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Old 12-15-2015, 04:11 AM
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Default Teen model on Egyptian wedding.

This is story about teen model Masha from Russia, 18 yrs old. Of course, work is fictional, she is only model for story. This is pure fantasy. Rape in real life is illegal and punishable by law.

Please feel free to comment the story.


Masha was whole life dreaming about model career... After trying on local agencies, she couldnít believe that she got invited to be model abroad. Agency from Dubai hired her. It was a bit weird that all documents she signed were in Arabic, but she trust them, this can't be wrong. New flat, big salary and jet-set all around her, looks like her dream of marrying foreign rich young guy will finally come true. She had two boyfriends back home in Russia both her ages, but she wanted foreign young guy, full of money and manners...

She was already in the plane, going toward Dubai from Moscow, with changing in Cairo. Agent from agency will help her change the plane. Finally they landed in Cairo. It was so hot, she was so happy, finally cold winters are over. There was a guy, in his mid-fifties, with written her name on some old paper. She thought, a bit weird for respectable agency, but probably they were in hurry.

"Hello, I am Masha... Nice to meet you". - She said.

"Hi, I am Farouk, Dubai Miss Model Agency. We have a little problem, next flight is canceled due to sand storm, and we will go with car to Sharm El Sheik and take a flight tomorrow morning from there." - He responded.

She didn't like this guy too much. Bald guy with sunglasses with rounded dark face simply didn't seem to be trustful. But what can she do, it should be fine, he work for agency after all.

He made a call and car came to pick them up. Driver was also bald older guy, probably in his fifties. Some very annoying music was turned on radio, as she sat on back seat and her agent on front seat. They were talking something in Arabic and laughing, probably about her, because they were often staring at her in front mirror. She felt uncomfortable, and was thinking that was not good idea to travel through Arabic countries in her shorts and tank-top. Obviously it is too much teasing even for agency people.

They were driving long, already night started to fall and it was weird where are they going. Most of the time they were talking just to themselves, and from time to time they made few phone calls.

"Hey girl, you like weddings?" - Her agent finally asked her.

"uhmm, yeah they are nice" - she answered confused.

"Today is your lucky day, we will step by on traditional Arab wedding, and not many foreigners can see it" - he said with smile.

Just few minutes later there were in some very poor neighborhood. Big noise from some very loud and bad Arab music was coming, and there was big crowd of people. It was one big mess. They took her behind the improvised scene, and she was watching it from behind a curtain. So many ugly older guys drinking, screaming and making weird moves, like pack of animals. There were also some women and younger guys, but some middle aged guys were mainly there. She was happy she is behind this curtain. After main ceremony on improvised stage came two older and fat belly dancers, without any skills or quality. It was just bad. But guys in the crowd went crazy, they were dancing, jumping, throwing money to them while band was singing some very loud and bad Arabic music. From time to time, somebody from the crowd was shooting into the air. She was shocked, they even have weapons here!

Masha decided not to watch it; she sat down and let the time pass... It was already late, and she felt sleepy...

Suddenly some different noises from the crowd wake her up. Agent and driver were there, looked very worried, some other people were running confused around. Anger and displeasure was hearable from crowd, even if she didnít understand them...

"Hey Masha, we need your help... It is critical... One belly dancer got injured and someone needs to replace her, or crowd will attack us." - Her agent said to her.

"What... NO! NO WAY! I am not wedding dancer! Leave me alone" - Masha got furious.

"Baby, this guys will kill us all, and worse. Better go out and dance, in meantime Ahmad, our driver will run for police to calm them down. Don't worry; you are safe as long as you dance."

She hesitated, but when bottles started to fly, decided to give a try.

"Please, tell him to be fast with police".

She never thought that her first live performance on the stage would be like this. It should be glamorous jet-set place in Dubai, not some dirty old stage in middle of poor Egyptian nowhere. Noticing that almost only middle aged guys are still there, most of them half drunk, she really got scared. And they got crazy. Suddenly in front of them instead of ugly and fat belly dancers were 18 yrs old young European model, with nice rounded pair of tits and gorgeous ass. She spent last few years in gym making her body perfect, and always was especially proud on her ass. Almost every guy was turning after her, and she knew it will open her many doors in model industry. But now, in front of crazy drunk Arabian crowd, she hated every second of gym.

