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Old 07-03-2015, 07:04 AM
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Last Chapter.

Appropriately for the last chapter, Wendy´s pussy is kept on the peak of agony throughout.


Wendy screamed in agony, jerking spastically in her bonds as Ho
looked on and grinned malevolently. She was hanging from her wrists,
her legs chained tightly to the floor, well apart. She was
spreadeagled in mid-air, helpless to do more than frenziedly hump her
torso forward and back.
Her body was no longer unmarred, for Ho had lovingly caressed it with
whips long and short, flogs, crops, paddles, canes, and straps to the
point that the only white flesh remaining was on her face. Her flesh
was criss-crossed with lines, welts and bruises from ankle to neck,
and now he had tired of whips and began to explore more creative
Ho had inserted two rubber bladders into her body, one in her pussy,
the other up her anus. Both had slid into place without effort, going
high into her abdomen. He had then fixed them in place by tying them
to a belt around her waist.
Both bladders protruded from her nether holes, and he had attached a
pair of long slim rubber hoses to them. The other ends of the hoses
were hooked to an air compressor. As he had turned the knob on the
compressor, the two tubes had begun to expand like balloons, which of
course they were.
They were not cheap plastic of course, but heavy, thick rubber around
a thin steel air tube. The had spread out inside her two inner tubes,
shoving hard against their tight elastic walls, forcing them out and
out, stretching her pussy and anal tubes to the tearing point.
To Wendy, the immense pain from having her pussy and anus pried open
farther than they ever had before was accompanied by the near blinding
pain inside her body as the tubes bulged out her vagina and rectum.
She felt like she herself was being blown up and would soon explode,
her stomach bursting like an overfilled balloon and sending her guts
flying out all around her.
Never had she been so utterly full, so bulgingly, painfully plugged.
Terrible cramps were ripping through her belly at the insistent
pressure against her inner tubes, and sharp burning agony was shooting
up her spine from her gaping pussy mouth and anus.
She screamed with each beat of her heart that seemed to send surging
waves of agony through her body and into her brain. She howled and
shrieked and sobbed hysterically as she threw herself back and forth
in a demented, hopeless attempt to free herself from the pain.
Ho watched for some time, until her screams began to fade, and she
simply hung there, moaning in terrible misery, occasionally crying out
with a fresh surge of pain. Then he moved closer, holding a burning
cigar in his hand.
He looked at her through slitted eyes, then pushed the lit end of the
cigar against her right nipple. She screamed, jerking her body
backwards, but she could only move slightly, and was unable to escape
the continued burning of her tortured nipple.
The cigar sizzled against her flesh as she howled insanely. Ho
laughed and pulled his cigar away, only to press it down against her
left nipple. Again she shrieked in agony, her body shaking and
thrashing violently in its tight bondage. Ho then pushed the cigar
hard into her right breast, grinding it out as if her breast was an
ashtray. She screamed pitifully, sobbing in horror and misery. Ho
merely smiled and moved away, going to a counter and lifting up a
number of long, sharp needles.
He moved back to her with the needles, each of which was almost six
inches long. His smile came again, a terrible thing to look at. Her
breasts were still confined in the terrible leather halter that
squeezed them painfully and made them bulge out.
He jabbed a needle into the side of Wendy's left breast, sinking it
several inches into her flesh as she sobbed and screamed. He left it
there, then pulled out another. This one too was forced into her right
breast, making her howl in pain.
Ho was enjoying himself immensely. He loved the feeling of
penetrating the girl's body with his sharp little needles. He pulled
another free and stabbed it into her left breast, shoving it deep into
the bulging breast meat.
He loved watching the sharp steel sink into the white meat, loved
shoving it down, feeling the pressure against the needle and forcing
it through. He stabbed her left nipple, shoving the needle right into
the centre of the nipple as she sang to him. He lovingly forced
another needle into her right nipple, shoving it several inches deep.
Then began burying more of the needles into her breasts until he had
none left and her twin orbs looked like pin-cushions. Each needle
stuck out stiffly, a little red dot of blood surrounding it.
Ho went back and got more needles. He stabbed one into her thigh,
shoving it deep into the meat as she screamed and shook. Another
needle went into her hip, and a third into her left arm just above her
shoulder. He moved around behind her and stabbed a needle into her
right buttock, forcing it deep.
Stab after stab of searing, sharp pain shot into Wendy as she hung
there hopelessly. She couldn't count the stabs, as needle after needle
jabbed into her bottom and legs and arms and back. Ho finally ran out
of needles and moved back, his breathing coming in excited pants as he
beheld the girl.
She hung slackly, dozens of needles protruding from her body, little
trickles of blood running down her beaten flesh from many of them. He
giggled insanely, moving against her. He began to tweak the needles
here and there, twisting them or jerking them from side to side.
He watched for long minutes, jerking off furiously. When his cum
spurted up onto her flesh, he sighed and sat down. He rested fora
moment, then rose and began jerking needles back out of her.
Withdrawing them gave her almost as much pain as stabbing them in, so
Ho took his time.
When he was finished, she looked awful. Each of the dozens of little
needle holes had a small trickle of blood that very slowly dribbled
down her body. In fact she was almost unharmed. The cigar had actually
done worse damage. He intended to rectify her health though.
He wheeled over a little cart that held his medical instruments and
smiled grimly. He lifted a razor sharp scalpel from the cart and
watched the light glint off the blade, then turned towards Wendy.
Ho slowly pressed the tip of the sharp little blade against the top
of her right breast, then slid it softly across her skin, leaving a
thin line of blood running directly down the middle of her bulging

