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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

He was sitting in a bar when the woman approached him. She was tall, slender, gorgeous. She had a killer set of legs, red hair, and wild green eyes, and she walked up to him, of all the people in the bar that Saturday night.

“Is this seat taken?” she asked. Her voice was deep and hypnotic. He swallowed hard.

“No,” he said. “Please, have a seat.” The woman smiled at him and took the next stool. “My name is Ron. What’s yours?” She extended a delicate but powerful hand to shake.

“Mona,” she replied. “Nice to meet you.” Ron ordered two drinks and they started chatting. Of course, the chat didn’t last much longer than his first sip. If he had been watching his drink more carefully, he might have stayed awake long enough to realize that they had more in common than she had originally let on.


“Paul?” a voice said. “Paul, wake up. I think you’ve had a long enough nap, don’t you?” Paul opened his eyes.

“My name is Ron,” he said hoarsely. “Who are you?” A figure stepped out of the shadows and he realized that it was the woman from the bar. “Mona? What-?”

“Just shut up,” she chirped. “I know your name isn’t Ron. You did a great job of hiding your previous identity. Your only mistake was getting rid of the old one before you had a new one set up. Tsk tsk.” Paul’s heart skipped a beat. Had they found him at last? He had tried so hard to hide, only to be bagged by a hit woman? He tried to stand up, and only then realized that he was bound to a metal folding chair.

“What are you talking about?” Paul was still trying desperately to play the fool. Maybe she would think she had made a mistake. No such luck.

“You know perfectly well what I’m talking about, Paul,” Mona sighed. “I have the photos to prove it. Just ?fess up, and maybe I’ll let you decide what happens next.” Paul stared at her in shock, mouth slightly agape. Could it really be that easy? Rationally, he knew that it wasn’t, but some desperate part of him needed to believe that he could still get out in one piece.

“Alright,” he said finally. “You’re right. It’s me. I…I don’t know what else to tell you.”

“That’s good enough for me,” Mona said with a shrug. “I wouldn’t have taken you if I wasn’t positive to begin with.” Paul squirmed in his seat.

“What are you going to do with me?” he asked.

“Well,” she said. “No one’s going to miss you since you have no concrete identity set up at the moment, and I’m a sadist who’s being paid by the hour to watch you die. So, basically anything I want.” Paul felt sick. They had to send a psychopath after him. His crime wasn’t even all that terrible. Seriously, who hadn’t committed a little vehicular manslaughter? It was only a sickening coincidence that he had run over the wife of someone who would take revenge of this magnitude. “But I promised that I’d let you choose what comes next, so let’s hear it.” Paul heaved a gigantic sigh of relief.

“Let me go then,” he said. Mona clicked her tongue.

“Sorry, I’m fresh out of that one,” she said. “You get to choose how you die. Nothing more.”

“Old age?” Paul asked hopefully. Mona laughed, a cold laugh unfitting of her form, and shook her head.

“Nope,” she said. “Think quicker, but not too quick, I hope.” He opened and closed his mouth a few times, then closed his eyes. He still couldn’t believe that this was really happening.

“You can’t seriously expect me to make that kind of decision,” he said finally.

“Would you like me to give you choices?” Mona asked. Paul shook his head in disgust. “You could always let me decide…” Paul’s eyes went wide, but he said nothing. Perhaps she was only bluffing. “Alright. Let me get my toys.” She pulled a large suitcase out of the shadows and unzipped it. From it, she began to withdraw implements too horrid to name, many of which Paul could not name at all. Finally, it all became too much for him to bear.

“I’d like the choices,” he whispered. Mona looked up at him, pretending that she hadn’t heard.

“What was that?” she asked, an innocent look on her face as she toyed with the blade of a large, serrated pizza cutter.

“I’d like the choices, please,” he repeated, a little louder. Mona nodded and smiled.

“Actually, I was hoping you’d ask,” she said. That sentence frightened Paul more than anything that he had yet heard that day. From the very bottom of her wicked bag of tricks, she withdrew a small file folder. “I’m going to show you a few photographs of my previous work.” She pulled several glossy prints out of the folder and approached him. “I will keep circulating them until I hear you say ?that one please’, or until ten minutes have passed. Whichever comes first.” Before Paul could protest, she held the first photograph in front of his face and said, “ten minutes, Paul.” He gaped in horror as six depictions of graphic terror and agony flashed repeatedly before his face, each more atrocious than the last. He could barely stand to look at them, but he had to. He couldn’t leave something like this up to the whims of a sociopath. He had to use his intellect to make a good decision. But was there even such a thing in this situation? A picture of a man suspended upside down by his ankles, naked, as a masked woman took a handsaw between his legs. That was obviously not a good choice.

“Oh God,” he moaned. “Oh fuck. Oh, please, God, just let me go.”

“You have five minutes to pick,” Mona said, heedless of his cries. He tried to analyze the images in the abstract, but they were still too heinous to comprehend.

“Please,” he begged. “Oh, fuck. Please no.” Panic was clutching at his stomach. He didn’t want to die at all, especially from any of these methods.

“Three minutes, Paul,” Mona chirped. Her voice was infuriatingly cheerful. “I’d get thinking if I were you.”

