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Old 01-11-2014, 01:04 PM
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Default When daddy can't help you (rape, blackmail, teen).

I never know how to start my story. My name is Ania and I was just an ordinary high-school girl. Well, a bit more than ordinary, as I was best student in my class, and most popular dancer in our dance team. My family was always in upper class, and as I child I always got everything what I wanted. Every boy in school always dreamed about dating me, every girl wanted to be my friend. I always felt so full of self-confidence knowing that every guy is turning after my ass when I am passing in the school. I knew that canít take away their eyes from my long legs and my cute face and I never wasted chance to shake a bit my long blue hair just to tease them a bit more. At home I was real daddy princess, who was getting whatever I wanted in minute. Being so spoiled, probably made me thinking I can get everything I want, and I didnít care for consequences of my deeds.

Kristina was different girl. She was not so pretty but she was really good hearted and intelligent. As a daughter of police chief, she grew up in more strict family, and she learned a lot about hard life. Still, she was very good friend. Better than I deserved, I guess. If only I could see it then. As I got used that money and a bit of flirting can get me anything, I started to cheat on tests, buying from other students seminaries, getting good marks with shaking my ass around male professors. I was a bitch who wanted to take what is offering and didnít care what consequences it can make. Kristina was in the same time studying hard and getting good marks from hard work. She had a dream to go to that college and she knew that there will be only one student from our school who will get invitation. I am not sure if my will for that colleague came from good references, or just from my will to take always the best and most wanted place, but soon I started to think just about getting that place from her. As her marks remained good, I started to buy even tests from professors, just to prove that money is stronger than any other method.

It was stronger. When came day to choose the University, she didnít even dream I will take her place. I still remember her tears, her despair and her betrayed look. She thought I was her best friend, and I took away her life dream. Then I didnít know I also took away her life. Few weeks later, she was found in her room with the brains on the wall. Her father gun was next to her and whole room was in blood. I knew it was my fault, and knowing her father got scared. It was scary to confront him on funeral, he was observing every my move, I saw rage in his eyes. But he didnít say a word. I knew it will not just stay like that.

Months were passing and soon I started to forget it, continued my princess life and playing with the world like it is a toy. Until that evening that changed my life forever...

It was cold spring evening, and I was coming back from my dance classes. I heard some car behind me slowing down. Thought again some wanker is taking picture of my ass in these tight jeans, when I notice it is police car. It stopped next to me, and to my shock, it was Kristina's father, Mr. Swindal. He just opened door and told me to go inside. I was in fear, and didnít move, wondering what to do. He repeated with his cold, sharp ordering voice, "Go inside... Or I will arrest you and put inside the car." I felt he will do it, so I obeyed... Opened the door, with my shaking hands and sat next to him... While I asked him what he wants, I felt my lip is shaking from fear. I thought he is going to kill me. If only he did it.

"Hello Ania" - Mr. Swindal said. "We finally meet... There is lot of things to make clear between us... And things to get even."

"Please mr. don't hurt me..." - I was barely able to talk from fear

"I am not going to hurt you little shit... I will not even touch you. We are just going to talk. And when we finish, you will beg me to fuck your little cock-teasing ass" - he responded, and my eyes grew like watermelons, while my breath got blocked.

"Please... Donít rape me... Donít hurt me..." - I started to whine trough the tears

"I told you... I will not even touch you. Now shut up and keep your words for later" - he responded.

In total fear frozen to seat I was sitting in police car, while he got down the road to some forest trail and turned off the lights. After few minutes of riding in total dark, car stopped. He ordered me to go out, and I obeyed. It was total dark... Few moments later, he turned on the light and I noticed some forest hut, and we went in. I was already sure he will rape and kill me inside. And again, I was wrong.

When I came inside, he ordered me to sit by the table. He sat across to me, and it was like police interrogation in the movie. He started to talk.

"Because of you my daughter is dead. I was watching you for long time, and I knew you are little piece of spoiled shit, but didnít expect it will go so far. Now is time for my revenge. You took her life, I will take yours..."

I thought that is it... He will kill me right there, tried to beg him, but from shock couldnít move even one muscle in my body. I was just sitting there, waiting for my ultimate destiny.