JJ and Sims eased down the dark stairwell, alert for ambush at any
moment. They left behind the sound of gunfire upstairs, unable to
worry themselves with it at this point. The reached the bottom of the
stairs and peered around the corner, finding themselves at the head of
a long, wide corridor, lined with doors. It looked very elaborately
decorated, not at all like a horrific torture chamber.
JJ jerked his head and Sims nodded, then raced out from the stairs
and crouched by the first door, his Uzi pointed down the corridor.
JJ moved out and moved to the door across from him, also watching the
corridor. Then he tried the door. It was unlocked. He turned the knob
and shoved the door open, dropping back against the wall. No gunfire
came out. He peered around and then moved into the room.
It was some kind of study, although a terribly perverse kind. Obscene
paintings lined the walls and the statues and carvings were all of
gigantic cocks or copulating couples. He turned to his right and saw
what he first thought was some kind of mannequin.
It was of a beautiful Asian woman, or girl really, naked and finely
detailed. It was far more detailed than any mannequin he'd heard of
and he looked closer, then drew back in horror. What he was looking at
was the dead body of a girl, who had been stuffed.
The pole that held it up went through her sex, an obscene addition to
an obscene statue. He slipped back out of the room and closed the
door, shaking his head a little and then motioning to Sims. Sims
shoved open the door across from him while JJ covered the hallway.
He disappeared inside, then re-emerged a minute later, looking pale.
JJ didn't ask what he'd seen and didn't want to know. Instead he
motioned the man forward. Sims moved up to the next doorway and then
JJ followed. He pushed open another door and raced in.
The entire room was devoted to the kind of stuffed bodies that he'd
seen in the last one. In this room they were mixed with sleek statues
of muscular naked men, all of them with Ho's face, but a body
builder's body. The stuffed women and girls were in obscene positions
with the statues of Ho joined together with them.
There were girls on their knees with the statue of Ho fucking them,
it's cock the thickness of a baseball bat. There were girls sucking
the huge cock of Ho statues. There were girls being fucked by two or
three Hos at once. JJ backed away and went back to the hallway. His
deal with Crane hadn't called for Ho to be castrated but he vowed he
was going to do it anyway.
Sims checked the next room, then JJ kicked open the next. Bullets
flew out into the hall and struck the door across from him. He dropped
to his knees, then turned and quickly peeked around the corner. An
oriental man crouched in the open, a pistol pointed directly at the
He was waiting for someone to peek in but his gun was centered
higher and by the time he brought it down and fired, JJ had ducked
back. He pushed the Uzi around the corner and sprayed it around
towards where the guy had been. When he stopped Sims dove in,
somersaulting as JJ moved around and centered his Uzi again.
The guy was dead though, his head blown out by at least two direct
hits. The room was empty except for him and they moved back into the
hall again.