“Oh my God,” he whimpered. “I don’t want to die, please. Mona, please.”

“My name isn’t really Mona, and you have two minutes.”

“Ohhhhhh…” Paul felt sick. The pictures continued to circulate and he began to hyperventilate. “Oh no. Oh God. Oh fuck.”

“One minute, Paul.”

“That one,” he choked out. He had selected it rashly, but looking at the man on the device, he did not seem to have anything inherently wrong with him, unlike all of the others.

“You didn’t say the magic word,” Mona taunted.

“Please,” he gasped. “That one please!” She held it still for him for a moment and he instantly regretted his decision. The look on the man’s face was pure agony and his skin had a bluish hue. “Wait, I-” Mona turned the picture to herself and smiled.

“You chose the Cross of Alexander the Great,” she said. “Nice choice.”

“Wait, I think I changed my mind,” Paul said. “Please, can I see those others again?”

“Not a chance, mister.” Mona turned away from him and began to put the other things back into her suitcase. “You’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it.” In an absolute state of panic, Paul searched the room for an escape. They were in an old barn. The doors were closed and locked with large combination locks. Even if he could escape from the bonds of his chair, there was no way he could make it out of the building. Mona walked into the center of the barn, in front of Paul, and lifted a large, wooden post up from the ground. She set it upright and checked that it was stable. It was. She gestured to it extravagantly. “See this?” she asked. “You’re going to die there, Paul.”

“Please no,” he begged. He was beginning to cry now. “Please, just let me go.” Mona pulled a switchblade out of her pocket and clicked it open. She walked over to him and toyed with the tip. “Please…” Mona took the knife and held it to his throat. “No, please, oh fuck. No.” She used the cold tip of the blade to flick at his earlobe. “Oh my God, please stop. Please stop. It was an accident. I’m so sorry, please.” She pressed the blade into his neck. “Oh my God please no!”

“If you ask nicely, it could all end here,” Mona whispered in his ear.

“What?” Paul gasped. “What are you talking about? Stop, please. I don’t know how to ask any more nicely than that.”

“I’m not going to let you go,” she said. “But I just might cut your throat instead of putting you on the cross.”

“Oh my God no,” Paul pleaded. “Please don’t cut me, please don’t.”

“Alright,” Mona said. She removed the knife from his throat and cut the bonds on his hands.

“Thank you,” he blubbered. “Thank you so much, oh my God.” She threw the ropes to the floor and pulled him to his feet. “Thank you.” Mona began to lead Paul away from the chair. “Thank you so much.” But then Paul noticed that she was not leading him to the door, but into the barn and toward the wooden pike. “What are you doing?”

“You didn’t think you were getting out, did you?” Mona asked, her tone serious. “I’m sorry if you were confused.” Paul began to struggle against her, but she was far too strong for him. She turned to face him, pulling his hands in front of him and removing a length of rope from her belt. In three quick movements, she had his wrists bound together. She then let him go. The instant that he was released, he tried to make for the door, but his ankles were still bound. He had barely made it halfway to the door when suddenly he was stopped. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that she had pulled the rope over the top of the cross, through a hole, and back. There was still some rope in her hand. What was she doing? She hooked the end of the rope into a pulley and began to turn the crank.

“No, no, no, nooo,” Paul pleaded. He leaned back against the rope, but the crank locked with each inch of turn and he was dragged toward his certain destruction. “Please stop. Oh my God.” His hands grazed the wood of the post. “Oh fuck. Oh shit, please, please don’t put me up there. Please don’t.”

“Turn around,” Mona barked. Paul didn’t listen. He pressed his face to the pole and bawled. Mona grabbed him around the shoulders and spun him around. His face was contorted in terror and streaked with tears.

“Mmnn…” Paul was shaking his head wildly.

“Stay still,” Mona warned. She walked walked to the crank again.

“Please,” he begged. His hands began to rise again. He whimpered. “Stop.” His hands rose up over his head and then he began to feel the tug on his torso. “Noooo!” He was on his toes now, and could feel the weight being shifted from his feet to his wrists. “Owwww…oh God. Ahhh!” In a couple of moments he could feel the hole in the wood and knew he was at the top of the pillar. He looked at the ground, three feet below or thereabouts. Mona walked around and looked up at him.

“So,” she began, her lip twitching halfway into a smile. “How’s it hanging?” Paul groaned. He could tell that she was enjoying herself thoroughly. She pulled up a chair and sat down, staring up at him with intense interest. “Did you know that the word ?excruciating’ has its origin in crucifixion?” Paul coughed once. “It does. There wasn’t a word that expressed the level of agony involved. It’s based on the Latin ?ex cruciatus’ meaning ?from the cross’. You sure know how to pick.”

“What is this?” Paul choked.

“You’re suffocating to death,” Mona said. “That’s how this tool kills you. It can take several hours. In fact, I’ll be right back.” She got up and walked to her suitcase and began to rummage through it. In a moment, she came back with a ziplock bag of popcorn in her hand. She opened it and popped a piece in her mouth. Then, she held the bag out to him. “Want a piece?”

“Let me down,” he wheezed. His lungs were screaming. They were painfully overfilled. He coughed again. “Please.”

