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Old 05-13-2018, 05:18 AM
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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3.

after waking up in a strange place tightly bound and gagged a half naked old woman has desperately made her way out of the room she awoke in and is now achingly making her way down the dark hall. You can see the terror on her face as she peers around corners and into deserted rooms, she has no idea if she's being watched but even if she is it doesn't matter because escape is her only option and she slowly makes her way to the stairs. When she looks around the corner at the top old woman realizes how dangerous this will be, the stairs are very steep and if she falls she could severely hurt herself and being bound so tight she is helpless to protect herself. But she really has no choice and agonizingly starts to work her way down the stairs one painful step at a time until finally she reaches the bottom where she again looks around for whoever has done this to her.

Seeing no one old woman carefully manages to stand and then sees the door across the room but it's a long way and she doesn't want to take the time to wriggle on the floor so she chooses another option...a very dangerous option... she HOPS all the way to the door screaming for help through the gag! If she falls it could mean serious injury but in a panic old woman doesn't think about that and amazingly she gets to the door and desperately tries to open it but with her hands tied it's not going to be easy. But before she can work the handle she is discovered by her apparent captor who is none too happy about the escape attempt and drags the sobbing old woman back into the room, drops her on the floor and walks away muttering something about she better stay put. What the fuck does she wants she thinks, why is she almost naked and bound so achingly tight? She has no money for ransom so why is she here? old woman whimpers and squirms helplessly on the floor as all those thoughts jangle in her head, this is a nightmare and there seems to be no end in sight!

old woman 's has been struggling in sheer desperation to escape from this strange place where she awoke earlier in brutally tight bondage and gagged so tight her jaws will never be the same again but as much as it's physical torture she can't figure out WHY this is happening! Her captor has never given her a reason and even after he caught her at the door and dragged her back into the room he just tossed her down to struggle and sob but never lets her know if this is a k' nap for ransom or something worse. Left alone again old woman tries once more to get to the door but it's almost unbearable, every inch seems like a mile, her arms ache terribly and she is getting nasty burns from dragging her body across the carpet but she must try...she just HAS to! But this time she never even makes it to the door, her captor discovers old woman a few feet away and when she picks up the tied old woman she wails in terror as she's dragged back into the room and this time she's going to make sure she stays out. Shaking in fear old woman watches as she attaches rope to her chest and bends her body double and once that's done all hope is lost for the sobbing woman because now she can barely move at all! Falling to her side old woman can only groan and ponder what the fuck is going on here, she has no money so what the hell does this bastard want? Yep...she's messing with her mind just as much as her body and poor, innocent old woman is simply a victim of his evil plan whatever it may be!

It's a mind fuck for the ages as old woman lays cruelly bound on the floor in a strange place, she awoke totally naked, gagged and with no memory of how or why she is here and she's been desperately struggling to find something to cut her ropes ever since! She's dragged her bound body from one room to another but all her efforts have done is frustrate and exhaust the terrified woman and now we see she's been HOGTIED! But the cruelest part of this is that she has NO idea how long she'll be kept or what she needs to do to be set free by her unseen captor and that is the worst part for her. If a woman is taken captive for ransom or tied by a friend for fun she at least has an idea of when she'll be let go but poor old woman has absolutely no idea if she'll ever be untied and that thought is almost more than she can bear. Then she hears a voice! It's her captor who remains unseen but can obviously see her and she menacingly taunts the helpless old woman as she squirms on the floor in the tight hogtie she's been bound in.