The cut Ho made was not deep. He was not going to cut into the actual
meat of her breast. He intended to penetrate the layers of skin and
then peel her skin back, revealing the breast naked, the bare meat
open for his attentions.
Then, suddenly, gunfire erupted from close by. He frowned and then
turned in surprise as the gunfire repeated. He thought immediately of
Choy and his warning about an attack. His heart gave a skip and he
dropped the scalpel and ran over to the door.
He opened it a crack and peeked out. The hallway was empty. Then
suddenly a man, a white man in camouflage dress came out of one of the
rooms, carrying a machine gun. A second man emerged then, dressed and
armed in the same manner.
Ho shut the door, his chest rising and falling rapidly as fear
gripped his flabby body. He ran across the room for a gun, then ran
back to the door to make sure it was locked. He ran back across the
room and picked up his gun, then held it in his sweating fist.
He ran back to the telephone and picked it up, trying to raise his
guards upstairs. There was no answer. He kept twisting his head to the
door and back to the girl. Then he dropped the phone and ran over to
the girl. Hurriedly he pulled her down and half carried, half dragged
her across the room to a corner doorway.
He whimpered slightly as his bulging eyes watched the door, anxiously
waiting for the men to come through. Then he pulled the girl in
through the doorway and shut and locked the door.
They were in a bathroom now. Ho backed into the tub, dragging the
girl with him. The blood from the needle marks and his one cut of her
breast was smearing across his own naked body and he cursed her,
slapping the side of her head angrily. She grunted and whined but was
too weak to pull free.
"Whore!" Ho cried, punching her in the side of the head. "Stinking
slut! This is all your fault!" he sobbed.
He punched her again, this time in the side, bringing a grunt of pain
from the nearly senseless blonde. The sound of breaking wood came from
the outer room and Ho crouched back in the corner of the tub, holding
his hand across the girl's lips. He stared wide-eyed at the door,
begging the Gods to keep the foreign dogs away.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no..." he gasped, trembling with fear.
Then there was a powerful crash against the door. It held briefly. A
second crash sent it slamming back against the wall. He raised the
pistol and fired all six shots out through the empty doorway. A face
suddenly peeked around the corner.
He fired at it, but the gun only clicked emptily. The face
reappeared, then the entire body. A huge white man came into the room,
pointing his gun at Ho. Ho drew back in terror, holding the girl's
body before him as a shield.
A second man moved into the room. Both of them looked at Ho with
disgust and hatred. They came closer, unafraid of his obviously empty
"I have money!" he gasped. "I have much money. I have millions of
dollars. I will give it to you if you do not harm me!"
They didn't answer. The big one grabbed the girl and jerked her
effortlessly away, lifting her in his arms and carrying her out of the
room. Ho stared at the other one, who looked at Ho through narrowed
eyes, his lip curled in disgust.
"Millions of dollars!" Ho whispered. "And girls, I have hundreds of
girls you can have. All ages, many young virgins!"
The man put his gun down and smiled at Ho and Ho smiled back
tentatively. Then the man slid an enormous long knife from his belt
and moved forward. Ho cringed back, sobbing in terror.

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Old 03-15-2016, 01:05 PM
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

Oh dear. A shame poor old Ho is in danger of meeting his maker. He had such good ideas about making pretty girls scream. I was rather hoping he would find a gorgeous sadistic woman to put on a few long drawn out snuff shows for him whilst he buggered some pretty virgins...
Old 03-18-2016, 01:42 PM
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Default Re: Thailand Torture Toy.

I think it´s a shame as well. It would have been interesting to see his jungle stronghold, too.

Too bad he did not heed his aide Choy´s advice to take the blonde with him to his jungle base where he has an army to protect him and the mercenaries would have no chance whatsoever to harm him.

Where, as he says, he has "hundreds of girls. All spiritless and crushed." No doubt he has even more and even better toys at this place.
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