"But you know what Ania... You didnít just destroy her life... You also destroyed whole my family... And I want complete revenge. But I am not going to kill your family... I will not kill anybody indeed... Just take a look on all this things I have here..."

He throws to me two big boxes of papers, pictures, scans and other things. He got every copy of my faked test, every security camera picture of me paying for it, he even had picture of me every time I crossed the light on red. I knew, my life is over, I am going to go first to jail and then lose all my education and things I did. But real shock came in second box. It was same thing, just will pictures of my father cheating on work, all proves for his fault of destroying some companies, enough to put him on life term in prison. Also, there were pictures of my brother dealing drugs and doing some other crimes, and as well some things against my mother. I am not sure if some things were not set to them, but I knew there is no way anyone from my family will ever see the sun again if this come to public.

He took out the gun, started to look on it and then pointed it to me and said:

"I could send you with one bullet to hell, right now... But I prefer to make you hell over here, so I can watch you in hell every day. If you decide to take away your life, go ahead, but remember your family will be over then. You have just one way out of this, and this is accepting your hell over here. Itís your choice..." - he told me and put his gun away...

"If you want to keep your life and your family life, from now on you will fuck everyone and everything I tell you. You will give your body in most humiliating ways, to every fucking shithead I order you. If will live hell worst you can even imagine, every day." - As he was saying it, I noticed little evil smile, he really enjoyed in that...

"Now you little shit... You know what you need to do and what you need to say..." - he stood up from table and told me while his evil smile covered whole his face.

And I knew... Shakingly, I stood up, turned him my backside, unbuttoned my jeans, took down my panties, bend over and said:

"Please mister, fuck my ass"
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Old 01-11-2014, 01:09 PM
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Default Re: When daddy can't help you (rape, blackmail, teen).

I had sex before just with one my boyfriend... He took my virginity, but as a classy rich guy, he had zero sexual skills. We had sex just few times. Except that, twice I sucked my boyfriendís cock. Counting that, I was going to be a sex slave and sex toy to numerous guys almost as a virgin. And it will start with anal sex, something I thought I will never allow to some guy to do. Standing there, bend over the table, waiting for my fate.

"I donít cheat my wife you slut" - I heard him from behind, and saw he took away my panties and pants.

"Get up, go in the car" - he ordered and I started to walk in front of him, dressed only in short black t-shirt, which was barely hiding top of my ass. I sat in the car, while he started to dig the pocket on my jeans. He took out my cell phone, gave it to me and ordered to call my mother and tell her that I will come home next morning, because I will stay over my friends place. It was so hard to pretend everything is all right, while I had no idea what depraved idea he had for me. I finished the call, and before managed to ask something, he told me to shut up. From that moment I learned to talk only when I was asked.

It was not long ride until we came to some empty parking lot. Two lamps were lighting the whole place, which seemed to be abandoned, while around was only the forest. When car stopped I spotted big truck in the corner. Front window was covered and lights turned off, like it is abandoned as well. Then I noticed someone is watching from the side of the curtain. Mr. Swindon ordered me to go out and walk around the car. I felt so scared, so ashamed... Dressed just in t-shirt, I knew this one who is watching see under the lamp my white body shining in the night. Even my boyfriend didnít saw me walking like that. Mr. Swindon came out of the car and ordered me to sit back inside. In the same time, doors of the truck opened and I saw figure of a big man. He came to the car and handshaked with Mr. Swindon. Truck driver was around 40, had dirty t-shirt and shorts. His face was so ugly, a bit deformed nose and few scarves was showing that violence is not aliened to him, while his short beard was clear sign that he donít care so much about his look. Semi-long hair which was partly bold on the top was showing clearly that he donít wash so often. I was not sure am I more disgusted or afraid.

When our eyes met for the first time, it was one of the most terrifying moments in my life. He looked to me with such lust that I felt like I was already raped just by his look. Then I heard them talking:

"Wow man... I thought you will bring me some crack-whore, who wants to avoid arrest, and here is some gorgeous princess, you really surprised me". - He said while his eyes were still on me and his tongue was licking his lips.

"A weird thing happens... Give me my details..." - Mr. Swindon went straight to the topic.