“Suit yourself,” she said. “Just so you know what’s happening to you, you are going to start finding it harder to exhale. Eventually, you will die of carbon dioxide poisoning.” Paul’s stomach jumped into his throat and he began to struggle out of sheer panic.

“Please,” he hissed, attempting an exhalation. “Oh fuck. Please, let me down.”

“Oh please,” Mona laughed. “Keep talking and struggling. You’re only killing yourself faster.” She ate another few bites of popcorn. An hour went by, but it felt like an eternity. Each breath was agony, and his body was burning from lack of proper ventilation. Every time Paul looked down at Mona, she was staring up at him mildly. There was almost no emotion on her face beyond that of vague amusement. Occasionally, she waved at him. She tried to offer him popcorn twice more, but he never accepted. No matter how he begged and cried, it was as if she was watching children’s cartoons. There was no sympathy on her face, and she repeatedly laughed at his pleas. Finally, after all of this, Paul couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled himself up with his arms, and breathed out, then in. He could feel splinters from the wood piercing the flesh of his hands, but he didn’t care.

“Cut me down, you fucking cunt!” he screeched. The woman stared at him blankly for a moment, then her look changed to one of fury.

“You little bitch,” she said. Paul could feel his face growing hot with anger and embarrassment. She walked to the crank and began to lower him toward the ground. Paul’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that she was letting him go? No, she stopped him a few inches from the ground. Because of his height, she stood almost as tall as him in her heels. She had the switchblade in her hand again. Using quick strokes, she cut his shirt from his body.

“What are you doing?” he wheezed. It was growing more and more exhausting to force the breath from his body.

“You are making me very upset,” she replied. “I am tired of being here with you, and I want you to die now.” He could feel his stomach sink into his feet.

“Please no.” Paul coughed a couple of times. “Stop. Oh God. I’ll do anything.”

“Alright,” she said. “Shut the fuck up.” The panic was making him lightheaded. His body wanted to hyperventilate, but he couldn’t gather the strength. She took the knife and held it to his chest.

“Oh God!” Paul cried. “Oh God please don’t cut me, please.” She ignored him, and made two slice marks in his chest, one on each side. “Aaaaahhhhhh!” He managed a scream, but couldn’t exhale for a while. A strange whistling noise came from his nose. He was beginning to see spots. He could feel the gashes in his chest stretching open from the weight of his legs.

“Are you ready to go?” Mona asked. Paul tried to shake his head, but she grasped him by the chin and forced him to nod. “Very well.” Paul tried to protest, but his lungs were too strained. Mona put her hands on his waist and he shook his head violently.

“Nnnnnnn,” he wheezed. Then, she began to pull. The gashes began to tear wider, and his lungs felt about to burst. Paul closed his eyes in resignation. After that, it wasn’t long before he lost consciousness, and from there, it was a slippery slope to death. As soon as his heart stopped beating, Mona let go of his waist and took out her switchblade. She cut the rope and allowed him to crumple to the ground. She had not been paid to hide the body, so she left it lie. She had other places to go. She finished the last of her popcorn, picked up her suitcase, and walked out of the barn.

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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

Beverly likes to play with other gals. There is smth about submitting to em that just turns her on like no thing else. Dee is just the sort of woman to take advantage of her. It's been whilst since Beverly has had the joy of serving though torture for anybody as intensive as Dee, but that babe is going to acquire into it fast the way Dee plays. It's been likewise lengthy since Beverly has had her fur pie punished. Dee takes the opportunity to remind her of how it feels. She cuts open her adult baby fuck harlots clothes to more excellent access her love tunnel and pointer sisters and hen stas to flick animalism em with her dragon tail. In the centre of her ache Beverly realizes that babe needs to void urine. Dee isn't going to deny her that but it does need to be cleaned up and the moist rag needs to be put somewhere. It turns out it makes the consummate gag. So during the time that Dee sets about playing with her clitoris Beverly has no choice but to groan her enjoyment with a mouthful of her own pee.

The poses Dee comes up with are bizarre. Tied down to the cart, Beverly has a leash around her neck that is flawless for towing her around. Dee puts in an butt hook that her concupiscent adult baby aperture swallows in an instant. When Dee craves to make sure this babe is getting sufficiently shlong her limbs are fastened up perfectly to allow effortless access. The dong can't go in dry, so the doxy is going to have to engulf it til it's willing. With her hair fastened to the hook there is no problem keeping her face up to receive screwed. Her love tunnel is where that babe actually wishes it, though.

As in a short time as Mr. Pogo is burried in her pussy Beverly begins groaning once more. The sex-toy makes her entreat like a slut to be allowed to cum and just in advance of Dee let us her release this babe changes her mind and starts to rod the cunt's feet. 10 strokes hasn't set Beverly likewise far off her big o. It's seconds in advance of this babe is begging like a wench afresh and this time Dee has a different means of ache. Instead of depriving her of enjoyment Dee proceeds to vibrate her throughout multiple orgasms until this babe has no choice but to implore yet anew, this time for it to end.

