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facial abuse
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Unread 03-30-2011, 02:20 AM
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Default Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts


Facing this reality was physically like taking a hard punch to the gut. Mentally, it was a chilling horror beyond their wildest nightmares. . It was advertised that there were predators working in the neighbours ,but they did not believe it and walked, dressed and comported as if nothing could happen to them. Nobody would do something to them they thought because their dad was rich and powerfull.This only happens with poor girls .Their shapely figure, cute face and obvious fuck-ability were the reasons they were kidnapped almost as soon as the cunt hunters scoped them out walking down the street.

WE WERE SOLD TO NIGGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In these creepy, heart-stopping circumstances, her past sexual experiences and abuse with the slavers were all screaming one message to her brain: she was in much deeper shit now.


"To add insult to injury we must perform the most disgusting sexual acts in front of these large audiance of blacks who wants to buy us as a future whore for their brothels with only niggers as clients.We felt violated, helpless and totally vulnerable.Bad as all this was, it would soon get much worse.Looking around in wild desperation we saw that the bidding was started and that one by one was sold to a ugly black pimp."


She knew in her heart that this was just the beginning.To her pimp, her cute face and shapely build had marked her as a fuckbeast to be captured, broken and trained from the moment he had spotted her walking innocently down the street The contrast between the beautiful bright sunny day before she was captured and her forced presentation as a whore for the first black client was chilling, filling her with deep dread.The bad news never stopped coming,it was only the first of 50 that day !!!!.Now she understands that bad things don't only happen to poor girls.Her overwhelming fear let her promise him sexy perverted delights and she exhibit herself shamelessly to prove that she was more than just a pretty face and a hot body, .Satisfied that this naked nookie was a a completely vulnerable piece of fuckmeat who offers him things no decent, self-respecting female would ever accept, the client took her to the brothelroom for holding her to her promisses.

We will soon learn what it mean to become WHITE TRASH and BREEDING SLUTS for niggers only.

"I was one of them ,repeated gang rapes and excruciatingly intimate torture sessions has robbed me of all dignity and self-respect, inflicting permanent psychological damage and traumatised me for life."

"Me arrived in the brothel ,bounded to be pimped in for weeks and weeks,this painful penile pounding seemed to go on forever and ever as spurt after spurt of thick semen squirted into my holes.I didnot understand it but the pimps explained me that they wondered what it would be like to rape me, fuck me like a slut and now the're finding out, like a whole bunch of their customers are going to be finding out, as i become their fucking sucking whore!?ˆ?

"Me after been branded and tattood with the brothel marks.To be branded ,pierced and tatood made it more easy to perform the most utterly depraved acts because you feel yourself no longer as a human. I could be led around by my nose ring, like a fucking farm animal. Anybody looking at me would instantly know that i was an utterly shameless, completely submissive slut for BLACKS ONLY , a transformed woman, a broken beaten bitch,a way past having problems with any obscene, depraved, degrading performance required of me.I accepted i was WHITE TRASH for my new black masters "


She was a spoiled white hottie ,a cozy, pampered princess type who will need a lot of beatings and rapings before she will do the nasty perferted stuff required in the black pimps brothels convincingly and with the required big smile. She will sobbing her way hysterically through repeated gang rapes and shrieking mindlessly through long, gruelling torture sessions. Like all the other victims they will turn her into a real moneymaker. She will become WHITE TRASH like all the other sex slaves .

Transformed into WHITE TRASH

They looked down at her crying hard, squirming in a nasty puddle of bodily fluids, her nude form shaking with deep wracking sobs. Shouting down at her, he kicked her bare butt with the toe of his boot.

She sobbed around his huge, spewing tool as he playfully slapped her face with his dick. She simultaneously struggled to swallow his cum and breathe in air, while trying hard not to vomit. It was too much for her whirling brain to cope with at once and she sucked some of his cum into her lungs. As she whooped and coughed, he wiped his dripping dick off in her hair.

They all grinned down at them in triumph as they watched their shame and humiliation.The room echoed with the crisp crack of female flesh on female flesh ,it will be a powerfully educational series for them.All of this obscenely invasive intimacy had the dual benefits of seeing what the new white meat had to offer to their clients.

Trying to be a good little whore, she took his huge hairy balls in her mouth, humming gently while she rubbed his monstrous erect member with her nose, getting a good whiff of the musky man smell infusing his pubic hairs in the process. Inside her head, she told herself that she could handle this.

Presenting herself as a slut for "BLACKS ONLY "

Completely broken under the strenuous regime,she was handling the abuse like a well-pounded old pro.

She is no trouble at all anymore, a marketable piece of fuckmeat receiving all black clients with the big forced smile on her face.She is full pimped WHITE TRASH now eager to please every black who is visiting the ghetto bodello to get her quota done.Black pimps love tenderizing succulent white meat.She must just act like a dumb cunt that doesn't know any better then pleasing niggers and do it as quiqly as possible to entertain the next customer. White trash are all high volume whores who never complains about the quota.

"YES SIR I do everything you dream off "

She still remember the day they pierced ,tattood and branded her.There's the slow drill and then there's the sharp jab .She screamed like a pig when they slice off her clit. It doesn't affect their value as a white trash whore. They are the the only one to miss it. It is the trade mark of a white trash whore ,they all have NO CLIT anymore .When black guys see a pierced and tattood cunt with NO CLIT they know that bitch is a real deep down dirty slut.

"Everything Sir ,no exception ,all holes all perversities !!

Thats why we call WHITE TRASH :brainless fuckmeat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It are all extremely strenuous days for an abused, brain-fried and completely exhausted tatood and pierced sex slave.

How impossibly far away her former life was.Sharp women always pride themselves on their verbal skills, their ability to out-talk most men. When she tried the tongue twister, she found to her horror that her swollen, permanently pierced and weighted tongue did indeed make her sound like a vacuous featherbrained bimbo ?ˆ“ a woman that no one would take seriously except as a piece of fuck and suckmeat.she had no other options, she was committed to life as a fear trained white trash whore for niggers only.

She was papas beauty !!

The cops are fucking useless! They couldn't protect her from obvious scumbags like the black pimps.With knifepoints pricking the hollows of her throat, she stood stock-still, afraid to open her mouth, as her blouse was unbuttoned and pulled down, She tried to pull her chest in as the cool knife blade slipped into the valley between her breasts, blade out, slicing the cups apart. The rapists grinned as her firm breasts, capped by perfectly shaped, unblemished nipples, jiggled loose. They gonne have lots of fun in turning this beauty in WHTE TRASH.

Look what they done with her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The look of shocked horror in her eyes ,as she sees herself for the first time in the mirror after been converted into a WHITE TRASH.Enjoying her muffled hysterical sobs, a Hallmark moment for the black pimp. Now he will slice off her clit to make her a real white trash whore.He tested the blade's sharpness kicked her legs apart and knelt between them taking her clit with his big fingers .She tried frantically to close her legs.Digging deep with the point of the razor sharp pruning knife to get at the very root of her love nubbin, he deftly excised her erect clit with a horrible gargling scream of her.She blubbered and bawled hystericall and began to pee blood and pis on his hand.He deftly threaded the thick black thread onto the sewing needle and began stitching shut the bleeding gap where her clit used to be. .From now on, she'll a Breeder, like all the WHITE TRASH slaves , squeezing out a new servant each year for the black pimps future stock of sexslaves.


