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Default Wife is trained to be a toilet by other men.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Your hot video!
Date: August 31st, 2013

Dear Sweet, Sexy, Slutty, Trashy wife of mine:
Caroline! I want you to know that I have now ejaculated four times in less than 24 hours due to the video you sent me last night! It was so fucking, incredibly hot?ˆ¦and so wonderfully disgusting. I just couldn?ˆ™t believe what I was watching you do with our new friend. It?ˆ™s been years since I?ˆ™ve cum this often in such a short amount of time. As much as it drives me crazy with lust to watch you play sex games with other men, I know that you love to hear the effect it has on me. Before I describe in detail what I was thinking and feeling as I watched your perverted little movie, you should know that I came three times last night watching the video. I came a fourth time this afternoon after I received an email from our mutual friend (the content of which I?ˆ™ve included below ?ˆ“ for I don?ˆ™t think he cc?ˆ™d you on the email.) There was a break in a meeting at work this afternoon when I checked my email and read what he had sent. I was getting an erection in the meeting room and had to excuse myself to use the bathroom. I jerked off in the bathroom stall reading his email, and shot a nice big load into the toilet bowl. I was literally shaking with excitement as I left the men?ˆ™s room and returned to the meeting!
Now let me describe my evening last night.
I got into my hotel room around 10:00pm, after having dinner with my colleagues, and having a couple of beers at a local pub. As usual, I checked my personal email quickly, and then I checked our super-personal email account hoping that you had sent me something. Knowing that you were meeting with Jim for the first time, I was hoping you had sent me a note letting me know how things went. I wasn?ˆ™t expecting a video to be attached to your message so I opened it with much excitement.
There was my hot, sexy wife completely nude and lying on her back on a table in our bathroom. I love how you smiled at the camera (and me) as the video opens?ˆ¦knowing you were going to give me a really special show. You?ˆ™re such a dirty little devil! A nude man (Jim) stands between your legs stroking his impressive semi-hard cock. When he began to piss on your belly and tits I can?ˆ™t say that I found this surprising because I?ˆ™ve watched men shower you in urine several times now, but it still made my cock instantly hard. I loved listening to you moan as he pissed on you and you truly seemed like you enjoyed rubbing his hot piss all over yourself. After reading Jim?ˆ™s email, I now understand why it didn?ˆ™t seem like he had a large quantity of piss with which to shower you, having already provided you with a few mouthfuls ?ˆ“ which you obediently swallowed ?ˆ“ great job! I wish the images of you drinking his piss had made the video, but I understand that it was that act that gave you inspiration to turn on the video camera.
Watching you take Jim?ˆ™s golden shower already had me hard and jerking off so when he got up on the table, squatted over your chest, and shat ?ˆ“ there was no way I was going to hold off having an instant orgasm! I blew a big load, my sweet dear. The fact that you looked back at the camera several times while he was defecating on you, with that combined look of lust and deviousness on your face was too much for me to take. You even licked your lips at one point as his turds slid from his asshole. You didn?ˆ™t even grimace at the smell of his shit, or the vulgarity of the act. Even though I was coming right away, I couldn?ˆ™t take my eyes off of the screen. My cock never even got soft! I watched as he got off the table and back between your legs. He and I were both masturbating as you began to rub his fresh shit all over your tits and belly. You looked again at the camera as you smeared his excrement over your nipples. You never hesitated to play with his shit. It almost seemed like you were an experienced scat-sex pornstar! (Is it possible that you?ˆ™ve been playing with shit, your own or others, without having told me? I can?ˆ™t believe that to be the case, because I can?ˆ™t imagine you hiding anything so perverse from me.)
You?ˆ™ve got to take the time to write me back dear wife and tell me what the experience was like for you. What was it like when the shit began coming out of his asshole? Was the smell really strong? Could you feel the heat of his dirt on your skin? You never once had a disgusted look on your face ?ˆ“ to be honest, you looked like you were very much turned on! Your smiles at the camera confirmed this.
Once Jim had worked his cock up good and hard, he slid it into your wet cunt. He?ˆ™s got a nice big dick, doesn?ˆ™t he? You saw the pictures and knew he would be well-hung, right? I don?ˆ™t like to disappoint my beloved wife. He was making you feel really good as he fucked you. There?ˆ™s no way you could fake your pleasure as he pounded his cock into your slutty pussy.
You never stopped rubbing his filth over your belly and tits while he fucked you good and hard. You could tell he was really worked up as he was fucking you and watching you rub his shit into your skin. You had an obvious orgasm and that was right about the time I came for the second time. Oh, how I wish I had been there to see that act of obscenity performed live and in person. I would have liked to have smelled the stink of his shit as you played with it, and bathed in it. His shit had the perfect consistency, not too runny and not too dry. It worked perfectly as a dirty cr??me to cover your torso with.