Just cuz this babe has come sufficiently to satisfy herself doesn't mean Beverly is done sweet Dee, though. Dee pulls her bitch's legs up into the air and seperates the lips of her bawdy cleft with a couple of clamps. An inflatable dick finds it is home in her slit and Dee begins flicking animal training her love tunnel, haunches and abdomen with a lash to amuse herself. The inverted position makes it so intense for Beverly to move that Dee sees a great chance to vibrate her another time. Long after the 1st big o has subsided the wench is twisting herself into knots hoping to lessen the intensity of the vibrations throughout her clitoris.

heh heh heh


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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

Leggy Sadie thought she had landed a gig for this rich family babysitting there son for the weekend. She chats on her phone with her girlfriend on how much money she is going to make and all she has to do is make sure the little tike has food and some adult supervision. He is some sort of prodigy, named Poindexter, who locks himself in his basement laboratory working on his science projects for hours. She had barely even seen Poindexter and really should check to see what he is up to and find out if he is hungry. Sadie finishes the phone call and goes over to the basement door and knocks, calling for Poindexter to come up.

She hears nothing and a little worried and a lot curious she decides to go take a look at his lab. But when she grabs the door knob she is suddenly jolted with 50k volts of electicity. Sadie's hand clamps around the base door handle, she can't let go as she body jerks and convulses as the power coarses through her body. Finally her legs give out and she falls to the floor her body jerks and still convulsing as her brain short curcuits. Sadie awakens as later and finds herself tied down to a wooden table with leather cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles. Her dress has been removed and she is almost naked except for her panties, garter, stockings and heels. Her legs are spread and padlocked to rings mounted at the base of the table. Her wrists are pulled over her head and locked together in the leather cuffs tethered to a chain running to a winch high above her head. Sadie pulls desperately at her leather restraints but quickly realizes that she is helplessly bound with little chance of escaping the cuffs.

She calls for Poindexter to come and free her, he can't do this to her, she is his babysitter. He has had his fun now it is time to let her go. But the little mad scientist doesn't appear, Sadie twists and pulls at her leather restrains again but it is hopeless. Finally she hears him come back into the room and demands he free her immediately. But he informs her that he needs her body to help him with one of his experiments. Sadie is incredulous, she isn't his lab rat, she is his babysitter and it is time to let her go. Sadie watches as he goes to the winch and begins to cranks it. She can feel her limbs being stretched and pulls at the chain attached to her cuffed wrists is slowly cranked tighter and tighter by the winch. Sadie begs and pleads with Poindexter to stop as her body is stretched tight across the table. Poor Sadie can barely move now as he leaves her to go get his equipment. What does he have planned for her now? She is totally helpless and at his mercy, she tries to think of a way to convince him to let her go. But Poindexter totally ignores her protests when he returns, he has now attached a set of steel clamps to her nipples. A rope has been tied to the chain between her crushed nipples pulling and stretching them up to a pulley attached to a chain. At the other end of the rope attached to her nipple clamps he has tied a wand vibrator. Sadie can't see the vibrator but she sure as hell can feel it as it stimulates her pussy.

Her poor crushed nipples hurt as the vibrations of the wand run up the rope, through the pulley and then down through the chain attached to the clamps. Sadie begs and pleads with Poindexter to stop, she isn't his lab rat, she is an adult and his babysitter, he has to listen to her. But he has disappeared again. Sadie struggles in her restraints but it is hopeless, her poor body is helplessly stretched out still, there is no escape. And now the damned vibrator is really starting to stimulate her pussy dispite the pain in her nipples, or maybe because of the pain she is really begining to get turned on. But no she can't let some little brat sexually abuse her body, but damn the vibrator is vibrating her clits, she can feel an orgasm building up inside her, Sadie fights the feelings as her pussy gets wet. Then Poindexter returns again and Sadie fights off the sexual pleasures and demands he free her immediately. But he informs her that she is making too much noise, he needs quiet to finish his notes. Sadie looks up to see him dangling a pair of women's panties over her head. What does he plan on doing with those? Then she realizes he plans on gagging her with the panties, she begs and pleads with him to stop as he drops the panties on her face. The panties are then stuffed in her mouth and taped in place with black tape pulled between her lips and wrapped around her head.

He then went over to his desk and sits there taking notes as Sadie desperately tries to fit off the sexual desires building up inside her pussy. But the vibrator is relentless she can feel an orgasm building up inside her, maybe if she orgasms Poindexter will have what he needs and will let her go. Sadie pulls at her retraints as she cums hard, her legs quiver and her eyes roll back in her head as she experiences one of the most intense orgasms in her life. She tries to relax and enjoy the after effects but the vibrator keeps working on her pussy and Poindexter still sits at his desk taking notes. The little sadistic bastard has no intention of letting her go. Sadie can feel another orgasm building up inside her but there is no way she can stop it, how long can he keep her tied down to is table forcing her to orgasm before she loses her mind. But her eyes roll back in her head again as her tightly strectch helplessly body tenses up for another orgasm. He only hope is that his parents come home soon before he turns her into a total vegetable

hehh heh he heh heh


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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

Cindy is driving home from work. She lives in a rural part of town and is busy driving down a dirt road. She is excited about the evening ahead. She has plans to go out to dinner with her boyfriend soon after arriving home. Suddenly, as she is thinking about the evening to come, the cars' engine begins to sputter... then comes to a stop. She pulls over to the side of the dirt road. She exits the vehicle and pulls out her cell phone and stretches it out toward the heavens... but is unable to receive a signal due to the remote location. Luckily for her, she is actually on the road that leads to her home and the house is less than a mile away. She decides that she is going to walk home. She locks up her car and starts off on her journey down the dirt road. As she walks down the road, she occasionally hears strange noises; rustling leaves and branches cracking. She gets the distinct impression that she is being watched. She stops a couple of times during her walk and peers into the woods but is never ever able to see a thing.

