her. She had been awaiting his summons in a comfortable lounge in the palace living area, enjoying a few drinks, chatting to some people she knew She rather expected that there would be some debauchery involved in the visit to the palace, Arape having told her how the President shared his interest in discipline.
She entered the play room and gazed at the three naked blood-splattered men. A trmble of rather disgusting pleasure ran down her spine. God, there were more peopls who shared her mans' depraved tastes than she imagined. And this room was astonishing.
Her eyes flicked from walls full of implements to the racks and frames. She saw the two bodies, and gasped with shock. That poor creature with a poker protruding from....oh, God, her breasts.....that's what those bits on the floor were !
Then the two obviously living women. She gave a little groan. The obscenity of what she was witnessing should have made her vomit. It was outrageous, disgusting, inhuman, and.....and yet she could already feel the swelling of her labial lips and the sudden dampness in her panties.
“Hello, Darling” Arape smiled, walking to her and folding his arms round her, kissing her hard on her red lipsticked lips. She could smell the man stink, semen, arousal, and blood. She glanced down. His manhood was half erect, bobbing around, smeared with red. His black curls were matted with blood.There was a droplet of aftercome drooling from his glans. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around him, masturbating the quickly swelling organ.
The other men watched with silent admiration. How the Hell had he got this respectable educated woman to be a dirty whore so quickly? She ought to by screaming with fear and trying to run away.
Fortunately, the corpses were so horribly mutilated that she did not recognise them. She had only met Barbaro a few times and Mary was just one of many young friends of her daughters, certainly not one she would remember, but the men were fascinated to see if she could recognise her daughters naked forms.
Arape handed Elisabeth a cat o' nine tails. It was a fearsome instrument, each of the woven leather “tails” had a trio of small spiked steel balls threaded onto the lash. They added weight to the stroke and as they wrapped around the curves of a womans body, the spikes punctured the skin with multiple lacerations.
He gestured towards the standing girl. “Flog her tits, you sexy bitch....make her squirm for us....rip her to fuckin' shreds .”
“This whip is a bit heavy, Darling” she said, letting go of his stiff rod. “I've not used one this severe before!”
“Sure...I know, but this young bitch is a real terrorist despite being so young. She was involved in a plot to kill the President, so he wants her dead. Go on, let yourself go. I've told you what a sense of power you'll get when you really let go!”
Elisabeth looked at the spread legs, saw the brown fuzz of youthful pussy hair, the peach sized firm breasts. The girl must be in her teens. Unusual to cover the heads like that, but possibly the men didn't want to be recognised. She swung the whip back and forth, getting a feel for its weight, then stood in front but slightly to one side of the girl. She knew what she was doing was immoral. Not just that, it was inhuman. How could anyone justify flogging such a helpless young girl this way?
And she shuddered, but not with horror. Instead, she was feeling that hot glow take over her belly, knowing her cunt lips were swelling. Most men never noticed how a sexually aroused woman can be engorged, admittedly not as obviously as a man. She slightly closed her knees, squashing her roused camel foot. Then she swung the cat in a wide arc and saw the lashes explode over those pear shaped young breasts.
The girl shrieked, her body dancing, feet actually leaving the floor as she tried to bend forward, the fiery agony burning right across her chest.
Elisabeth smiled, like a cat given the cream.
She saw the blood splashing from the side of the far breast where the spikes had ripped open the skin. She adjusted her stance and slashed the whip forward again, successfully guaging it so the balls feathered over the tip of the same breast, splitting open the pale pink nipple in a spray of scarlet droplets.
The destruction excited Elisabeth. She used her free hand to hitch up the short leather skirt she was wearing, exposing her bare pube. She started to work her fingers in the moist crevice, inflaming her lust still more and making her swing the cat with increased venom. In six brutal strokes, she ripped her daughters breasts to a shredded pulp, the once firm apples now a bloody mess of raw meat.
“Her cunt!” Arape shouted, and saw his new convert shudder as she had an orgasm, eyes shining with pure savagery, dropping their gaze to the lightly downed triangle of delicate tissue the men had enjoyed deflowering. Now she would enjoy lashing it to a pulp.
Brutal and Bente were amazed. Even the deceased Brenda had rarely shown such a strong degree of arousal when she had tortured girls. Elisabeth was a fiend.
The only down side to this great entertainment was that the whip they had selected really was a killer. Marys body disintegrated before their eyes, and the struggles stopped as she died, belly torn open so badly that her intestines drooled from the rents in her stomach.
Now there was just one young captive left to destroy. Elisabeths other daughter. Outspread naked on the couch, barely conscious, she was in an almost catatonic state.
Under normal circumstancec, if they were back at the prison, the men would have let her recover her senses, possibly rest in a cell for a few days while the Doctor took care of her, then she would have been nice and fresh once more before they tortured her.
But if they left her, the President wopuld probably kill her however he pleased, and because she was Elisabeths daughter, they wanted the frisson of watching a woman unwittingly mutilate her own flesh and blood.
Arape made his convert do some dreadful things to the hooded girl. Break each of her fingers and toes, clamping them in a big pair of wrenches then bending them back one at a time until the bones snapped, bringing violent convulsions from poor Justine. Her screams were sort of operatic, starting low like an agonised groan then increasing in volume and rising in pitch until you could hear her vocal chords seeming to strum with the strain of a screeching scream.
The noise made Elisabeth almost drool with excitement, frigging her cunt with her free hand, using the wrench with brutal enthusiasm.
Next, Arape gave her a gas torch and let her burn the broken joints before roasting Justines cunt to a blackened and blistered mound.
Breasts next, long steel skewers driven right through the firm young peaches, then heated with the blow torch until they glowed red and Justines blood was actually boiling and bubbling inside her smoking tits.
“Cut them off!” Arape commanded, exchanging the torch for a serrated hunting knife. He bent Elisabeth forward over the spread girl and thrust his cock into her dripping pussy from behind, fucking her vigorously as she set to work slicing her daughters breasts off.
Justine shuddered, gurgled, and arched up from the black leather. Then she gave one last gurgling cry and fell back, at last relieved of her pain by death.
For a moment, Arape wondered whether to pull the hoods off the dead girls, to let his new sadistic slave see what she had done. That would be exquisite, but....well, she was a good fuck and he loved her devotion to causing pain.
Maybe he would tell her some time in the future.
The four of them went from the play room to shower and dress
It had been quite aneventful day.
“How's things going with that air hostess ?” Bente asked.
“Oh, we'll be getting her in a day or two. She's confessed and dropped a few other hostesses in it. Good lead, that one !”
“Any chance of me helping deal with her ?” Bente grinned, his cock twitching at the thought of what he could do to that sexy looking blonde bitch.

That's All, Folks....

Please do leave comments if you liked or dis-liked my treatment of Arapes' story.

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