Thats the difference between them and "BLACKS ONLY " besides been tatood ,branded and pierced in the most disgusting ways.

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Unread 03-31-2011, 02:22 AM
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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts





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Unread 04-01-2011, 12:18 AM
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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts

BECOMING WHITE TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naturally he wants her to suffer, he wants to see his slut hurt, the more these tattoo?ˆ™s hurt, the more powerful he feels. he unzips his cock,.Yeah, its hard all right, hard and drooling. It's the biggest cock I've ever even seen or heard of. Thick vein down the underside, big flared black/purple knob, maybe a foot long and thick!! And balls, balls like grapefruit balls, this mammoth cock dangling by her face, and in between cries of pain, she is foced to kiss and licks it. All the future white trashes squeezes their pimps hard cock while they been tattooed with the most disgusting ink pictures and grin while I work on them. I mean these white trash tattoos takes hours to ink so we bind them and immobelize them with ropes and chains by their tits to the tattoo table while they are forced to worship their pimp all the time i am working on them. This gorgeous blonde was forced to kind of oral homage to his big black cock. Mewled and purred and kissed and licked it. When it was over he force her on her knees and kisses each of his feet while saying ?ˆ?This sluts thanks her master for becoming one of his WHITE TRASH slaves ?ˆ?With a sadistic smile he took her to a large mirror.She cried for days to come.

Another victim .

Very good educated and spoiled white meat.

"Me forced to smile just before they transformed me into white trash !!! "

" Remembering last night I sat up and looked at my now heavy modified body.On my tits and saw that my nipples were double pierced, and I had vines tattooed with little flowers and leaves all over my right breast. Between my breasts I had some very big black dick outlined with shooting cum . On both ring fingers in place of my rings, I had a tattoo rings,. Little flowers on the left finger, and a black chain design was on my right ring finger. Around my right wrist was a little vine.My ankles and right calf had a bunch of vines, flowers, flowers ran up my calf to almost the knee. I also had a big black shooting dick where my pubic hair was, and writing property of "Black pimps" was next to it.I had some stuff on my back and when I bent my head to look I got dizzy and wanted to vomit. I had a clit ring running vertically through my clit along with nine more piercing around my pussy. My belly had three rings in it along with a big tattoo, a shooting big black dick with the words 'WHITE TRASH under his monstrious bals. had peed all over my self and stunk.The back of my neck hurt and had been shaven about four inches up the back of my head, I could not see it , it was the brothel mark tattooed there.I went to clean the dried cum off of my pussy and ass hole,i had every guy beating his meat, or raping me while i was being tattooed.I have over fifty. NO BULLSHIT! some very large, some started out small, but all very dirty and sexual humiliating like blowjobs,handjobs,fucking positions and most of all big black dicks shooting their cum.With these tattoos and piercing the only job i could do is been white trash in a ghetto brothel for blacks only"

NEXT !!!!!!!!!!!

Her pleads ceased, and her sobs became animalistic as the pimp drove another needle in her tongue, on the other side. The needles were rather long, and when he put the last one, straight through the middle her tongue, it reached from the crook of her chin to the tip of her nose.One could heard her drinking the blood from her tongue holes. .With every new piercing, she felt the tip, held her breath, and felt the needle pass through one, then another piece of delicate skin. She screamed, and sobbed, but with each passing of air, she would gag on her blood.She looked like she was to be a human sacrifice when they started with the dirty tattoos.They shaved her head bald and tattood "blackcokcucker " on her forehead.Like all the white trash slaves she got a monstrious black cock tattood between her breast with the "white trash " texte under the heavy balls to remind her that she was a titfucker for niggers too. They branded her soles and put a nose piercing with a long chain so she will be dragged trough the brothel on all 4 serving forced blowjobs to all black clients.At the end of the day she was a complete mess with over the 60 dirty tattoos on her body and over the 40 piercings.Now she was ready to start working as WHITE TRASH.

It could be wors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!


They now they are only good for this.No white man will ever want them back.

Daddy's beauty.

They branded her just above her curvy ass with the brothel?ˆ™s mark. ?ˆ?Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaigh!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!!! Aaaaaaaah! Waaaaa!?ˆ? She wailed from the burning pain, and they all thoroughly revelled in her suffering. Just when she thought the horror was over, she was clamped down in a spread eagle to a tattoo and piercing table .She jerked uncontrollably , tears flying off her big, beautiful brown eyes when they started to put the first dirty ink on her sensitive white skin.they will put it on any other part of her body or face.Worse was yet to come for the poor little white slave as she was then raped by all of them in the pussy,ars, breasts, and mouth; they all took turns fucking her, and then spewing semen all over her pretty face or deep into her vagina and her ars.After hours of merciless raping, she was fed and cleaned up...but only for more torture;The piercings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. First, they threatened her with the big metal rings, scaring her.Her eyes opened and began flowing rapidly again and she jerked uncontrollably, her blood-curdling screams . ?ˆ?Aaaargh! Aaaah! Aaaaaaaaagh!?ˆ? He delighted in watching her struggle and squirm as he fixed the rings in her ears,tongue,lip, breasts, hips, belly, and labia. In totaly he placed more then 50 piercings on her body.Thats what he called a 5 star chick and he tattooed it on her so she will never forget what she was.She wished she could be killed in any way known to man, rather than suffer like this! Any normal man would have melted at the site of her teary eyes, and extreme suffering, but not these! She was that night shown her room; it was a tiny 6 x 6 dark cell with only an old bed in it. She was to be subjected every day, all day, and sometimes at night, to sexual abuse ranging from torture to rape or both for the rest of her young life...and any daughters she may bare.

And thus begun the new, tragic, life of the beautiful white tattooed and pierced white trash. Unfortunately, it was a long one in which she bore many gorgeous daughters who suffered the same fate...she served for forty more years until her beauty started to diminish, and then she was killed following one last day of cruel torture and rape.

They just informed her that she will be tranfered to the WHITE TRASH section.
Collapsing to the ground crying, she couldn?ˆ™t even recover before they grabbed her and dragged her towards the piercing and tattoo room.After hours...her skin deeply reddened and swollen from the abuse,tattoo 's and piercings,she couldn?ˆ™t stop crying and sobbing from the pain.She kneeled, thinking it was over,but her worst fear happened:She will loose her clit ,she screamed in agony, more desperately trying to escape the pain.Her tears would make you think she would die of dehydration soon. They cut her clit very very slowly ...her only response being helpless crying and struggling. They only felt horny at the site of her extreme suffering.