And when she simply says, "Enjoy your hogtie bitch" and then nothing else old woman goes into a state of PANIC and thrashes frantically and desperately cries into her gag and you can literally FEEL her misery at never knowing if she will ever be untied. She would surely starve before being able to get loose on her own and that knowledge sends her over the edge but the ropes hold firm and struggle as she might there is no hope of ever getting loose and she sobs pitifully as her exhausted body lays hogtied to await whatever fate is in store for her.

old woman is struggling furiously on the carper, her naked body is tethered tight, she has no idea why this is happening, the ropes bite hatefully with every movement yet she has no choice but to thrash desperately for freedom! Eventually, after what seems like hours of struggling there is a tiny glimmer of hope when the rope holding her legs against her ass have miraculously slid down and may come loose if she tries hard enough, her wrists and ankles are still secure but at least this is something....and then she is caught! Her captor was watching from a secret location and when she noticed the rope he immediately drags old woman 's bound body into position, removes the offending rope and uses it to achingly rope her into a brutal hogtie that she can never escape from.

Then, when suddenly she announces she is leaving, you are witness to one of the most GUT WRENCHING and desperate wailing pleas a old woman could ever yell through a gag, "No! Nooo! NOOOO!! Don't leave me here! Gaaaawd!!" You can feel her terror at being left so cruelly tied, she is utterly helpless and with fantastic low angle shots you are right there on the floor with old woman as she writhes, thrashes and struggles making for top notch bondage viewing. Don't miss the third and most intense chapter of a this classic tale of a bound old woman in desperate, helpless fear!

old woman sobs in bound agony and terror as she lays helplessly hogtied on the floor, the gag is so deep it makes her sick to her stomach and now the sick bastard is tying her TOES! Groaning in disbelief old woman can only pray she'll eventually let her go but for now he ropes her toes painfully back to her wrists making the hogtie seem like a piece of cake in comparison and she can't understand why he wants to hurt her like this. Once he finishes her toes he steps back to watch his captive model whimper, drool and writhe in misery and you can FEEL the fear she is enduring, the ropes are cruel in their tightness, her muscles are cramping and she desperately needs to be untied or she'll simply lose her mind! Suddenly old woman thinks this all might be over when he unexpectedly unties her toes but he leaves her hogtied, rolls her tethered body over and runs her hands on her nude body and her calm voice is truly frightening...she has NO idea how she's suffering and she sobs miserably while she touches her helpless body. Then just as suddenly she walks away to leave the captive old woman drooling and groaning and old woman can't believe this is happening. "It's okay" she soothingly says, "It's okay, I'll end your suffering." and again that calm voice is utterly terrifying but when he releases her from the hogtie and helps her to sit up old woman thinks that yes, this is finally over.

But when she puts her hand around her throat and squeezes saying this is how her suffering will end old woman realizes she means to do her harm....permanently! Oh God NO!! This can't be how it all ends for her she thinks! But then unexpectedly her hand pulls away and she gasps desperately and maybe he's just fucking with her she hopes but her hand goes right back and this time he squeezes so hard she nearly but just in time he releases her throat making this torture of the highest order!

heh heh heh, see this drill, going to drill holes in your head, and let the blood flow, baby, let it flow


heh heh heeh heh heh heh

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Old 05-15-2018, 04:23 PM
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kassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond repute
Default Re: molest and abuse stories3.

Dear Camper,

Welcome to Camp Rape Till You Puke, a privately-owned zombie-producing institute
hell-bent on raping young, suspicious adults, especially females. Be warned: magic, guns,
or ingenuity will not aid in your escape, and will most likely only result
in zany rapists swarming you en masse.

How we orchestrated your attendance is unimportant; believe and relate what
you will. Please note that we will continue to confine you here until the
culprit behind the Camp Director's beloved fiance's rape either steps
forward or is "discovered." Until then, you will be able to enjoy your stay
in the following ways:

* Play "Avoid the Rapist." A very popular pastime here which will
undoubtedly become a favourite of yours as well.
* Mingle with other campers as you fortify your tiny cabin (six to a
room) against midnight rapist attacks. You'll make lasting alliances
and fickle friendships alike.
* Learn how to hunt, fish, and properly fire a shotgun into rapist
eye-sockets, the only known way of killing them.
* Amuse both yourselves and the staff in the Arts and Crafts Hut by
crocheting, weaving, and attempting to plot out an escape (in vain).
* Be both wary and grateful of the unlimited (porn-less) Internet access
we provide.
* Enjoy the wonderful tranquility that comes with being probed with strange objects
by filthy nasty rapists.