Not thinking this video could get any hotter, he then had you stand up. He sat down on the edge of our bathtub, took the video camera and pointed the lens between his legs. His cock was so big and hard. I?ˆ™d say it?ˆ™s a good eight inches long, wouldn?ˆ™t you? And nice and thick too! Upon his instructions you got on your knees between his legs, his feces caked all over your tits and belly, and you grabbed that fat cock with your shit-filthy right hand. A moment later you were sucking his big dong, and stroking it with your excrement-covered hand! You didn?ˆ™t even hesitate upon his instruction to do this. You are becoming such a well-trained slut my dear!
As you took that big cock-head into your mouth ?ˆ“ which nearly fills your mouth ?ˆ“ you worked your shit-slimy hand up and down his fat shaft, coating it in his own filth. He told you to rub your hand over the cock-head and you did it. He told you to oh take the cock head back into your mouth and you did that without hesitation. You were tasting his shit at that point. Please tell me, how did his shit taste? How did it smell? Was it as disgusting as it was to watch you do this? I was so disgusted with you, but so very turned on. I wish, I wish I had been there to watch my dear wife have toilet sex with a man she had just met. An internet pervert who was at my house to fulfill a filthy fantasy, with my wife! He was SO turned on as you sucked, stroked, and licked his cock, wasn?ˆ™t he? He was breathing so heavily, trying to hold off from coming in your dirty mouth.
The shit must have made great lubrication as you steadily pumped his shaft with your fist. You made full strokes from the base of his penis to the head, all the while sucking the head with your mouth. His shit was caked-up between your fingers and I?ˆ™m sure you were getting a steady taste of it. Our bathroom must have reeked with his shit-stink. I can only imagine your breath! I would have kissed you if I had been there. Right after he gave you his load, I would have kissed your filthy fucking mouth! I wouldn?ˆ™t have minded sucking on his hard cock for a few moments myself!
1. I had expected his cum-shot to be larger after having just given you a brown-shower. I?ˆ™m wondering if you two fucked before you made this video?
Dear wife: Thank you for making this video and sharing it with me. I love you so much. You?ˆ™ve become such a filthy slut during our years of marriage, and I?ˆ™m grateful for that. You turn me on and blow my mind on a regular basis. You?ˆ™re a dream cum true!
Please write me back and give me more details on your night with Jim. Jim?ˆ™s email to me, if you haven?ˆ™t seen it yet, is attached below.
- Your loving husband, Mitch

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Thank you for the hot time!
Date: August 30, 2013

Hey Mitch,
Just a note to thank you and Carey for a great time tonight! Your wife is everything you said she?ˆ™d be. What a hot lady?ˆ¦and so willing to try new things! Hope you enjoyed the video we made. I know she sent it to you because I watched her email the link to you. Warning: if you haven?ˆ™t seen it yet ?ˆ“ it?ˆ™s filthy! Your wife is a beautiful, sexy SLUT! She did everything I asked of her, not only obediently, but more than willingly. As I write this, I?ˆ™ve got a hard-on again thinking about what she and I did together. I?ˆ™ll let her give you all the details. The highlight of the night was shown in the video. Incredible! A fantasy cum-true for me.
I would like to get together with Carey again. She has already agreed to see me again on Thursday night. I?ˆ™m hoping that?ˆ™s OK with you. I have lots of ideas on how to use your slut wife for further pleasures and perversities. Shoot me an email and let me know what you thought of the video.
Hot for your wife,

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Your hot video!
Date: August 31, 2013
Dear sweet Hubby!
I just knew you were going to love that video! I?ˆ™ve re-watched it a few times myself and can?ˆ™t believe how nasty I was! I have to tell you I was a little bit buzzed after having a few drinks with Jim down at Sully?ˆ™s. Did you know that Jim lives only a few blocks from us? He lives just off of the downtown near the Mexican restaurant. Once we realized how close we were, we decided to meet at Sully?ˆ™s after work last night. OMG! He is so much fun?ˆ¦and he?ˆ™s a pervert, like you. And I guess I?ˆ™m becoming more and more perverted myself these days. The video doesn?ˆ™t lie, does it? I know you told me that videos placed on your hard-drive thing are secure ?ˆ“ please make sure no one else ever sees that!