She would be kept as a sex toy for perverted blacks only.All this for her permanent position; to satisfy the sexual desires of all those who visit this part of the brothel.Most of the time she was tied her up to a special frame that forced her body into a painful doggy style position and was fucked violently by these annimals who only saw her as a fuckslut due to her disgusting tattoos.She had black shooting penisses tattood everywere and humiliating textes that invited to rape her in all her holes.

"RAPE TOY " "ABUSE ME HERE " "HOLE TO FILL " "I AM YOUR CUMDUMP"and ofcoars a monstrious black dick between her tits shooting gallons of cum on her neck with the mark "WHITE TRASH" under the heavy balls.Even on her face next to her mouth was tattood "SUCKER HOLE " on her left and on the other side "FOR BLACKS ONLY "


Waiting to be pierced and tattooed !!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHITE TRASH !!!!!!!!!!

A dreadful journey to a world of humiliation and despair begins for this beauty princess.

She does everything to avoid the big black shooting dick tattoos on her body.

IN VAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is going to put the biggest black shooting dick he ever had tattood on white trash from her belly up to her neck.with balls going all the way down on her both legs.He is the best tattoo artist of the black pimps with lots of humiliting designs of ink .The look of lust glittering in his cold eyes is startling, and she can only watch helplessly as he reaches for his tattoo instruments.She stares at him, eyes wide with horror. This can?ˆ™t be happening to her, she thinks. Desperately trying to squirm away from him roving hands, the straps binding her to the table constrict further.He runs his hands over her body, feeling her smooth skin shiver beneath his touch when he started his diabolic dick tattoo.

She will always try to hide it ,it is so humiliating.Now she is completely under the thumb of the Black pimps .She is white trash and her SHOOTING BLACK DICK tattoo reminds her on it day and night.

"Ready for the big one between your tits ???"

She screamed, cried, and begged nonstop

"Looks nice ,now your trash !!!!!!!!!!!!"

Socially marginalized and isolated, the traumatized, devastated sexslave was left to the dogs, her trainers and the customers.

"Tomrrow you get your dick between your tits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

according to the most recent information received by her parents, who, though devastated, have persevered and spared no expense in pursuit of their daughter she was sold to the japanese yakuza as gangslut.

"You like him ?? it will be big with shooting cum alover your neck and face !!"

"Turn around i want to tittfuck you richt on your dirty black monsterdick tattoo."They were all gazing at her lustfully and she knew how much the image of her tattoo?ˆ”and especially her white trash brothel mark between her tits?ˆ”was turning them on. She whimpered miserably as many of them reached out and groped for her .When he was finished he was immediately replaced by another one of the blacks. On and on it went for nearly 1.5 hours as all nine men in the room violently spewed their loads between her tits right in her face just like her tattoo indicated.

"Right you have ,there i wil put it ,blacks get horny of our white trash tattoo" She felt the heaviness in her chest and the tears already forming in her eyes as she stared at the ominous setting in the middle of the room.It was the piercing and tattoo table. It was clear that the black pimps gang had taken quite some time preparing for her modification into white trash.

"Now lick on her black dick tattoo between her titts slut !!!"

Completely broken and defeated she did what he ordered.

"Turn around !!!!!!!!!! i want to see your dirty white trash dick !!"There was a round of cheers and laughter when she presented them her big tattood dick between her tits ,sobbing in absolute misery while she did.She was crying hysterically and looked like she wanted to die .

"When i have sold you to the black pimps they gone tattoo a much bigger black monsterdick richt were myne now is.All with gallons of shooting cum up to your face and bals like nou never have seen in your life .They gonne put many different sizes allover your body so that everybody in the brothel knows that you are only good for serving big black dicks."

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Unread 04-10-2011, 11:54 AM
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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts

Do not worry ,there is still place enough to put the white trash trade mark.


No no no please ,i do everything i fuck the dogs in the sexshows or horses or a whole gang please do not send me there please master i be a good "BLACKS ONLY" and will do double shifts please no dirty tattoos on my body please !!!!

I like it more with my dick tattooed between your tits !!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the clients pay a fortune to have their dick tattooed between the tits with their nickname under it ,it is the first stap to becoming white trash.

I want my dick tattooed between these !!!!!!!!!!!

My dick will be very nice between these is not it ,i bring you to our tattoo artist.

I think i am gonne claim my property on you !!!

she was reduced from a proud, self-reliant, educated, young woman to a sexobject,a thing to be used and abused. If she didn?ˆ™t show enough enthusiasm, they punished her.The horror was that while she could never have foreseen her downfall until this level of humiliation, been tattood with the dirty black dicks of her many clients ,she became inconsolably distraught and took her place in the most degraded section of all.THE WHITE TRASH SECTION.

You like my dick i see , you will not forget him ,i just payed to get him tattood between your tits


"do we got a fun day planned for you,?ˆ? the cruel black client declared in excitement.

"It will cost me a fortune but i want my dick tattooed all over your body,between your tits,pointing to your ars and pussy and on your belly and legs and also on your back with cum shooting everyware and with my name under the balls claiming you as my property."

"Please Sir do not destroy my body ,please they will transfer me to the white trash section after you have got your tattoos on me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease " She felt the knot in her stomach as she realized she was about to be tattood and pierced as white trash The only thing she could think about was what kind of sadistic things the client had planned for her.


"No! Please no tattoos ! Please just let me go!?ˆ? she started begging, as the awfulness of her situation instantly set in.She begged and begged for hours and did the most perverted things and promish the most dirty things but it was all


She had been degraded to the lowest level a whore could go. No further debasement could be imagined.It cost him a fortune as he said

They will tattoo a nice shooting dick between her tits !!!

Nice to turn her into white trash do not you think ???

look at her now !!!!!!!!!

"Let me see my dick now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"And now show me that big black dick between your tits"

"Gentlemen they will be nice in your brothels is not it ,make your beds !!!"

"Your turns the niggers are waiting to buy you !!!"

"Take a close look ,it is the last white dick you will see,tomorrow i sell you to the black pimps."

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Unread 04-26-2011, 06:05 PM
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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts


Receiving their clients with the biggest smile in the "BLACKS ONLY" .They are all ancious to be sent to the WHITE TRASH section and will act as slutty as possible to avoid it.Most of them had been abducted probably while they were on their way to vacation or something. She felt terribly for them, and wondered whether or not they were all raped nearly as much as she was every day.

?ˆ?The pimps are gonna keep you around for awhile, they usually keep fresh meat like you for at least a year or two before they start tattooing ,branding and piercing them. "

She did not get much time to lament her situation, however, as another massive, hairy black walked into the room and deposited his money into the jar on the table.

?ˆ?This whore will be good!! This whore?ˆ”this whore will do what you want!! Please!!!?ˆ?

She could not believe how many customers frequented the brothel, and it was clear that just about every one of them came into the room to use her 3 HOLES.She had the most nervous look on her face, and was trembling in fear while putting the biggest forced smile on her face.

?ˆ?Please ,this slut will be good!! This slut promises she?ˆ™ll be good!!!?ˆ?