She picks up the pace and gets home. She is nervous but unable to see anything. She writes it off to being over-reactive and walks up the steps and into her house. Cindy starts getting ready for her date. She sits at the table in the kitchen and tries on jewelry. Little does she know that there are four men lurking outside her home. They watched her walk all the way home. Cindy walks into her bedroom and sees the light flashing on her answering machine. She listens to the message and it turns out that it is her boyfriend letting her know he is going to be a couple hours late. She sighs with disappointment. The four men have already picked the lock and slipped quietly into the house. They heard the message and now knew they had plenty of time to have their way with her. She leaves the bedroom and walks into the living room. While she had been in the bedroom the intruders had placed a few toys; handcuffs, a gag and a dildo on her table. She stopped and exclaimed, what is this? She looked up and saw a group of masked men watching her from the hallway. She screamed and ran for the front door. The raced after her and grabbed her before she could get out of the house. They picked her up and carried her back into the living room.

With hands cuffed behind her back she is put on her knees and all four men take turns fucking her face. She gags and chokes as they force themselves deep into her throat. They each take a couple turns with her pretty mouth. They take off the cuffs and force her down on her back. One of the intruders slowly unzips her skin tight jeans and pulls them down her legs. With one quick jerk he rips the panties off her to expose her shaved pussy. He slides a finger into her pussy and pumps it. He leans over and licks her pussy getting it nice and wet for what is about to come. He signals to one of the other men to pass him the dildo. He runs it up and down her leg and then slides it into her vagina. He pumping away faster and faster. The men all take turns fucking her. She squirms from act. The last man then reaches down and grabs her by her ankles and flips her over onto her stomach. Cindy looks up and sees the door on the other side of the living room and starts crawling towards the door. They grab her and drag her back. Each man grabs and ankle or wrist and spread her out. They shove several pillows under her to prop her ass up in the air. He slick pussy and asshole are pointing up at them just asking to be fucked.

They each take a turn fucking her doggystyle while the others make sure she cannot get away. The last one pulls out and she thinks it is over. One of the men suggests they move. They pick her up and put her on her back on the couch. Still holding her legs spread wide open the men take turns penetrating her. They gag her to quiet her down. After all four of them have had her again they pick her up and carry her to her bedroom. She had nothing on but her high heels and a gag. They lay her down on her bed. They lean her up against one of the men to keep her under control. The other men resume their fun with the glass dildo. They take turns fucking her with it. She cannot resist. Her pussy is slick with cum and lube. They start playing breath play games with her with a plastic bag. They have used her pussy so much that she is now responding to their ministrations. They would bring her to the peak of orgasm and then tighten the bag and cut off her air. They did this over and over until she died. Two of them mounted her again while she was on her back. Her legs were put over their shoulders and she was fucked hard while the others watched. The flipped her over and propped her up on pillows. Again her slippery pussy and asshole were begging to be fucked. Two men fucked her until they were ready to cum and shot their loads on her feet


Cindy is lead to a steel table by her rope lead. Cindy Hunter forces her chest down on the table with her legs hanging over the far edge and ties her neck rope down to the table. She sobs and cries into her ball gag begging and pleading as her spreads her legs and ties her booted ankles to the table legs so her feet are off the floor. Cindy pulls helplessly at the ropes pinning her wrists to the center of her back but there is no escaping. Cindy Hunter comes around and shows her a array of paddles and a riding crop telling her that he plans on using each one on her tight ass. Cindy pulls desperately at the ropes as Cindy Hunter pick up the riding crop and goes around behind her. She can't turn her head to see what is happen and waits in antisapation for the first blow. She squeels into her gag as the riding crop smacks her ass then another smack. Cindy Hunter spanks her ass with the riding crop faster and faster as Cindy begs and cries into her gag. Finally he stops with the riding crop and comes around to her face and shows her two paddles, one wooden and one leather. He tells her to chose with one to use on her ass next. Cindy is too frightened to chose so Cindy Hunter choses for her. He beats her ass first with the leather paddle then the wooden one. The wooden one really causes her to scream and cry in pain with each blow. He comes around again and shows her both paddles and tells her to chose again. Cindy doesn't know which one he used last that stung like a bee as sobs and cries into her gag refusing to chose. He tells her if she doesn't chose he will chose for her. Finally she surrenders and points to the leather paddle with her nose. She bites down hard on the ball gag as he goes around to spank her ass again. She hopes she chose wisely.