I know you love to hear all of the dirty details so here?ˆ™s hoping I can get you off remotely again:
Jim and I met at Sully?ˆ™s at 6 after I got out of work. It was pretty quiet in there so we got one of the back tables so that we could talk. I was instantly attracted to him. He?ˆ™s like 6?ˆ™2?ˆ?, in shape, good-looking, and has a lot of that ?ˆ?animal magnetism?ˆ?. I could tell right away that he was attracted to me and was really horny. He put his hand on my knee as soon as we sat down. We had a drink and he told me about his work as a mechanical engineer. His hand kept sliding further and further up my leg. I made sure to where a skirt to work today and I took off my panties in the bathroom before leaving work in case something like this happened.
I wasn?ˆ™t about to stop him from feeling his way up my leg. I wanted him to discover my bare peach on his own and be turned on when he found it. As you know, I?ˆ™ve down this before when meeting men in bars and restaurants and it has worked out nicely for us.
We laughed and he told me some dirty joke which I can?ˆ™t remember. His hand was three-quarters of the way up my thigh now, so at one point, I just grabbed his wrist and moved his hand to my pussy. When he felt the little scrub of my pussy hair, he raised his eyebrows and smiled. He tickled my clit with his index finger a little bit and looked pleased.
While still talking some nonsense about his work, he nonchalantly grabbed my hand and put it in his crotch. He wanted me to know that he had a massive hard-on. I squeezed it through his pants and got the first sense of how big he was down there. Yum! It was a big turn-on for both of us to be feeling each other up right there in the back of Sully?ˆ™s bar.
After another drink, the bar was starting to fill up and we could talk a little more openly without being overheard. Jim wanted me to go into the men?ˆ™s room with him so that he could show me his cock. He said he just wanted to ?ˆ?show?ˆ? it to me. Like I was going to be able to look at his cock without wanting to get on my knees and go down on it, right? I told him no. At this point he didn?ˆ™t know that we lived just down the street. I told him this place was too close to home and that I didn?ˆ™t want to create a scandal in my own neighborhood. Of course then he pressed me to take him to our home.
My pussy was so wet at this point, and I wanted that big dick in it, so I wasn?ˆ™t about to say no to that request. We waited a few minutes for his erection to go down but it wouldn?ˆ™t go down very much so we scooted out of Sully?ˆ™s as discreetly as we could. He pretty much stayed pressed up against my back doing his best to conceal his erection. You saw his dick in the video ?ˆ“ that?ˆ™s not an easy sex organ to conceal!
Anyway, we got in the door to our house and he immediately pulled his pants down. He picked me up easily and impaled me on that big fucker of a cock of his. I had my first orgasm within a minute. He lifted me off of his cock and put me on my knees to make me suck it. I did the best I could, barely able to get much more than the head into my mouth. He was very aggressive and choked me with his dick a few times. He started getting verbal then ?ˆ“ which you know I like.
He said things like: ?ˆ?Suck my cock, you married slut!?ˆ?, ?ˆ?Lick my balls bitch?ˆ?, and ?ˆ?Eat that dick, you little cock-hound?ˆ?. I did as he requested.
He then turned around and ordered me to lick his ass. While fingering my pussy, I licked his ass crack. He bent over, pulled his cheeks apart, and pushed my face into has ass. He said, ?ˆ?Lick my asshole really good?ˆ?. I tongue-fucked his asshole like he wanted me to.
After that, he stood up and told me to get completely undressed. He then said, ?ˆ?Turn around, bend over, and spread your pussy lips. Show me that fuck-hole?ˆ?. After complying, he came up behind me and shoved his dong into my wet hole. I came a couple of times and he came himself for the first time that night, filling my pussy with a big, sloppy load.
He then asked if we had any beer and I fetched both of us one from the fridge.
We both sat down on the coach and drank our beer while we recovered from the sex we had just had. I was shaking from the pounding he had just given me.
I don?ˆ™t think his cock even shrank very much as we sat there on the coach. We sat side-by-side and I had a good view of his penis the whole time?ˆ¦.hoping he?ˆ™d get fully hard again.
It didn?ˆ™t take long!
After finishing his beer he said, ?ˆ?Your husband tells me that you?ˆ™re not the ?ˆ?typical married slut?ˆ™?ˆ?. I said, ?ˆ?No, I?ˆ™m not. But what does that mean in your mind??ˆ?
He said, ?ˆ?It means to me that you?ˆ™re willing to play and try new things, dirty things.?ˆ?
?ˆ?That?ˆ™s true,?ˆ? I said.
He said, ?ˆ?Your husband tells me that you?ˆ™ve let other men give you golden showers.?ˆ?
?ˆ?That?ˆ™s true,?ˆ? I said.