She started to dance, shaking her body while guys were screaming, cheering, making millions of photos with their cellphones despite the darkness. Her shorts were barely covering her ass, while her tits were jumping in white tank-top. Crazy crowd was all the time making moves showing her how much they want to fuck her; they were like a bunch of wild animals, not humans. She hoped police will come soon.

She just continued to dance, she was afraid to stop, not to piss them off... They were getting more and more crazy. Some time already passed, they started to try to climb on stage to her, she wanted to retreat, but there was nowhere to go. They are half drunk, scary looking, dirty... Twice or three times older than her... As she moves closer, they try to grab her slap her ass or tries to grope her... She hear their excitement, but she is afraid to stop dancing because she know then gang rape will start... on other hand, every shake of her white rounded young ass and her tits only make them more crazy and horny...

She always thought that her gorgeous body and ass which she trained a lot will help her career as a model, now she see that it will only help her suffer more in hands of those savage horny guys... She had sex just with two boyfriends her ages; she canít imagine her 18 yrs old body being used by so much older horny and strong guys... She heard stories how much it hurt anal if itís not prepared well... She also heard that Arabs like to fuck young girls in ass... She is so afraid what will these horny animals do to her tight virgin teen ass...

They started to come up, on the stage, she wanted to run, but few guys were also behind her. One very big Arab come in front and started to tear off her t-shirt, others got crazy as her young tits started to bounce... He was awful, around 60, tall and very fat, most of his teethes were missing. He was all in sweat, and his breath smelled on alcohol. She tried to push him off, but already other two were behind, desperately trying to rip off her t-shirt and bra. Their fat old fingers were all around her, she screamed, but it made whole crowd even crazier.

Another one next to him started to shoot from a gun in the air, crowd suddenly froze. They started to say something in Arabic, while this big guy was holding her by hair. Her tits were bouncing naked in front of whole crowd. She thought that finally they will stop and release her. But moment later, she saw how wrong she is. Big fat guy slapped her ass so strong that she almost lost balance, while another one started to push her. Her hair was still in hands of first one, and they were leading her away, like cattle. While they were passing, others start to grab her, grope her...She felt hands all around her body while they were pushing her in front. Guys were all around her, she felt their fat fingers on her, as they scream in ecstasy...

Caravan of horny animals and trapped teen beauty came to parking lot, as big guy forced her to enter old Toyota car. Others started to go into cars around. They are taking her away! Three more guys entered back seat, as she tried to call her agent, but no luck for her. Guys who dragged her sat on front seats and started the car. She was with her bare tits and only tiny shorts trapped between three Arab guys, one siting under her, and two on the side, all at least 50 yrs old, horny as hell. She felt the erection of the one under her trough his pants, as other two were groping and squeezing her tits, licking her neck and face. They were out of themselves, as she felt repulsive, from the smell of their sweat mixed with alcohol. She cried in pain as her tits were violated, they had no mercy to her young titties. She felt like they want to tear them off. One hand went into her panties, with fingers brutally assaulting her young and tight teen pussy. She was screaming and shaking in panic. She begs them to stop but they just speak in Arabic... And enjoy her out.

Soon car stopped near some abandoned houses... It was dark and scary, only concrete walls and those crazy animals that abducted her. They threw her out of car, and started to strip her, she tries to fight but in vain... Minutes later there she is, completely naked. Her gorgeous ass, pussy and tits at glance to total strangers. Soon other cars started to come, as crowd gathered.

They took her into dark abandoned house, just small light was working. It was terrifying, only walls and dust, one old table and dirty matrass on floor. They threw her on table, big guy was still holding her hair as other held her arm; she was bended over dirty table... They are going to rape her ass...

Then her agent came to her, he was all the time there! He said:

"What's the matter honey; you didn't like your first live performance, didn't you? Listen bitch... Forget any modeling; you are here to be fucked. You European cunts are just slaves over here... And we want you suffer... So we are first going to fuck your pretty ass...

All the time tourists like you tease us around with their rounded white asses... All of you Europeans think that you are better than us, that you can do what you want here. This time you will learn a lesson...

You know why we like to fuck you white girls up the ass? Because your white flesh is so sensitive... Oh it is going to hurt... It will show you all power of Arab men..."

"Noo, pleasee... Let me go... Not there... It's disgusting" - she cried out in despair.

"Oh, you never had cock up your ass?" - He asked.

"No, please... I beg you..." - she begged.