The pimps intent on making as much money as possible from her, and never gave her more than a minute to rest between customers. She no longer felt like a human being. Throughout the nightmarish session, the clients had constantly reminded her how she was a piece of shit whore and only useful for fucking. In addition to making her clean their filthy assholes, many of them also spat into her mouth and forced her to swallow it. Her 50 th client entered the room and as always she had to welcome him with a big smile on her face.

?ˆ?This slut?ˆ”this slut will do what you want!!!?ˆ??ˆ?Yes!! This slut will be good! This slut swears to be good!!?ˆ?

Her jaw felt like it was broken from the countless times it had been stretched by huge cocks and slapped by the men. Her belly felt like it was going to burst from the many, many loads of sperm and piss she?ˆ™d been forced to swallow.

?ˆ?Fuck you?ˆ™re a hot little bitch. Where in the hell did the pimps pick you up from??ˆ?

There were more like her all anxious and in fear, and apparently they were spread out over the different other bars that the blackgang owned or operated.She had not eaten in more than 24 hours, and the only thing she?ˆ™d had to drink during that span was about two liters of cum, piss, and snot from the black clients. Every part of her body ached so badly, especially her pussy and asshole. She?ˆ™d never been so terrified in her life,and start to talk dirty as instructed : ?ˆ?Yes, this whore?ˆ¦this whore will lick your asshole sir,?ˆ? More than 20 minutes passed by and she was forced to lick and clean his hairy asshole the entire time. With each second that went by she could feel herself going more and more insane. Never in her life did she imagine being in this kind of position, on her back and using her tongue to service a huge, big black?ˆ™s ass. ?ˆ?Nice work whore, you?ˆ™re a natural at rimming,?ˆ? the client declared. ?ˆ?Get used to this bitch, you?ˆ™re gonna be cleaning my asshole a lot from now on. I won?ˆ™t even need toilet paper anymore with you around.?ˆ?

?ˆ?It?ˆ™s?ˆ¦its twenty dollars, twenty-five to swallow,?ˆ?

She wanted to scream as the man laughed about how busy she?ˆ™d been, and how she was obviously an amazing dick sucker. He then grabbed the back of her head and held it steady while he plunged his massive cock deep into her mouth.By the time he was finished she was covered with cum and looked like a filthy, worthless whore.

She wasnot slutty enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!

?ˆ?No!!! Please don?ˆ™t I?ˆ™m sorry!! This whore is sorry!! This whore won?ˆ™t do it again!!!?ˆ? She screamed in terror knowing that they are going to tattoo the big black dick between her tits. ?ˆ?This whore will be good!! This whore?ˆ”this whore will do what you want!! Please!!!?ˆ?

Still place enough to tattoo the big black monsterdick !!!!!!!!!

By the time the tattoo was finished, hers round little tits were completely covered with hideously severe welts and many of them were leaking blood. HER voice was ragged from the nonstop screaming and she?ˆ™d urinated all over the floor.

As long as she kept her daily quota she can avoid to become WHITE TRASH

Tears were streaming down the girl?ˆ™s cheeks and she was trembling intensely as the huge black pressed the tip of his cock against her lips. She groaned miserably as the man clutched her head in his giant hands and began draining his piss into her mouth. The stream was very powerful and she had to swallow quickly to keep it from spilling onto the floor. It took him about thirty seconds to finish, which was an absolute lifetime for the forced sex slave. When he was done he wiped his cock off against her cheek and casually left the brothelroom calling the next client that she was ready to serve again.

Doing everything to avoid the white trash section !!

She did not have to wait long for her first customer, as the door swung open just a couple minutes later and a massive, very unattractive blackman walked in. He looked to be in his 40s and wore grimy jeans and a gray work shirt. He was obviously employed in some kind of menial labor, and the mixture of disbelief and excitement on his face made her stomach turn.By the time he was standing a few feet away from her she was overwhelmed by the smell of his body odor. She immediately realized how terrible his cock was going to taste and whined miserably at the thought. She whimpered pitiably as soon as she saw his enormous, rock-hard penis. She could see the pre-cum already starting to leak out of the huge mushroom head. she instinctively recoiled as the client positioned himself in front of her and reached for her hair.She cried in total fear and disgust as the giant plunged his cock into her mouth as soon as she opened it. She started groaning immediately as the thick shaft rubbed against her tongue and lips. She knew it was going to taste horrible, but she had no idea just how sour and putrid it would be. It was obvious that the man had not cleaned his cock in weeks :

?ˆ?Yeah bitch, suck that fucking cock you little gook slut.?ˆ?

Letting parade some white trash in the blacks only section is enough to make them work harder.

After these examples the whores are doing everything a black can dream off.

They had their lips wrapped tightly around the man?ˆ™s cock and was actively using their tongue to try to get him to climax, just so they could put an end to their ordeal.It was only for a short moment because other customers were waiting :

?ˆ?That?ˆ™s a good little whore, drink it all you piece of shit chink,?ˆ?one of the man groaned.She tried to recover from the brutal blowjob. Her throat burned and she could still taste the man?ˆ™s terrible cum in her mouth. She looked over at the clock on the wall and sighed in despair. It was only ten minutes passed six, and she had a long way to go. A few seconds later she heard the door rattle open as the next customers walked in.They will have to work together for some time because there are more whores then brothelrooms for the moment.

Avoiding a big black tatooed shooting dick between her tits!!!

She cringed at the sight of the hideous bastard. He was very fat and hairy, and his filthy shirt seemed to indicate he was one of the thousand ghetto niggers who are comming to abuse cheap white meat. The smile on his face was indescribably perverted and the look in his eyes sent shivers through her bones. She began whimpering in fear as the man moved toward her,but she knows she will have to do everything he wanted to avoid becomming white trash. It took mere seconds before he was savagely thrusting his penis in and out of her mouth. She whined desperately as the obese man thumped her face against his shaft, his huge ball sack smacking against her chin. She could taste his horrendous dick cheese and could feel it smearing against her lips and rubbing off into her mouth and throat.Her eyes were watery and she could feel the drool running down her chin while she choked on the fat cock.She did not even look at or acknowledge the ugly bastard as he pulled his pants back on and left the room . She stared down at the floor and wept miserably at her horrible situation. She could still taste the man?ˆ™s cum on her lips, and could feel it swirling around in her stomach. As she looked over at the clock, she began trembling while she waited for the door to open once more and this for 50 times each day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In just minutes another disgusting, overweight man was inside the room and thumping his cock back and forth against her?ˆ™s mouth. It did not take him very long to cum, and because he?ˆ™d only paid $20 he spewed his load all over her face. She wept miserably as the ugly beast held her hair firmly with one hand while he drenched her face with his sperm.

One of these blacks is gonne to buy you ,see to it that i get a good price for you or ................................................!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

?ˆ?Please help me, please , I?ˆ”I?ˆ™ve been kidnapped,?ˆ? she pleaded frantically, looking up to the crowded place full of niggers,but they all know the slavers snatched up that spic whore a few months back and are all here trying to buy her for their brothels .A white slut with big tits always sells good and will be a great white trash later when they tatoo the white trash dessin between them.