"Here it is... I wrote it all... Nickname, licence plate, where he hide it... itís all here" - driver responded, still eating me with his eyes. "You sure I can fuck the shit out of her?"

"Deal is a deal. Tomorrow 10AM drop her out in the field 200 meters before highway, where is sign for pay tolls." - Mr. Swindon said and ordered me with hand to come out from the car. I opened the door, and slowly was standing up. My legs were shaking so badly that I was barely able to stand. Second before I came out, I saw trucker is biting his lips from excitement, knowing that my pussy and ass are totally exposed.

And there I was, standing just in black t-shirt, white socks and pink sneakers in front of more than twice older, truck driver, some dirty, ugly bastard who was getting crazy just from thought of fucking me. My trimmed pussy hair was mostly visible, and I saw in his eyes that it was most exciting moment in his life. As I was coming closer and closer, he was more and more excited.

"What a cute piece of meat" - he laughed and grabbed my hair so hardly that I almost fell. My face was so close to him that I could see all ugliness of that guy. I could fell the smell of sweat and his bad breath from mouth. Obviously, he is not washing this few teethís he still have in his mouth. His fat fingers went down and started to grope my pussy lips. I felt unpleasant cold as his finger slide inside me, while he bite my lips and smelled my cheeks.

"Enjoy your time" - Mr. Swindon said and just went away. The most terrifying for me about this man was his lack of any feelings. He lends me over to some sex starved animal like he borrowed him a pencil. I knew already from beginning that there is not even a single hope I can expect some mercy by this guy. All I can do is accept my fate and at least save rest of my family.

Trucker pushed me in front, obviously enjoying the view on my naked ass. As we were walking toward truck, we was groping and slapping my ass. Then he opened the door and forced me to go up. From his animalistic sounds of excitement I knew that sight of my naked ass near his face as I was climbing inside made him crazy to the end. In the truck was total mess and bad smell. Remains of old food were all around the floor, as well as various devices and things for fixing the truck. Dirty clothes and smell of spilled oil made it even worse. Behind the seats was a little bed with some old blanked and some of his dirty underwear. When he came inside, same moment he ordered me to strip. I took down my t-shirt, and didnít even have time to unbutton my bra, he just tears it away and same moment began to squeeze and bite my tits. They are not big; more to say average, but nicely shaped and rounded.

"Mmm nice flesh... Soft... Sweet... I could eat you..." He said after he grabs my hair again. Watching my whole naked body, he was just laughing and licking himself.

"On your knees, bend over the bed. I am going to fuck your teasing ass. I will fuck is so hard baby that you will never forget" - trucker ordered me and I knew I must obey. Tears were flowing from my eyes, while I went down on my knees, lay with stomach on the bed and waited my destiny. I heard his pants going down, his fast breathing, his cold hands on my ass, two very strong slaps on my ass cheeks, his fingers spreading my buttocks and I felt top of his cock on my rear entrance. I knew it will hurt, but didnít even dream it will be so bad.

Using his whole body, without any preparation, lubricant or even warning he just jumped into me. I felt his body felling on me, while gravitation helped his cock to penetrate deep in my ass. Pain was so strong that I thought someone ripped me apart with a burning knife, I felt like I am passing away with all my organs split in two. From pain I screamed, grabbed with both hands the blanket, so strong that I almost tear it. For a moment he also stopped while his cock was inside my ass, probably from such dry attack on my tight asshole he also felt pain. But just seconds later he starts to pump his prick in and out of my ass, every time trying to slam it in as deep as possible. With every thrust, I felt like I am stabbed with a knife. His hands were holding my buttocks, slapping if from time to time until I felt his balls are hitting my pussy. I knew he was all the way inside my ass and it hurt so badly. I heard him grunting as a wild animal as his thrusts become faster and faster. Itís hard to say how much time passed until I heard his moans become louder, and until I felt his fingers deep inside my ass flesh. Second later he just stops inside me, and warm jism was filling my cervix. He came in my ass.

After he took his prick out of my ass, I just felt a bit of relief, but the pain was still very strong. Trapped air made embarrassing sound, what made him laugh and he slapped my ass once again. He lay down on a bed next to me, while my body just collapsed on the floor. It didnít take more than few minutes, until he grabbed my hair again, and forced me to stand up.