He just turned and said to crowd something in Arabic, from their cheers and laughs, obviously he told them that they will ravage virgin teen ass.

"Say goodbye to your ass cherry baby" - he said and slapped her ass hard.

Guy who carried her by hair took place behind her. He stripped his t-shirt and ugly but strong fat old body came out, full of gray hair. She heard the sound of his belt opening and his pants just fell down. His cock was fully erected and it was large old cock, bigger than from both of her boyfriends. She got scared even more seeing dark cock ready to rape her white teen ass. He grabbed her nice rounded ass as all other screamed in pleasure. She couldn't believe: her virgin ass is going to be fucked first time by some dirty old brutal Arab... He looked scary, with his bald head and just some curly gray hairs on the side, gray barb and fat dark body full of hairs... Lack of teeth and ugly scar of his face made it even worse... He started to slap her ass cheeks, enjoying them big and rounded in his hands, while few others were holding her still. Moment later he just spread her butt, and she felt edge of his cock on her rectum... She creams and cries in fear... She never liked idea of anal sex, and thought that she will maybe only to her husband give up the ass. But now, her ass is going to be fucked by horny old Arabs, without mercy.

When he rammed his cock with one brutal thrust inside, she thought she will die. Pain was unbearable as his cock went inside her tight rectum. This old animal didn't use any lubricant, he didn't care for her pain, and he just wanted to fuck her ass as hard as he can. She screamed in terror as her down part felt like itís ripped in half. Every thrust she felt like a burning sword is ripping her body. Meanwhile, he was striking her ass as hard as he could, trying to bury his fat old dick deeper and deeper into her tight teenage asshole. Her anal muscles were resisting, making her even more pain, and to him even more pleasure. He was slapping her ass cheeks and groping them, with both hands inside her flesh. He never saw so nice young ass, even on pictures, and he is going to use it all. He was breathing heavily as his dick was deeper and deeper, until finally with one more brutal stroke his whole dick didn't disappear inside her young white flesh. Others were crazy watching so pretty white teen fucked by old Arab bastard, knowing that soon will be their turn as well. He continued to fuck her balls deep into her ass, until one last hard stroke. As deep as he could he unloaded himself, groaning in pleasure. Moment later, he just took out his cock, while he finished with this piece of meat.

Moment later, she felt another cock entering her ass, as painful as he can. This guy was slapping her butt trying to hurt her as much as he can. During anal rape, he was all the time talking to her ears "kuffar... kuffar"... She knew what it means... She is non-believer slave for them. Property, like a cattle or a goat. There was no mercy for her.

They all were going to take turn in her... Most of them were fucking her ass, some fucking her cunt. They were pushing their fingers into her mouth, groping her tits, licking and biting her neck and face while her holes were in constant abuse. She was already on a dirty mattress on the side. From pain and agony, she gave up, as they used her without mercy. Even normal vaginal fuck was painful, as her young teen pussy was not prepared for such brutal strokes. With every stroke she felt top of their cocks smashing her uterus. Others were still around, many of them making photos and recordings with their cellphones. She lost her conscious from pain and humiliation.

She had no idea how many more Arabs used her and came into her when sound of police cars woke her up. Guys started to run away as Egyptian officers stormed the place. Still dizzy and in pain, but she was revealed, finally saved. She thought she will be raped to death. Officers put her up and took her to car. Blood was dripping mixed with sperm from her pussy and ass. She was not virgin, but her teenage pussy was too tight for hordes of old Arab cocks.

"Miss... Prostitution is highly forbidden in Egypt. You are going to be arrested". - Older officer told her as they brought her next to car.

"Wha.. what? Noo... I am not prostitute... I was raped!" - She said in disbelief.

"We have information that prostitute came on wedding and went with crowd to please them. This is for long term prison in this country. Tell me your name, ages and origin." - He said and took pencil.

"Nooo, I was kidnapped and raped... I am Masha Juginskaya from Russia, model on the way to Dubai, 18 yrs old. Tomorrow is my flight. Please, just let me go." - She responded.

"Oh really? From which airport? Where are your papers? Your documents? You are lying little bitch honey" - he responded...

"Nooo, nooo... you need to trust me!" - She started to cry.

"Shut up bitch... And Russian... This is sabotage and espionage... You are going with us honey... And you can whore around as you want. For most notorious criminals and spies we have unisex prisons" - he said and smiled.
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