I'm going to fuck you good, Cindy, then I will take you to your mother,


heh heh heh


Cindy's Mom: I have my daughter Cindy bound with cruel speaker wire and you can see how deep the thin cord bites into her flesh and trust me, it hurts like hell! Groaning through her gag my daughter Cindy writhes helplessly as I fold her mile long legs back and start to put her into a strict hogtie, her hands and fingers wiggle uselessly as I bind the sexy girl and to make it worse I even tie her FEET together before finishing off the hogtie that leaves poor my daughter Cindy utterly helpless and in serious distress. Great camera shots show how tight I have her bound and you can see her arms start to turn a nasty shade from the lack of circulation and she is desperate to be let go. Unfortunately that's not going to happen and in fact I invite a friend over to take part in her suffering and even put the phone to her ear for my buddy to taunt her and all my daughter Cindy can do is whimper pathetically! To fuck with my daughter Cindy further I tell her to strike an arching pose for me to take a photo and if she does I promise to let her go and to see this girl masochistically try and comply is amazing! The wire is pure hell and bites deep into her wrists and she prays that if she does as told I'll indeed set her free but after I get my photos my daughter Cindy is of course told I lied sending her into whimpering, miserable despair! I have no intention of letting my daughter Cindy go anytime soon, seeing her bound in a hogtie with that brutal wire is just to hot to stop and as the video ends my daughter Cindy lays in hogtied agony and at my complete mercy!

heh heh heh, I love you, Cindy



Cindy struggles with Cindy Molester as he pushes her into the lair. She twists, turns and kicks in a desperate attempt to break free of his grip. But with her elbows crushed together and bound behind her back and his hand clamped tightly over her mouth he forces her down onto the floor. A large rag is then pushed into her mouth, spreading her jaws painfully apart and silencing her screams. He pulls out a roll of duct tape and wraps it tightly between her lips and around her mouth sealing the rag deep in her big mouth. Cindy keeps up the good fight as he ties a rope around one of her ankles then pulls her foot up to her ass and frogties her leg wrapping the rope around her thigh and shin. She struggles on the floor as he sorts through the ropes and manages to get up on her feet and tries to crawl away but he grabs her and pushes her back to the floor. Her other leg is then cruelly frog tied and her wrists are tied tightly together. When he turns around Cindy struggles to her feet again and once again tries to escape, crawling away. But she doesn't get far before he grabs her and pulls her back. He pulls a chain down from an overhead pulley and attaches the end of the chain to her wrists. He cranks the winch on the wall raising her wrists up high behind her back. He grabs some leather cords and wraps the cords around the base of her tits like a tourniquet. Her poor tits swell and bulge as the cords bite deep into the soft flesh around the base of her tits. He then cranks the winch again raising her wrists up higher and higher in the air pulling her up onto her knee points. Another cord is braided into her hair and he ties her hair back to her elbows. He leaves her struggling on her knee points in the brutal strappado balancing on her knee points.

now wait for your mother, Cindy


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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

mother is home alone when two guys break in to rob her! When they find her they decide they will have to tie her up while they search for the loot! They carry her into the room, one guy holding onto her legs and the other tight hand gagging her as she furiously struggles and tries to scream. The two men easily overpower her and one of them begins to tie her hand behind her back with rope as the other keeps the scared but still feisty young girl quiet.

They begin to torment her further by feeling her up and taking turns giving her firm smacks on the ass! They decide they need to gag the bitch in order to keep her quiet and one of them gets a great idea! He pulls off her panties from underneath her short denim skirt so that he can gag her with them! They make her smell them then stuff them into her mouth so she can taste herself! A white cloth is tied tightly between her teeth to seal them in!

They continue to double team her as they strip her, tie her up and torment her with even more groping and spanking! Once they have her secured in strict hogtie one of the guys goes to get the van while the other goes to gather the loot! mother struggles in the tight ropes, desperately trying to get loose and call for help before the two men get away with her valuables!

Unfortunately for mother she is bound and gagged hopelessly tight and there is no chance of escape, all she can do is helplessly squirm and roll around in her hogtied predicament. Some time later the two men return. They decided that mother is also going to be part of the loot! They had such a good time tying her up and tormenting her so they are going to take her with them so they can have some more fun with her! They lift her up, still hogtied and angrily struggling and mmmppphhhing as they carry her out!

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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

old woman has been captured and left helplessly struggling with her hands cuffed high up over her head. old woman hears the ominous sound of the winch cranking as it completely stretches her beautiful body until she is precariously balancing on her tip toes. Carissa's mouth is cleave gagged with a bandanna tied tightly between her teeth to muffle her cries. Her ankles and knees are also bound together with leather cuffs and straps and she struggles and moans desperate to find relief from this strenuous position. Out of the corner of her eye she sees the roasting rack being set up for the main event and distraught old woman understands that there is no escape from the peril that awaits her.

Next she finds herself laying on the grill and she groans in pain as the winch is slowly cranked stretching her bound body to its' limits. Her arms are totally stretched parallel to each other and her movement is severely limited by the intense stretch from the winch. Busty old woman moans and cries pitifully into her gag as she realizes she is stretched so tightly that she is barely able to move. She flexes her muscles as she pulls on her restraints growing weaker and more distressed. The red heat beats down on her shimmering skin. Her bound body is covered in cooking oil and sweat beads up all over her. Poor old woman squirms, sweats and suffers so helplessly as she is slowly roasted.

heh heh heh


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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

or weeks he saw this pretty brunette schoolgirl, she was waiting in the morning for the school bus at the bus stop. in the afternoon the bus came back from school at 3 pm. and she got off the bus to go home through the park. mostly she went alone.