?ˆ?I want to do that with you,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?I want to give you a golden shower. I haven?ˆ™t pissed since before we met at the bar. I?ˆ™ve got to go right now.?ˆ?
?ˆ?OK,?ˆ? I said, ?ˆ?I?ˆ™m game.?ˆ? I got up and was going to lead him into the bathroom, but he stood up too and wouldn?ˆ™t let me move him.
?ˆ?Right here??ˆ? I asked. He nodded his head. ?ˆ?I don?ˆ™t want to get pee all over the rug and furniture, if that?ˆ™s OK with you??ˆ? I asked.
He pushed my shoulders down like when he wanted me to suck his cock and I got on my knees again. ?ˆ?Shouldn?ˆ™t be a problem,?ˆ? he said, and aimed his cock head at my mouth. I opened my mouth right away and he began to piss in my mouth. ?ˆ?Better drink it if you don?ˆ™t want to spill it,?ˆ? he said. I drank quickly and after a mouthful, he stopped pissing to allow me to catch my breath. ?ˆ?Want more??ˆ? he asked. I just opened my mouth to give him the answer I knew he wanted. I don?ˆ™t know how many times he filled my mouth but I drank every drop, not wanting to have to clean any up off our new carpet.
He stopped pissing and I licked the dribbles off the head of his cock. ?ˆ?Did you like that??ˆ? he asked. I nodded my head, because frankly, I did like it. It turned me on to do that for him. His piss was pretty watery after all that he had been drinking so it didn?ˆ™t taste bad at all. ?ˆ?Good,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?I enjoy using ladies as my personal urinal. I?ˆ™m glad you liked it.?ˆ?
By then, his cock was fully hard again and I was jerking it and playing with his balls too. ?ˆ?Eat my ass again,?ˆ? he said. He wasn?ˆ™t asking, it was an order. Just the way we like to be treated by sexually-dominant men, right?
I gave him a really good wet, sloppy rim-job. He was jerking his dick and saying things like, ?ˆ?Eat that ass you dirty bitch!?ˆ? and ?ˆ?Lick my shithole!?ˆ?
Did you notice that he farted right before he dumped on me in the video? Well, he farted while I was giving him the rim job too. A big one. I didn?ˆ™t stop tonguing him, even so. This really emboldened him and he was really getting worked up and sweaty. ?ˆ?You like that?!?ˆ? he shouted, not waiting for me to answer. ?ˆ?You like that I just farted into your fucking face? You like the smell of my ass? You like the taste of my shit-hole? I know you do, you filthy bitch! Tell me how much you love it!?ˆ?
It wasn?ˆ™t a question, it was another order. I said, ?ˆ?I love licking your butt-hole. I like the smell and taste of it.?ˆ?
?ˆ?Did you like the smell of my fart??ˆ? he asked.
?ˆ?Yes, I liked it,?ˆ? I answered.
?ˆ?I?ˆ™ve got another for you,?ˆ? he said. He pushed out another, smaller, fart into my face. ?ˆ?Let me hear you sniff it in.?ˆ? I breathed in loudly through my nose so that he could hear that I complied.
He turned around and then asked me what I thought you would think if you were home right now watching me sniff his farts and drink his piss. I said, ?ˆ?My husband would be jacking-off like a mother-fucker!?ˆ? He liked that answer and smiled a devilish smile. That?ˆ™s when he told me to grab a video-camera because he wanted to make a video.
You?ˆ™ve seen the video. You know what we did. You know what I did in the video, but you don?ˆ™t know what happened after we shut the camera off.
You now know why his cumshot was not that big when he jerked off into my mouth. Because he had already fucked me once only a little while before.
After he came the second time, he sat on the edge of the tub looking at me. ?ˆ?You?ˆ™re quite the little pig, aren?ˆ™t you??ˆ? The way he was looking at me made me feel a little ashamed of what I had just allowed him to do to me. He noticed the full-length mirror on the back of our bathroom door and he said, ?ˆ?Look at yourself in the mirror. You?ˆ™re covered in my shit.?ˆ? I was?ˆ¦.as you know. It was caked all over my tits and down my belly. It was all over my hands. The smell of it was strong. I think I blushed looking at myself.
?ˆ?Wash your hands,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?I want you to send that video to your husband. I know he?ˆ™s out of town on business, but is there a way you can get that video to him??ˆ? I nodded my head. ?ˆ?Leave my shit on your body, just wash your hands for now. Do you have a negligee or something you can put on? Something flimsy that we can still see the shit that?ˆ™s on your body? I want to take some pictures.?ˆ?
?ˆ?Pictures??ˆ? I asked, alarmed.