Please remember that the sooner the rapist confesses, the sooner you all
can leave this Hell. As such, you are encouraged to relentlessly harass your
peers. Keep them awake at night. Feed them mud. Dress them as homosexual
rabbits. Above all, pursue the bunny rapbbits.

Hoping that you have a wonderful summer,
The Staff

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Old 05-18-2018, 10:31 PM
kassyS kassyS is offline
Junior Moderator
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 1,375
Rep Power: 739
kassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond repute
Default Re: molest and abuse stories3.

an old woman has just spent a very long night tied naked and spread eagle to Cindys bed and what a beautiful sight she makes...so open...so vulnerable...so helpless making for the stuff of bondage dreams! When Cindy enters she wakes the exhausted old woman and wastes no time indulging in her sexual perversions and what follows are scene after scene after scene of intense erotic torture and all the gagged and tied old woman can do is take whatever Cindy has in mind and she starts with shoving a finger deep in her cunt and digitally fucking her with hot close ups giving you a great view of the old woman 's exposed flesh.

Then things get seriously sexy when Cindy puts a vibrator on old woman 's clit and damn is it amazing to see an orgasm build, she writhes, groans and arches her back from the unwanted sexual stimulation and when she cums old woman SQUIRTS and soaks the bed sheets with her old woman fluids! After letting his captive catch her breath a bit he comes right back and in yet another great close up he pushes a DILDO DEEP IN HER PUSSY and after fucking her with it he walks away but leaves the toy inside her twat and you are treated to fantastic scenes of the spread old woman laying there with a dildo sticking right out of her wet pussy!

As the penetrated babe lays there groaning Cindy puts the vibe back on her clit and with the toy still buried deep old woman is driven to yet another wet orgasm that has her squirting for a second time leaving her gasping and utterly shamed, her pussy is oozing sticky white old woman cream which betrays her, old woman hates this but her body is forced to respond and she is helpless to prevent any of it!

Then, just to amuse herself Cindy pokes, prods and literally plays with the exposed pussy before her, old woman feels her hands and fingers on her body and moans miserably at being treated like a piece of meat but, in reality that's just what she's been reduced to and before it's over she has one final orgasm to give her and it's incredible! Her clit is red, swollen and very sensitive and when Cindy jams the vibe on that clit she screams through the gag, arches her back and almost immediately she feels a third orgasm build and when it happens she SQUIRTS so hard it covers the sheets three feet below her pussy!! Incredible stuff! old woman lays exhausted on the soaked sheets, her captor has no intention of untying her and it seems she'll be spending yet another night bound in this humiliating position to await whatever fate Cindy has in store for her!

heh heh heh heh heh




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Old Yesterday, 01:09 PM
kassyS kassyS is offline
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Posts: 1,375
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kassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond reputekassyS has a reputation beyond repute
Default Re: molest and abuse stories3.

is carried into a house, her hands and ankles are tied and she's unaware of what's going on, she's put on the floor where she slowly regains her senses only to find she's bound and in a strange place! What follows are scene after hot scene of the ab-ducted girl being systematically terrorized by her neighbor who has taken it upon himself to teach Briella a lesson in modesty, it seems he didn't like the way she was dressing around the neighborhood and the sick fuck thinks this will put a stop to it.

Struggling and writhing desperately on the floor Briella tries to reason with the guy but it does no good, he's nuts and the bastard keeps adding more rope putting her into agony and the gag...goddamn the gag! He packs a HUGE wad of cloth deep in her mouth and seals it in with tape which is wrapped around and around her head effectively muzzling the stunned woman leaving Briella nothing but her moist eyes to beg for mercy and release. Being tied so tight is bad enough but his hands are touching her in ways he has no business doing, he tweaks her tender nipple, and rucks her jeans down exposing her tight ass and all in the name of teaching her a lesson in modesty? What a hypocrite! After what seems like hours on his floor he comes back with one last piece of rope which he uses to achingly HOGTIE her into absolute helplessness and Briella wonders if she'll ever know freedom again.