When ever he saw the girl, he was agitated, he got a big cock. she was about 16-17 years old. She had long smooth black hair, dark brown eyes. she looked good, innocent and shy. She usually had a blouse and miniskirt on. nylon pantyhose, way dainty white knee socks and shiny black leather shoes. It was a classic school uniform. even as a child that was his fetish, these stockings and he wanted to lick these shoes ever
He observed her every time with his zoom camera. sometimes he also made a video of her. He was fortunate that he could see the bus stops well from his abandoned house. The bus stop was about 50 meters away. otherwise there were only trees and parks there. He always had perverted thoughts about how he would kidnap her and brutally abuse, torture and kill her.

It was Monday, once again he looked at the bus stop and saw this young schoolgirl. his heart beat fast, the man was aroused and jerked his cock so hard until he came.

He did that every time he saw the girl but that was not enough after some time. This schoolgirl made him so horny. she always had that innocent and shy look in her face, which made him even hornier. He wanted to let his perverted fantasies finally be started. a fine, young piece of pleasure meat like this ! The intense erotic pleasure that he would get from doing a sweet, pretty, innocent young thing like this is almost unimaginable !
he had everything planned exactly. had equipped his cellar with all tools. this room looked like the movie hostel. There were hand saws, circular saws, an electric drill, butcher hooks, chains, knives and a chainsaw. on the floor and on the walls, he had laid out everything with tarpaulins to keep everything clean. And he set up several cameras to record everything from different views. to be able to watch this later.

on tuesday he wanted to do it, kidnap her and let his fantasies come to fruition. It was cold outside, she was back at the bus stop. but did not have her usual uniform on. but a jacket and long pants. So he does not kidnap her on this day. he really wanted her in school uniform. disappointed, he waited another day. he could hardly sleep again, he was excited. he kept thinking about his plan.

On Wednesday, he saw her again at the bus stop. she was back in her school uniform. He waited in the afternoon in the park through which she always went home. He had parked his car in a deserted parking lot nearby. he had disguised himself as an old helpless man. it was 2:50 pm. the bus comes in 10 minutes. his heart was beating fast, he was more excited than ever in his life. he had to be careful. He did not want to get caught. he had a lot in mind with the innocent girl. again and again his dirty fantasies went through his head.
then he heard the bus, adrenaline flowed through his body and his heart beat faster. he was even more agitated and had to control himself to keep a clear head. then he saw the girl getting off the bus and walking towards him. his legs trembled with excitement.

the girl came closer. He looked around, there were no other people nearby. When she was about 10 yards away, he pretended to bend his foot and screamed for help as he had planned. he was disguised as an old and helpless man. who would trust such a bad person? he asked the girl for help. finally she came to help him. "my car is in the parking lot he said, will you take me there?" as helpful as the young girl was she did it.
Arriving at the car, he hit her with his cane on the back of her head, she was unconscious. He put her in his trunk and drove her home. During the ride he could not believe that he really did. and was looking forward to what he would do to her. He brought her to his cellar.

He tied her up with her hands to a chain. The chain was attached to a pulley, so he could pull she up as needed. he also tied her legs to chains. she was still unconscious.
he could not believe it, he was now alone with her in the cellar with the torture tools and the covers on the floor, in her school uniform and could do with her what he wanted. nobody would hear their screams. he stood in front of her and got an erection. he was so excited that he was shaking. her miniskirt, under which her long beautiful pantyhose legs peeped out, with the white delicate stockings he always wanted to touch and the black leather shoes that he wanted to lick. then she woke up, immediately began to cry and asked, "Where am I, what are you going to do?" please let me go. she could not see the torture instruments because they were behind her. she only saw the dark cellar room and felt the cold chains on her limbs. she was terrified. she whimpered and cried louder and louder, which made him a bad conscience at first and started to doubt himself. but the fearful face of the girl, this innocent look made him horny again and excited him. he let his fantasies run wild again.

He knelt in front of her and touched her stockings, slowly over the nylon tights and back down to the shoes. He began to drool. then he licked her shoes while holding the stockings until they were all wet. the girl trembled and cried. Then he got up and took his erect cock out of his pants. He rubbed it on her pantyhose. then he took a knife and made a hole in her pantyhose and licked her pussy through the hole until it was completely wet. then he fucked her so hard until he came, he pulled his cock out and came over her pantyhose. The sperm ran down her legs to the shoes

then he said to the girl: "Do you think I'm done with you? I'm starting right now.

The man put on gloves, a butcher's apron and rubber boots.
then he went to the table where the tools were, the girl could not see, looked around and did not know what to take first, he decided to warm up for a little to start with, something she would not die right away, because he wanted to have fun for a long time.

The girl saw the man come out of the dark room.he hold something in the hand. when the girl realized what it was, she blushed and screamed ... it was an electric drillmachine. She screamed even louder and moaned for her life. "No Please not." He went to the girl, went to her and pierced her deep in her delicate thigh through the pantyhose. He enjoyed the sound of the drill as it entered in the meat. she fidgeted. he enjoyed torturing her with the drill. it must have been incredibly painful for the girl. he tortured her so cruelly and abominably Blood came out of her wounds and ran her stockings over her leather shoes. Again and again he drilled the girl sadistically in the legs and in the stomach. then he gave her a short break. she breathed and could not scream for a moment. She was about to become unconscious. He put the machine away. Then he tore the blouse from the girl's body, took a knife and slowly cut off her nipples. She began to scream so bestially again.