"Do not be so shy,tomorrow you start working were you are trained for ,as a whore for blacks only .You will do all the dirty things we have learned you or we sent you immediatyely to the WHITE TRASH !!!!"

"Come closer, Show me your dripping pussy.Show me how much it?ˆ™s begging for a good reaming or i make a complain and you know what this mean slut !! They turn tou into a white trash slut ."The old bastard is over the 75 and forced her to do stiptease with a big smile .He is comming every week for her.

"You fucking whites are all the same. Just a bunch of fuckin?ˆ™ teases who enjoy tormenting an old black with pussy he can never have. Look at your now ,this old nigger is gonne let you do all the dirty sexshows he can imagen ,he likes humiliating white bitches who are well educated and turned by force into wanton sluts . Well guess again, bitch. This nigger iis gonna have plenty of ass and pussy today .YOURS !!!!Thats why i love these brothels for BLACKS ONLY .When do they send you to the WHITE TRASH ??? I will love to tattoo my dick allover your body . Now put the dildo in your ars and start the show i ordered and payed for !!! "

"Not a bad deal for an old nigger is not it : a hundred grand for 2 hours !!Damn, I can?ˆ™t wait to bore my cock into yourl ass! I can almost shoot my wad just imagining you bent over with your quivering hole ready to take my big black fuck-pole "

"Oh yeah, good they didnot send you to the white trash. I?ˆ™ll be licking you all over as you milk my balls of every last drop of creamy jizz,come here slut i am horny as hell to rape white meat in all her holes !!!"

"Tomorrow i tattoo my dick between these "

"You think you can ship me some more white meat like these ,we are opening new brothels in South America "

"two or three gringas aren?ˆ™t going to be nearly enough. You need to think bigger with this one. At least ten young bitches this time. Only the best and freshest all-white teen meat. More blondes, preferably."

"In only one week they will all work like this one :Smile and show us your ass slut ,i just offered him to this slaver as a prepayment for the next shipment of sexslaves like you!!! "

" you have unlimited time to use her in all her goodies ,she is new ,just one week pimped in ,so it will be fun to rape her,she still screams like hell and is a great bleeder in her ass,take her she is all yours"

"Nice catch slaver ,we buy her for the WHITE TRASH section ,she will be great with our brothelmark tattood between these big ones "

One out of the new shipment .Full pimped sexslave for blacks in only one week as you can see.Just showing them some WHITE TRASH is enough to let them comply with all the perversities our clients wanted ,including presenting themselfs as firstclass fuckmeat for blacks only ,talking as dirty as possible to make these huge monsterdicks as hard as possible,not mentioning the dogs and horses training all sexslaves have to endure when they enters our brothels.I liked this one very specialy because she screamed and bleeded for a full week when i pimped her in ,but look at the result : a real slut for blacks now is not it ?????? She will be a great moneymaker .

And this is another one ,the slavers did a good job and delivered 14 pieces of white bitches for our new brothels.

They will all become WHITE TRASH within 2 years .

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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts


Black pimps will demonstrate their ability to pimp in a new sexslave by letting them do dirty sexshows for a full audiance of black clients.The pimps will do it as soon as possible latest one week after arrival and mostly after a fiew days.
It is for most of them wors then the beatings and the rapes even the dog and horserapes because they are all good educated and innocent and are completely humiliated in forced doing so.They must talk dirty and beg the audiance to instruct them what to do.

Her pimp was very proud that he could let her present herself as a titfucker for "blacks only "within 3 days after he had bought her from the slavers.The audience of men began shouting,there were so many of them talking and gesturing at the same time that it was sheer chaos. Many were dedicated to humiliating and degrading her as well.They know she was a famous politica know for her racist thoughts. They made the nearly hysterical woman lick, suck and kiss every black dick presented before her eyes.She will be spending the weekend servicing the rough trade, the absolute lowest rung on the brothel ladder.Her big tits were stretched and twisted cruelly, the nipples receiving even more punishment as they were yanked to their limit, squeezed flat and twisted into strange shapes as she grunted, gasped, screamed and begged for mercy. Her screams were unending, her voice beginning to crack from the strain she was putting on her vocal cords.

Only 5 day ago she was a pampered rich innocent white beauty.Her pimp addressed the audience, promising them that they would enjoy what he had planned next for this trollop.She did not understand what was going to happen because she was not capable of imagen such dirty acts with so many black men.The whole audiance worked as a team to degrade their helpless prey.After this gangrape her pimp said that she could handle any size cock, and perhaps even be mated to animals as large as oxen if he so decided. This brought all sorts of obscene comments from the men forcing her of doing anything perverted that could be imagined

Her pimp waved his arm to the crowd and in less time than it takes to tell, streams of piss were raining down on her naked body from every direction. Her face was the main target of the mob,closely followed by her big tits and hairy cunt. By the time the last stream of piss had finally dribbled to a close, she was thoroughly soaked and the mattress was awash in the acrid waste since it could absorb no more.

Her family would never believe this !!! she was captured only a week ago and her pimp let her parade and beg for a large audiance of shauting niggers.One of the biggerst amongs them unzipped his trousers and ordered her to kneel before him and begin sucking his cock and to be very careful not to get her teeth on it. Still in a daze, she complied and began applying her mouth, lips and tongue to the job at hand.Tears began to flow down her cheeks as her befogged mind slowly absorbed the fact that after nearly a week in this hellish place, the horror just started.

Only 4 days ago she was captured and sold to these monsters,now she is presented as a common whore for "BLACKS ONLY " mentioning that she was very high educated and from high background.The audience wondered just how long this upper class woman could hold out against the pressures her pimp was bringing to bear on her.Would having sex with a client before an audience of jaded men and women be the act that brake her completely, or would it require a visitation from one of the show dogs that they trained for those special events at this brothel?

After their forced presentation they were all forced to inform the audience that they would work three shifts with no relief . In addition they would handle a minimum of two clients at the same time in each session. Their activities would be filmed by hidden cameras and the clients would be encouraged to make them do the foulest things they could imagine.Nobody will believe that they were just captured ..

The black pimps must have lots of expierence in breaking white sluts in such a short time .They all appeared happy and eager to satisfy their clients' sexual needs a consequence of injecting them with a local herbal recipe that caused swelling and itching in such areas as their cunt lips and nipples.There were gasps and a few snickers from the audience as their imaginations began working .When someone began barking like a dog, laughter filled the room .The poor victims tried to ignore the crude suggestion from the audience,like most women in this upper social class it was totaly embaressed and humiliated ,most of the audience was taking pictures and forced them in provocatif poses while they have to talk as dirty as possible.