Briella's wrists are starting to hurt bad from twisting them in the cruelly tight ropes her captor has tied her with, her arms ache, she's nauseated from the filthy rag he's taped into her mouth and as she struggles desperately on the floor you get fantastic views of her heels and bound body! Briella groans miserably into her packed mouth as she squirms and as bad as being tied up is her captor is taking liberties with her body that he has no business doing but, in a sick way, she almost understands why he would pull her pants down to expose her tan ass or fondle her lush tits, she's hot and she knows it and any guy with this opportunity would do the same but still.....how humiliating!

And it gets worse when, after he lifts her legs up in the air exposing her shaved pussy he notices that's she WET and mocks her for it, well fuck...so what! It's not from sexual arousal but from fear of the situation and to have him touch her that way shames her beyond belief but she is helpless to stop him, he can do damn well what he pleases. When the bastard eventually leaves her alone she tries her best to get free but it's useless but he's not taking any chances and decides to HOGTIE the high heeled beauty before he goes to collect the money to secure her release and damn is he cruel about it! With her hands crossed the ropes bite hatefully into her skin, Briella can feel the circulation leaving which he doesn't care about at all and soon he has her achingly hogtied to await her fate!

her arms have been twisted and tied behind her back for what seems like ages, her legs are folded tight against her ass and the ballgag is pure hell for the sexy babe and she wants to be untied in the worst way. To show just how bad she wants out Briella is grabbed by the hair and forced to look directly at the camera and beg for her freedom and to see her achingly open her mouth around the ball and plead and drool is the stuff of bondage dreams! But she is NOT let go and she struggles frantically on the floor, flexing her hands and drooling this girl is a mess of misery and pain and to get a better idea of her suffering the gag is removed in an incredibly HOT scene! Briella's jaws spasm when she spits out the ball yet she manages to speak and says pitifully, "Please, I'm in so much pain!" Yes you are my dear, yes you are and unfortunately you'll be staying hogtied for the rest of the afternoon!

sits on the floor with her elbows just crushed together behind her back, she's gagged painfully deep but the worst of her torment is those damn clothes pins the Badman put on her tender nipples! Her eyes are moist with tears from the unbelievable hell she is going through right now, bondage isn't supposed to hurt this much and the gag makes her drool uncontrollably and there isn't a damn thing she can do about it! After several scenes of the hot babe struggling and gurgling on the floor Briella is teased that the pins will be removed but when the Badman comes over he starts to flick them while they're still attached to her nipples! Pure hell and she screams in agony from the abuse but suddenly he stops and mercifully removes the clothespins. But the instant they're pulled off he puts them both on the flesh of her tit sending new waves of pain through Briella's already abused body, she looks up at him in agonized desperation but she'll get no mercy today.

In fact the Badman gets two more clothespins and clips them on Briella's other tit and to see her gagged face suffering so badly is the stuff of sadistic dreams! She is them left to struggle on the floor, her gurgled mewlings beg to have them taken off and after a short while hey are indeed removed much to her relief. But this poor, unfortunate girl gets no rest at all, she is roughly shoved on her stomach and pulled into position which rubs her skin hatefully on the carpet for the next chapter of her bound misery....a hogtie! The cameras are low to the floor and get great shots of Briella as she is bound into that brutal position and when the final knot is cinched Briella is as miserable as she could possibly be! Her hands are going numb fast, her arms and shoulders ache, her jaws cramp badly from having the ball so deep in her mouth and it's all right here for your viewing pleasure because trust me.....it's NOT for Briella's pleasure! She's in hell right about now with no end in sight!

heh heh Cindy paid me good monney for you, old woman, she's coming


heh heh hehheh

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