He said to the girl, "I'm not done with you yet." Now he went back to the table and took his chainsaw. He pulled up the bleeding girl with the pulley ... about 20 cm above ground, the legs were tied to chains. He went to the girl with the chainsaw, which was not yet on. when she realized what was coming up to her, her screams were disgusting: "please, please do not"she begged for mercy, but there was none. He touched her legs with the cold saw blades and enjoyed it,
with the saw to slide over her soft pantyhose, looked at her and licked his own lips. that made him so horny that he opened his eyes wide and groaned. he said to the girl "do you feel the chain of the saw? she wants you"
then he held the saw between her legs, gave her a kiss and started the saw with pleasure, the loud noise of the saw made the girl panic fear of death. He pulled the running saw up slowly and relishly between her legs. Sawed through her miniskirt in her wet pussy, it was a great pleasure for him. the blood splashed her legs on her stockings and shoes. The sound of the saw in her delicate body, the skin, the flesh and the bones, was like sweet music for the man. They could hear the chains as their legs twitched. everything was full of blood, the moan, it was so indescribably beautiful for him. finally, the girl's screams stopped as the blades of the saw reached the breasts. all the guts slid along the legs of the girl along to the floor. The man turned off the saw and was completely satisfied.
Now he sawed off her arms, legs, feet and head. so that he can store the body parts better in trash bags.
for the disposal. so even beyond her death, he still had fun with her.

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Default Re: molest and abuse stories3

as the stunningly beautiful mother Medina prepares to take a shower, she's standing in front her mirror as she slips her robe off leaving her gloriously naked...and then it happens! She is brutally grabbed from behind, a hand is clamped over her mouth and the struggling woman is dragged from her bathroom to her bed where her nightmare begins! Fade in and we see mother has been tied spreadeagle to her bed, she twists her wrists and struggles valiantly but the ropes hold firm and keep her sweet pussy on complete display for his leering eyes, it seems her neighbor got tired of her cock teasing and decided to teach the bitch a lesson. After several hot scenes of mother struggling he comes back with a pair of panties he got from her hamper, they are very pungent from the jog she took earlier and before the tied woman can protest he forces the used undies deep in her mouth and seals them in with a cloth thus effectively gagging the stunned woman .

After watching her squirm for a while he takes her vibrator from the nightstand and tells mother it's going to be used on her, her eyes go wide when she hears that, surely he wouldn't do something so humiliating but it seems that's his plan and after switching the toy on he jams it hard right on her CLIT and holds it until she cums! But he's not satisfied with one orgasm and he leaves it on her sore twat until yep...she cums again and it's so humiliating! After that second orgasm he mercifully turns the toy off and prepares to leave but he has one final torment for the cock tease to endure and damn is it BRUTAL! He wraps a long piece of rope around her waist and threads it through her pussy lips painfully deep and ties it off at the bottom of the bed and he pulls it so hard that the rope actually disappears between her legs and mother screams in agony as she is so cruelly crotch roped! And then he simply walks out leaving her to eventually be found, she lives alone so that could be hours...or even days and to be kept tied this way for that long is terrifying but there's not a single thing she can do about it!

It's been a horrific experience so far for exotic babe mother , after being taken captive she's been systematically humiliated, stripped, groped and interrogated but as she dangles in nude bondage she still refuses to divulge any information. Her masked captor watches mother dangle painfully by the wrists and ankle, she groans from behind the tape gag across her mouth when suddenly he returns and has something that surely he would never use on her...a HUGE DILDO! He gives her one last chance to agree to talk but she refuses so he kneels behind the struggling woman and shoves the dong all the way in her pussy filling it uncomfortably and very painfully! He didn't bother with any lube so the latex toy tears at her tender flesh as he brutally fucks it in and out of her pussy and mother screams in humiliated misery as she is continually violated! But even with the sexual torture she is stubborn so he decides she needs more convincing and starts to let her wrists down mother can only wonder what this crazy bastard has in store for her next.

mother has suffered ungodly humiliation in the cruel bondage she has been enduring all afternoon, including being made to impale herself repeatedly on a dildo but the stubborn woman continues to resist! So after she is taken from the chair the same, thick dildo is brutally shoved back in her abused pussy filling her to the hilt and she groans in pain and utter shame as she is fucked with the toy! Still mother won't tell him what he wants to know so he deviously uses a crotch rope tied tight against the base of the huge dong and secures it so it stays up inside her with no chance of her pushing it out. After being put on the floor he grabs the crotch rope and tugs it hatefully, mother feels the dildo almost vibrating inside her and she whimpers in humiliation at this cruel treatment. Now, since she refuses to cooperate her captor tells the frightened woman that she'll be left like this for the entire night with the thick dildo held in by the rope and mother sitting miserably on the cold floor with her legs spread and the base of the red dildo visible between her legs!

hey, your daughter will be here and she will make you tell me everything.




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