Eyes wide with fright.The last thing she remembered was having a drink while waiting for her friends to arrive at the local bar. Suddenly her stomach tied itself in knots and her vision blurred. After that?ˆ¦ nothing.Yes, she would do nicely for an evenings entertainment.I?ˆ™d never seen anything so depraved. The black audience gloated over the power they held. Seeing the frightened sex slave cringing before them turned them on.Below their loud laugh ther was the constant sobbing of the miserable victim . They laughed as they watched her thrash around like a gutted fish before them .The pimps are going to make her life a living hell. She?ˆ™ll be a cum-rag and piss mop for blacks and later she will be an excellent WHITE TRASH.Terror was everywhere in that damned place.

Those first presentations were designed to humiliate women in the most sadistic way possibleThe only purpose of these presentations is to make black cocks hard and happy!.They must act as cheap cockhungry whores! It was so disgusting that most of them just wanted to die.Only a fiew days ago they were all upper class and now .....given up any hope of rescue..... given up what was left of their dignity .Can you imagine what their snotty friends would say if they saw them now?They wouldn?ˆ™t recognize them as the look-but-don?ˆ™t-touch ice princess.Now they are all begging to be a cheap white trophy wife for some poor black looser in the audience! Thats why the prices are so cheap during the first presentations .It is the black pimps promotion for making new clients .They charge only 5 dollar a quarter then.

They were all treating her like a piece of human garbage.She?ˆ™s going to spend the rest of her life licking shit from crack, and feel lucky to do it or she serves toilet duty until she died.Since her modeling days are over, they are going to tattoo WHITE TRASH across her forehead.

Their latest victim :rich ,famous and spoiled

Not anymore now !!!!!!!!!!!

They will turn her into a mindless fuck slave capable of the most disgusting sex acts in a matter of a fiew days.She would be trained mercilessly until her every move was programmed into her brain. Only the clients and her masters were of any importance. She just followed orders, regardless of what they forced her to do. They show her what real black studs can do to an uppity cunt that thinks she's better than them.The poor, downtrodden, upper-class woman was forced to take huge dildos that stretched her cunt and ars to the point that she could handle a fist with ease !!!!!!!!!!

Another spoiled white beauty

Captured raped and sold to the blacks .

The brothel owner bellowed his triumph as his seed poured from his twitching prong and inundated her throat. She gagged and spewed cum from her nostrils as he continued to pump the contents of his cock down into her belly.Her curly hair tightly wrapped in his fists and was using his grip to force her throat to accept more of his cock than she could really handle .She's not to get any breaks, no clean out, no water, nothing .She was soon choking down another load of hot cum sprayed into her mouth and then finishing on her face ,she was becoming a whore for blacks in a matter of 2 days .He put her into her little room and collected the token from the first customer that verified he had paid in advance for this whore. So her daytime nightmare began for the rest of her life.

Just like all the others after hours of shamefull exhibition making the helpless woman an easy target for humilition verbaly and physicaly for the entertainment of the jaded group of pimps that watched this sickening spectacle.There were screams from the audience when the bidding started. For each and one of them the slaver made a brief speech to the audience telling them the social background of their victims and how they are treated in the last fiew weeks.This makes the audience horny and the prices higher because the pimps wanted to rape as soon as possible.

They all end as WHITE TRASH !!!!!!!!!!

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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts


She will step by step be trained to satisfy every blackmen ultimate desires. Training was, of course, a very quiq process with the black pimps pimping and breaking methods.In a matter of a fiew days she will be all at their beck and call.

She was a respectable judge in a former life .The actual abduction was easier than they had expected because this stupid white ladie was never told that slavers do exist.

They captured her ,gangraped her ,used dogs and horses and beat her up until she accepted to become a whore for "BLACKS ONLY " Each time forced to smile and to beg every nigger to use all her goodies.

She was was looking at him in undisguised horror .There was no doubt that the next stage of this youngster?ˆ™s training was going to be most enjoyable. This was indeed a delicious morsel ... and it would not be long now before she will work in his brothels.

The new ravishing young girl was, to all intents and purposes, stark naked.She was shrieking and shrieking in horror at the terrifying shame of it.In only three days she will become accustomed to the degrading routine of a black pimps whores life.

The tear-filled eyes looked at him piteously. It was the purest delight to make this delicious youngster do something that was so totally abhorrent to her. She had to do the disgusting thing that was being demanded of her and this for a full audience of yelling niggers.

One could see what an effort it was for the girl to resume that so humiliating posture, she must appear eager to please them with the biggest smile on her face with great open eyes ready to be slobbed and groped by the audience of niggers.

Her lovely breasts began to heave with despairing sobs, her head twisted from side to side, as if in denial. Before she had been abducted she did not even know that a woman did such dreadful things to a man!

She could feel the big hard cock jerking in her mouth. Soon she would have to take the violent eruption when it came ... go on sucking and sucking ... sucking and swallowing ...sucking and swallowing.

He knew it was something that the girl found particularly abhorrent to do. But that was neither here nor there. Taking in as much of his cock as was possible. Sucking,like a vacuum cleaner. Bringing him on superfly ... and continuing to suck while he shot his load down her gullet. She had to do it whenever he wanted.

These were the opening bars in a symphony of pain and humiliation ... one which was going to last for weeks until they are completely broken.

Pimps do not hesitate to take full advantage of their helpless toy and now he was going to have the infinite pleasure of reducing this new girl into a state of complete submission.

The effort she was having to make to obey these obscene demands was horrendous. Only the knowledge of what lay in store for her if she did not obey enabled her to force herself to such degradation.

She looked at him with glazed eyes and uttered a pitiful little moan,he tested her by fondling and squeezing her breasts. The girl made no protest but simply moaned again.There was no doubt that his new slave had taken several long strides that led down the path to complete submission.

He had conquered her spirit ... her will ... through pain beyond all belief. She knew now what this man could do to her ... and she knew, too, that she would submit to him, whatever he demanded. It was the most terrible piece of knowledge in her life.

Her eyes were wide and bolting with stark terror. Strangled snorts jetted down her widened nostrils.To get them completely broken and truly effective pimped , the horrible ordeal had to be endured to the full.

The slavers observed several young women whom they considered would make suitable slave material ... She was sobbing half-hysterically and her pretty face was almost unrecognisable.It was reddened and contorted and her eyes were puffed.Tears flowed constantly. How pleasant it was to be able to pick a woman just from the street ,gangrape her for weeks and then sell her for big money to the black pimps knowing she will be a whore for the rest of her life .

One could see the total shock in them. Wide, staring hopelessly, shimmering with tears.

Scores of slave-girls at their beck and call.When and how they wanted. No frills, no finesse.All a nigger had to do was go in and stick his cock up her holes .

He liked the way he forced her mouth into a travesty of a smile.The pimp studied the lush female flesh for sometime. This was the prerogative of a sexslave owner,she know she will be brutally raped and sodomized by him in a matter of minutes.

Never for a moment, did her trembling cease. The effort to control her wildly surging emotions was well-nigh impossible.

The girl had certainly learn a lesson she will never forget. Poor dear ... it was a pity she had make herself suffer so before she could smile and beg every nigger to take her.

The young face before him was twisted and contorted grotesquely in a grimace of shock and the utmost revulsion.He do believe he is going to make this little beauty pregnant from his first load of black semen .