?ˆ?Don?ˆ™t worry,?ˆ? he returned. ?ˆ?Nothing that will incriminate you or reveal who you are. I want to remember this night. You?ˆ™re giving me ideas.?ˆ?
As I washed my hands and grabbed one of the skimpy nighties that I have (I grabbed a really gauzy white one), Jim went downstairs and got his smart phone. He took several photos, posing me in various positions, making sure I was well-lit. He showed me the pictures afterward so that I could verify that my face wasn?ˆ™t showing in the pics. ?ˆ?Besides jerk off to them, what are you going to do with the pictures??ˆ? I asked as nonchalantly as I could.
?ˆ?Not sure,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?Probably just jerk off to them, like you said.?ˆ?
?ˆ?You said I was giving you ideas?ˆ¦what ideas??ˆ? I then asked.
?ˆ?Dirty ideas,?ˆ? he said laughing.
?ˆ?What could be dirtier than this??ˆ? I asked, indicating myself from the neck down.
?ˆ?Yeah, that?ˆ™s pretty dirty,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?How do you feel? Are you disgusted with yourself??ˆ?
?ˆ?I feel pretty disgusting, yes,?ˆ? I answered.
?ˆ?You should, you smell and look like a filthy pig,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?I like it though,?ˆ? he continued. ?ˆ?It turns me on to look at you with my shit smeared all over your body. You got a taste of it too, didn?ˆ™t you? You licked and sucked it off of my dick. How?ˆ™s that tasting in your mouth right now??ˆ?
I shrugged my shoulders, not quite sure how to reply to that. His shit didn?ˆ™t taste particularly good, but I didn?ˆ™t want to make him unhappy.
?ˆ?You don?ˆ™t know how it tastes??ˆ? he asked.
?ˆ?It tastes like I shit, I guess,?ˆ? I answered.
?ˆ?I realize I never wiped my ass after taking a dump on you,?ˆ? he said. ?ˆ?Hand me some toilet paper.?ˆ? I pulled a few sheets of paper off of the roll and handed it to him. He proceeded to wipe his ass, looked at the shit-stained paper, and then handed it to me. ?ˆ?Eat it,?ˆ? he said.
?ˆ?Eat this toilet paper??ˆ? I asked, feeling disgusted by the suggestion.
?ˆ?You don?ˆ™t have to eat all of it, just the part that has my shit on it.?ˆ?
?ˆ?Oh, I don?ˆ™t think I want to do that,?ˆ? I said.
?ˆ?Do you want to fuck me again??ˆ? he asked, coming close to me. ?ˆ?Do you want this dick to make you cum multiple times again??ˆ? He took his cock into his left hand and lifted it up. I could see that it was beginning to stiffen again. ?ˆ?Just eat a little shit-paper for me. Show me how much you like me. I?ˆ™ll help you wash it down with some more of my piss that you so eagerly drank earlier.?ˆ? He took the dirty toilet paper back from me and tore off the part that had his shit-stains on it. He put his hand on my shoulder and indicated that he wanted me to get on my knees again. I did as he wanted. He put his dick in my mouth and slowly began to fuck my mouth. Then he stopped fucking my mouth but left his cock head between my lips. He pissed a little. ?ˆ?There,?ˆ? he said, ?ˆ?that?ˆ™s a good girl. Time to be a toilet for me again.?ˆ? He pulled his cock from my mouth and then stuffed the shit-stained toilet paper into my mouth. ?ˆ?Be a good little toilet and eat that shit snack. Chew it, and flush it down the drain. Here, I?ˆ™ll give you a little more piss to make it easier to chew and swallow.?ˆ? He stood back up straight and shot a stream of piss into my mouth. I did what he asked: chewed, and swallowed what he had put into my mouth.
Jim left our house shortly after that. I had offered to suck his cock again but he said he wanted to save up his energy for the next time we got together. He said that as a statement, not as a question. We agreed to get together again on Thursday night. I hope this is OK with you.
Dear husband, you are such a sweet man to put up with the dirty slut of a wife that I?ˆ™ve become. You?ˆ™re thousands of miles away on a business trip, making a living for us, while I?ˆ™m home being a filthy tramp. Your email makes it sound like you don?ˆ™t mind what I did with Jim. I hope that?ˆ™s really, really true because I wouldn?ˆ™t want you to get so disgusted with my behavior that you didn?ˆ™t want to be with me anymore.
Please write back to me and tell me what you think of all of this. Did I go too far with him? If you don?ˆ™t want me to see him again, that?ˆ™s OK. (Although I really want that big cock at least once more!)
Love you so much,

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