"Clear my cock bitch, look what you did" - he said and forced my mouth down to his cock. Than for the first time I saw his dick. It was still half erected, with the veins popping out. I remember well it was a bit curved, what for sure made sex with him even more unpleasant. Top of his cock was covered with sperm and blood, obviously showing that his violent attack injured my anal walls. He forced me to take his cock into my mouth, what made me so disgusting. It smelled so bad, but I couldnít do anything else then open my mouth and take it inside. He forced me to lick his balls and clean him between balls and legs, where was layers of sweats for sure few months old. It didnít take long since his cock become more and more solid, and his hand squeezing my tits again. With another hand, he was forcing my head up and down, making me giving him blowjob.

"Yeah baby... Suck my dick... Make me hard again.... Take it into your pretty mouth and prepare for another fuck... Oh yeah... You are going to be fucked for whole night..." - he was just repeating letting me know what I already knew.

Then he took his cock out of my mouth and sat on the bed. He forced me to sit on him and put with my own hands his cock into my pussy. It was so embarrassing, but I didnít have a choice. My young and tight pussy got stretched to his cock and as he pulled me down by my shoulder, I made painful grimaces as his curved cock penetrated me. It made him even more excited. I started to fuck myself on his dick, while his hands were all around me. He was squeezing my tits and butt, slapping my ass and licking my neck, tits and ears. Few times he bites my nipples so hard I thought he will cut them off. From time to time, he slapped my face, just to enjoy in torturing me. After some time fucking me like that, he ordered me to turn, so I needed to sit on his cock with my backside turned to him. As I expected, it resulted with endless slapping of my butt. As I was totally inexperienced in sex, it lasted for a long time until he decided to take things in his hands. He just grabbed me for my both tits so hard that he almost rotated them whole circle, pushed me up and then down to the front seat of the truck. In this position he was fucking my pussy harder and harder, as I felt his bad breath from behind and his barb rubbing my neck and shoulder. He was licking me, biting my ears and squeezing my tits as his cock was thrusting deeper and deeper, faster and faster until he came inside my pussy. Then I noticed that I am all the time fucked by ugly old stranger without any protection, and now I even got his semen into my belly. Not matter how much I hate it, how disgusting it is or how I am afraid of getting some disease of being pregnant, I simply can't do anything. I am just a toy for a fucking. Over the next few hours he raped me in three more times on that bed and every time he came inside me. He simply didnít care for anything except his pleasure. Every his thrust was so strong and violent that I didnít felt anything but constant pain and abuse.

"Fuck, I have just one more hour" - he said suddenly and then I noticed itís already morning outside.

"Cmon, faster, bend over that seat... We will finish how we started... I am going to
Fuck that cute cock-teasing ass of yours once again." - He told me and bends me over the seat. As he was already tired, I felt his body lying down on me, his fingers opening my anal hole and moment later his cock was there. Again this terrible burning pain as his cock penetrated my ass. I was trapped between his body and driver seat as his cock was simply ravaging my ass making me so unbearable pain that I was barely breathing. His strokes was again violent and deep, while he was reminding me how good piece of ass I am, and how much he like to fuck my tight teenage holes. As it was already his fifth sixth fuck, he needed a lot to cum, so for the next hour I was constantly banged in my ass without mercy. Didnít had strength even to cry, was just lying on that seat moving front and back with every stroke which was making terrible sharp pain like I was constantly butchered. On the end he just came inside like every time before, grab me by my hair and just throw me on the side. I was in such pain that I couldnít even stand on my legs. I didnít even noticed when he turned on the engine and drive away from that parking lot until the place where he said to drop me off. He just came there, opened the doors and dropped me out. I fell out on the grass; my legs were too weak after whole night of ordeal to keep me up. He just laughed and said that I was good fuck and that he hope he will have chance to taste my ass again one day, threw out my t-shirt, closed the doors and drove away.
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Old 07-22-2014, 12:51 PM
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Default Re: When daddy can't help you (rape, blackmail, teen).

My fake covers for Your story

Closed Thread

anal, blonde, gang-rape, teen

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