She sobbed with self-pity. Oh why, was all this happening to her? All this unrelieved horror?

Making a girl submit totally was simply a matter of experience and constant, increasing pressure. A white sex slave?ˆ™s duty was to submit totally to every black man and give them the maximum pleasure.

She smiled as she was forced to do and now he was going to fuck this ravishing young beauty. Fuck her hard and strong ... even though he knew it was going to be impossible to hold out for very long. But that didn?ˆ™t matter. He could always fuck her again. And again and again and again. Just whenever he wanted.

She wished there was some way she could faint and then die.She came forward at once, seemingly eager to do as she had been told alerted to the penalties of insufficient zeal..They calls it displaying the tools of the new whores

If you had told her she would be doing this a week ago, she would have thought you were raving mad. She felt both shame and self-pity at being forced to perform such a revolting act for a full audience of negroes.

The pimp strove to control his fast-mounting lust. How lovely it was to make her do things she hated so much.

They lived in a different world now, a world of terror in which they were forced to present breasts , vagina ,tongue and ars in different ways to please those black audience.

She had a good job before, and she liked it. Now her life is reduced to waiting, waiting for a negro to come and rape her and masturbate all over her. She felt profoundly humiliated, degraded, less than a human being?ˆ¦She remembered everything except how she was kidnapped !!!!!!!!!!!!

Used indiscriminately for brute negro satisfaction then made to suffer humiliation and pain for pure pimps amusement, she understand now the true torment of sexual slavery in the black pimps brothels.

She was spectacular, you couldn?ˆ™t help notice her, her big tits always wobbling ?ˆ¦He could not take his eyes of her tits! Or her hips, or her legs, or her big cat?ˆ™s eyes or her half-open lips.Fascinating to think, not all that long ago, this lovely creature had been chief assistant in a Paris fashion house, and the mistress of a rising French politician. She had been on her way to the top. Instead, she had arrived at the bottom!

In that other life she imagined she had worked in an office. She thought she?ˆ™d operated a computer, but she wasn?ˆ™t sure, not now, too many days had passed since they had grabbed her on her way to work. And now she wasn?ˆ™t sure that any of what was in her mind had ever been real. This was real !!!!!!!!!!!!!She hated everything about these negroes:Their smell. Their touch ,Their rapes,Their kisses?ˆ¦?ˆ¦?ˆ¦.The way they force her to present herself each time before they started raping her.

Her eyes stared at him, blank with fear,.Oh yes he is going to have a good time with her,wortly every single dollar he payed. If she thinks she?ˆ™s a white princess and blacks are inferior she?ˆ™s just going have to learn the hard way.

The girl shivered. She was beginning to get the message. She had seen the look in his eyes. And she was not sure she liked what she had seen. she?ˆ™s shit-scared .She was helpless,this big black nigger could let her do whatever he liked . The only thought in the girl?ˆ™s scrambled brain was to get it over as soon as possible.

She wanted To get away, To go home. To be safe and secure in her own little house. But if that was not possible, then anywhere would do. Anywhere, so long as it was not here with these black men ready to perform despicable acts on her. She would not get away. She might think she would, but she wouldn?ˆ™t.

She seemed for the moment, to have gone into a state of shock, while he spunked and spunked down her throat. She had control of herself, continuing to suck and suck until he was drained dry,gulping and gulping down his emission without spilling a drop. She knew the consequences if she didnot !!!

He just liked to give her the occasional reminder of her complete servitude.The total obscenity of what was being done to her was beyond all endurance,her shrieks had become disbelieving moaning-groaning sounds.

He liked these chained objects .He liked a freightned white bitch .He liked this brothel with young white flesh at his disposal 24 on 24.He liked the forced smile on her face with great open eyes.He liked to strip her of all her remaining dignity, to let her concede the utter hopelessness of her situation.. He specialy liked to use her while he was drunk, with a stinking breath of the alcohol ,sucking and chewing and slurping long drooling gobs .He liked pinching and mauling her breasts .He liked to stretch her anal opening.He liked to spread her as far as possible so that he could finger-fuck her .He liked kissing her long and deeply on her outstretched tongue.He liked endless kisses and probings .He liked her hands clasped behind her head ,spread elbows and her tongue as far as possible stretched out of her mouth..He liked to let her suck him off whenever he need it.He liked to empty his bladder into her mouth,digging her tongue against his crap hole ,lick every inch of his legs and buttocks, ,taking his cock-knop down into her throat.He liked squeezing her buttocks,sliding his fingers into her anus and cunt,.He liked to cunt and anal rape her often a day.He liked to use her as his personal playtoy,his wonton slut acting like the biggest nympho with a obscenity beyond belief when he sodomised her.He liked to let her appear eager to please him. He liked making her very obscene posings with her tits pushed forward by her hands.He liked to use her tits and hands to wak him off and take all his cum in her face.He liked to spit constantly into her mouth leaving bite marks on her lips and tongue .He lioked her to masturbate and grunt loudly like a pig .He liked to bent her over on her knees ,with her ass raised up as high as she could lift, tits and face pressed against the floor.He liked letting bite marks all across her neck and shoulders.He liked to encompass ,surround and crush her against his body.He liked to force her in the most revolting perversions .He liked assaulting her body and mind.He liked to use his fat sopping drooling tongue allover her face.He liked her oral cavity for hours and hours. He liked her stank of sex,fear and sweat.He liked to let her pretend that she likes it to be his whore.He liked to let her talk very dirty.He liked her repugnancy.He liked the forced humiliated position with her tongue out of her mouth in total discomfort like a real white trash.He liked that she hates him. He liked to be a black pimp !!!!!!!!!

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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts

SODOMIZED !!!!!!!!!

Saliva was dribbling from the corners of his mouth, down his chin. He had a good big cock but now it felt bigger and stronger than usual. Oh how she would hate being sodomized by a nigger ! He rejected any further efforts to maintain control of his insensate lust.

The client felt very, very good. What a thing it was to have complete power of a young white woman! He saw the girl?ˆ™s cheek twitch. it was a nervous tic she seemed to have acquired since she became a forced whore for blacks only, desperate trying to avoid been tranfered to the WHITE TRASH..the once haughty features crumpled, tears burst out of her eyes. ?ˆ?Please ... S-Sir...?ˆ? she sobbed, ?ˆ?f-for... mmmff...p-pity sake... mmmfff... mmmff... make a good report... please?ˆ¦. please ?ˆ? grovelling before him .The desperation in her voice transferred itself to her body. ?ˆ?I... beg you, Sir! Ooooh... I beg you... I implore you, please Sir..... mmfff... mmff...I drink your piss ...lick your ars again but. mmmfff... but not a bad report ?ˆ¦.please ...they send me to the WHITE TRASH if you do !!!!!?ˆ?It was simply Heaven to have her here, begging so frantically.He will come to visit her more often,She certainly will do his most perverted wishes now that he knows her deepest fear !!!!

She was quite unstinted in her efforts to please the nigger beneath her. That was her duty. Her duty as a white sex slave. Her arrogance, selfishness and short-temper had been subdued and eradicated in a matter of 3 days. She had been through so much with so many niggers,dogs,pigs and horses that there did not seem to her now any lower depths to which she could sink. The guests of the brothel had to be treated with courtesy and their requests complied with. She had become an object merely to be used only for blacks pleasures.

?ˆ?I do know what a slut you are. I have seen some tapes of your pimping and breaking on the internet?ˆ? the nigger said when he entered her brothel room ?ˆ?I expect the same service from you for me and my friends or you get a very bad report?ˆ?

and she was such a nice girl before she was captured .

He looked at the prostrate,naked figure before him... and begun to rub his hand over the body he owned for an hour or two.Breasts, back, buttocks,thighs... and that succulent mound.His fingers played and delved. His... all his!!

After they were transfered to the WHITE TRASH their first customer is always the slaver who sold them to this brothel.He has a full day for free usages of his former victims .Their lips were trembling, their cheeks twitching.. they fought down the bitter fury in their heart. They had to accept... had to submit..... their prime object was to please the slaver for 24 hours and letting him humiliate them to the utmost. It gaves him a tremendous power to find new meat for the black pimps.It is their way to motivate their slavers.

"Your whores are willing and happy to please you... to be fucked by you... in all their holes?ˆ? What an effort it must cost them to say that,they are truly fully pimped by those negroes he thaught.

She was quite helpless, totally available. In the mirror, he and she could see her eyes bulging with horror.She became a shrieking jelly of juddering flesh, breasts rolling and bouncing wildly, haunches jerking and twisting out of control .It was a wonderful sensation made all the more delightful by the fact that the girl let him do it against her will.She was a forced sexslave who hated negroes before.

?ˆ?That?ˆ™s right,?ˆ? he said, ?ˆ?just think of it as one of those lollies you used to suck at school. A nice big lolly.?ˆ? when he ejaculated strongly, she instinctively jerked her mouth off his cock. Instead of getting its contents down her throat, she got them all over her face and tits.

?ˆ?M-Master .... M-Master ... have mercy .... oooh ... have mercy ... don?ˆ™t ... oh don?ˆ™t... don?ˆ™t,don?ˆ™t .... oh don?ˆ™t .... I?ˆ™ll do what you want ... anything ... anything .... her screaming howls became ear-splitting.Never ... never ... never ... would she disobey her Master again ...whatever he asked ... she swore it to herself.?ˆ?

The nigger features hardened with a sudden cruel lust when he entered the brothel room. ?ˆ?I... I... w-will please... you... in every way... yes... in every way, Sir...?ˆ? she managed to choke out. Her abasement was complete. Every fibre, every nerve, had been concentrated on forcing herself to smile utterly to this vile black monster... She must have been put through Hell on Earth in order to be made to offer herself in this fashion. A ravishing young white beauty who would do whatever a ghetto nigger was demanding of her and this up to 50 times a day ,7 on 7.

What a beauty this women was! And all mine, the client kept on saying to himself. Mine, mine, mine! I can have her whenever I want, in whatever way I want. Once her eyes had sparkled with pride and confidence. Now they were dulled with despair and dread.He was aware that he as a big fat old ugly nigger must repulse this young white woman.

After each client she has to make herselve presentable again. What a joy it was to treat a new arrival like that! ?ˆ?Not bad for your first time and, as you will have heard, there?ˆ™s plenty more to come today.Every time you get one of those big, black pricks up you,i want you to remember that there is a daily quota of 50 minimum. So most of the time you must take 2 at a time to keep up your quota ,we kept our whores fairly busy here !!!!!!!!!!"

The pimp grinned when he stared into large color video monitors which recorded every perversity for selling on the net.

"One of the less salubrious members of the ghetto came to visit me everyday. He was sexually aroused again. That was clear from the saliva around his mouth and from his half-closed bloodshot eyes.?ˆ? Then he fucked me until he couldn?ˆ™t fuck me any more, and when he was too tired to put his dick up again, he put other things up. A truncheon, a whip-handle, his fist, anything... He wasn?ˆ™t fussy what he put up, as long as he had something big up me... most if the time he came into my ass and grabbed me by the hair and made me clean his dick with my tongue, licking and sucking... His disgusting dick was covered with my period and my shit and the tip was covered in his revolting, slimy, smelly semen. There was thick, oily semen everywhere on my body, and its smell impregnated the already stale smell
of the brothel?ˆ?

Gradually she woke up and her panic grew. She tried to find a door, a handle, a lock, anything...She found nothing. She was a prisoner in a kind of coffin or container or she was buried alive between four walls.Panic gave way to despair. She sank to the ground and sobbed uncontrollably. She could not remember anything. She could only remember a cold cup of coffee and a splitting headache... ?ˆ?Welcome to Hell, you and your big floppy tits!?ˆ?

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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts

Lining them up

The features of the negroes lit up and they looked with gathering interest at the new arrivals. All had eight or nine, thickly girthed inches hanging down between powerful thighs... inches which would stiffen up to twelve inches or so. Showing respect had its own meaning for these black pimps. They forced the newcomers to line up each for every seated pimp stretched confortably in a soft armchair .On their knees one after the other they are forced to crawl forward, and insinuate them self up the pimps strong limbs,crushing their breasts to them. When their mouth came to the monster dicks they must swallow and suck it in full length with slavish fervour whilst cradling the large ?ˆ?banana?ˆ™ of black male flesh with their tits. With lustful cruelty these monsters tapped on the head which means that the sex slave must give her place on the next in line and craw to the backside pushing her splendid, full breasts thrust forward as she clasped her hands at the back of her head and with her tongue in sobbing pose to form a never ending sucking and swallowing platoon.Each half hour the pimps changed from seat .

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Default Re: Black pimps 9:white trash & breeding sluts

Oh she didn?ˆ™t like it ...She didn?ˆ™t like it at all

No one could be more aware than her of what it meant.There was a look of despairing misery on her lovely face. How she had hated blacks! How they had repelled her! To have them near her was bad enough... but now they touched her... She was the plaything of at least 50 niggers each day for the rest of her life.

He looked at the trembling girl, who was obviously in mortal dread. The semen of different niggers glistened on her cheeks and breasts after ten hours of gangrape. It dripped down to her belly. She hadn?ˆ™t been a virgin but she had very little sexual experience before he had abducted her from her school.Like all his sexslaves she was not prepared for this ordeal.

There was a sheen of sweat over her lovely body and tears had never ceased to trickle down her cheeks. Her eyes were wild, she trembled incessantly. There, right before her, swung the nigger massive weapon... ready to ravage her.He had carte blanche with her.

There was nowhere to go. Not with fifteen horny niggers surrounding them hungrily.Then they make their choice: blonde or brunette, schoolgirl or
cheerleader, front or back, standing, sitting, or prone. They had no time for any nonsense.Get ?ˆ?em in, fuck ?ˆ?em, and go ... next!.

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